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Welcome to Edgbaston Priory Bridge Club
Special reflections about Ray...
Special reflections about Ray...


Alas Ray's funeral did not go as planned due COVID-19.


This did not stop neighbours, many EPC bridge players and others, whilst standing apart along Park Hill Road on the 26th of March, to say farewell.


Here with Di's permission, are some unknown gems about Ray that were revealed at his service.


This was the eulogy that Jon delivered:

  • Ray was born the 9th November 1952 in Hamilton Canada and moved to the UK at a young age, but return to Canada later on as a young adult. 
  • He lived a life full of adventure, wide-eyed wonder and excitement, hitchhiking around Europe at a young age, attending the 1969 Isle of Wight festival and seeing the legendary Jimi Hendrix. 
  • He worked in industries and jobs as diverse as land surveying, telecommunications and IT, even retraining as a computer scientist at the age of 50.
  • He also managed to find time to become a practice manager of a GP surgery, and even had a go at teaching.
  • Ray was a man who loved to try new things and push himself all the time to see what he was capable of.
  • Family life was challenging for Ray. His father passed away at the age of 14, something that would leave a deep mark on him and understandably it made it difficult for him to have any sort of religious faith. He was raised by his mother, along with his sister Jean, and she was absolutely loved by Ray. 
  • Ray also loved his sport - cycling and tennis were both keen interests, allowing him to spend time with his friends.  And in later years, Ray even turned his hand to Bridge, excelling at that too.
  • He was always trying new things, looking to develop himself, and was even about to start a History of Arts degree! 
  • He loved politics - being known as ‘Red Ray’ - but never rammed that down people’s throats - he was always more interested in learning how he could support those who were more disadvantaged than him. How he could help others to have opportunities and have the help they needed to get on in life. 
  • Ray was probably most proud of his children - Bethan and George - who were a source of joy and happiness for him. His love for Diana, Bethan and George was one of the most important things in life.


In the service reading, chosen by the family, from Psalm 23, came some reflections about Ray:

  • He provided so much for his family - for Diana, for Bethan and George, and so many of his friends and family.  Even his politics was informed by wanting to provide help for other people. 
  • Ray didn’t just provide for his family, he created a place of security and comfort for his children.  A home where they could be nourished and developed - a place of restoration when life was tough
  • He walked through life and protected those placed into his care - his friends and his family.  His determination, independence and courage were put to great use in providing a protected space for his family to thrive. 
  • Ray planted happiness in the life of his family, his friends and all who were privileged to know him.


EPC bridge players will miss you Ray, especially the invaluable contribution you made to keep "lights on". 






New Bridge Committee
New Bridge Committee
Welcome from the New Chair

I am delighted to be taking over as Chair of the EPC Bridge Committee.

Over the next few weeks, the new committee - which includes Annabel, Miriam, Roger and me - will be working on putting together our calender of events for the next 12 months.

Should you have anything you would like us to consider, or if you have any other comments (bad or good), then please email me at

I am looking forward to another fun-filled year of playing bridge. 

With best wishes, Gerri.

Welcome from the New Chair
Dates for your diary


Forthcoming Events


  • Peter's Tuesday lessons for Spring 2020: List of dates and topics included under the 'Bridge Lesson' tab.


  • Andrew Robson one-day Workshop - Wednesday 20th October


Bridge Charity Match at Moseley Golf Club in February 2020
Bridge Charity Match at Moseley Golf Club in February 2020

Congratulations to the winners from the EPC - Terry, Sue, Patrick and Gill.

Bridge Xmas Party
Bridge Xmas Party

Click here for more photos from our Xmas Party

Andrew Robson Workshop
Andrew Robson Workshop

Click here to see more photos of the workshop

The 2019 Bridge Charity Evening
The 2019 Bridge Charity Evening

The Individual Winners at Our Charity Event

L-R: Carol Dainty, Ann Dawes (Winner) and Sue Bowan

For more photos of the evening click here


On Thursday 16th May we had 17 teams at our Annual Charity Event. We raised £2,220 for Beanstalk/The Oaks Primary School in Druids Heath to help provide literacy support for young children.

Big congratulations to the winner, Ann Dawes with 3,490 points... who wins her own trophy (The Ann Dawes Trophy).

Runner-up was visitor and ex-member Carol Dainty with 3,350 points and third was Sue Bowman with 2,980 points.

The Team Winners were 'The Jams' with 10,740 points. The four members of the winning team were Ann Dawes, Scilla Carney, Janice Wainwright and Sue Bowen.

