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A virtual club on BBO/Real Bridge at 2.50 pm for 3.00 pm start. Normal Days every Sunday. Please check our calendar.

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Vu Bridge

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
chosen by the EBU!

Read more about the English Bridge Education Department and FREE V-Blue for all EBUTA Teachers: Click here

Click here to play

V-Blue - Almost 1000 hands to play - 48 Lessons - ACOL and Standard American versions available

Welcome to new FBG Virtual Club

FBG will be playing SIMS, Competitions, WBF and Charity events. Please visit the calendar for dates.

EBU MASTER POINTS  and BBO POINTS awarded when playing at BBO.

National & International Players Welcome. Must have BBO ID. Please upload your Convention Cards on your BBO ID.

FBG will be playing on 2 Platforms:  

Platform 1 - Real Bridge,  

Platform 2 - BBO

Normal Playing Day: Sunday at 3.00 pm

Bridge lessons for Beginners starting soon on FBG. Please register your name, Email & Phone Number via our email

Next Sunday Event

Next Event:

Duplicate Bridge IMP Scoring on Sunday 31/10/21

 at 2.50 pm for 3.00 pm start;  Venue: BBO; Table Money £2.50 per person

Please register along with your BBO name by 29th October 2021. Thank you

Next SIMS Event

Next SIMS Event is

Children in Need Charity SIMS

on Monday, 08 November 2021, Start time: 07.00 pm

Venue will be BBO

Table Money for the Event: £5.00 per person

Please register your attendance

Membership Fee and Play Charges

FBG Membership fee From October to December 2021 is FREE 

Please click on Membership Registration on the main menu to register.

For Payment of Table money by either Bank Transfer or Credit/debit card please Click on Payments on the main menu..


1. Normal Table Charges for Duplicate per player per game: £2.50 

2. Play approx 24 boards per game or more depending on number of players and movement.

3. Members only can access the membership page on FBG website, also the "Partner Find Service" is on site.

4. Access to your account, Masterpoints & NGO on web site.

Normal Duplicate
Real Bridge or BBO TBA
Director: Madhusinh Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Duplicate Session - FREE for all
Director: Madhusinh
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Director: Manjari Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Sun 31st October 2021
Duplicate Bridge IMPS
BBO 15.00
Director: Madhusinh Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Sun 7th November 2021
FREE Normal Duplicate
TBA 15.00
Director: Madhusinh Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Mon 8th November 2021
Children in Need Sims
TBA 15.00
Director: Madhusinh Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Sun 14th November 2021
Normal Duplicate
TBA 15.00
Director: Madhusinh Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji
Sunday Event

Duplicate Bridge Session

IMP Scoring

Venue: BBO


@ 2.50pm

for 3.00 pm start

Table Money: 

£2.00 /Person

Prize: £5.00 to the winning pair

Please Register