Spade Heart Spokane Bridge Unit 448 Diamond Club
Board Meeting Minutes
Unit 448 Board Minutes 2016

Spokane Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes July 16, 2018 St. Aloysius Church

Board Members Present: Jacqui Erwert, Lou Arevalo, Michele Pope, Bill Davis, Christine Fratalli, Karen Frogner, Barbara Womack

Absent: Scott Montroy, John Adams

Meeting called to order 5:00 p.m. by President Jacqui Erwert

Minutes from June 25, 2018, were approved as corrected.

Treasurer Report: Scott was not present. Bank statement and treasurer report were emailed. See attached.

Christmas Party: Christine reported arrangements have been secured for the Spokane Club, December 9, 2018, 11:00 a.m. No deposit required at this time. There will be duplicate and non-duplicate tables in an effort to expand unit membership. Meal cost per person includes tax and gratuity, members $21.00, non-members and guests $31.00. Meal payment will be made in advance to the unit. Flyers of event will be made and distributed at club games. Motion: Bill moved to subsidize meal by $10.00 for members. Lou seconded, motion approved. 2021

Regional: No report, Scott not present.

Motion: Bill moved that person responsible for unit game hospitality will post a sign up list for game participants. Lou seconded, motion approved.

Unit Game Day: Discussion considering a change in day and time to increase participation. Action: Jacqui will conduct a survey of members to determine preferences of day and time to improve attendance.

Labor Day Sectional water provisioning: Decided to provide free bottled water. Motion: Bill moved to have Charlie provide bottled water and that the unit would reimburse him for the cost. Lou seconded, motion approved. Action: Bill will contact Charlie of this action and request count for reimbursement.

District 19 National ACBL Board of Directors Elections: Voting options were discussed, with the decision for individual board members to vote electronically. Action: Michele will notify ACBL, Director of Elections.

Next Unit Game, August 19, Barbara will provide hospitality.

Meeting adjourned, 5:40 p.m.

Next Board Meeting: August 20, 2018, 5:00 p.m., St. Aloysius Church

Respectfully submitted, Michele Pope, Secretary


Spokane Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes June 25, 2018 St. Aloysius Church

Board Members Present: Jacqui Erwert, Lou Arevalo, John Adams, Michele Pope, Bill Davis, Scott Montroy, Christine Frattali, Karen Frogner

Absent: Barbara Womack

Requested Guest: Jodi Kimbrell

Meeting called to order at 5:00 p.m. by President Jacqui Erwert

Minutes from April 20, 2018, were approved as written.

Minutes from May 21, 2018, were approved as written.

Treasurer Report: See attached for bank statement and treasurer report. Included is a corrected report for the statement ending April 30, 2018.

June Sectional Overview: Jodi has a signed contract with Charlie Bennet to hold September Sectional at the Bridge Club. Flyer and sanction have been approved by ACBL. June Sectional had 101 tables, down 9.5 tables from 2017. Income $998.74 - expenses = $244.92 profit.

Charity Unit Game, October 21, 2018: last year charged $4.00 for lunch. Jodi will provide dinner, with reimbursement for food expenses. Motion: John moved to collect $4.00 per person from Charity game participants. Jodi to prepare the meal. Charity recipient to be determined at a later date. Lou seconded, motion approved.

STAC vs Sectional: John reported STAC’s are a 7 day event that require 10 tables to participate. Can coordinated with other Units to get table count, determine dates, times and number of sessions. More information is necessary for consideration of feasibility. Action: John will do further research on STAC requirements.

Charlie's Proposal: Regarding excess supplies at Millwood Presbyterian, Charlie and Karen took card tables, with 17 card tables and one round table remaining. Scott reported that accountant said it was acceptable to donate supplies to interested club members. Motion: Scott moved to donate supplies to Charlie as requested with remainder stored at Scotts home. Lou seconded, motion approved.

Christmas Party: Christine reported after extensive research, the Spokane Club provides the best venue, price and quality food. Board will defer a decision on amount of subsidy for participants. Motion: Bill moved to approve Christmas party date of December 9, 2018. Lou seconded, motion approved. Action: Christine will finalize arrangements with the Spokane Club. 2021

Regional: Scott had nothing to report.

Election of District Board Members: Jacqui received information on upcoming District Board Elections . Notice will be posted at the Club.

Unit Game Hospitality: Board members will take turns bringing snacks for the Unit game, to be decided at the Board meeting preceding next Unit game. Cost not to exceed $35.00. Jacqui will provide snacks for July 15 Unit game.

Sectional Chairperson/Committee: Jodi will consider successor and make a recommendation. Action: Scott will request Charlie post opening for Sectional Chair on white board.

Next Unit Game, July 15

Meeting adjourned, 5:45 p.m.

Next Board Meeting: July 16, 2018, 5:00 p.m., St. Aloysius Church

Respectfully submitted, Michele Pope, Secretary

SPOKANE UNIT 448 Board Meeting Minutes April 16, 2018 St. Aloysius Church

Board Members Present: Jacqui Erwert, John Adams, Michele Pope, Barbara Womack, Bill Davis, Scott Montroy, Christine Frattali. Absent: Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner Invited Guest: Charlie Bennett

Meeting called to order at 4:30pm by acting President, Jacqui Erwert.

March minutes were approved as written with exception of Financials on website.

Motion: Bill moved to elect Scott Montroy as Treasurer, seconded by John, passed.

Motion: John moved to elect Jacqui Erwert as President, seconded by Michele, passed.

Motion: Scott moved to elect Christine Frattali as Vice President, seconded by Bill, passed.

Treasurer Report: Scott notes that March report was prepared by Lea. Balance on March 31, 2018, Total Liabilities and Equity is $14,613.67. March Unit game showed a profit of $400.00. Board by-laws require two board members be on the Unit checking account, currently this is not the case. Vice President, Christine will be the second signatory on checking account.

Action: Scott and Christine will go to the bank and complete necessary documentation to update access to checking account.

Old Business: 

Charlie was invited to discuss his plan for future Sectionals regarding room set up for best comfort and flow. He recommends that tournaments need to be sanctioned and advertised earlier and wider to increase the number of participants. Discussed use of Unit funds for advertising. Currently Unit is storing tables and supplies at Millwood Presbyterian Church. Charlie is interested in purchasing some of these tables. Any extra tables will be offered for sale to other clubs in Unit, donating remainder to the church or Goodwill. A new table delivered, cost $35.00. Charlie is willing to rent or sell to Unit, supplies necessary for Sectionals, such as convention cards, cards, and boards. He is interested in purchasing current Unit supplies which would eliminate all Unit assets. Action: Jacqui will ask Jodi what supplies she has and do an inventory of supplies and Millwwod Presbyterian.

Charlie commented that April Unit game did not have enough C Player participation, which makes effort to stratify and reward difficult. Next Unit Game: May 20, two session, Swiss team game and pot luck.

Action: Bill will email IN players to encourage participation in May Unit game. IN range 0-900.

Financials on website will be posted with no names attached to balance sheet, cash flow or profit /loss statements. Treasurer will maintain originals with full disclosure of cash flow.

Action: Scott and John will develop financial reports for website display, protecting member privacy. Scott made a repeat request of past President Mona Hubble to return Unit issued debit card, she continues to be in possession of the card. Lea Rogers returned to Scott second Unit debit card, which he will destroy.

Action: Scott will go to the bank and deactivate Mona’s debit card and request reissue of two new cards, one for him and one for Christine.

Motion: John made a motion to have a special Board meeting at 10am Friday, April 20, 2018 at Bridge Club to approve April 16, Board minutes. Bill seconded, passed. This action was taken to provide Scott with proper documentation to conduct bank business prior to regular board meeting.

Food hospitality at Sectionals was discussed regarding costs and amount of food served. Tournament Chair has been directed to seek volunteer assistance.

Motion: John made a motion to lower entry fee at Sectionals from $10.00 to $9.00 per session and spend $125.00/day plus or minus 10% on food, no labor reimbursement, submit original receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement. Seconded by Christine, passed.

New Business:

Addressing Lea’s auditing concerns regarding Unit financials. Scott stated that he reviewed recently acquired reports from Lea and did not find any obvious irregularities, recommending no further audit until the routine annual audit in January.

