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Check tables for dishes, push in the chairs, return boards to office, clean the kitchen,
start dishwasher, lock all windows, close blinds and help out whenever possible.

Two Table Numbers will be
drawn each day.


See the list of volunteers located on the center bulletin board.


  FVBC Rules-Regulations 240311.pdf 

1. Arrive 15 minutes before the start of the game.
• WHY? Volunteer players are checking you in, collecting fees, and setting up boards for
play. When you arrive late, our volunteers are then late to meet their partners and
prepare for play. The Board asks you to be considerate.
• If you are going to be late call 406-260-6832 and notify the game director and check-in
2. Cell phones are to be turned off or silenced upon entering the FVBC facility.
• The game director may penalize a player should their cell phone ring/vibrate noisily, or
they answer their cell phone during play.
• Players must coordinate with the game director if there is a need to leave their phones
on during play.
• Purses on the purse shelf/bookcase are not to be handled by anyone but the owner. If
a phone rings/vibrates in a Purse on the rack, the game director shall immediately call
for the owner to silence their cell phone. Game penalties may be applied.
3. To make the bridge playing experience pleasant, the Club will follow the ACBL Zero
Tolerance guidelines. The complete ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy may be reviewed at:
Positive affirmation and play.
• Be Friendly. Greet others before the play on each round.
• Club play is both social and competitive. Find a balance with praise.
• Be a good “host” or “guest” at the table.
• Be respectful to your partner, opponents, and Directors, especially new players.
• Be courteous and quiet until everyone has finished play.
• All players should have a completed convention card readily available.
Negative behaviors:
• Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats, or violence.
• General negative comments about the club and the play of others within earshot of
other players (e.g., they are playing too slow).
• Negative comments concerning opponent’s or partner’s play or bidding.
• Constant and gratuitous lessons and analysis at the table.
• Arguing with a director’s ruling. (Do not argue. File an appeal per ACBL).
• Congregating or lingering near tables while other players are still playing.
4. Game Directors are required for our Club to hold ACBL-sanctioned games where members
earn Master Points. Game Directors achieve and maintain ACBL certification. Bottomline:
Our Club’s game directors are highly knowledgeable of the ACBL Rules and Regulations for
the proper management of a sanctioned game. Not only are they expected to ensure the
FVBC Rules-Regulations 240311.docx as of 3/11/24 Page 3 of 4
proper play of the game but to minimize the impact of inconsiderate players on the overall
experience of Bridge play and the reputation of our Bridge club.
Game Directors:
• Directors will treat all players with courtesy and respect.
• Directors will be recognized for their ACBL certification and treated with courtesy and
• The Director’s ruling is final.
o Director penalties for behavior will be applied before the game is finalized.
o Appeals of a Directors ruling will be heard by a committee appointed by the
Club Manager to hear both sides and make a ruling.
• Inappropriate behavior will be addressed immediately and one-on-one.
1. Benefits:
• Membership: $25 annually.
• Membership includes one free play (currently valued at $7).
• Members pay $7 per game session. (Non-members pay $10).
• Members may purchase/use Play punch cards.
• Members receive ACBL achievement rewards for rank advancement.
• Members are allowed one (1) vote during the annual membership meeting.
• Members are allowed to attend and provide member comments during all the Board
• Members may be nominated for election to the Board of Directors.
• Members have access to the “Members Only” page on the website.
• Members may use the Club facilities at the non-profit fee rate.
2. : Expectations
• Coffee and modest snack items are provided during play
• Active Ethics are practiced at the Club. (
• When available, there are free lessons before play ( 11:45-12:15)
• Volunteerism is encouraged.
o Help with cleanup.
o Clear tables of debris and return kitchen items to the dishwasher for cleaning,
o Playing Tables: push in chairs, put bidding boxes in corners, place hospitality
tables at corners, ensure 4 pencils per table, etc.
o Take trash to the dumpster, when needed.
• Participation on temporary and standing committees and center needs (facilities
maintenance, laundry, landscaping, semi-annual kitchen cleaning, check-in volunteer,
etc.) is highly encouraged.
FVBC Rules-Regulations 240311.docx as of 3/11/24 Page 4 of 4
• The Club, as a 501(c)(3), is prohibited from participating in political activities. Therefore,
members are also prohibited from either talking about politics or wearing jewelry or clothing
that is political in nature while in the Club.
• The Club welcomes bridge players from all walks of life, therefore all players are strongly
discouraged from talking about religion, and religious preferences while in the Bridge
• Strong fragrances not only distract bridge play but may trigger allergic reactions. All players
are strongly encouraged to minimize the use of fragrant lotions and perfumes, and
smoking/vaping in and around the Bridge Center is prohibited.
III. SERVICE ANIMALS: Only certified service animals shall be allowed inside the FVBC Bridge
IV. VIOLATION OF CLUB RULES: Members whose behavior violates the club rules
1. May be suspended from play.
2. May lose their voting rights.
3. May have their membership revoked.