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Congratulations to Glynn Elwick upon receiving the EBU's Dimmie Fleming Award for 2018

The intent of the Dimmie Fleming award is to publicly recognise those people who do not hold an official (i.e. EBU) office, but have, for a long time - usually over 15 years – worked hard for bridge in administration at County level. Board Directors, Vice Presidents, EBU employees and Panel Tournament Directors are excluded from nomination. However, after leaving office, such people are eligible for an award, if they too have worked hard for bridge at County level.

Phyllis Irene “Dimmie” Fleming, who died aged 85 in 1996, was for almost 20 years ‘Mrs Bridge’, running the English Bridge Union from her home, as secretary from 1955 to 1974. She was only the second woman to play in a British open team.

European Championships (open team): 1953
European Championships (women's team): 1939 1948 1949 1951* 1952* 1954 1958 1959* 1962 1963* 1970 and 1971
World Olympiad (women's team): 1960 and 1964

*  = 1st place

Christmas Random Seeded Pairs

The Random Seeded Pairs was held at Dunholme Village Hall on Sunday 16th December.  20 pairs had entered to provide our Director, Helen Barr, with the simplicity of a 27 board movement to suit the 10 Teams of Four.  The 10 highest ranking pairs were randomly chosen to play with the 10 lowest ranking pairs.  Congratulations to Mike Llewellyn, Megan Williams, Brigid Hughes & Paul Steeper with 55 IMPS, closely followed by Dave & Sally Williams, Aaron Hutton & Reg Loosley with 52 IMPS.

Thanks to all those who supported this event, and to the Director, Helen Barr, and our Competitions Secretary Glynn Elwick for producing a very enjoyable afternoon of bridge.

The next event is the All Comers Pairs, which will be held on 13th January at Dunholme.

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Welcome to Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association web site.

The Association was founded in 1946.  Its aims are to promote and further bridge in Lincolnshire, to organise competitions in the County and to participate in matches with other counties.


Over the last few weeks, Roy Brixton (County Rep for Scunthorpe BC ) has been attending meetings in Nottingham BC in order to pass the course to become a Club Tournament Director. Recently his Directing knowledge has been tested and he was not found wanting. I can report that he passed his exam at Distinction level.

  Well done, Roy. We now look forward to seeing you Directing events at the Scunthorpe BC. We have been needing help in this matter for a long time. Any other members who want to do the same as Roy should speak to any Committee member at Scunthorpe BC for further details.

Bainton Trophy

Hopefully all Clubs have, or will be, arranging heats for the Bainton Trophy. Remember, that the County Committee decided last year to change the rules for the heats. Clubs can hold as many heats as it wishes but a pair can only attempt to qualify in any one heat. Players may try to qualify in other heats with other partners. Pairs must score MORE THAN 50% in a heat in order to progress to the semi-final which is early next year.  

A reasonable suggestion is that each Club runs a heat for every session that it plays duplicate. If your Club has not organised a heat yet then ask a member of your Committee about it or get in touch with me. We need as many pairs as possible to play in the semi-final in order to have a reasonable sized final. Remember that all pairs that qualify for the final will be awarded a Green Point award of at least 0.25 GP. Glynn

Pairs Qualifying and playing in the semi-final

Heighington BC :- Roy Hughes & Keith Stewart, Derrick Hickson & Mike Hirst, Dave Williams & Stefan Scigala, Margaret & Roger Shelley

Scunthorpe BC :- Pete Stackhouse & Glynn Elwick, Roy Brixton & John Walker, Mike Llewellyn & Megan Williams, Jane Brown & Rita Watson, Stuart Knox & Keiron Barron, Roy Stewart & Roger Harrison

Louth :- Kiat Huang & Graham Marshall, Peter Watson & Roger Chapman, Reg Loosley & Mary-Jo Mangion, Zubair Ahmed & Ann Evans

Market Rasen :- Adrian Underwood & Davyd Minnis, Guy Grainger & Doris Woodall, Phillip Harland & Susan Barraclough

Entries for Lincs Gold and Lincs League

Lincs Gold

The Lincs Gold is the main County teams competition and is a knockout event and is played for Green Points. Each match in the Lincs League is played over 24 boards (12 boards against each pair) and each team plays each other team once. Matches have to be played by the end of the season. One player in each team has to be designated as Captain. This person organises the matches.  At the last County Committee meeting the draw for the event was made by our Chairman. Since five teams have entered this year, we will have one preliminary match and then the semi-finals.


Mo Parsons (Capt)/M Ladlow/D Burton/J Gaunt/D Mellor

Glynn Elwick (Capt)/P Stackhouse/M Llewellyn/K Stewart

Paul Wokes (Capt)/John Brocklehurst/Dave Pettengell/Nick Hunter/Ruby Schnalke

Chris Phillips (Capt)/Alan Millington/John Hill/Maurice Lynn

Mark Wardell (Capt)/Kiat Huang/Sue York/Reg Loosley/Maria Nelson.

The preliminary match is Wardell (home) v Wokes (away). This match is 24 boards (32 boards by agreement of Captains). Please try and get this played before Christmas.This match has been played. Wardell (Huang/Loosely/Hutton ) beat Wokes ( Brocklehurst/Hunter/Schnalke ) by 37 IMPs.. Wardell will now play Elwick in the semi-final.