Meeting adjourned at 5:43pm

Next Board Meeting: May 21, 2018, 4:30pm at St. Aloysius Church


SPOKANE UNIT 448 Board Meeting Minutes March 19, 2018 St. Aloysius Church

Board Members Present : Jacqui Erwert, John Adams, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner, Barbara Womack, Bill Davis, Lea Rogers, Michele Pope. Absent: None Others in Attendance: Christine Frattali, Jodi Kimbrell, Mona Hubble. Meeting called to order at 4:13pm by acting President Jacqui Erwert.

February minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer Report: Lea Rogers submitted the following, Doyle Crook prepared and submitted 2017 IRS Non-profit 990-N Form. He refused reimbursement for the work, a note of thanks was signed by board members and given to Barbara for delivery. February 28, 2018 balance of Total Liabilities and Equity, $14,725.68. Sectional Report 2013-2018 showing comparisons of income, cash flow and table count, to be used for future planning of sectionals. January Unit game showed a loss of $78.19. February Unit game, $29.04 profit. February Sectional, $258 profit. Request was made of past president Mona Hubble to return Unit debit card to any board member. Action: Mona stated she will return Unit debit card.


Motion: Lea made a motion to amend Unit 448 By-laws to include the following responsibilities of the Treasurer: 1. No person including the Treasurer and all other Signer on the Units account(s) can sign a check made payable to him/herself. 2. Individual non-employee compensation must be separately stated (disclosed) on the Financial Statements. 3. IRS reporting requirements must be timely filed for payment of rent and nonemployee compensation. Any other reporting requirements must also be met. 4. Unit Treasurer cannot also hold the position of Unit Tournament Chair or Unit Hospitality Chair. 5. Treasurer is required to retain receipts and proper documentation for all deposits and disbursements and financial reporting. 6. Treasurer has the authority and responsibility to Unit 448 Members to act in due diligence in the reporting of Unit Assets. 7. All financial statements must be made available to all Members Seconded by John, passed . Sectional Chair vs Committee was raised by Jacqui. Jodi has been acting as Sectional chair and committee, requesting assistance as needed. The consideration and discussion was with the intention of cross training and increasing delegation within Unit. Motion: Bill made a motion to direct Chair of Sectional to appoint a subcommittee for the purpose of delegation and cross training of duties. Seconded by John, passed.

Board Member replacement: Christine Frattali was nominated by Bill, seconded by Lea, passed.

June Sectional Venue was discussed. Main feedback of February Sectional at the Bridge Club was the lack of space between tables on Fridays’ larger game. Charlie communicated that an improved table configuration would allow more space between tables. Lower expenses at this venue were a positive factor. Motion: Lea made a motion to have June Sectional at Bridge Club, seconded by John, passed.

Unit Recorder of disciplinary action is Norma Hols. Doyle Crook, Chair of Disciplinary Committee is responsible if further action is required. Motion: John made a motion to E Vote for up to $100.00 in spending, seconded by Bill, passed.

Signatures on Unit checks: Unit President Mona Hubble resigned from the board effective February 19, 2018. Unit board is asking that Mona be removed as signatory from Unit Bank Account. Christine will be the second signatory on Bank Account. Action: Lea and Christine will change signatures required for writing Unit checks.

Unit supplies and storage: currently bridge tables are stored a Millwood Presbyterian Church. Recommended discussion be delayed until next month to determine what if any tables Charlie wants. Discuss renting Bridge Mates. Action: Jacqui will invite Charlie to next months meeting to clarify a plan.

Motion: Lea made a motion requesting Unit Financial Statements be posted on Unit website for all members to access. (Charlie is the webmaster) Seconded by Lou, passed.

New updated Unit 448 Directories: 150 directories were printed, costing $130. Distributed to members.

Other Business: 

Karen shared estimates for food options at sectionals and need to clarify that there will be no labor paid to hospitality person. Motion: Lea made a motion to allocate up to $125/day plus or minus 10% for food at Sectionals. Motion was tabled for further discussion next month.

Motion: Lea made a motion that beginner students from sanctioned classes be given two free plays to encourage and support club participation. Treasurer will monitor individuals and number of plays. Seconded by Lou, passed. Metting adjourned at 5:34pm

Next Board Meeting :

April 16, 2018, 4:30pm at St. Aloysius Church

Respectfully Submitted, Michele Pope, Secretary


SPOKANE UNIT 448 Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2018 St. Aloysius Church Board

Members Present: Mona Hubble, John Adams, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner, Barbara Womack, Michele Pope. Absent: Bill Davis, Jacqui Erwert, Lea Rogers. Guest: Jackie Biel Meeting called to order at 4:34pm by President Mona Hubble.

January minutes were approved as written.

February special meeting minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer Report:

Lea not present

Tournament Report:

Jodi Kimbrell stated the Winter Sectional made a profit of $258.45, table count 101, down 22.5 tables. Made a profit due to decreased cost of sectional location at Spokane Bridge Club. Membership Report: Barbara stated our unit gained one new member and lost three. She calls and/or emails members to inquire to their reasons for not playing and encouraging participation. A common response for not wanting to play was the unpleasant atmosphere from high level players. John, Lou and Charlie make repeated efforts to enforce Zero Tolerance policy at their games.

I/N Report:

Bill not present Education Report: Brenda and Doyle are having an open house March 4, 1-3pm at the Spokane Bridge Club. This is a community outreach effort to interested bridge players. Unit members are encouraged to volunteer by attending and supporting effort.


Tabled for another meeting Mona Hubble read her letter of resignation from the board effective immediately, citing health concerns.


January 29th, 2018  Unit 448 Board Minute
Newly elected President Mona Hubble called the meeting to order at 3:58PM in O’Malley Hall at St. Al’s Church.  Present were board members Mona, John Adams, Barbara Womack, Jacqui Erwert, Karen Frogner, Lou Arevalo, Bill Davis & Lea Rogers.  Absent was vacationing secretary Michele Pope. Committee members Jodi Kimbrell and Brenda Simpson were also present. 
The December minutes were approved as written. 
Jodi Kimbrell presented the year-end numbers as part of the outgoing treasurer’s report. The account balance as of 12/31/17 was $13,487.78. She also gave an accounting of the Christmas party, the bottom line of which was a loss of $142.05. She also reported that a check was paid in December to Charlie Bennett for $340.75 as reimbursement for 2017 ACBL fees he had paid throughout the year. 
There was a transition of records from the outgoing treasurer to the newly elected and a lot of discussion regarding budgets for Unit games and the three 2018 sectionals. A hospitality budget of $1,100 per sectional was approved. The ACBL check for $997.90 has been received as the Unit’s share of membership fees. We also discussed tightening of fiscal controls, checking account signatories, forms for reimbursement of expenses, etc. The treasurer’s report was accepted. 

Old/New Business 
The membership roster was again discussed. John was going to take a stab at formatting it so it could be printed and distributed for those people who don’t have internet access. Once finalized, it will also be emailed to members. 
The Unit game schedule for 2018 was discussed at length and ultimately final approval was tabled until next month’s meeting. Among other topics, various formats were mentioned such as Individual, Board-A-Match, Pro-Am, etc. It was agreed that there will be two charity events, one in March and one in October. They will both be two-session events and the start time for the first will be 11AM.  
There was a discussion regarding what the Unit should provide and what members would be asked to bring to the potluck events. The consensus was we would provide desserts and ask the members to bring main dishes, salads, etc. 
It was agreed that player fees for normal Unit games will be $7 and charity games will be $8. Lea Rogers volunteered to do hospitality at the February game as Karen Frogner will not be able to attend. 
We will pay Charlie Bennett $50 rent and $45 Director’s fee for the first 5 tables plus $5 for each table above five. There was some conversation around the timing of who will pay the ACBL fees for each Unit game. Options are Charlie pays and the Unit reimburses him or the Unit obtains a credit card to use for that purpose. Lea & Mona will discuss it with Charlie and report back. 
It was reiterated that the 2018 February sectional is being held on a trial basis at the Spokane Bridge Center. Depending on space and restroom issues, it may be determined that the other two would need to be held elsewhere. A motion was passed to increase the caddy fees for the Swiss team game to $35/session. 
Brenda Simpson gave an education report which included her appearance with Mona on a recent TV program to promote the game of duplicate bridge in Spokane. She and Doyle Crook will host an Open House on Sunday March 4th from 1:00 to 3:00PM at the Spokane Bridge Center. A motion was approved to reimburse her up to $50 for hospitality and other expenses. 
Although the meeting was 1 ½ hours long, there were still many items on the agenda which were not addressed. They will be added to future meeting agendas. 
The next Unit game will be Sunday, February 18th at 1:00PM and the next board meeting will be on Monday, February 19th at 4:30PM at St. Al’s. 
The meeting was adjourned at 5:35PM. 
Respectfully submitted, 
Acting Secretary 
Lou Arevalo

December 11th, 2017 Unit 448 Board Minutes

President John Adams’s called the meeting to order at 4:47PM at the Spokane Bridge Center.  Present were board members John, Michele Pope, Barbara Womack, Catherine Creer, Jacqui Erwert, Karen Frogner, Lou Arevalo, Martha Burdick and in-coming board member Bill Davis.  Mona Hubble was present via phone-conferencing.  Absent was Jodi Kimbrell and Lea Rogers.

