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County Knockout 2020
26th Feb 2021 12:26 GMT
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An online Western League began on 16 January 2021. Results and schedule of matches during the Spring can be seen on the Western Counties League page of this website.

Visitor to Cornwall?

As the most popular county in England in which to holiday, all our clubs are happy to welcome visiting bridge players for some mental stimulation after a relaxing day on the beach or walking the coastline! Again, contact the appropriate club secretary via the "Local Clubs" page so they know to expect you.

New to bridge?


If you would like information on how and where to start learning to play bridge, of if you have played and would like an introduction to playing duplicate bridge at one of our clubs, click on Bridge Tuition (above) or contact the secretary in Cornish Bridge Clubs.


County Knockout 2020
County Knockout 2020

The teams finishing in the top four positions in the County Teams of Four Championship have qualified for the semi-finals of the knockout, and have indicated their willingness to take part :

MIKE BOOTH (Alan Biggs, Rob Mabley, Bill Thomson, Celia Bishop) 

CHRIS BICKERDIKE (Rod Bell, Wendy Miller, Jo Bryant)

RICHARD DRAYCOTT (Roger Bunt, Pat Meade, Geoff Fogg)

CAROL BRAY (Jennifer Congdon, Pat Joseph, Jenny Northmore)

Teams can nominate up to two further players, assuming they did not play for a different team in the qualifier.

Table money is £2.50 per player per match, which should be given to David Stone or Chris Bickerdike. Results to Chris.

Semi-finals to be played by 15 March 

Final to be played by 3 May 

First named team is at home, unless teams agree an alternative venue. Away team should offer home team three dates including one at a weekend. Any problems over agreeing a date for the match before the end-date, will be resolved using the EBU guidelines on Knockout Competitions.

Winner of each match is underlined.

SEMI-FINALS (32 boards 4x8 stanzas)

Match 1 :  Bickerdike   v   Bray

Match 2 :  Draycott   v   Booth

FINAL (40 boards 5x8)

Match 3 : Booth  v  Bickerdike