Update your record
Update your record

Middlesex is keen to contact members by email. We do this using the EBU database of members records. It maybe that your record is not up to date.

You can check it and amend it by going the the EBU website. Click here.

You will need your EBU number and password. You can obtain a password by clicking the "forgot password" box from the EBU if you don't have it.

Middlesex Weekly Club Night

This is for members of Middlesex clubs and their partners or invited guests and is held on BBO every Tuesday night at 7.30pm (sign in from 6.00pm). We aim to play a minimum of 18 boards. The cost is 3.00 BB$ per player.

Masterpoints will be awarded at County Level which is double that of club level.

When you log-in to BBO you should:

1.  Go to BBO - Competitive area

2.  Find Middlesex Weekly Club Night

3.  Enter yourself and your partner.

4.  Wait patiently until the cards arrive.

5.  Enjoy your game.  The results will come to you at the end.

6.  The full Middlesex results will be available on this website the following day.

7.  Any profits, should there be any, are to be distributed to Affiliated Middlesex clubs.

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Middlesex County Bridge Association
Middlesex Cup and Plate

Championship Teams of Four - GREEN POINT EVENT

A Level 4 knockout competition open only to EBU members whose primary county of allegiance is Middlesex.

Entries are now open.

Click here for details and entry form.

Last updated : 6th Oct 2021 16:42 BST
Could you help out with mini bridge in Middlesex?

Do you have children, grandchildren or other young relatives of school age? An exciting new project has been launched to bring the many benefits of learning to play bridge to children in schools in London and surrounding areas, as part of a wider initiative in the UK and Ireland. New Tricks, a UK registered charity (www.newtricksschools.org), is part of a drive to enable the teaching of minibridge in primary schools.

If you would like your young relatives and their friends to benefit from this project via their school, please make contact with Sue Johnson via the New Tricks website (link above) or by email: sue@newtricksschools.org.  The charity will provide you with details to send to the school or they will make the approach directly if you provide a point of contact.

If you have an hour or two each week to spare, you can get involved in the project as a volunteer.  You don’t need to be a great bridge player and New Tricks will provide all of the training, support and resources that you need.  It’s a joy to teach children of this age and to see their enthusiasm for the game so please do get in touch with New Tricks and help in whatever capacity works for you.

Last updated : 20th Oct 2021 12:52 BST
Stuart Haring features in the latest issue of "English Bridge"
Stuart has been a powerhouse in encouraging the boys at Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School to take up bridge.  He tells how he has done this in an article in the latest English Bridge magazine.  Stuart has been amazingly successful in encouraging young people to excel at the game and is responsible for two current Middlesex Juniors (Kripa Panchagnula and Jonathan Clark) who are doing so well in the open field.  
Last updated : 23rd Sep 2021 20:29 BST
Hand of the Month

Each month a hand will be added where you can test your skill.

The October hand is now belatedly available, either from the menu or by clicking here.

With thanks to Harold Schogger.

Last updated : 20th Oct 2021 13:11 BST

Weekly game on BBO.

Undos are allowed in the bidding only. Undos will not be allowed during the play. To avoid misclicks, go to settings, then toggle confirm cards. This will then mean that you will need to click the card twice and so avoid playing the wrong card. This advice is in line with EBU and MCBA guidlines. To avoid bidding errors you can also toggle Confirm bids.

Last updated : 21st Apr 2021 18:48 BST
Upcoming Middlesex Competitions

2021 Middlesex Congress

27/28th November Full details here

Tuesday January 18th Senior Pairs

Sunday March 13th Teams of 8

Tuesday April 19th  Ladies & Mens Pairs

Sunday April 24th Championship Pairs

Tuesday May 17th Middx Mixed Pairs


Middlesex clubs online and face to face sessions

Pinnner bridge club run numerous sessions to suit all levels. Please check their website for more details.

Friends bridge group run RealBridge sessions on Sunday afternoons and various Sims events.


Other Congresses

Herts/Essex Green Pointed Weekend
18-19 Sept Details here

Free beginners online course for children

Seven weeks 4.30 - 6.00 pm on Mondays, starting Monday 4th October.

For children aged 8 - 16.

Full details here.

Bridge Holidays Update

Note that the Bridge Holiday page has been updated in August with several planned holidays.

Click the link in the left hand menu.

Weekly Game
#52781 Pairs Middx Weekly Pairs
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
Weekly Game
26th Oct 2021
Weekly Game
BBO 7.30pm
2nd Nov 2021
Weekly Game
BBO 7.30pm
9th Nov 2021
Weekly Game
BBO 7.30pm
16th Nov 2021
Weekly Game
BBO 7.30pm
23rd Nov 2021
Weekly Game
BBO 7.30pm
27th Nov 2021
Middlesex Congress Swiss Pairs
Real Bridge 12:00
28th Nov 2021
Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams
Real Bridge 12:00
30th Nov 2021
Weekly Game
BBO 7.30pm
18th Jan 2022
Middlesex Senior Pairs
13th Mar 2022
Middlesex Teams of 8
19th Apr 2022
Middlesex Ladies and Mens Pairs
24th Apr 2022
Middlesex Championship Pairs
17th May 2022
Middlesex Mixed Pairs