The November minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer Jodi Kimbrell was absent, consequently there was no treasurer’s report.  It was noted, however that there were 15 tables at the Christmas Unit Party.

Old/New Business

The trial Thursday evening game was not a success.  Charlie is going to try a one-time Wednesday night game that will award red points.

A vote was taken at the unit Christmas party to move the monthly unit game back to Sunday.  The start time will be 1PM.  Charlie will direct.

A motion was made and passed to compensate Jodi for her dinner at the  unit Christmas party.

Welcome to new board members Mona Hubble, Bill Davis and Lea Rogers.  Thank you to out-going board members Catherine Creer, Jodi Kimbrell and Martha Burdick.

The following positions were filled for 2018:

President-Mona Hubble

Vice President-Jacqui Erwert

Treasurer-Lea Rogers

Secretary-Michele Pope

Membership-Barbara Womack

Tournament Chair-Jodi Kimbrell

Unit hospitality-Karen Frogner


I/N Coordinator-Bill Davis

Charity-Jodi Kimbrell

Education Liaison-Brenda Simpson

Electronic Contact-Brenda Simpson

STaC-Charlie Bennett

Research-Lou Arevalo

Goodwill-Jackie Biel

A discussion on requiring the attendance of unit board members to play in unit games was tabled.

The unit is looking for a place to store bridge tables.  Jacqui is checking on a possibility.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:28PM.  The next meeting will be January 22, 2018 at St. Aloysius.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick

November 20, 2017 Unit 448 Board Minutes

President John Adam called the meeting to order at 4:45PM at Saint Aloysius. Present were John, Jodi Kimbrell, Jacqui Erwert, Barbara Womack, Catherine Creer, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner and Martha Burdick. Absent was Michelle Pope.

The October minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13,710.96. Unit Director Charles Bennett has been paying sanction fee’s out of his own pocket. The board decided to wait until December to reimburse Charlie for the unit’s fees for the year. Also included in the report was a yearly web-fee of $81.60. The board approved the Treasurer’s Report.

Old/New Business

The club has completed the move to the new site at 1427 N. Argonne. Feedback has been positive, with special kudos for comfy chairs. The board thought that they had three nominees for the board. However, there are currently two, Mona Hubble and Bill Davis. John will check with Lynn to secure a nominee for the third spot. A Thursday night STAC game has been added to the schedule for December 7. There was discussion about making the Thursday night game a “unit” game. The topic was tabled. There was also discussion about the 2018 unit-game schedule. Should the unit game be moved back to Sunday, now that we have a new site for our games? A vote will be taken at the Unit Christmas Party. The board passed a motion to spend $150.00 for new table markers. Charlie will handle basic supplies and increase rent for the unit’s games. The Argonne Road bridge-club site is being evaluated for hosting Sectionals. The sanction for the February Sectional has been mailed in and the plan is to hold the sectional at the Argonne Road site. Unit bridge tables are now being stored at Jackie Biel’s house. Anticipated cost for sectionals per session is $150.00. A printed copy of the unit roster will be at the club in December. The unit game schedule was tabled for the next unit board meeting. The next board meeting will be Dec 11 and will include new board members. The meeting and the game following will be held at the Argonne club, not at St. Als.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:44PM. Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick

OCTOBER 16, 2017 Unit 448 Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:48 PM at Saint Aloysius Church. Present were: Jodi Kimbrell, Lou Arevalo, Jacqui Erwert, Barbara Womack, Catherine Creer, Karen Frogner, and Michele Pope.

Absent was secretary Marty Burdick, Michele was selected to take minutes.

September minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer Jodi Kimbrell reported a bank balance of $13,724.27 . She stated the annual Washington Secretary of State License fee of $10.00 was paid by the due date of September 30. Treasurers report was approved.

Old/New Business

Lou gave an update on the status of a current membership roster that Mary Jean Harmon will be preparing. It will be a print copy, with members names, phones numbers and Unit web site information. Karen gave the board an update on the bridge class she and Bill Rottmayer are teaching at SFCC. Eight students registered and are attending classes. Jodi reported the October 14, Unit 448 Charity game raised $225.00, to be donated to Freeman High School. She will be taking the funds to Freeman this week. The board agreed Jodi use her discretion to decide with the school administration which recipient will receive the donation. The decision will be reported next month.

Nominating Chair Lynn Hayes reported that Mona Hubble and Bill Davis have agreed to run as board member candidates, elections to occur at the December annual meeting.

Jodi reported that the Christmas party is scheduled for December 10, at the Northside Eagles. There will be more information later regarding menu. Charlie Bennett reported on the status of finding a new location to hold games beginning in November. He is working on a possible space at Argonne and Mission. The rent will be higher and likely result in an increase in game fee. There was discussion of the value to the club and Unit in having our own space to be used for games and sectionals. The 2018 Unit game schedule was distributed. It was recommend that consideration and discussion of the pros and cons of special games, times and days would be tabled until next month.

Next meeting will be November 20 at 4:45 PM, St. Aloysius Church. Meeting adjourned at 5:37 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Michele Pope

September 18, 2017 Unit 448 Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:50 PM at Saint Aloysius. Present were: Jodi Kimbrell, Michele Pope, Jacqui Erwert, Barbara Womack, Catherine Creer, Lou Arevalo and Karen Frogner.

Absent was secretary Marty Burdick. Lou was chosen to take minutes via John’s random selection process. It was mentioned that the minutes should include those present as well as anyone missing. Marty will be asked to update the September minutes to include attendees.

The August minutes were otherwise approved.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13,632.27. Jodi also reported a total of 134 tables at Sectionals in 2017 compared to 139 in 2016. The Labor Day Sectional produced a profit of $440.27, primarily due to the reduced room rental at the church versus the Red Lion. The board approved the Treasurer’s report.

Old/New Business

Karen gave the board an update on the bridge class scheduled at SFCC. To date only 2 people have signed up so they need 5 more for the class to happen.

Lynn Hays was chosen as chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

Mary Jean Harmon would still like a copy of the membership so she can prepare a roster. Lou will make contact and send her a file.

A two-session unit Charity game is scheduled for October 14. Jodi will prepare a Spaghetti Feed rather than having a potluck this year. It was determined that Freeman HS will be the recipient of any donations. Charlie WILL be able to direct the November unit game after all so a replacement will not be necessary.

The 2018 Sectionals will be held on Feb 9-11, Jun 8-10 & Aug 31 – Sep3. JoAnn Scholtz and Sue Norton have decided not to serve as co-chairs. For the moment, that responsibility will remain with Jodi.

Jodi will continue as chairperson for the Christmas party. A discussion was held regarding the menu and Jodi will investigate other options besides prime rib.

Donna Carter resigned as Sunshine Person. Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

The next meeting will be October 16 at 4:45PM, St. Aloysius.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lou Arevalo


August 21, 2017 Unit Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:45M at Saint Aloysius. Attending were John, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner, Jodi Kimbrell, Barbara Womack, Catherine Creer, Michele Pope and Martha Burdick.  Absent was Jacqui Erwert.  

The July minutes were approved with a minor correction to the Treasurer’s report.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13380. 69.  Jodi recapped unit spending for the past five years.  The board approved the Treasurer’s report.


