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14th May 2021 14:50 BST
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14th May 2021 11:32 BST
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Welcome to Dorset Contract Bridge Association

The Udall Trophy (Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs) is being held on Sun 16th May at 12:30pm on the Realbridge Platform. ENTRIES NOW CLOSED, although we will accept further entries in 2's. Please enter and we will advise if you are able to play.

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Dorset Online League - Season 7

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Entries are now open for the Dorset Green Pointed Swiss Teams on Sun 27th June at 12pm. 

Click for further details - 2021 Dorset GP Teams.pdf.

Click to enter online - 2021 Green Pointed Swiss Teams.

Forthcoming County events

Sun 23rd May - click Kent Green Pointed Swiss Teams

Sun 23rd May - click Merseyside & Cheshire Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

w/e 12-13th June - click Oxfordshire Green Pointed Congress

Dorset Saturday Pairs

Due to reducing demand, we have decided to suspend the regular Saturday Pairs for the Summer. We will review this further later in the year. Our thanks to all the directors and hosts who made this event possible, and to all the players who supported it.

Online Bridge in Dorset

You can play Online Bridge on the following days in Dorset .....

Monday - Dorset League - BBO/RealBridge (RB)
            - St Luke's, 1:30pm - BrdigeClubLive (BCL)
            - Dorchester, 7:15pm  - RB
            - Christchurch, 7:30pm - RB

Tuesday - Gentle Bridge, Allendale, 2pm - BBO
             - Sherborne, 6:30pm - RB
             - Allendale, 7:30pm - BBO

Wednesday - Christchurch, 7:30pm - RB

Thursday - Gentle Bridge, Christchurch, 2:30pm - RB
               - St Luke's,  7pm - BCL
               - Allendale, 7:30pm - RB

Friday - St Luke's, 10am - BCL
          - Allendale, 7:30pm - RB

Sunday - David Berwitz Duplicate, 7pm - RB

In addition, see Dorset calendar for major county competitions which normally take place on Sundays.

Teaching in Dorset

The following Teaching initiatives are available in Dorset :-

Private lessons are available though David Berwitz. See for details.

The County's policy on Data Protection (GDPR) can be viewed by clicking above or on the left menu.

Should any member wish to know what data we hold in respect of them or if they wish their data to be deleted they should contact the Dorset secretary.

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Dorset KO Plate

Congratulations to Team Norman (Phil Norman, Chrinstine Bradley, Kelly Courtney & Janet Smith) on winning the Dorset KO Plate from Team Barnett (Andrew Barnett, Geoff Cave, Sarah Fazakerley & Chrissie Denning).

Dorset KO

Congratulations to team Mott (Bob Mott, Ann Sharples, Chris Stevens & Keith Bartlett) on winning the Dorset KO from Team Forrest (Nick Forrest, Ed Leatham, Terry & Christine Edwards and Mike Jackson).

Dorset 9 High - Pairs
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
Dorset Online Pairs
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
Dorset Online Pairs
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
Frost Rose Bowl (Blue Pointed) - Teams
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
16th May 2021
Udall Trophy (Blue Pointed) Swiss Pairs
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27th Jun 2021
Dorset Green Pointed Swiss Teams
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1st Aug 2021
Dorset Green Pointed Swiss Pairs