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Online is here to stay.

Face to face has returned and needs your support.

Advanced Competitive Bidding
  Advanced Competitive Bidding

The sessions here are less focussed on a course structure and more likely to be suitable as one-offs.
Occasionally sessions form part of a sequence of two to cover a complex topic.

For each session there are notes to give the participants a record of the topic and also to define the scope for the teacher.​​
Most have deals with commentaries. ​​​​​
Some have revision or homework quizzes.

Simple overcalls, doubling, and doubling for take out are introduced in Bridge 2 Building Your Skills.

The deals are being added as PBN files. You can request deals in DLM or LIN form using form.

All files can be downloaded by "right clicking" and then choosing "copy link as".

Please send feedback, good or bad. Let me know it's been useful. It's for bridge and the people who do/could enjoy it.

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