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Learn and Play

We now run online Learn & Play sessions on Wednesday mornings at 9.45am for a 10am start on RealBridge. Each session costs £4.

RealBridge allows you to play online with full video and audio in a realistic virtual table setting. You can see and talk to your partner and opponents just as though you were at the club. For more information on RealBridge visit this link.

We play 12 boards and you can ask the Director/teacher questions whenever you need help by pressing the 'Director' button. The sessions last about 2 hours. Results and hands are uploaded onto the club website after the event, though no masterpoints are awarded (and it does not affect NGS). 

If you've already tested your device and ensured that you can use RealBridge then you can book your place here


If you would like to play you will need to do a camera and microphone test. This just takes a few minutes. You only need to do this once for each device you intend to use. 

Log out of any other applications then click the link and follow the instructions. 

Please don't book a ticket until you've checked that your device works with RealBridge. 


If you have a problem it is likely that you either have a device that can’t be used (eg a pre-2015 iPad) or a browser that is incompatible or not fully up to date. Please click here to download a list of devices and browsers that you can use for RealBridge.

If you continue to have problems please contact


Payment must be paid at the time of booking and is £4 per person. You can book and pay for just yourself or for yourself and your partner. If you book just for yourself please do remind your partner that they need to book and pay for themselves. You can book up to 6pm on Tuesday the night before

Please ensure that you enter correct email addresses as these will be used to send you booking confirmation and, later on, the RealBridge link to play. 

***The link to Realbridge will be emailed to you ONE HOUR before the session starts***

If you do not have a partner then you can book a single ticket for yourself. We are operating a Host system so we should be able to pair you up with someone to play with. 


When you go to the booking site you will notice that there is a ticket marked 'Host ticket'. This is a free ticket that anyone can book. By booking it you agree to partner any single player without a partner. However, if there are full pairs then you will be asked to step down and won't play. Please only book the Host ticket if you are happy to do this. 


Play will start at 10am promptly on Wednesday morning. You will receive an email with your RealBridge link one hour before the session starts, at about 9am. Please click on your RealBridge link no later than 9.45am. This gives the Director time to get everyone seated and sort out partnerships. 

Enter your full name as you are known at Oxford Bridge Club. Where it says 'ID number' please enter your EBU number. Then click the grey Login button. 

You will then then arrive in the 'lobby'. Please wait here until the Director advises you where to sit.

Once 'seated' you will be taken to your table and will be able to chat with your partner and opponents while you wait for play to start. You will be automatically moved to play with the next pair of opponents at the end of each round of play.

If you need to call the Director you can do so by pressing the 'Director' button. The Director will then come to your table and you'll be able to chat to them. As this is a Learn & Play session feel free to call the Director whenever you have a question about bidding or any other aspect of play.