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Dates for the online Western League beginning Autumn 2021 are : October 2, November 27, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 12, April 2. There will be an A, B and C division as normal; A & B matches will be teams of 4, C division will be teams of 4 or 8 by mutual agreement. Matches will be 24 boards.

Visitor to Cornwall?

As the most popular county in England in which to holiday, all our clubs are happy to welcome visiting bridge players for some mental stimulation after a relaxing day on the beach or walking the coastline! Again, contact the appropriate club secretary via the "Local Clubs" page so they know to expect you.

New to bridge?


If you would like information on how and where to start learning to play bridge, of if you have played and would like an introduction to playing duplicate bridge at one of our clubs, click on Bridge Tuition (above) or contact the secretary in Cornish Bridge Clubs.


Western Counties League
Western Counties League Spring 2021

With F2F bridge being totally shut down, a truncated online Western league is running during the first four months of 2021. Cornwall has entered a team of four in each of the A, B and C leagues, and a further C team in the secondary C league.


Leagues can be seen on the EBU website. Click Leagues, then South Western League.


Organisers are : Chris Bickerdike A team; Celia Bishop/ Bill Thomson (B team); Henry Gompertz (C1 and C2 teams).


Schedule of matches:


Saturday 16 January       A, B and C teams v Hereford and v East Wales        C2 team v Devon C4

Saturday 20 February     A, B and C teams v Devon 2                                      C2 team v Wiltshire C2

Saturday 13 March          A, B and C teams v Devon 1 and v Somerset           C2 team v Avon C3 and v Somerset C2

Saturday 17 April             A, B and C teams v Wiltshire and v Avon                  C2 team v Avon C2 and v Somerset C3


Results A team :


v Hereford  (Chris Bickerdike, Jo Bryant, Rob Jones, Geoff Smith)   WON 17.56-2.44

v East Wales (    -  as above  - )    LOST  2.29-17.71

v Devon 2 (Jo Bryant, Wendy Miller, Rob Jones, Geoff Smith)   LOST 4.21-15.79

v Devon 1 (   -  as above  -   )  LOST 8.62-11.38

v Somerset   (  - as above  -  )  LOST 3.45-16.55

v Wiltshire  (Chris Bickerdike, Geoff Smith, Jo Bryant, Wendy Miller)  WON 15.37-4.63

v Avon   (  -  as above  -  )  LOST 7.69-12.31

FINAL RESULT : 5th with 59.19 VPs  


Results B team :


v Hereford (Celia Bishop, Bill Thomson, Steven Clifton, David Clarke)   LOST 7.1-12.9

v East Wales  (   -  as above -  )     WON 13.18-6.82

V Devon 2 (Celia Bishop, Bill Thomson, Dave Mattos, Chris Bickerdike) LOST 7.39-12.61

v Devon 1 (Steven Clifton, David Clarke, Bill Thomson, Chris Bickerdike) WON 13.45-6.55

v Somerset (  -  as above  -  )  LOST  4.21-15.79

v Wiltshire (Liz Perry, Geoff Jones, Jim Edwards, David Price) LOST 6.03-13.97

v Avon (  -  as above  -  ) LOST 7.99-12.01

FINAL RESULT : 7th with 59.35 VPs


Results C team :


v Hereford (Henry Gompertz, Roy (John) Morris, Elaine Relton, John Harnett)   WON 13.45-6.55

v East Wales  (   - as above -  )   WON 12.9-7.1

v Devon 2 (     - as above -   ) LOST 2.92-17.08

v Devon 1  (  -  as above  -  )  LOST 3.27-16.73

v Somerset (  -  as above  -  )  WON 12.31-7.69

v Wiltshire  (  -  as above  -  )  WON 10.71-9.29

v Avon   (  -  as above  -  )  LOST 5.07-14.93

FINAL RESULT  : 6th with 60.63 VPs


Results C2 team :


v Devon C4 (Suzanne Warring, Neil Harris, Wendy Williams, Bob Pretty)  LOST 6.03-13.97

v Devon C3  (  -  as above  -  )   Match abandoned, problem with the movement DREW   10.0-10.0 

v Wiltshire C2  (  -  as above -  ) WON 18.14-1.86

v  Avon C3 (Suzanne Warring, Neil Harris, Wendy Williams, Bobby Vindenes)  LOST 4.63-15.37

v Somerset C2  (  -  as above  -  ) WON 11.05-8.95

v Avon C2  (Peter Scott, Neil Harris, Wendy Williams, Bob Pretty)   Avon did not put out a team - WON 12-8

v Somerset C3  (  -  as above  -  )  WON 15.79-5.21

FINAL RESULT  4th with 77.64 VPs