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How to donate
Tucson Charity Bridge, Inc.
is a 501(c)(3) charity.

The most direct way to give funds is by check payable to Tucson Charity Bridge Club Inc.—with "capital donation" in the memo line. A bank wire is possible, although a fee would be involved at both ends. For stock donations contact Ruth Houkom or Hurd Baruch for the number of the Club’s brokerage account with Wells Fargo Advisers, so that the stock can be transferred automatically between your broker and the Club’s. You can also have .5% of your purchases on Amazon donated to us by going to: Amazon Smile

Our History & Current Board
Tucson Charity Bridge. A History, 2011-2017

Ruth Houkom, after 3 years of play, recognized that there was a need for a bridge club in Tucson that had a mission to develop new and junior players, especially in an atmosphere that would not cause them to feel intimidated by Life Masters.

And so, in January 2011, she formed a new bridge club, the Tucson Charity Bridge Club. Its name also indicated a second mission, to assist charities in the Tucson area by contributing a major share of the Club’s table fees. Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church, on Pima just west of Craycroft, agreed to make its meeting hall available. The Club was incorporated in 2012, and in 2017 was granted 501(c)(3) status as a public charity. Donations to the Club are now tax deductible.

As it happened, the Club’s first game was played right after the tragic shooting rampage in Tucson that took the lives of 6 people, and seriously injured our Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords and several other people. A beautiful 9-year-old girl by the name of Christina-Taylor Green was one of the people fatally injured. We donated our proceeds that day to the Christina-Taylor Green Fund, to help children in our community, in her memory.

From that time on, the Club has made a monthly donation of all proceeds in excess of expenses (with only a small amount retained as savings). A list of these charities can be found under the “Charities” link. Charities are nominated by Club Members and are then vetted by the Club's Board.

A significant reason why the Club has been able to put aside so much money for charity is that it has no employees and, with rare exceptions, it has not had to pay anyone to direct its games. Board members are unpaid, and players volunteer for kitchen duties and to help putting away tables and chairs. Snacks are supplied by members.

Our games, and membership in our Club, are open to the general public (with the exception of players with 1000 master points or more). To become a “Member,” a person need only play in one game sponsored by the Club. To become a “Regular Member,” entitling the person to vote, one need only play in 20 games sponsored by the Club in a twelve-month period. 

Board 2017
Board 2017

From Left: Phillip Lattavo (Charity Advisor), Bob Yanal (Webmaster),

Kathy Parker (Education Chair), Ruth Houkom (President), Hurd Baruch (Secretary/Treasurer)

2016 Board & Donations
2016 Board & Donations

Back Row:  Diana Galis, Reservations Chair: Hurd Baruch, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer, George Kersels, ACBL Liaison

Front Row:  Patsy Fontaine, Charity Advisor, Ruth Houkom, President, Jim Kerr, outgoing Reservations Chair

Not Pictured: Judy Farris , Hospitality Chair until she moved in August.

2016 Year in Review.pdf

2015 Board & Donations
2015 Board & Donations

Hurd Baruch, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer; Patsy Fontaine, Hospitality; Ruth Houkom, President;
DiAnn Plunkett, Charity Advisor; Jim Kerr, Reservations

2015 Donations to Charity.pdf

2014 Board & Donations
2014 Board & Donations

Hurd Baruch, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer; Caron Weinstein, Ventana Hostess; Patsy Fontaine, Streams Hostess,
Ruth Houkom, President; DiAnn Plunkett, Charity Advisor

2014 Donations.pdf

2013 Board
2013 Board

David Jaskar, ; Caron Weinstein, Charity Advisor; Ruth Houkom; President, Marty Zuckerman, Treasurer; Hurd Baruch, Corporate Secretary

2013 Year in Review.pdf

2012 Our Incorporation
2012 Our Incorporation

Brian Gersten, Webmaster; Hurd Baruch, Corporate Secretary; Marty Zuckerman, Treasurer
Ruth Houkom, President; Caron Weinstein, Charity Advisor

2012 Year in Review.pdf