The semi-finals are Parsons (home) v Phillips (away) and Wardell or Wokes (home) v Elwick (away). These matches should  be 32 boards (40 by agreement of Captains). Please try and get these matches played so that we can get the competition completed so that an entry can be made for the Pachabo competition. We will sort out the home team for the Final at a later date. Good luck to all.  Glynn.

  The semi-final between Parsons and Phillips has been played. The match was won by Phillips by 66 IMPs and they now go forward to the Final.


Lincs League

We have four teams entering the competition. This makes it that each team plays three matches. I will try and make it as equal as possible because two matches will be at home and one away and vice-versa. There will be six matches in total.


Mo Parsons (Capt)/M Ladlow//D Burton/J Gaunt/D Mellor

Glynn Elwick (Capt)/P Stackhouse/M Llewellyn/K Stewart

Chris Phillips (Capt)/Alan Millington/John Hill/Maurice Lynn

Mark Wardell (Capt)/Kiat Huang/Sue York/Reg Loosley/Maria Nelson

The matches will be Parsons (home) v Elwick, Parsons (home) v Phillips, Wardell (home) v Parsons, Phillips (home) v Elwick, Elwick (home) v Wardell, Phillips (home) v Wardell. Usual rules apply. Results to me after each match. Please try to get matches played within a reasonable time. It seems very difficult to imagine that we will not be able to get six matches played before the end of the season but you never know. Good luck to all. Glynn.



Lincs Gold & League Fixtures 2018-2019

Contact details of Team Captains: Glynn Elwick Tel 01652654872.  Mark Wardell Tel 01507480515.  Mo Parsons Tel 01526342047.  Chris Phillips <>  Paul Wokes Tel 01205368077.

The conversion table to convert the IMP score of each match into a VP score is:-

0-1 IMPs (10-10 VP), 2-5 IMPs (11-9 VP), 6-10 IMPs (12-8 VP), 11-15 IMPs (13-7 VP), 16-21 IMPs (14-6 VP), 22-27 IMPs (15-5 VP), 28-34 IMPs (16-4 VP), 35-43 IMPs (17-3 VP), 44-53 IMPs (18-2 VP), 54-65 IMPs (19-1 VP), 66 or more IMPs (20-0 VP)

Please refer to Competitions section on the Home Page for full details of results. 

NEW - House of Lords visit

The fantastic work being done within the County at three of our schools is being rewarded when, in early July, a group of @ 20 young bridge players from the county will visit Parliament for a game of bridge against a team from the House of Lords along with a visit to the Upper Chamber.

This is a brilliant opportunity to showcase junior bridge in the County and a massive well done to all involved in setting this up.

If anyone in the County wants to take the initiative and help develop schools bridge where they are, contact Deidre Fell or Reg Loosely, who have gained great experience in this over the years.


Best Behaviour at Bridge

All members who play in our County, be that within our clubs, or in County events, are reminded that they are expected to behave in line with the EBU standard for Bridge and the Best Behaviour code.

In particular the following points are important:-

- Greet others in a friendly manner and be a good host at the table

- All members playing in County events should have completed convention cards and be expected to give proper explainations of their bids

- The TD decisions are to be respected



Any News or Views?

  I am always keen to know about either your views about Bridge in the County or if you have any news to publicise to the other members of the County. If you have then give Glynn a call on 01652654872 or send me an e-mail at

EBU Competitions

Please click the link below to access the EBU Calendar.




All Comers Pairs


Dunholme Village Hall, Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme, LN2 3SU
Sunday, 13th January 2019, 12:00 noon
Table Money £5.00


Mid-session refreshments available from Gloria at very modest prices


This duplicate event is intended to provide a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon of bridge whereby experienced players may introduce less experienced players to County events.

There are no specific rules, but by general agreement it is expected that an experienced player will partner a less experienced player who is not a regular partner and has little experience of County events.


Guidance may be taken from the EBU National Grading Scheme.
It is suggested that an experienced player at grade 10 and above should play with a less experienced player of grade 9 or below.  Bidding systems should be simple at EBU level 2.

Pre-entry is required and it would be helpful if entries and indication of refreshments (required or not) are emailed to Glynn at at least a week before the event.

Director: Helen Barr

Modest prizes will be awarded at the AGM in June 2019

Waitrose Trophy

The Waitrose Trophy is awarded at the AGM to the Pair with highest percentage score in a club duplicate session in the previous 12 months.

Leaders 2018/19

Mike Llewellyn & Megan Williams with 72.92%

Please notify Adrian Underwood if you achieve a higher score.

Winners 2017/18

Glynn Elwick & Pete Stackhouse with 77.14%

Xmas Random Seeded Pairs
Director: Helen Barr
Scorer: Helen Barr
Ghost Pairs
Director: Stuart Knox
All Comers Pairs
Director: Glynn Elwick
Scorer: Mike Llewellyn
13th Jan 2019
All Comers Pairs
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Director: Helen Barr
27th Jan 2019
Garden Cities Qualifier
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Director: Helen Barr
3rd Feb 2019
Bainton Trophy Semi-Final
Dunholme Village Hall 12:00
Director: Helen Barr