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Running a Bridge Club
  Club Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep your members informed and involved.

Here are some bridge playing tips, free for to use in your newsletters or any other way you like. We just ask that you acknowledge the source. While they are written with care, and reviewed by experts, we can't take any responsibility for mistakes or ommissions. 

  Fifteen Years of Rugby Village/Heart of England

Fifteenth Year!

The club started a regular duplicate in January 2020.

It was a time of change.

  • The numbers of individual players paying for membership of the EBU fell drastically. The EBU brought in "Pay to Pay". Affiliated clubs paid the EBU money each time a player played in a club session. Some clubs, including Rugby Bridge Club, disaffiliated. 
  • At the same time fewer people played bridge as a competitive sport but more as a leisure activity. 

In 2011 Jim came and played in the club as a visitor. We were married in 2012. He has been a huge supporter of the club.

We grew rapidly to two hundred members and eight sessions a week.

In March 2020 we ceased face to face sessions. We had no idea what the future would hold.

Duplicate sessions went online on Bridge Club Live. We issued weekly newsletters and held online seminars and lessons. Members were amazing ly good at supporting each other through this very tough time.

We reopened for face to face sessions in July 2020. We had plastic screens, large well spaced tables, a set of boards for each table and took our bidding boxes with us when we moved. All door knobs, surfaces, chairs etc were cleaned before each session. We had no COVID transmission at the club for at least three years.

We have slowly rebuilt our sessions and our membership. There are many who never came back. Our main duplicate sessions (two now) are well subscribed. We have started a short, gently duplicate on Tuesday mornings that shows signs of long term popularity.

It remains hard work to recruit learners, and provide a path to the main duplicate competitions.

Bridge can be such a good, economic opportunity to keep challenging the brain, build social networks and stave off loneliness. There are probably a thousand local bridge clubs providing this opportunity from the efforts of volunteers. They provide income for local community spaces. Keep bridge (a)live!

  Creating and Using Deal Files

Many clubs use computers to create files of data containg the details of either random or edited lists of the cards making up a given number of hands. These files can be fed to a dealing machine to distirbute bar coded cards into four hoppers in plastic boards. "Pbn" versions of the deal files can be transferred to the Bridgewebs computer in a club's web site area. The pbn version of each deal contains the the cards in each hand and the "makeable" analysis which is the number tricks each player could make in each denomination. This file is bigger than the "dlm" version which only contains the actual hands in each deal. The dlm versions can be used with scoring systems; that's all the information they need.