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Breakfast Bridge

Please don't forget about


every Friday morning

in the St Luke's duplicate room 

On Real Bridge.

Doors open at 9.30

Tourney starts at 10.00am 

We play 16 boards. It's all over by 12.15pm 

Welcome to St Luke's Bridge Club
St. Luke's Bridge Club.

Karen & David welcome you to 

St Luke's Bridge Club website.

During the pandemic all our bridge activities are online at

Bridge Club Live and Real Bridge. 


The results from St Luke's online Duplicates and Breakfast Bridge Duplicates are posted on this site. So why not find out if you came Top, Middle, or Bottom?  Do you want to know all the results, even if you didn't play?  It's always interesting to see how your friends are doing !!!!!  


St Lukes Bridge Club plays online

every Monday afternoon on Bridge Club Live

and Thursday evening & Friday morning

on Real Bridge

The future of our online games


As you know, we’ve been canvassing the views of St Luke’s and Thursday Club members regarding your preferences for club sessions on BCL or Real Bridge.

The outcome is that although the majority of members would prefer to play using Real Bridge, there is a significant number who would like us to revert to using BCL.

We are keen to try to accommodate the views of as many of you as possible. The great majority of Thursday Club members would prefer to stay with Real Bridge. The position is more finely balanced among St Luke’s members. Although the majority are in favour of Real Bridge, there is a sufficient number in favour of using BCL for us to feel we should do what we can to respect their wishes.

We believe the best way to resolve this is to have our Monday afternoon session on BCL; and our Thursday evening, Friday morning and David Berwitz’ Sunday Evening session on Real Bridge.

The BCL site is slowly being restored and F2F sessions started this week. We have decided to resume playing on BCL on Mondays from 5thApril; and continue using Real Bridge on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. We have checked BCL’s F2F sessions, and they appear to be working. The revised ‘log in’ is straightforward. The audio-visual link is easy to operate and should be helpful to those of you who feel this is what gives Real Bridge the advantage. The disadvantage is that if there is a half table, the last pair in, won’t be able to play. This is because BCL has not restored its daytime competition in which the stand-by pair would normally play when we have a half table

While BCL has been inoperative the clubs haven’t charged members for playing on Real Bridge on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. From Thursday 1st April we will have to charge members £2 per session for the Thursday evening and Friday morning sessions….the same as the charge for Sunday evening and the same as other clubs in the area charge.

The money for Thursday evenings and Friday mornings will need to be paid via online banking to the Thursday Club’s bank account at the end of each month. Name: The Thursday Bridge Club Sort code 09 01 29 Acc No. 25168549   Use your surname(s) as the reference.

We feel this is the fairest way forward. We will keep it under regular review and if we have a problem with BCL, we have the option of reverting to Real Bridge on Mondays.

David Berwitz & David Joannides





Private Classes With DAVID BERWITZ




Book an online class with me David Berwitz.

What else are you going to do?

How many times can you go out for a walk? 


By improving your Duplicate Bridge tactics, I will greatly increase your result percentage.  

Would you like to be First, Second or Third most of the time? 

 You will by covering topics such as:

The bidding systems you MUST play, to win at Duplicate, and the ones should you consign to the bin?

The defensive systems you MUST play to win at Duplicate?  

Competitive Bidding: Recognising when to sacrifice and when to "shut up"

Why are Duplicate Tactics so different to other forms of bridge? 

How to make a plan. This old favourite is still the main cause of so many failed contracts. 

How to play your contract to your best advantage

How to make a defensive plan.

How to communicate with your partner to mount the best defensive?

And loads and loads more. 

Why not join the 50+ students who are currently enjoying weekly online classes with me. 

1, 2, 3, or 4 people are playing on a teaching table under my watchful eye. 

If you would like to arrange a class by yourself or with 1, 2, or 3  other people, please contact me 


mobile: 07974-177636

I am available for a 1 off online class or a series of online classes. 

