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Trustee meeting 

14/9/2019 4.45pm



The City Cup

This is a Butler Imps individual competition held on the first Monday each month.
The event is open to all club members, at any level of experience.
Best 7 scores to count.

The Broadhead Bowl

This is a pairs competition held annually after the AGM.
The event is contested by club members of all
levels of experience

The Crantock Bowl

This is a Multiple Teams competition played in two sessions.
The movement resembles a Mitchell. One pair from each team remains seated,
the other pair moves from table to table playing rounds against each team.
A victory point scale is used to compare scores, the winning team having the highest total

The Jack Hammond Trophy

The JH is a handicap event run for thirteen Tuesdays in the summer.
The best six scores count towards the trophy.
To qualify one must play with at least two partners. 

The Poyser Cup and Max Radford Bowl 

These are like- pair competitions,

Ladies compete for the Poyser cup and Men for the Max Radford Bowl.

Cullen Cup

A handicap event held on Friday nights, the best 12 scores after handicap applied to count.
This event is aimed at the less experienced player and handicaps are adjusted periodically.

Eric Nunn Trophy

A straightforward competition for mixed pairs played on a Saturday in the autumn