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30th Oct 2020 15:48 GMT
Weymouth Cup Multiple Teams
30th Oct 2020 14:09 GMT
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*** Flemmich Cup CANCELLED ***

The Weymouth & Hardwick Cups (Blue Pointed) Multiple Teams is being held on Sun 29th November on the RealBridge platform

The Weymouth Cup is awarded to the leading team who are all below the rank of National Master (75 Greens) and is considered the main event - this is the primary event of the year for "Non Expert" teams. The leading team overall wins the Hardwick Cup.

Click title to view the flyer.

Enter by Clicking here.

Flemmich Cup - Sun 1st November

The Flemmich Cup has been CANCELLED due to insufficient entries.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Dorset Online League - Season 4

If you wish to play in the Dorset Online League on RealBridge on a Monday at 7:30pm, click on the following link.

Dorset Online League on RealBridge

Season 4 of the Online League. To view the current standings, use the links below :-

Division 1

Division 2

The Pre-Registration for the next Dorset Online Pairs on Sat 7th November at 2pm is open. Entry Fee 3 BB$. The Tournament is be restricted to EBU members in Dorset, Hampshire  and their guests, so Pre-Registration is required.

You can register as a Pair or a Single. We will fix you up if you require a partner. Click on "Enter a Dorset Competition". The Tournament is stratified. Players below NGS Jack form the B category. 

BBO Registration opens at 12 noon on Saturday.

Click for more details - 2020 DCBA Online Pairs Regs.pdf.

Click for details of Online Processes and Best Practice - 2020 DCBA Online Procedures Best Practice.pdf

RealBridge in Dorset

Sun 29th November - Dorset CBA -  Weymouth & Hardwick Cups (Blue Pointed) Multiple Teams.
Every Monday - Dorchester Bridge Club. View details on the Dorchester web site.
Every Tuesday afternoon - Sherborne Bridge Club. View details on the Sherborne web site.
Every Wednesday - Christchurch Bridge Club. View details on the Christchurch web site.
Every Friday - Allendale Bridge Club Pairs. View details on the Allendale web site.

If you wish to test your audio and video equipment, use the following link

Online Bridge in Dorset

You can play Online Bridge on the following days in Dorset .....

Monday - Dorset League - BBO/RealBridge
Monday - Dorchester, 7:15pm  - RealBridge
Tuesday - Gentle Bridge, Allendale, 2pm - BBO
Tuesday - Sherborne, afternoon - RealBridge
Tuesday - Allendale, 7:30pm - BBO
Wednesday - Christchurch, 7:30pm - RealBridge
Thursday - Allendale, 7:30pm - BBO
Friday - Allendale, 7:30pm - RealBridge
Saturday - Dorset Pairs, 2pm - BBO

In addition, see Dorset calendar for major county competitions which normally take place on one Sunday each month.

Dorset County Events and AGM

All Dorset events will run online until it is safe to return to face to face Bridge.

The AGM of the county is postponed until further notice. 

Teaching in Dorset

The following Teaching initiatives are available in Dorset :-

Private lessons are available though David Berwitz. See for details.

The County's policy on Data Protection (GDPR) can be viewed by clicking above or on the left menu.

Should any member wish to know what data we hold in respect of them or if they wish their data to be deleted they should contact the Dorset secretary.

Click above to view the latest EBU Rank promotions.

Click to view the Masterpoint ranks .

Dorset v Devon

We played a friendly online county match agaist Devon on 17th Oct. The teams were

A - Lost by 44 imps
Mike McMorran  & Tim Dunsby
Janet Smith & John Gardner

B - Won by 58 imps
Mark Hooper & Ed Leatham
Terry & Christine Edwards

C - Lost by 11 imps
Stephen Coltman & Kate Henderson
Catherine Lynn & Chris Denton

Thank you to eveyone who took part.

Dorset Online League Season 4 Round 1
Scorer: Robin Wright
RealBridge Multiple Teams Trial
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
RealBridge Multiple Teams Trial - Cross Imps
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
Dorset Online Pairs
Director: Jon Holland
Scorer: Robin Wright
1st Nov 2020
Flemmich Cup - CANCELLED
7th Nov 2020
Dorset Online Pairs
14th Nov 2020
Dorset Online Pairs
21st Nov 2020
Dorset Online Pairs