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Timeline of Bridge at the EPC
How bridge has evolved at the club over the last 40 years!


Timeline of Recent Key Events



  • January: Introduction of a new series of monthly advanced classes by guest speakers.
  • March: First bridge holiday overseas to Phaphos in Cyprus. 27 people went, including two non players
  • March: Friendly match against Edgbaston Golf Club at the golf club, won by EPC.
  • May: Charity evening event raises over £2,200 for Beanstalk (literacy charity) at the Oaks Primary School in Druids Heath. The winner was Ann Dawes. The team winners were The Jams - comprising of Ann Dawes, Scilla Carney, Janice Wainwright and Sue Bowman.
  • June: Warwickshire Charity SIMS pairs event won by Jo Oakley and Denis Hough (out of 77 pairs competing!!) and runners up were Carmen Cuadrado and Sue Harthill.
  • September: Priory members wanting learn to play join a new beginners course run by Heathercroft bridge club.
  • October: Third weekend away to Puckrup Hall in Tewkesbury. 30 people came, including two non players.
  • October: Return friendly match against Edgbaston Golf Club at the Golf Club won.
  • November: The 3rd Ken Franklin Pairs Trophy went to Effie Richards and Miriam Woodman.
  • November: Sell out workshop delivered by UK bridge guru Andrew Thomspon OBE.
  • December: Marijke Rodrigo won the Tuesday Ladder, Effie Richards won the Tuesday Ladder (excluding County Masters & above), Gill Boden was the 'Best Improver of the Year' and Gerrie Drasey won the Fun Xmas Bridge.


  • January: The 2nd 12 hour 'Crash Course for Beginners' was run by Adam Friase. 23 people participated.
  • March: Annabel Hampson joins the Bridge Committee, replacing Andy Taylor. Jan Weston becomes the new Chair.
  • June: Charity Warwickshire SIMS pairs event won by Tricia Sadiq and Tom Burley (NS) and Mary & Julian Shingler (EW).
  • September: Bridge Charity Evening in aid of Parkinsons UK. We raised £2,600 and the winner was John Rose.
  • September: The 3rd 'Crash Course for Beginners' was run by Adam Fraise. 10 people participated.
  • October: 2nd Bridge weekend away to Hilton Puckrup Hall near Tewkesbury. 48 people came (included 2 non-players).
  • October: Return match with Edgbaston Golf Club which EPC players won.
  • November: The 2nd Ken Franklin pairs trophy won by Marijke Rodrigo and Mark Rueben.
  • December: Annabel Hampson won the Tuesday Ladder, Patrick Bookey won the Tuesday Ladder (excluding County Masters & above), Robert Knock won the Thursday Ladder, Miriam Woodman was named 'Best Improver of the Year' and Janet Hewitt won the Fun Xmas Bridge.


  • February: Robby Lee redesigned our web site so it had more of an EPC branded design.
  • April: Edgbaston Priory Team 2 win division four of the Warwickshire Teams League. (Captain: Marijke Rodrigo with Gerri Draysey, Annabel Hampson & Sue Froggatt.)
  • May: New Sunday evening monthly courses started with Adam Fraise with new sets of practice boards to support.
  • September: Biggest ever number of bridge tables (17!!) at the club for the charity event in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association and raised £1,705. Jill Turner won the 'Ann Dawes' charity trophy for the best individual score and Mark Wainwright's Team (Mark, Janice Wainwright, Caroline Faulconbridge & Jill Turner) were best team - scoring 8,960 points.
  • November: First ever bridge weekend away for 33 EPC bridge players at Puckrup Hall near Tewkesbury.
  • November: The Ken Franklin pairs trophy was introduced and won by Marijke Rodrigo and Mark Reuben.
  • December: Sue Froggatt won the Tuesday Ladder, Jill Turner Won the Tuesday Ladder (rexcluding County Masters & above), Roger Florey won the Thursday Ladder, Caroline Faulconbridge Miriam Woodman was named 'Best Improver of the Year' and Mark Delaney won the Fun Xmas Bridge. Jan Weston won a Special Recognition prize.


