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Saturday 5 October 2024

Membership Form

Click here to download a Membership Form.

Table Etiquette

Club Table Etiquette

We all come to play Bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so -


  • Be a good host or guest at the table
  • Stop discussing previous hands in order to greet your opponents at the start of the round
  • Give credit for good play or defence
  • Avoid criticism of other’s play
  • Give credit for good declarer play or defence
  • Don’t give unasked for tuition or triumphant explanation
  • Remember calling “Director Please” is a helpful, not critical action
  • Try not to let adjacent tables hear details of cards or play
  • Move promptly when the Director calls for the move
  • Silence your mobile (use vibrate)

We hope you enjoy your time at the club

Welcome to The Nottingham Bridge Club
Registered Charity Number: 1170537

Based in Carrington, The Nottingham Bridge Club has approx 250 members.

We organise lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players 

with Club and County players as tutors.

Jordan Cup and Strawberry Fayre

Coming up - Sunday 21st July is the date for our annual Strawberry Fayre and Jordan Cup individual competition.

More details to follow.

Combination Lock

We have a new lock for the main gate on Mansfield Road.  Whilst the club building is unoccupied the lock will be in place to prevent unauthorised access.  The combination is the same as the chain lock, so known to all keyholders.

The combination code is 4 numbers aligned with the arrow next to the yellow Yale button (see picture).  When the correct code is selected, pushing the arrow to the right (PUSH WITH YOUR LEFT THUMB) will release the lock and enable the gate to be opened.  When securing the lock, after the locking bars have been inserted the number dials should be twisted so that the code is not visible and this will prevent the arrow being pushed to the right until the correct combination is entered again.

Rotating the number dials can be a bit tricky to get properly aligned and needs nimble fingers.  

All drives and tournaments are shown in our Calendar.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time. Ring 0115 960 7992 if you are delayed whilst on your way

Monday Afternoons at 1:00 pm (finish 3.45 - 4.00pm) at the Club
18/24 boards, with
Master Points but no NGS

A sociable/newcomer afternoon for those happy to play against more experienced players

Tuesday Afternoons at 1:00 pm at the Club
21/24 boards, with Master Points and NGS


 Tuesday Evenings at 7:30 pm on BBO
18 boards, with Master Points and NGS

Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm at the Club
14-16 boards

Use crib sheets and get advice
(so no Master Points or NGS)

A gentle evening suitable for less experienced players
Everyone playing Acol with 12-14 NT, three weak twos,
and 1 of a suit opening has 4+ cards in the suit

For more details email

Thursday Evenings at 7:00 pm at the Club
Master Points and NGS, EBU Level 4

 Friday Evenings at 7:00 pm at the Club
Master Points and NGS, EBU Level 4


  Congratulations to ...  recently promoted  

3 Star Premier Master - Louise Scull

1 Star Premier Master - Jane Holdrick

Area Master - Maureen Semens


Do you want to learn to play bridge
or improve your game
or just gain more confidence?

Andrew Scott has been teaching beginners
at the club for many years
read about him here.

In addition, we also offer teaching and drives for post-beginners
and more experienced players.

To learn more, email

Members Area and

Partner finding service 

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Please place request by noon the previous day

FAQ sheet - How to use the Members Area

Click below (will download a file,

look at the bottom left corner

of the screen,  - which you need to open)

access members.docx

24th June 2024
Monday face-to-face
At the Club 1pm
Director: Phil Gross
25th June 2024
Tuesday face-to-face
At the Club 1pm
Director: Gerry McCormack
Scorer: Elizabeth Dunford
25th June 2024
Tuesday 18 boards - 3 BB$
Director: Clare Batten
26th June 2024
Wednesday gentle ACOL face-to-face
At the Club 7:00pm
Director: Elizabeth Dunford
27th June 2024
Thursday face-to-face
At the Club 7.00 pm
Director: Elizabeth Dunford
Scorer: Morag Hunter
28th June 2024
Friday face-to-face
At the Club 7:00 pm
Director: Kevin Holden
Friday face-to-face
Director: David Dunford
Thursday face-to-face
Director: Kevin Holden
Scorer: Kevin Holden
Wednesday gentle ACOL face-to-face
Director: Paul Wicks
Scorer: Paul Wicks