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No Fear Bridge 

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if you are someone who has recently started learning bridge and you would like the chance to play without time pressure and with  someone to ask if you need help, then you might like to play in our No Fear Sessions every Thursday Evening at 07.10pm.  There is no need to book, just turn up – there is a host so you can play without a partner.  These Thursday evenings are also suitable for anyone who prefers to play a relaxed game and everyone is most welcome.

Criteria for Club Championship Events


These will be held on Week 2 Wednesdays. Non eligible pairs may play without standing. 

For the Vera Walton Trophy and the Haslock trophy, in order to be eligible, the pair must have an average club handicap of 6 or higher.

The Joan Aspland Shield competition is open to all members and is handicapped.


These will be held on Week 3 Mondays. Non eligible teams may play without standing.

To be eligible for the Joyce Allard Trophy the team must have an average club handicap of 6 or higher. 

The handicap is based on NGS bands and is revised monthly.

Club Policy for Face to Face Bridge

In all face-to-face sessions held at the Club, including Yorkshire league matches, the Club's Covid-driven policy will apply.

We aim to adequately space the tables and maintain good air quality by natural ventilation and air purifiers. Hand sanitiser and wipes will be on hand. 

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News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Twenty four Jackpot evenings were held during this year and Congratulations go to the winner, Stuart Davies, who accumulated 967 points. In second place was Alan Jarvis with 727 points and Mark Armitage was third with 594 points.  Peter Smith came fourth and Harry Hoyle was fifth.  Very well done to all.

Last updated : 20th Nov 2022 16:34 GMT
The Joan Aspland Shield Competition

The Joan Aspland Sheild competition was held after the club A.G.M. on Saturday 28th January. Fifteen pairs took part and congratulations go to Lauri and Margaret Andrews who were the winners both before and after handicap. In second place, also before and after handicap, were John and Pauline Middleton.  Elaine Van Heel and Madeleine Newby came third, very closely followed by Ray Foster and Hazel Greenwood.  Very well done everyone.

Last updated : 28th Jan 2023 19:18 GMT
The Flitch Competition

On Wednesday 15th February the Flitch cpmpetition for married couples was held within the main drive.  It was nip and tuck all evening, but congratulations go to Stephen and Sharon Halston who were the winners with 55.56%. Second were Mark and Louise Armitage with 53.70%, closely followed, in third place, by Lauri and Margaret Andrews with 53.24%.  A great result for all.

Last updated : 16th Feb 2023 09:21 GMT
Men's Teams and Ladies' Teams Championship

The Men's and Ladies' Team club championship competitions took place on Monday 20th February. The rather disappointing turnout of five teams, illness being one factor, meant that only two men's teams and two ladies' teams qualified for the event.  All five teams competed against each other and Congratulations go to Paul Belsten, Stuart Davies, Mark Armitage and Steve Blackburn and Elaine Van Heel, Madeleine Newby, Susan Hoyle and Pat Benson who were the winners.

Last updated : 21st Feb 2023 08:46 GMT
Men's Pairs and Ladies' Pairs Competition

The competition for the Men's and Ladies' Pairs took place on Wednesday 15th March. 

All players competed in one mixed movement and Congratulations go to the Men's winners, George Bak and Stuart Davies and to the Ladies' Susan Hoyle and Jean Britteon.  In second place in each section were Oliver Cowan and Alan Jarvis and Sandra Andrews and Louise Armitage.  Well done all pairs.

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2023 17:21 GMT

The Haslock Trophy competition was held on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th April and many congratulations go to Andrew Peel and David Redfearn who were outright winners with 68.78%.

 After taking NGS into account, Elspeth Allcock and Alan Chadwick were second. 

Very well done both pairs.

Last updated : 19th Apr 2023 13:10 BST
Club Championship - Handicap Teams

The Club Championship Handicap Teams competition took place on Monday 20th March.  Five teams competed and the winner,  both before and after the handicap was applied, was Stuart Davies' team:-



Well done to all.

Last updated : 26th Apr 2023 08:38 BST
Remembering Bob our Steward

Many long standing members will, with affection, remember Bob who was the Club steward for many years before his death.  Recently Nicky, his daughter, was looking through some of her late father’s possessions when she came across a plaque which the Club had presented to Bob in 2011.  It commemorated  the 25 years that Bob had, at that point in time, been working at the bridge club.

Nicky kindly decided to donate the plaque to the bridge club and she recently presented it to former Chairman Elaine van Heel together with a large photograph of Bob. (See photo of Elaine and Nicky on the Home page of the website)

Last updated : 18th May 2023 18:12 BST
The Garden Cities Competition

By Liz Brown

On Saturday 13 May Bradford Bridge Club were proud to host the Northern Region preliminary round of the Garden Cities Competition.

The Garden Cities Competition is an inter county championship for teams of eight, one from each county.  It started in 1987 in Hertfordshire in Welwyn Garden City - hence the name - before becoming a national competition run by the E.B.U.

This year six teams took part - North East, Lancashire, Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Merseyside & Cheshire and Yorkshire.  The Yorkshire team included one Bradford Club member - Alan Jarvis.  Stuart Davies was Director.

The competition was quite a jolly affair.  It was the first time that it had been held since Covid.  Players were renewing old friendships and several said how nice it was to be back in Bradford!

The catering went smoothly.  Compliments were given and views on the merits of Morrisons sandwiches were exchanged.  (Keighley Morrisons sandwiches are better than most).

Much to our delight, Yorkshire came first and will take part in the final at Coventry in June.  Then everyone went home except the Catering Committee who had to tidy up.  Two hours later when they finished they said they never wanted to do any table clearing and tidying away again.  Then it occurred to them that the ladies had already done their share by baking all those delicious cakes.  Perhaps it was time for the men to show willing by helping with the heavy lifting.  No skill is required and instruction will be given if needed.

Please think about it gentlemen.  Stuart would like to host the Garden Cities Competition again and the competitors would like to come to Bradford again.  It all depends on you.

Last updated : 19th May 2023 00:07 BST
The Vera Walton Trophy Competition

The Vera Walton Trophy handicapped competition was held on Tuesday 13th June and congratulations go to the winners, Maureen Robinson and Robert Eaton with a score of 57.22%.  Second were Pauline and John Middleton who achieved a score of 54.22%.  Well done both pairs.

Last updated : 20th Jun 2023 08:57 BST
The B.C.B.A. Teams of Four Championship

Congratulations go to Stuart Davies, George Bak, Steve Blackburn and Mark Armitage who won the B.C.B.A. Teams event  which took place on Monday 19th June. 

Last updated : 20th Jun 2023 08:58 BST
The Hill Pairs Competition

The Hill Pairs competition was held on Wednesday 12th July and congratulations go to Stephen and Sharon Halston who won with a score of 65.87%.  In second place were George Bak and Stuart Davies and third were Peter Franks and Lauri Andrews. Very well done everyone.

Last updated : 12th Jul 2023 23:19 BST
The Mixed Pivot Teams Competition

The Mixed Pivot Teams competition was held on Monday 17th July.   Congratulations go to Lauri Andrews, Margaret Andrews, Peter Smith and Mark Lewis who were the winners with a score of 58 IMPS.  In second place were Gill Copeland, George Bak, Steve Blackburn and Mark Armitage.  Well done everyone.

Last updated : 18th Jul 2023 08:54 BST
The Joyce Allard Trophy

Congratulations go to Robert Eaton, Jacquie Hutchinson, Norma Bennett and Carol Swales

Last updated : 18th Jul 2023 09:03 BST