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Bridge Teacher Support and Services

SharkBridge – A web site designed and built for TEACHING BRIDGE

A Canadian company who developed a service for bridge teachers as recently as July 2020.

The platform was built with Audio/Visual capability.

It allows teachers to sit their students at tables with up to three robots. The students can then play boards at their own pace with pre-determined bidding and play by the robots.

Teachers can observe the play at multiple tables. Teachers can chat to all tables, or to one student.

Teachers can choose to “share” the play at the “teachers table” to demonstrate a topic. The students will all be able to see the play at the teachers table during such a period.

Teachers can load boards prepared elsewhere to the platform for lessons. There are also facilities to generate hands on the platform itself.

Teachers can pre-set the auctions and the card play. Using robots at the tables prevents bidding or play that throws the experience “off topic”.

The presentation of the service is fresh with clear easily read buttons, display, and instructions.

Despite being in Canada, SharkBridge have been responsive and supportive of two Devon based teachers who are now using it regularly.

The platform is charged at $1 per student per hour. Teachers can purchase $s to put on account. (Correct at March 2021).

Bridge Teacher Support and Services

Many teachers work alone, self taught, finding learners and delivering services unaided. There are some very good support services and organisations assisting with various aspects of teaching. Most require some kind of expenditure so they need to be budgeted for.