Second came the 'The Forbidding Fourbidders' team with 8,700 points (Effie Richards, Amy Innes, Jan Rodrigo and Robert Nock) followed by 'The Dainty Taylors' with 8,520 points (Dylis and Andy Taylor with guest Carol and Dan Dainty).

We have many people to thank for making the evening a great success:

  • Bridge players, other EPC members and local suppliers... who donated prizes for the raffle
  • Roger Florey and his team... the auction for your gardening services will not be forgotten thanks to Di Fiveash making bids which frightened the auctioneer (husband Ray!)
  • Ronnie Shoebotham who donated/spent a huge sum in our auction to secure Roger's services
  • Barbara and others who helped sell a huge amount of raffle tickets
  • The many player "cake bakers" who did us proud and
  • Levy... who donated our teas and coffees.

On the evening we were joined for the second year running by the EPC Chairman (David) and Chair of Tennis (Ed) joining in and hope they will continue to join in again.

Annabel, Jan, Marijke, Ray & Sue

Your EPC Bridge Committee


Bridge Players in Turkey in 2019
Bridge Players in Turkey in 2019

Looks like bliss... sunshine, cocktails and bridge!

L-R: Rob, Charlie, Roger, Ray and Linda


Photos From Our First Bridge Holiday in Cyprus!
Photos From Our First Bridge Holiday in Cyprus!


For more holiday photos click here.


Recent Friendly Match Against Edgbaston Golf Club
Recent Friendly Match Against Edgbaston Golf Club

Edgbaston Golf Club (Host) vs. Edgbaston Priory Club on Friday 22 March 2019

L-R: Jeff Bissenden, Tom Burley, Miriam Woodman, Sue Bowman, Ken Franklin, Terry Blatter, Carmen Cuadrado, Tricia Sadiq, David Houston, Sue Froggatt, Jean Pratt, Tricia Jones (Organiser for the Golf Club), Jane Betts, Annabel Hampson, Jan Rodrigo, Ros Tullock Gerri Draysey, Ray Fiveash, Marijke Rodrigo (Organiser for the EPC), Robert Nock, Heather Bissenden, Mary Ann Betts, Jo Oakley, Patrick Bookey

PS: EPC Won by 6,520 points

Share Your Story
Share Your Story


We would love to hear more about why you started playing bridge and what keeps you playing.

To share your story please click here and answer these few questions:


How long have you been playing bridge? When did you first start playing?

Why did you start playing bridge? What was the catalyst behind you taking up bridge?

In the early days, who did you play with?

What keeps you playing? What do you like most about bridge?

(Optional) What would improve your bridge playing experience at the club?


Annabel will then contact you to write up your story to add to our growing collection.


Beginner Bridge Crash Courses


The Bridge Committee have decided in future to run the Beginners Bridge Crash Courses "on demand".

If you, or you know someone, would like to attend please let the committee know we will add you to the list.

When we have sufficient numbers we will then organise another course at the club with Adam Fraise. 

♠   ♣ 


Bridge Playing Celebs!


Take a look at some famous UK bridge players here - how many do you recognise?

Can you name all the players that went to Turkey in 2018?
Can you name all the players that went to Turkey in 2018?



Playing bridge in Turkey in May 2018
Playing bridge in Turkey in May 2018
EPC Bridge Players in Turkey, May 2017
EPC Bridge Players in Turkey, May 2017

Anne, Jan, Amy, Marijke, Roger, Jan, John, David, James, Val & Diane at Lykia World

See more photos here.

The EPC Bridge Club


The Edgbaston Priory Bridge Club

Welcome to the EPC bridge club.

We are primarily a private member's racquets and fitness club, with a historic and proud connection to lawn tennis.

Bridge has been played at the club for over 40 years (see the 'timeline' menu section) and is a thriving and growing activity at the club.

We aim to support both learners and regular players, and host fun charity events and weekends away.

EPC Bridge Vision Statement


"To encourage and enable members to enjoy playing bridge and add value to the membership experience.

We will provide access to the game for beginners and help intermediate and good players to improve their skills through lessons up to and including competition level.

Bridge at the EPC will provide fun and foster friendship."


The EPC Bridge Committee, 2017

Results & Analysis

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If you don't have a username yet, please contact Ray Fiveash


11th August 2020
Function Room 1pm
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18th August 2020
Function Room 1pm
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25th August 2020
Function Room 1pm
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