  • February: Marijke Rodrigo, Jan Weston, Ray Fiveash and Sue Froggatt are voted on the new Bridge Committee with Andy Taylor.
  • May: We had several members who qualified as official EBU Directors... Annabel Hampson, Chris Martin, Marijke Rodrigo, Mark Reuben and Sue Stone... plus Ray Fiveash who became a Director in 2017.
  • Spring: Jan Weston introduces 'Learn and Play' sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help beginners practice.
  • June: Ray Fiveash set up electronic scoring using BridgeMates.
  • July: New leisure and lifestyle survey of club members indicates a significant latent demand for bridge... almost 30% of members have an interest in learning how to play or are currently playing bridge. 
  • July: Robby Lee designed a new logo for EPC bridge.
  • July: Marijke Rodrigo set up a 'Bridge What's App' group.
  • July: Annabel Hampson spoke to members about why they learned to play and like/love bridge... and these were added as "member who play" to our web site. (We have noticed are really popular with players!)
  • Autumn: New bridge duplicate sessions introduced on Thursday and Sunday evenings.
  • September: The club enters three teams in Division Four of the Warwickshire Teams League.
  • October: New 'Bridge Bulletin' introduced.
  • December: New Xmas fun bridge and meal was added to the calendar of activity.
  • December: Barbara Loyo-Mayo was named 'Best Improver of the Year' by Peter Nicholds.



  • Tuesday afternoon bridge was set up on Tuesday afternoons. Peter Nicholds recommended affiliating the club with the EBU (so members could earn Master Points), advised on equipment and establishing protocols, directed (with assistance from David Motley) and gave lessons for begineers and improvers. David also helped set up this website.
  • A new Bridge Committee set up with Ken Franklin, Andy Taylor and Ann Dawes. 



  • Ann Dawes (Chair of EPC) is keen to get bridge going again so asks Sue to organise bridge courses. Peter Nicholds runs a course on Sunday evenings (initally delivered in the old clubhouse resturant, then in the indoor tennis courts area and the pavilion during the rebuild) for intermediate players, and Roy Francis runs a course for beginners.
Bridge at the club in the 1990's



  • Sue Froggatt runs bridge at the club and organises a bridge course with Nanette McWhirter.


Can you spot Malcolm Peterson, Brenda and David Houston, Jane Clarke, Fred Turner and Nanette?

PS: If you name any other players on any of these photos, please let Sue F know!


Click here to see the photos from 1993-1994


Can you spot Phillip Colman, Sue Froggatt, Annabel Hampson, Anne Porter, David & Brenda Houston, Michelle Vale, Derek Bennet, Malcolm Peterman, Illa Shaw, Meryl Vaughan (Ronnie's mum) and Barbara Flood?




  • Sue Froggatt organises a bridge course with Trevor Mathews.


Can you spot Bob Pearce, Annabel Hampson, Robin Udal & Philip Colman?

Bridge in the 70's and 80's


Bridge Players During This Period Included (in no particular order)

Mary & Julian Shingler; Sue & Richard Hardwick; Chris & Lynn Davies; Carol & Dan Dainty; Reg & Jan Cripwells; Dan & Jill Wild; Ian & Jean Tosk

Piers Ashworth; Juliet Timmns; David Stokes Harrison; Jeff Carter (Jeff was the Manager of the club); Robin Udal; Philip Colman; Meryl Vaughan; Barbara Flood

Ross Belamy; Malcom Lee; Margo Betts; Etta Rudell; Barbara Hood; Merral Thorne; Liz Brethson; Rod Gough; Chris Snell; Peter Mockeridge (and his father)


1976 - 1979

  • Bridge was run by Mary Shingler... who is still a great EPC player today!!
What can you add?


NB: Bridge is an activity enjoyed by many members over the decades and we are contining to "fill in the (many) blanks" in our timeline section.

If you have any information, highlights or photos to add, please do contact Sue Froggatt ( Many thanks.