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In line with current government directives, face-to-face bridge at EDBC is suspended until further notice.  However, we are running online RealBridge sessions every Thursday, which are free to all paid-up members until at least the end of April.  The link is published and circulated to members the day before and will also then be made available in our Calendar.

We are happy to accommodate guests, for whom the first session is free.  Thereafter, we ask that guests either join or contribute £3 per session.  Please, though, as a courtesy, it would nice to receive an email that you're coming if you're a first time visitor.  More details on our Membership and Visitors page.

Keep safe.

EDBC Committee.

RealBridge Tips and Results

EDBC host weekly (Thursday) RealBridge sessions.  See Calendar for dates.

We are very grateful to Dipak for hosting these sessions thus far.  Other members are invited to assist.  Please contact us to find out more.

The link for our RealBridge session is emailed to members the day before the session and will be available in the Calendar Thursday morning or earlier.  Please click on the link ten to fifteen minutes in advance of the start time to allow time for any technical issues to be resolved.

When you arrive at the entry screen, please complete as shown - full name as held by the EBU and your EBU number in the 'ID number' box

If you don't know your EBU number or don't have one, leave the box blank but please contact us as soon as possible so that we can advise you of the number to be entered for future sessions.

Results from these sessions are uploaded to our website and to the EBU.  From our website, you're able to see makeable contracts and optimum scores and review all bids and cardplays at all tables.  See our guide: Reviewing bids and cardplays from a results screen.


The RealBridge software is continually evolving.  Here's some recently released information.

New click and tap options for bidding and play particularly important for all tablet users (and touchscreen users).

The former two-taps method has been removed and replaced with two different options for different devices.

  • Double-tap (tablet style) now emphasises the bid or card when selected with a single tap, as seen below. Tap the bid or card again to play. Tap elsewhere to cancel.
  • Double-click (mouse style) emphasises a bid or card when the cursor is moved over it. Two fast clicks are required to play a bid or card.

Any input style can be used on any device. For example, a desktop user can use tablet-style double-tap. The names are simply suggestions.


  • iMac and MacBook users who have upgraded to BigSur, please do not use the Safari browser, instead use Google Chrome.
  • iPad users must use Safari.
Latest Club Member News

More club member sucess to report:

Suren and Ranjan came second out of  a field of 56 in the recent Surrey Mixed Pairs.

There was also a strong showing by Anojan and Neeta who finished eighth.

Congratulations to both pairs!

You can see the full results here.

Calling on all members to share any similar achievements.  Inclusion of an interesting hand, especially welcome!

Previous Club Member News Items

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