Old/New Business

Karen gave the board an update on the bridge class being held at SFCC.  Karen has scheduled a Facebook post in September and has added the class to the unit website.  Karen and Bill are re-envisioning their newsletter.   They will send out a Fall email blast and the class can be featured there as well.  SFCC asked if Bill and Karen wanted to schedule a Winter and Spring class.  Flyers for the Fall class are being distributed.

A Nominating Committee needs to be assembled.  Candidates for three openings on the board need to be put forth to the unit members.

Dudley Brown sent out ballots for District 19 Board of Directors to all members of the board.  Everyone had received one, except our newest board member, Michele Pope.  Dudley will be contacted to secure Michele a ballot.  Members were urged to return their ballot ASAP.

A unit Charity game is scheduled for October 14.  Discussion ensued, but nothing was determined.  One idea was to charge $10/person, which would net $2.00 for a charity of our choosing.  

Charlie will be unavailable to direct the November 18 unit game.  We need to find a replacement.  

Mary Jean Harmon volunteered to print off a new roster.  Lou will contact Mary Jean to get her the necessary information.

The next meeting will be September 18 at 4:45PM, St. Aloysius.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:24 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick


July 17, 2017 Unit Board Minutes


President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:45 PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Lou Arevalo, Barbara Womack, Catherine Creer, Karen Frogner and new board member, Michele Pope.

The June minutes were approved as written, (thank you Catherine).

Jodi Kimbrell, the Treasurer, was not able to attend the meeting, thus there was no report.


Old/New Business


Karen updated the board on the SFCC bridge class being offered.  The school will post two Facebook ads and print flyers for free.  The board reviewed the possible flyers and gave feedback.  The board voted to spend the $30 to “boost” the Facebook ad.

Michele Pope will fill in for the remainder of Rachel’s term on the board.  Welcome Michele!

JoAnn Scholtz and Sue Norton were nominated as tournament co-chairs for 2018.  A motion was made and passed to make JoAnn and Sue co-chairs.

There was discussion concerning the viability of holding a Progressive Sectional.  John is doing further research.

The next meeting will be August 21 at 4:45PM, St. Aloysius.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:21 PM


May 22, 2017 Unit Board Minutes


President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:35 PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Lou Arevalo, Jodi Kimbrell, Barbara Womack, Jacqui Erwert, Catherine Creer and Martha Burdick.

The March minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13,189.51.  A profit of $98.64 was made on the last unit game.


Old/New Business


The unit continues to prepare for the June Sectional.  Jodi has a cookie sign-up, with the goal of having three to five dozen cookies.  Jodi is taking care of additional food, such as a vegie tray and Jackie Biel is in charge of coffee and beverages.

Jacqui will send out tournament reminders to the I/N players.

A suggestion was made for giving I/N’s a dollar off per session by signing up early.  Vouchers could be given out and it would be easier to plan for a separate I/N section. No action was taken.

Rachel has resigned from the board.  A search for a replacement is underway.

The next meeting will be June 26 at 4:45PM.

The meeting adjourned at 4:58PM.


Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick


March 27, 2017 Unit Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:30PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Lou Arevalo, Jodi Kimbrell, Karen Frogner, Barbara Womack Jacqui Erwert, Catherine Creer and Martha Burdick.

The February minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13,264.50.

 Old/New Business

There was an advertising request.  John denied the request, as the ad was not deemed appropriate for the unit.  

Board members discussed using Facebook for advertising bridge lessons.  Ads can target specific groups such as mahjong player’s or chess clubs.  The unit can determine how much money they are willing to spend on such ads.

Karen updated the board on Fall classes at SFCC.  One additional form and a background check needs to be completed before a class that will probably include Mini Bridge pus Introduction to Bridge in the 21st Century can be placed in the Fall catalog at SFCC.  The department that Karen is working with is the Center for Workforce Continuing Education.

John asked for feedback from the board on the unit’s Facebook page.  It was agreed that the page is in it’s infancy, but good so far.

SYSA told the unit that the unit game will not be able to be held at the SYSA facility.  Therefore, holding the unit game at the same location in Millwood is still in force.

There has been confusion surrounding the Robin Brineman and Kris Motoyoshi awards.  The Robin Brineman Award is only given out when there are separate I/N sections.  As there are no separate sections for I/N, the board is going to suspend this award.  The Kris Motoyoshi Awards will keep being distributed.

The unit continues to promote having a three-table I/N section during our monthly unit games.  Charlie has requested to be informed in advance, if an I/N section is going to occur.  

A request was made and voted on to place a new rule in our Policies and Procedures.  The thought is to make sure that the unit director does not play during a unit game.  The board voted to proceed and will phrase the addition to read:  

“It is assumed that the unit director will be non-playing unless there is an unforeseen circumstance, such as an illness or no-show.”

Additionally, “The unit director should make an effort to fairly seed the field”.

John suggested we try separating sections in unit games, with one section being “limited”.  A unit game would consist of an “open” field and a ”limited” field where only those players with masterpoints between 0-?, (500, 750 or 1000) would compete with each other.

The next unit game will be April 15.

The next board meeting will be April 17.

The meeting adjourned at 5:35PM.


Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick


February 20, 2017 Unit Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:32PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Lou Arevalo, Jodi Kimbrell, Karen Frogner, Barbara Womack, Jacqui Erwert, Catherine Creer and Martha Burdick.  Also in attendance was Brenda Simpson, Education Liaison.

The January minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13,200.94.  The February Sectional made a profit of $72.25.  There was a 9.5 table increase from last year.

Old/New Business

There was a request to ask Charlie to run a “Howell” movement when there are seven tables at a unit game.  The positives are that you play more pairs, the negatives are that you play fewer boards.  After discussion, it was decided to leave the movement decision up to the director.  A compromise was suggested of alternating movements between a ”Howell” and a “Mitchell”.  

Showing scores on Bridgemates is proving to be controversial.  One-half of players like seeing contracts displayed, while the other half thinks it distracts and slows down the game.  It is already a decision of the board to not allow the scores or past contracts to be shown on the Bridgemates until the end of the game.  Lou is going to remind Charlie to turn off the function used for showing contracts on the Bridgemates during unit games.

The Awards game for the unit is March 25.  Brenda will send Marty a soft copy of the unit game winners.  John will present the Mini McKenney medals and the Ace of Clubs certificates.  Kris Mostoyoshi* Awards will be presented, as well.

Brenda requested a sanction to hold an I/N tournament similar to last year.  A possible date would be in April.  A motion to use a unit sanction for a club game to benefit I/N players was made and the motion passed.  An action item was made on how to schedule the I/N tournament, including the details of date, time and location.

The directories are coming shortly, according to Jodi.

The education budget was tabled until the March board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:34PM.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick

January 23, 2017 Unit Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:29PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Lou Arevalo, Jodi Kimbrell, Karen Frogner, Barbara Womack, Jacqui Erwert and Martha Burdick.  Also in attendance was Brenda Simpson, Education Liason.

The December minutes were approved as written.  John made a request that the minutes be distributed to board members within a week of the board meeting.  The secretary will take it under advisement.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $11,973. 92.  Doyle Crook is doing the tax return.

Old Business

John returned to the subject of holding our own STaC tournament as a way to keep money local.  Members of the board wondered if it was worth the work involved.  Charlie is going to query the ACBL on what it takes to hold a unit-run STaC.

The board will continue to meet on Monday evenings.  The scheduled meeting dates for the next three months are February 20, March 20 and April 17.

New Business

Some unit members are interested in purchasing a dealing machine.  The cost would be between $4500 and $5000.  However, Charlie has offered to pay half of the cost.  There is some concern as to the reliability of the machine.  Additionally, the question was brought up on how a dealing machine would affect the unit’s bottom line.  An action item is to continue to discuss the topic with unit members and ask for opinions.  Vote next month?

Brenda presented an Education print out for the board. There were a number of line items that have not been worth the expense and have provided few new members.  Newspaper ads have not been fruitful, with the Inlander being the only newspaper we currently advertise in.


December 19, 2016 Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:30PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Catherine Creer, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner, Martha Burdick, Jodi Kimbrell, and new board members-elect,  Barbara Womack and Jacqui Erwert.  Note that Rachel Denk also attended after the meeting started.    

