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Table Etiquette

Club Table Etiquette

We all come to play Bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so -


  • Be a good host or guest at the table
  • Stop discussing previous hands in order to greet your opponents at the start of the round
  • Give credit for good play or defence
  • Avoid criticism of other’s play
  • Give credit for good declarer play or defence
  • Don’t give unasked for tuition or triumphant explanation
  • Remember calling “Director Please” is a helpful, not critical action
  • Try not to let adjacent tables hear details of cards or play
  • Move promptly when the Director calls for the move
  • Silence your mobile (use vibrate)

We hope you enjoy your time at the club


The Broadhead Bowl

A pairs competition held annually after the AGM.
The event is contested by club members of all levels of experience

The Crantock Bowl

A Teams of 4 competition played in two sessions, with refreshments provided at half-time.
A victory point scale is used to compare scores, the winning team having the highest total

The Jack Hammond Trophy

A handicap event run for thirteen Tuesdays between September and December.
The best six scores count towards the trophy. To qualify one must play with at least two partners.

The Poyser Cup and Max Radford Bowl

Two like-pair competitions, held together on a Friday evening in October.
Ladies pairs compete for the Poyser cup and Men's pairs for the Max Radford Bowl.

Cullen Cup

A handicap pairs event held on Friday evenings from September to March (completed before the AGM). The best 12 scores after handicap applied to count.
This event is suitable for less experienced players due to the handicaps which are adjusted periodically.

The City Cup

Last played in 2017 based on results in the Monday evening drive. 
Revived in 2024 for pairs playing on Thursday evenings - best 8 scores between April and September.

Eric Nunn Trophy

A mixed pairs competition held on a Friday evening early in the year.

Jordan Cup

An individual competition where you have new partner every round. Held on a Saturday or Sunday in the summer, with refreshments.
Often coincides with the annual "Strawberry Fair" buffet for members.

The Carrington Cup

An individual competition with the trophy awarded to the highest placed novice. Basic Acol system only.
To qualify as a novice, the member must have attended beginners lessons within the last 3 years.