If you would like a particular topic, or just a general assessment of your needs,

please contact me directly for details of my online classes, availability and cost. 

Take this opportunity to hone your Bridge skills in classes of 1, 2, 3, or 4 people.

And make full use of your time during this 3rd lockdown.  

Help with Online Bridge

How are you getting on with Online Bridge?

Are you missing your weekly bridge fix, because of Covid -19?  If so, then the latest development by St Luke's and the Thursday Club could be right up your street. (see above for full details)

Many people are now getting the full benefit of the online game. 

However, I am very aware that there are a large number of very keen bridge players from St Luke's and the Thursday Club who are avoiding playing bridge online. I think this is for a number of reasons, but in the main it's the thought of dealing with all this new technology which is more than a little daunting. 

How do I get started?  How do I register for on line bridge? Is it very expensive? 

Will I spoil everybody elses enjoyment if I push the wrong button or click in the wrong place?

/These are all very common questions that everybody asks before they learn how to PLAY ONLINE BRIDGE

So don't feel awkward. It's very easy to learn. 

I think it will be at least another 6-12 months before our Bridge Clubs start to re open. And even then it will be a very slow restart.

So if you think you would like some help or you know someone who would benefit from, 

How to get started with Online Bridge please call 

David Berwitz on 07974-177636.


Cat Roberts on 07968-482975.


David Joannides on 01202- 383128.

We will be more than happy to talk you through the 'set-up" over the phone, or better still come to your home and help you set up your computer, lap-top or tablet to play Online Bridge. 

You will then join the many many local people who are playing and enjoying ONLINE BRIDGE 

Good luck and hope to hear from you soon. 


St. Luke's & The Thursday Club private Duplicate on Bridge Club Live

St. Luke's & The Thursday Club - Private Duplicate.

We are running 3 private Duplicates per week on Bridge Club Live, under the name St. Lukes Bridge Club. The Results for all 3 duplicates will be shown on the this website, and on the Thursday club website. 

Only members of St. Luke's Bridge Club and the Tuesday / Thursday Bridge Club will be allowed to play in the three Duplicates. 

Only pairs and individuals invited by a committee member of either club will be allowed to play as a visitor. 

If you want to play with someone who is not a member of either club then either David Joannides or David Berwitz must be informed before you arrive to play. 

Please remember that everyone who wants to play in these duplicates must be a full member of B.C.L. You must also be affiliated to St Luke's Bridge Club on the B.C.L. site. If you are not, the computer will not recognise you, and you and your partner will not play in the duplicate 

The times and days of each duplicate are as follows: Please read this very carefully as some times have changed. Please take time to read and confirm the new timings. 

Remember the Door opening and Tourney to start playing times are not the same thing.  

The Door Code will identify the correct room for our duplicate.

Different Bridge Clubs will be starting their duplcates at the same time, 

so it is very important that you enter the correct room. 


Monday Afternoon: Door Code STLUKE 1-D-2.  

The Door to our private room opens at 1.00pm.  

The Duplicate  starts 30 mins later at 1.30pm sharp.

20 boards will be played. The last board must be completed by  5.45pm. But hopefully long before. 


Thursday Evening: This takes place on Real Bridge

The Door to our private room opens at 6.30pm.

The Duplicate starts 30 mins later at 7.00pm sharp. 

20 boards will be played. The last board must be completed by 10.45pm. But hopefully long before. 


Friday Morning: This takes place on Real Bridge

The Door to our private room opens at 9.30am.

The Duplicate starts 30 mins later at 10.00am sharp.

16 boards will be played. The last board must be completed by 12.45pm. But hopefully long before. 


You will be able to leave the duplicate as soon as you have completed playing your 16th board on Friday or your 20th board on Monday and Thursday. 

You have 30 minutes to enter the room, find your partner, get seated, and confirm your S.S.D. If you do not have this completed before the start time, you will not play in duplicate. It's very important that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the duplicate start time so that the director can ensure everyone has a partner and that there are no half tables.