The November minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,116.30.  The board approved the Treasurer’s report.

The board elected the following officers for 2017:

President:  John Adams

Vice President:  Catherine Creer

Secretary:  Martha Burdick

Treasurer:  Jodi Kimbrell


In addition, the following posts were filled:

Webmaster Charlie Bennett

Membership Barbara Womack

Discipline Doyle Crook

Recorder Norma Hols, need to confirm

Tournament Jodi Kimbrell, Co-chair???

Unit Hospitality Karen Frogner

Publicity, Brenda?

I/N Coordinator Jacqui Erwert

Charity Doyle Crook

EducationCommittee      TBD

Electronic Contact Brenda Simpson

STaC Coordinator Charlie Bennett, if he agrees☺

Research         Lou Arevalo

Goodwill Donna Carter

Forming an Educational Committee was discussed, but was tabled until the January meeting.


Rachel provided data for table counts.

The board voted to offer Charlie Bennett the position of Unit Director.  The Secretary is to write a contract specifying payment and job duties.

The next meeting will be January 23.  Monday meetings will continue, but which Monday is up for discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30PM.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick


November 21, 2016 Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:34PM at Saint Aloysius.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Louise Saylor, Jodi Kimbrell, Lou Arevalo, Martha Burdick Karen Frogner, Joe Harwood and new board member,  Catherine Creer.

The minutes for the October meeting were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,242.39.  The unit game had nine tables, which netted the unit $85.  

Old Business

The two candidates put forward this year to fill the two vacancies on the board ran unopposed.  They will be selected to the board by acclamation at the Unit Christmas Party/Election.  Congratulations to Jacqui Erwert and Barbara Womack!

New Business

There were no games on Thanksgiving or the day after.

Rachel is tracking table counts but was absent from the meeting, so the topic was delayed.

Brenda, as education liaison was absent.  The only discussion concerning education was the mention of a 10- week session at the Spokane Club, which concluded.  Additional classes, which are commencing, will be on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Beginning classes will not conflict with current club games.

December 19 is our next scheduled board meeting.  This will be the first meeting for the new board.

Unit game set-up responsibilities was discussed.  A Property Chair vacancy needs to be filled.

A motion was made that Bridgemates not display percentages after every round during unit games.  Motion passes.

Lou made a calendar with pertinent dates to schedule unit games.  Unit game dates are as follows, January 21, February 18, March 25(Awards), April 15, May 13, June 24, July 8, August 19, September 16, October 14(Charity), November 18, and December 10(Christmas, election).

John made a suggestion that we host a STaC game.  Information on how to do this was made an action item, to be discussed at the next board meeting.

Unit Charity games will benefit local charities.  There will be four Charity games.


Meeting adjourned at 5:33PM.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary

ACBL UNIT 448 Board Meeting Minutes October 2016

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 4:33 p.m., October 24 at St. Al’s Church.  Attending were John, Jodi Kimbrell, Karen Frogner, Rachel Denk, Lou Arevalo, Susan Norton and Louise Saylor, recorder.

The minutes for the September meeting were amended to indicate that in the September treasurer’s report the costs for “hand records” should have read $49.50.  Thus making the loss for the tournament $198.50 instead of the previously reported amount.  The minutes were approved as amended.

The Treasurer reported a unit bank balance of $12,087.36.  The report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business:

John reported that his design of the $5 first-time player coupon draft was sent to Sue, who brought a sample sheet.  After discussion of how to distribute and use the coupons, a different strategy was suggested.  John will design a first-time player voucher on a full-sized sheet that includes the sectional information.  Although there is some doubt that this effort will produce increased player-ship, the board believes it is a worthwhile try.

John sent an email requesting volunteers to run for a three-year unit board term.  Two volunteers are needed.  He received no response.

Louise, Nominating Committee Chair, announced the names of people willing to be on the slate:  Barbara Womack and Jackie Ewert.   A Committee search for other interested parties will continue.

According to the bylaws, the slate must be announced 30 days prior to the meeting.  Thus on November 11th, the slate should be emailed, on the web site and in the Grand Slammer, if the timing works, to allow two weeks for other volunteers to come forward.

During this discussion, Sue’s immediate resignation and replacement were discussed.  Catherine Creer was appointed to complete the final 14 months of Sue’s term.

Jodi presented the draft February sectional announcement that will be sent to ACBL for approval.  (She highlighted the earlier starting time to accommodate those players who do not like to drive late in the day in the winter.)  Jodi just received confirmation from the Red Lion and can now proceed with the sanction, publicity, etc.

Additional 2017 sectional dates, site selections and sanctions will be addressed next meeting.

New Business:

John will try to expand and maintain the unit member open email list.

The board decided to have the next meeting November 21 at St. Al’s Church at 4:30.  As this day (the third Monday of the month) seems convenient for most board members, the plan is to meet on that schedule, unless there is a conflict or a need to meet at another time.  

The board approved expenditure of the usual $200 Christmas party hospitality fund.


Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Louise Saylor


September 17, 2016 Board Minutes

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 2:41PM at the unit meeting’s new location, Millwood Community Presbyterian Church.  Attending the meeting were board members John, Louise Saylor, Susan Norton, Lou Arevalo, Martha Burdick and Jodi Kimbrell.  Also attending was Brenda Simpson, education liaison.

The minutes for the August meeting were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12, 965.83.  There was discussion of increasing table fees at next years’ sectionals to offset the loss the unit sustains holding the tournaments, but it was decided to keep the table fees the same.

Old Business

*The tables are now stored at the Spokane Club.  There is a shortage of people to help move and set up tables for sectionals; a problem the board will resolve before the next tournament.

*Roles and Responsibilities are still being worked on.  They will be emailed to the board at a later date.

*The move to our new facility for unit games is complete.  The time and director are set.

*Kay Fergie’s obituary is on Bridge Winners.

*Site selection for 2017 sectionals is on-going.

New Business

*The Christmas party will have the same location and menu as last year.  It was moved to subsidize the dinner $5.00.  The date for the Christmas party is December 11 at the Eagles.  

*John moved that the board should meet the week after the scheduled election to smooth the transition and to determine the unit game director for next year, the property chair, as well as other officers.  The board agreed, but noted the difficulty of scheduling a meeting during the holidays.

*John suggested that a co-chair be added to the tournament chair position to focus solely on attendance.  No action was taken.

*John will make coupons for players with fewer than five points for free-plays during sectionals.  The coupon will include all pertinent information to play in the tournament.

*Supplies for September’s unit game were missing for the director, resulting in chaos.  Supplies are in storage at the Spokane Club, but were not delivered to the playing site.

*Discipline broke down at the unit game.  Charlie Bennett put himself forward to be disciplined.  

*A nominating committee for December elections needs to be formed, but no one has stepped forward yet to chair the committee.


The meeting was adjourned at, approximately, 3:30PM.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes August 2016

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 2:35PM Wednesday, August 31.  Attending were board members John, Jodi Kimbrell, Karen Frogner, Rachel Denk, Lou Arevalo, Louise Saylor, Susan Norton and Martha Burdick.

The minutes for the July meeting were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,164.33.  This included a net profit of $109.19 from the most recent unit game.  It was pointed out that unit bridge games are profitable, while tournaments are not.

Old Business-discussion

*John contacted Comfort Inn concerning the cost of holding 2017 Sectionals there.  The Comfort Inn would charge $400/day and store our bridge tables.  It is also estimated that the food cost would be $150/day.  Comment was made that there would be additional work by unit members to hold the tournament at this location and the facilities were not the best.  In contrast, the Red Lion is a nicer facility and the price is below that of the Comfort Inn.

*After the Labor Day Sectional tables will be stored at the Spokane Club.

New Business

*Louise will finish updating the Policies and Procedures.  Jodi will check the portions relating to her position appointments and return to Louise.  John noted that the document is really a position description and responsibility text.  The renamed document will come to the board for approval or correction and then will be posted to the website.

*We are losing access to SYSA on weekends effective September 1.  Charlie recommends moving to the Millwood Presbyterian Church off Argonne, on Marguerite.  A charge of $50 for a 4-hour time frame will be expected.  This location is only available Saturday.  The space is not available on Sunday.  Charlie offered to allow the unit game to be held on Saturday, which would normally have been his regular game.

