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The KCBA website has information about County events, news and results.


Welcome to
Farnborough Bridge Club

Face-to-face bridge will resume at Farnborough Village Hall on Friday 13th August at 7.30p.m.

Online Bridge

Until Wednesday 11th August 2021 we are holding duplicates on BBO on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm. The cost of entry is $3 (around £2.50), and you have to pre-buy your $ on the BBO website. Please read our Guidelines for playing at Farnborough on BBO.

We also running sessions on RealBridge on Sundays at 7pm. These will cost £2.50. Players will be invoiced at the end of each month for the sessions they have played in.

Friendly Online Club Competitions

Congratulations to Lesley and Roger Pechey who were joint June Online Players of the Month, and to Sue Parkins who came third.

June Online Pair of the Month was Lesley & Roger Pechey. In second place were Helen & Richard Gibbons, with Christine Kempton & Marian Hunt and Frances Connell & Sue Parkins in equal third.

Phillimore Cup

Congratulations to Norman Selway and Kay Preddy on winning the Phillimore Cup (Kent Blue Point Swiss Pairs)

Wednesday BBO Pairs
Dir: Mike Hampton
Scorer: Mike Hampton
Friday BBO Pairs
Dir: Tom Smith
Scorer: tom smith
Wednesday BBO Pairs
Dir: Mike Hampton
Scorer: Mike Hampton
6th Aug 2021
Friday BBO Pairs
11th Aug 2021
Wednesday BBO XIMP Pairs
13th Aug 2021
Friday Pairs
Farnborough Village Hall 19:30