If you arrive later than 20 minutes before the duplicate start time, the Director has the right to refuse you entry. Especially if he has already brought in the reserve pair to ensure no half table. If the Director does let you join the movement, then you will become the half table and if no other pair joins you will not play.    

For the first month there will be no table money required to play in any of these duplicates. 

This is a very exciting development for all members of St. Luke's and The Thursday Club 

It will enable the membership of both clubs to enjoy a duplicate where you only play against people that you know. 

A lot of hard work has been put in to set up this Private Duplicate so please support it by playing in it when you can. 

If you would like to enter the duplicate but have not mastered the art of online bridge then please read the box below. 



Following the Government's advice regarding Social Distancing and attendance of Clubs, there will be

 NO FURTHER BRIDGE played at either

The West Hants Club or The Knole Bridge Club.

Both of these Duplicates will recommence on a face to face baisis when we are advised by the Government and the English Bridge Union that it is safe to do so.  It is beginning to look as if a return to playing bridge safely in our bridge clubs may not happen for another 12 months. Sometime late 2021.  As the situation develops we will keep you informed of any change of circumstances.  

In the meantime please keep safe, and healthy.

David & Karen 

St Luke's Duplicate Update


     HI TO ALL


We hope you are keeping SAFE, WELL, and HEALTHY.

We have all managed to stay the course through umpteen weeks of Lockdown, and things are starting to get slightly easier.

West Hants Tennis Club has reopened the Club House. You can now get a small selection of food and drink in the restauraunt. 

However we have deceided that it is still too early to start playing bridge. Either at St Luke's on a Monday a Thursday evening at the Durley Hall Hotel or Breakfast Bridge on a Friday morning. 

We are going to take our advice from the Government and the English Bridge Union as to when they think it will be safe to return to our club.


So are you still missing your weekly fix of St Luke's and Thursday Club Bridge?

If so,

Don't forget to join all the gang on line

at 1.00pm every Monday Afternoon, 6.30pm every Thursday Evening, and 9.30am every Friday Morning on

Bridge Club Live. The times shown are the room opening times. You have a further 30 minutes to take a seat, find your partner and confirm your S.S.D.

These are our own private duplicates dedicated to St. Luke's and Thursday Club members only.

Plus any visitor who has been allowed to play by either David Joannides or David Berwitz. 




We all look forward to seeing you at ST. LUKE'S & The Thursday Club  on line every

Monday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, and Friday Morning.



Breakfast Bridge every Friday at 10.00am at The Knole Bridge Club.
Breakfast Bridge every Friday at 10.00am at The Knole Bridge Club.

Every Friday morning at 10.00am in the St Luke's Bridge room on Bridge Club Live.

Why not join Karen & David and the rest of the early morning crowd for the best virtual percolated coffee and a great choice of virtual croissants. All the gossip that's going on in the Bridge World.

16 boards of relaxed duplicate bridge. 


09.30am doors open with virtual croissents and coffee.

10.00am till 12.30pm Duplicate Bridge. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. 

A host system is always in operation at Breakfast Bridge. You can come with or without a partner. You will always get a game.

David's Sunday Evening Duplicate

You can now play bridge every Sunday evening.

David Berwitz is running an 18 or 20 board duplicate

Every Sunday Evening between 7.00pm & 9.30pm

on the Real Bridge Platform

Please contact David for details of how to enter and how to pay.

David's mobile is 07974177636. 

23rd April 2021
Breakfast Bridge BCL
Online BCL 9:30am
Director: David or Karen
25th April 2021
David's Sunday Evening Duplicate
Real Bridge 7.00pm
Director: David B
26th April 2021
St Lukes Duplicate BCL
Online BCL 1:00pm
Director: David, or Trevor
St Lukes Duplicate BCL
Director: David B, David J or Trevor
St Lukes Duplicate BCL
Director: David, or Trevor
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
David's Sunday Evening Duplicate
Director: David B