*John has made a proposal for holding a one-per-week unit game in 2017.  No action was taken.

*The next unit game is in three weeks.  Discussion commenced on choices for the location and time of the games.  Thursdays at SYSA are an option. December’s unit game is at the Eagle’s, so we have 3 unit games to arrange this year.  It is thought that if the unit game were on Saturdays, the time of a current game, that it will become more predictable and therefore, better attended.  The board will move forward with making the 2016 unit games at Millwood Presbyterian on Saturday.  

*October’s unit game is not going to be a charity game, but will remain a two-session game.  

*A motion was made by Jodi and passed by the board to hold 2017 unit games at Millwood Presbyterian on Saturday, with the exception of the Christmas party.

*The only thing left for the Labor Day Sectional is move the tables from the storage unit to the Red Lion, get them set up and taken down Monday.  On Monday the tables will be taken by Joe to the Spokane Club for storage.  Jodi and Charlie will move tables from storage to the Red Lion.  Duane and Karen have offered to help set up.

*The site selection for next year’s sectionals is on-going.  The choices at present are the Comfort Inn and the Red Lion.  

*John will place an obituary for Kay Fergie on “Bridge Winners”.

*Additional discussion was initiated on how to remember Kay Fergie.  No action was taken, but will be revisited at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:38PM.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary


Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes July 2016


President John Adams called the meeting to order at 11:39a.m., July 17.  Attending were board members John, Jodi Kimbrell, Karen Frogner Rachel Denk, Lou Arevalo, Louise Saylor, Susan Norton and Martha Burdick.  Also attending were Brenda Simpson, education liaison and Joseph Harwood, board nominee.

The minutes for the May meeting were approved after the correction of the bank balance.  

The Treasurer reported a net loss for the June Sectional of -$194.40.  The unit has not made money on our sectionals for the last two years.  The unit’s bank balance now stands at $12,078.48.

Old Business-discussion

  • Prices are going up at the Red Lion for sectionals.  They now want $600 up front for food.  We are locked into using the Red Lion as the venue for the Labor Day Sectional, but we need to look for a different venue for the 2017 sectionals.  John will contact Comfort Inn.

  • Jodi has found a temporary solution for table storage.  It will cost $140 for three months.  This fell under the $150 budget that the board approved at the last meeting.  

  • Joe has an option for table storage. He has some storage available for free for at least 6 months.  A motion was made to move the tables to the old Diocese building on Riverside in September. The motion passed.              New Business

  • Table markers are in poor shape.  Jodi proposes ordering new markers, “A” and “B”, numbered one to twenty.  Rachel made a motion to buy markers for unit games and sectionals for, up to, $100.  The motion passed.

  • Mick Soss has resigned from the board.  Joe Harwood was nominated to fill  the remainder Mick’s term. The vote to appoint him to the board was unanimous.

  • Jodi has prepared a flyer for the Labor Day Sectional.  It now has to get approved by ACBL.

  • The 4-day sectional will have 2 days of Swiss Teams.  Victory points will be used, as the turnout is low. The team games will not be board a match, as was contemplated at one time.

  • There was discussion on increasing turnout for unit sponsored events.  One idea was to place flyers at various bridge sites around town.  It is suggested that there needs to be an emphasis on being “nice”.  Joe suggests “ambassadors” and/or “pre-mentors” to new bridge players.  Louise suggested highlighting the “Newcomers ” meaning of I/N game on the flyer, so when placed in local venues it will be obvious to new players unfamiliar with bridge sectionals.

  • The board recommends a $5 off voucher for the sectional that will be available to introductory players with 0-5 masterpoints.

  • The property chair, previously held by Mick, will be led by Jodi and Joe.

  • Jodi and Joe are going to research the possibility of having the 2017 sectionals at the Spokane Club.

  • For the 2017 tournament schedule, the board will work as a group in November.  The schedule will then be turned in to ACBL.

  • Policies and Procedures will be discussed at the next meeting, which is scheduled to be August 21.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:46p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes May 2016

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 11:30a.m., May 22.  Attending were board members John, Jodi Kimbrell, Mick Soss, Karen Frogner, Rachel Denk, Lou Arevalo, Louise Saylor and Martha Burdick.  Also attending was Brenda Simpson, education liaison.

The minutes for the April meeting were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,188.77, the same as the previous month as there has been no activity in the account.

Old Business-discussion

  • The unit is preparing for the June Sectional by scanning flyers and sending them out via e-mail.  In addition, information will be posted in the Grandslammer at the end of May and posted on the Coeur d’Alene website.  
  • To increase attendance at sectionals it was proposed that phone calls be made to past-participants and unit members.  The list could be broken down to I/N, Kay’s game, Coeur d’Alene, class students, Tri-Cities.  Phone calls would be distributed between volunteer callers.  No action was taken.

New Business

  • Storage needs to be found for unit tables and other materials.  The Property Chair is going to survey the price for renting a storage unit, with $75.00 being the maximum monthly expenditure the board is willing to pay, ($75.00 is what the Red Lion is currently charging us).   The board approved spending $150.00 for table storage at the Red Lion for July and August.  
  • An inventory has been done of the items currently in storage and some obsolete items disposed.
  • A search is commencing for 2017 sectionals location.  John will check with the Comfort Inn to see if they will reconsider their pricing.
  • The unit’s tables are currently at Jodi’s house and a team is needed to move them to the site of the June sectional, which is at the Red Lion.
  • A report and photographs of the I/N tournament will be in the next Grandslammer.  The response to the event was very positive.
  • Event planning for next year will begin to avoid overlapping with other events.
  • Educational classes are on Wednesday and Thursday.  Brenda will consider teaching a class on Tuesday.  No class is slated for Monday, yet.
  • John is playing as a professional bridge player.  The board does not see any conflict of interest.
  • Louise reviewed the Policies and Procedures.  Much of it is obsolete and jumbled.  Basic procedures can be found on the ACBL website.  She is to present a proposal to the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:42p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes April 2016

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 11:30a.m., April 17. Attending were board members John, Jodi Kimbrell, Mick Soss, Karen Frogner, Rachel Denk, Lou Arevalo and Martha Burdick. Also attending was Brenda Simpson, education liaison.

The minutes for March were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,188.77. The report was accepted as presented. A summary will be posted at the bridge club.

Old Business

* The number of tables was down for the March Unit double-session game. It was an awards game. There were trophies that went unclaimed. The unclaimed trophies were thought to be at the club.

* Brenda’s Newcomer, learn-to-play, introductory class was a two-hour session. Brenda has five new people taking lessons. Coffee was provided by the unit. In addition, Doyle has the phone numbers of people signed up during the wellness fair at Corbin.

* An I/N, (0-299 masterpoints), tournament is scheduled for May 15.

* During discussion on the “zero tolerance” policy, John made a point that, ideally, directors should “coach” people to display better behavior, before penalizing them.

New Business

* The unit wants to concentrate on developing a pipeline of people into the unit. If the unit invests in the pipeline we want to see the progression of new unit members. Further ideas for increasing membership included mentor games, where there is less pressure to get in a certain number of boards, with explanation on play of hands, emphasizing capturing, identifying and arranging opportunities to play bridge, encouraging kibitzing as a way for new players to learn the game and learn table etiquette.

* Brenda reported that money for the Cooperative Advertising Program, (CAP), has decreased from 75% to 50%.

* Lou updated the board on the unit game schedule and provided a handout which included unit games at clubs. Instead of a one-unit charity game, there will now be four.

* The fees for charity games and unit games have increased in price. A motion was made to increase unit game fees to $7.00, beginning in May. Charity games will be $1.00 more, which will make them $8.00 per session.

* The July 17th unit game will be yellow convention card only. A flyer explaining the event will be made by Jodi.

* All scheduled games will be published in the Grandslammer.

* The badges suggested and ordered by Karen were a huge success at the regional. The board thanked her for her effort.

* Negative feedback on the Spokane Regional included the basement location, inconveniently placed bathrooms, poor acoustics, musty smell, and layout. Jodi will try to upgrade to the ballroom of the Red Lion for the next sectional.

* Ways to increase attendance at tournaments were brainstormed. Among the ideas were; emails to members, adding Thursday night to the schedule, (using clubs and local directors), adding points, awarding trophies, and getting Coeur d’Alene clubs involved.

