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Starting May 6, there will be Sunday bridge at least twice a month at the Bridge Center. The Unit Games are usually on the 3rd Sunday, and the 1st Sunday will have special games.



Welcome to Spokane Bridge Unit 448
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Thursday, March 22 - Open Pairs, The Common Game, John directing 10:00am, free mini-lesson at 9:15am, guaranteed partner game

Friday, March 23 - Eight is Enough Swiss TeamsJohn directing 11:00am

Saturday, March 24 - No game due Moses Lake Sectional

Monday, March 26 - Club Championship, The Common Game, Charlie directing

Tuesday, March 27 - Open Pairs, Brenda directing 11:00am

Wednesday, March 28 - Open Pairs, The Common Game, Charlie directing 11:00am

Call Charlie Bennett 509 926 -3771 cell 509 389-9582, Brenda Simpson 509 939-4666, or John Adams, 509 290-2860 for information or partners

All games are held at our new location 1427 N Argonne Rd, one block south of I 90 on the west side of Argonne, just past Mission.

Have fun!


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Spokane - Open, The Common Game
Director: Charlie Bennett
Spokane - Open
Director: Brenda Simpson
Spokane - Invitational, The Common Game
Director: Charlie Bennett
22nd Mar 2018
Spokane - Open, The Common Game
Spokane Bridge Center 1427 N Argonne 10:00am
Director: John Adams
22nd Mar 2018
Clarkston - Open
Pautler SR Ctr, Clarkston, WA 1:00PM
Director: Karen Eveland
23rd Mar 2018
Spokane - 8 is Enough Teams
Spokane Bridge Center 1427 N Argonne 11:00AM
Director: Charlie Bennett