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Next Trustees Meeting

Saturday 19th June


Welcome to The Nottingham Bridge Club


Now that we have moved along the roadmap out of lockdown,
we are back at the Club playing teams of four on Monday and Thursday evenings.

If you wish to play (even if you don't have a full team)
email teams@NottinghamBridge.Club
and we will confirm whether you can play on your requested night.


In the meantime, we are continuing to play on BBO.

Details of all our tournaments and matches are on the Calendar.


We continue to welcome new members, whether beginner or experienced club player.
For details, email



Our BBO Tournaments are shown in our Calendar.
The Host is vEBU201086


Monday Afternoons at 1:30 pm - finish 3.30-3.45pm
14/18 boards, with Master Points and NGS
A sociable/newcomer afternoon for those happy to play against more experienced players

Monday Evening 7.00pm

Face to Face bridge - Pre-entry required (no on the night admission), Teams event.

Email teams@NottinghamBridge.Club

Tuesday Evenings at 7:30 pm
18 boards, with Master Points and NGS


Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm
14 boards, with Master Points and NGS

A gentle evening suitable for less experienced players
Everyone playing Acol with 12-14 NT, three weak twos,
and 1 of a suit opening has 4+ cards in the suit
For more details email


Thursday Evening 7.00pm

Face to Face bridge - Pre-entry required (no on the night admission), Teams event.

Email teams@NottinghamBridge.Club

Friday Evenings at 7:30 pm
18 boards with Master Points and NGS


Saturday Evenings at 7:30 pm
(Starting 2 January)
18 boards with Master Points and NGS


For further information visit our page:
BBO Tournaments for Members

2021 Membership

Our onlne drives are for members only

Please let us know by email if you wish to join for 2021 (£10). 

NGS February 2021

The graph shows the NGS of 200+ members

(83 other grades hidden)

It shows a wide range and the recent influx of new (online) players.

Everyone can get a good game at whatever level.



  Congratulations to ...  recently promoted  

Premier National Master  - Richard Bonello

2 Star Premier Regional Master  - Chris Frost

Premier Tournament Master  - Ewa Hardwick

Tournament Master  - Barbara Hatfield

1 Star Master  - Mervyn Jones

Advanced Master  - Louise Scull

District Master - Paula Foulds

Area Master - Anna Harper, Lois Wilson

Local Master - Lesley Leivers, Elaine Smith




Graham Brindley's Thursday evening improvers classes are now online
Click here for details


Wednesday evening commentaries
Comments on selected boards from the Wednesday evening tournament
Email Wednesday@NottinghamBridge.Club for details

Registered Charity Number: 1170537

Based in Carrington, The Nottingham Bridge Club

welcomes visitors and all players.

We have approximately 250 members.

Visit this page to find when drives will recommence.

See the When & Where page.

We organise lessons for beginners, intermediate and 
advanced players 

with Club and County players as tutors.

Bridge Lessons

Please contact Andrew Scott for details of his next course.

14th June 2021
Monday afternoons 15/18 boards - 3 BB$
BBO EBU Virtual Club 1:30pm
Director: Phil Gross
14th June 2021
Face-to-face Teams
401 Mansfield Road 7:00pm
Director: David Dunford
15th June 2021
Tuesday 18 boards - 3 BB$
BBO EBU Virtual Club 7:30pm
Director: David Dunford
Saturday 18 boards - 3BB$
Director: Pauline Payne
Friday 18 boards - 3BB$
Director: Iris Foweather
Face-to-face Teams
Director: Phil Gross