* STAC games will directly precede the June Sectional.

* Rachel would like some leeway on informing members through various social media. Information will include upcoming educational offerings, promoting and advertising venues, among other data. Jodi’s new email!!!

The meeting was adjourned at 12:47p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary


Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes March 2016

President John Adams called the meeting to order at 11:34a.m., March 13 at our new location, 1221 N. Howard.  Attending were board members John, Louise Saylor, Jodi Kimbrell, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner, Martha Burdick and Sue Norton. Also attending were Brenda Simpson, education liaison and Rachel Denk, Grandslammer editor.

The minutes for January were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,268.17.  The report was accepted as presented.  A summary will be posted at the bridge club.

Charlie Bennett resigned as board member.  Rachel Denk accepted the appointment to act as board member for the remainder of Charlie’s term.

Under “Old Business,” Bridgemates are now available and working, so the topic has been closed.  In addition, Catherine Creer is confirmed as membership chair.

Lou Arevalo was voted Unit Game Coordinator.  Lou will review the remaining schedule for unit games to ascertain if there are any conflicts.  The unit is currently using 15 sanctions, with 13 left over for clubs and/or unit games.  Lou recommends making several unit games “Unit Charity Games,” thereby allowing us to have even more sanctions.

Charlie Bennett, Dick Yeager, Kay Fergie and Brenda Simpson are interested in using unit sanctions for special games.  These designations allow directors to award more points to winning pairs.

There was discussion about the number of tables needed to “flight” I/N games at our special games and the number is determined to be three.

Unit games are not held in June because of the Spokane Sectional and the Penticton Regional.

There was discussion on how to differentiate between club games, which are businesses, and unit games, which are offered by the non-profit unit, when utilizing the various sanctions offered by the ACBL.  One suggestion was naming club games “Unit Game at the Club.”

In regards to the upcoming Spokane Regional, Jodi Kimbrell will be acting as Co-Tournament Chair.  The Tournament Chair up to this point, Jackie Biel, was taken ill several weeks ago.

A large number of people have been requesting nametags.  One list of requests, with 50 people on it, was sent to the manufacturer.  An additional list is currently being compiled.  The process of collecting money for nametags was discussed.  The unit cannot be involved with the payment process.  Karen will decide specific days at club games and before the Regional to plan a “pay and pick-up” event for the nametags.

The Zero Tolerance Policy was the topic of discussion for ongoing problems at clubs.   Karen included handouts about current ACBL policies that will be posted at clubs.  The Unit has no authority in club games.  Directors have the authority to enforce guidelines.  Club games could benefit from consistent enforcement of rules.  Lou has a system where a player is given a “yellow” card for a first offense, the second offense receives a “red” card.  A “red” card involves repercussions.  An action item is to get directors together to enforce the “Play Nice” policy. 

John received Larry Cohen’s permission to publish one of his articles in the Grandslammer.

A request was made for $50 for snacks for “Learn to Play Bridge.”   It was voted by the board to reimburse $1 for every person on the list of attendees.

Jodi will distribute new unit bridge directories.

Sue proposed an I/N Sectional Tournament. Brenda would direct the tournament.  Flyers will be distributed at the Regional.  The date will be Sunday, May 15.  It will be one session.

The meeting was adjourned at, approximately 12:45p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes January 2016  

Past-President, Chris Kent called the meeting to order at 11:00 a. m., January 23, at the SYSA Bingo Hall.  Attending were Chris, Louise Saylor, Jodi Kimbrell, Mick Soss, John Adams, Lou Arevalo, Karen Frogner, Charlie Bennett and Martha Burdick.  Also attending were Brenda Simpson, Education Liaison and, briefly, Rachel Denk, unit member.  

Rachel Denk volunteered to act as editor of the unit newspaper, “Grand Slammer”.  Rachel will gather news.  Charlie volunteered to help with Desktop software.  Louise offered to edit.  The primary delivery of the newspaper will be by email, with a hard copy on display at playing sites.    

Rachel also expressed a desire for all bridge activities, (games, lessons and mentoring), to be offered in one location.  Louise suggested that the new board make a committee to review this subject.    

Jodi Kimbrell was appointed to the board to fill Steve Sickel’s spot.  Steve resigned from the board last month.  

The new, or continuing, Unit officers are John Adams, President; Louise Saylor, Vice President; Jodi Kimbrell, Treasurer; and Marty Burdick, Secretary.  From this point, John chaired the meeting until it’s conclusion.  

The minutes for November were approved as written.  

The Unit election results from December are as follows:  

Candidates elected to office were Lou Arevalo, John Adams, Karen Frogner and Charlie Bennett.  Also receiving votes was Jodi Kimbrell.  By-law revisions passed with 86% of the vote.  The Bridgemates purchase advisory vote was 47% “yes” and 43% “no”, 10% abstained from voting.  The Dealing Machine advisory was 14% “yes” and 80% “no”, 6% abstained from voting.   

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $11,588.82.  The report was accepted as presented.  A summary will be posted on the bulletin board.  

Jodi gave a recap of the next Sectional’s expenses.  The tournament will be held at the Red Lion, as will all of the sectional tournaments in 2016.  

The Comfort Inn requested that all of our supplies and furniture, that had been stored there, be removed by Wednesday.  Mick, as property chair, will be in charge of moving the items to a new location.  Charlie and John will help with the relocation of items.  

Doyle Crook will be doing the Unit’s taxes this year.  

Under Old Business, The February Unit game date was discussed.  The current date conflicts with the Moses Lake Sectional.  The board decided to change the unit game to February 21.  Marty will get the sanction changed.  Charlie will direct, as David will be out of town.     

Charlie has purchased Bridgemates for his games.  Those, in addition with the Bridgemates that Lou owns, will be made available for Unit games.  Thank you, gentlemen.  Bridgemates for Sectionals will continue to be rented.  


Additional positions within the unit continue to be filled.  


Charlie Bennett  




Doyle Crook  


Norma Hols  


Jodi Kimbrell, looking for co-chair  

Unit Hospitality   

Karen Frogner  


Sue Norton,Brenda Simpson  

I/N Coordinator   

Sue Norton  


Doyle Crook  

Education Liaison  

Brenda Simpson  

Electronic Contact  

Brenda Simpson  

STaC Coordinator  



Lou Arevalo  

Brenda submitted and the Board discussed the various membership data she obtains from ACBL.  

The use of Unit sanctions for special games was discussed.  Currently, the Unit uses 14 of the 24 sanctions available.  Lou is going to propose how to use these sanctions for greater benefit to club directors and unit members at the next board meeting.  

Under Education, The Corbin Senior Wellness Booth will be operating from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 5.  Brenda will make a proposal later for an education, publicity and recruitment budget.  She also added that newspaper advertisements are the biggest source of new players.    

The meeting was adjourned at, approximately, 12:45 p.m.  


Respectfully submitted, Martha Burdick, Secretary

December 2015 Membership Meeting and Election

The Annual Christmas Party was held at the Eagles Hall on Sunday, December 13. After the first session of bridge and dinner, ballots were passed out and it was announced that all four Board nominees were elected. As a result, John Adams, Lou Arevalo, Charles Bennett and Karen Frogner are now members of the Unit 448 Board of Directors with three year terms. It was informally agreed that a transitional meeting between the new and old Board would be held sometime soon. In addition, the revised Bylaws were approved. The advisory vote for the dealing machine failed, but the the Bridge Mates advisory vote passed 24-20.

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes Novermber 2015

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes November 2015


The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by President Chris Kent at the SYSA Bingo Center.  Attending were Chris, Jodi Kimbrell Donna Carter, Marty Burdick, Louise Saylor and Norma Hols.  Absent were Sue Norton, Steve Sickel and Mick Soss.  Also attending was Charles Bennett, Unit web master.


The October minutes were approved as written.


The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,307.19 and said the Charity game netted $1,662 which was presented to the Salvation Army.  The report was accepted as presented.


The Christmas game was discussed and it was decided to change the membership meeting to occur after the dinner, during dessert.


Marty Burdick, Chair of the Nominating Committee, made a motion on behalf of the nominating committee, to add Lou Arevalo’s name to the list of candidates for the Unit Board.  The motion was approved.


