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Host Rotas

A host system is in operation for the Reading Room events on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Please volunteer to host using 'Contact Us' or sign up at the club.

Check the menu items Host Rota - Tuesday & Host Rota - Thursday for the latest lists of host volunteers.

Announcing & Alerting Rules (EBU)

The English Bridge Union has made significant changes to the scheme of announcements effective September 1st 2022. This only applies to the EBU. So, if you play in any clubs or competitions playing to the EBU rules, you will be expected to use the Alerting and Announcing rules as explained below.

For the latest EBU 2022 Announcement click EBU Announcing and Alerting Rules

Opening Bid Description Announce Alert N/A
Could be on fewer than 3 cards
"May be X” where X is 0, 1 or 2. Extend to "May be X and may have an outside 5-card (Diamond) suit" as appropriate    
Non-forcing, natural, 3 or more    
Other (forcing, strong, artificial)    
1NT Balanced “12 to 14” (or appropriate range) and, if relevant, “may contain a singleton”    
2 Strong, Acol, (Benji Acol, etc)    
Precision “Intermediate”    
2 Weak with diamonds “Weak”    
Strong with diamonds “Strong, forcing”  * or  
“Strong non-forcing” *
Other (Benji, Multi, etc)    
2/ Weak with hearts/ spades “Weak”    
Strong with hearts/ spades “Strong, forcing”  * or 
“Strong non-forcing” *
Other (Lucas, Flannery, etc)    
2NT Strong, balanced    
Other meaning, including two-suited or forcing,    

N/A: No Action, do not alert/announce
*The practice of making strong bids with hands of limited high cards must be clearly disclosed

Responses to 1NT or 2NT openings
Response Description Announce Alert N/A
1NT - 2
2NT - 3
Stayman (asking for 4 card majors, promissory or not) "Stayman"    
5-card Stayman    
1NT - 2 - 2
2NT - 3 - 3
Denies 4 card major    
1NT - 2
2NT - 3
Transfer, showing hearts “Hearts”    
1NT - 2 - 2
2NT - 3 - 3
Completion of transfer    
1NT - 2
2NT - 3
Transfer, showing spades “Spades”    
1NT - 2 - 2
2NT - 3 - 3
Completion of transfer    
1NT - 2/3
2NT - 3/3
Natural, non-forcing    
Other Meaning    
1NT - 2
New in 2022
Natural, non-forcing    
Transfer, showing clubs "Clubs"    
Other meaning, including where clubs is one option    
1NT - 2NT
New in 2022
Natural, non-forcing    
Transfer, showing diamonds "Diamonds"    
Other meaning    


Responses to non-forcing one of a suit – all new in 2022
Response Description Announce Alert N/A
1 - 1 Natural    
Shows Hearts "Hearts"    
Other meaning    
1 - 1 Natural    
Shows Spades "Spades"    
Other meaning    
1 - 1 Natural    
Shows Diamonds "Dianonds"    
Denies 4+ cards in a Majo "No Major"    
Other meaning    
1 suit - 1 NT Non forcing, up to 10 HCP    
Non-forcing, can be > 10 HCP "Up to n points”, or “Up to bad n points”    
1 - 1 NT Forcing, shows clubs "Clubs"    
Forcing, shows diamond "Diamonds"    
1 suit - 1 NT Other meaning, forcing    
1 - 2 Not forcing (with clubs)    
Forcing, showing clubs    
Showing diamonds "Diamonds"    
Other meaning    
1/1/1 - 2suit (not a jump, not a passed hand) Non-forcing    
Natural, forcing, not game-force    
Natural, game forcing "Game Forcing"    
Not natural    



Bids   Alert N/A
above 3NT Artificial suit bids on 1st round of the auction (for this purpose the first round of the bidding is the opening bid and three subsequent calls)  
Other bids  
Action over Opponents’ calls up to and including 3NT
Opponents Call Meaning of their call … If your Double is … Alert N/A
A suit at any level Natural Take-out  
Anything else  
Does not show the suit (i.e. conventional or not natural) Showing the suit doubled  
Anything else  
A suit opening Prepared, Phoney, Short or
Nebulous 1 or 1 opening
Anything else  
No trumps at any level Natural or conventional Penalty  
Anything else  
Opponents Call Meaning of their call … If your redouble is … Alert N/A
Double Any meaning for business, shows strength: partner is expected to pass  
Partner is expected to remove, or some other specific meaning  
Action over Opponents’ calls above 3NT
Opponents Call Meaning of their … Other Actions … Alert N/A
Above 3NT Any meaning Lead directing pass  
Lead directing double for a different suit to the one doubled  
Lightner double of, say 6NT, calling for a specific lead  
Lead directing redouble for a different suit to the one redoubled  
Any other pass, double or redouble  


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