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Visitor to Cornwall?

As the most popular county in England in which to holiday, all our clubs are happy to welcome visiting bridge players for some mental stimulation after a relaxing day on the beach or walking the coastline! Again, contact the appropriate club secretary via the "Local Clubs" page so they know to expect you.

New to bridge?


If you would like information on how and where to start learning to play bridge, of if you have played and would like an introduction to playing duplicate bridge at one of our clubs, click on Bridge Tuition (above) or contact the secretary of one of the nine clubs listed in "Local Clubs".


Entries for Future Events


14 April F2F Pivot Teams

1.Suzanne Warring Neil Harris Mick Robson Joe Bryant 

2.Liz Perry Sheila Norman David Stone Val Pitman

3.Janet Heath Jan Keast Heather Childs Bill Adams

4.Laurie Burley Chris Kempton Owen Prior Carol Trezise

5.Anne Robinson Gillian Beviss Mary Hibbert Sarah Harris

6.Wendy Willians Henry Gompertz Peter Scott Graham Ramsey