Chris asked if the Board members had any reaction from the membership regarding the By Law amendments.  Louise mentioned a few questions she received.  The amendments will be presented as currently written.


The ballot for the membership was presented.  It was suggested and approved that the maintenance of several hundred dollars per year be added to the cost of the dealing machine on the ballot.  Charles Bennett said his preference would be for the Bridge Mates as being more useful to the Unit and the clubs than a dealing machine.


Some Club directors have asked about using Unit game sanctions for club games to increase master point awards.  The Unit now has 24 sanctions per year available and uses about 15 of them.  The Board approved letting clubs use some of the extra sanctions.  A sanction for a club would have to be requested by a Board member.


The Board approved a change of web site provider recommended by Charles Bennett after a trial run..  The new web site would cost $65 per year, nearly a third of the current cost, and be easier to change and update.


The dates of the 2016 Unit games were set: January 24, February 28, March 13, April 17, May 22, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 23, November 20, and December 11.


The site for the February 2016 sectional was discussed.  The Comfort Inn has raised the cost to $400 plus tax per day and this was felt to be excessive.  The Red Lion Inn at the Park has offered a room for $200 per day and Jodi was authorized to contract for this if she thought it appropriate.


A motion was made and passed that the Unit again sponsor a table at the Corbin Senior Center Health Fair.  The cost, if paid now, is $180 and will go up in a few weeks.  The motion was approved.  The people at the Fair expressing interest will be given a free bridge lesson and presentation by Brenda Simpson and Doyle Crook with volunteers from the Unit helping.


The Unit Policies and Procedures were briefly discussed by the Board.  It was generally recognized that the current Policies and Procedures need to be reviewed and updated. 


Respectfully submitted, Norma Hols, Secretary

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes October 2015

President Chris Kent called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m., October 4, at the SYSA Bingo Hall.  Attending were Chris, Marty Burdick, Sue Norton, Donna Carter, Jodi Kimbrell, Mick Soss, Steve Sickel and Norma Hols.  Absent was Louise Saylor.  Also attending was Brenda Simpson, Education Liaison.

The September minutes were approved as previously presented via email.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $12,596 as of September 30, 2015.

The latest wording on the Unit Bylaws (which were “cleaned up” and revised by Louise Saylor) concerning Board meetings was approved.  The Board voted to present the updated bylaws to the membership for approval at the December 2015 membership meeting.  The bylaws will be put on the web site, David Rottmayer will be asked to email them to the membership and several printed copies will be made available at the clubs before the meeting.

A motion by Mick Soss was approved to ask the membership its opinion on two considerations of the Board: the purchase of 25 Bridgemates, at a cost of approximately $4,500, to be used at sectionals, unit games and available for the clubs to rent, or a dealing machine, costing approximately $4,750, for the same purposes. The measure would include the probable December unit bank balance of $11,000.  The membership would be able to vote “yes” or “no” for each item. This would not be a binding vote.

Norma will prepare a possible Unit game schedule for 2016 and send it via email to the Board before the November meeting.

Brenda reported that of the six calls received from the radio ad, four people had signed up to take lessons.

There was a discussion of special games that can be offered by the clubs and the Unit, and perhaps shared by the Unit. Research is needed before a more productive discussion can be held.

A motion was approved to subsidize the 2015 Unit Christmas Party at $10 per person attending.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Norma Hols, Secretary

Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes September 2015


President Chris Kent called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m., September 13, 2015 at the SYSA Bingo Hall.  Attending were Chris, Marty Burdick, Susan Norton, Steve Sickel, Mick Soss, Jodi Kimbrell, Norma Hols and Louise Saylor.  Absent was Donna Carter.  Also attending were Brenda Simpson, Education Liaison and Charles Bennett, Web Master.

The August minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer’s report stated the bank balance was $12,793.24

Jodi reported on the September sectional.  The Unit lost $242.67.  The attendance was down 36 tables overall.  We lost $90.84 on the February Sectional and $371.58 on the June sectional. A discussion was held on how to improve attendance at the sectionals and how to cut expenses. Nothing concrete was settled on. A motion was made and approved to raise table fees $1 to $10 per session.

Jodi also announced that the Comfort Inn was raising the rent on the space we have been using by $25.18 per day. With the $80.45 increase in 2015 it makes a total of $107.63 per day increase in two years. Although she has a verbal agreement with the Comfort Inn about 2016 she will investigate other locations, possibly the Eagles, where the Christmas party is held.

Norma suggested that the 2016 Board appoint someone to promote the Unit games.

After discussion of the four candidates listed, the Board voted on a representative from District 19 to the ACBL Board of Directors.  The vote was by written ballot which each member placed in a sealed envelope with the member’s name and ACBL number on the outside.  These will be sent by FedEx to the District Elections chairman.

Brenda said that the radio ad was playing and she had received several positive comments and six calls concerning lessons.  She showed us the ad in the Inlander magazine, as well, from which she has received three calls.  She mentioned that she had sent the ACBL” In & Out” report to each Board member.

Charlie Bennet said he was still looking into the best web site option available.

Charlie reported on his research of dealing machines and “Bridge Mates.”  He liked the European dealing machine which was half the $4,700 cost of the US one, until he heard that they didn’t hold up well.  He also liked the European (Per Jannerstron) scoring machine method which uses software  and small computer pads on each table and which cost $50 per station. (20 Bridge Mates would cost circa $4,500.) He will try to investigate further when he is in England next month.  Mick proposed that we ask the membership at the Christmas meeting whether or not to proceed with either project.  The Board will vote on this proposal in October when we have the final wording of the motion.

The nominating committee, Chaired by Marty Burdick, with Lynn Hays and BJ Kolkman, recommended three candidates for the 2016 Board of Directors: Karen Frogner, Charles Bennett and John Adams.  The recommendation was accepted by the Board.

Louise led a discussion on the Unit bylaws which she has been working on.  She cleaned up the grammar, redundancy and cohesiveness and added a section on absentee balloting. The Board approved of what she presented. She will send us a final corrected copy that will be presented to the membership at the annual meeting.  Copies will be distributed by email and available at SYSA on paper before the annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Norma Hols, Secretary


Unit 448 Board Meeting Minutes August 2015

Vice President Marty Burdick called the meeting to order on August 2, 12:00 noon, at the SYSA Hall.  Members present were Marty, Norma Hols, Jodi Kimbrell, Louise Saylor, Mick Soss, Steve Sickel, Donna Carter and Sue Norton.  Absent was Chris Kent.  Also present was Brenda Simpson, Education Liaison and Electronic Contact.

The July minutes were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported that the Unit bank balance is $13,105.97.  She is going to post the monthly Treasurer’s report on the Unit bulletin board at SYSA.

Louise presented the edited version of the by-laws which includes a change in the election process. Further changes will be implemented and discussed at the next meeting for approval of the Unit members at the December membership meeting.

Marty announced that Lynn Hays and BJ Kolkman will join her on the nominating committee.

The Unit game in September will be a NAOP qualifying event.  David Rottmayer will announce this via email to the membership.

Doyle Crook, the Charity game Chair, discussed some of his ideas for raffles, etc.  He named the Salvation Army as the 2015 charity.  The Board voted to contribute $100 to the event.

The Board also voted to contribute $500 for hospitality for the April Spokane Regional tournament.

Brenda gave the Board a list of members who had been sent reminder notices for dues. She reported that the current Unit membership is 244.  She also discussed the radio ad and said the American Bridge Teachers Assoc. felt this type of ad was not successful.  The Board will wait until Chris Kent returns to decide whether to go ahead with it, or concentrate on printed ads and booths at events. She also said since she could not attend the National ACBL teachers meeting this year the Board can cancel the $200 registration fee given to Unit teachers attending.

Norma announced that the Election Materials for the Dist. 19 representative to the ACBL Board of Directors will be sent to her and the Unit Board will vote for this representative at the September Board meetig.

Mick reported on the expense of a dealing machine and found them listed at circa $4,500.  Charlie Bennett is going to investigate at the Nationals if there might be a better deal somewhere.

The new club game was announced – Lou Arevalo’s Monday night game at St. Aloysius.  Charlie is having the game added to the Unit web site.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Norma Hols, Secretary.