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Bridge 1 Lesson 9 Quiz Reformatted for online, Quiz Answers Added

Free for all to use. A credit would be nice.

Information for Teachers:  Sharkbridge information Added

RVBC Risk Assessment:  Version 4 10th March Update


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Advanced Competitive Bidding
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Advanced Competitive Bidding
Advanced Competitive Bidding

The sessions here are less focussed on a course structure and more likely to be suitable as one-offs.
Occasionally sessions form part of a sequence of two to cover a complex topic.

For each session there are notes to give the participants a record of the topic and also to define the scope for the teacher.​​
Most have deals with commentaries. ​​​​​
Some have revision or homework quizzes.

Advanced Competitive Bidding Lesson 8 Bidding against Pre-empts

BFP BC L08 NOTES Defence to Pre-empts.pdf