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Computers, Web Sites, etc
  Information Technology

You can run a bridge club without computers, web sites, scorers etc.

However, there are tasks that are much easier with computers etc, and players' enjoyment can be increased.

In these pages we share our and others experience. 

We provide support whereever we can, and if you have a computer, web site, or other related problem, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

  ScoreBridge and Windows 10 E-Mail Client

Scorebirdge is an excellent scoring system available at a very reasonable cost and particularly suitable for club use (used by thousands of clubs, including about 500 EBU affiliated clubs).

Users of Scorebride upgrading to Windows 10 will find that Scorebridge is not yet linked to the new e-mail software that comes with Windows 10. The Scorebridge deveoper is aware of this and it is in work queue. In the meantime you can download Windows Live Mail and it works fine.