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13th Jun 2018 11:53 BST
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Latest results for Lincs. Gold and League can be found at  Competitions



Welcome to Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association

It is with the deepest regret that we have to report the sudden death of our past Chairman, Vic Llewellyn. Vic passed away overnight on Friday. He had just had routine surgery on his hip. All had been going well but he got an infection and his health deteriorated rapidly. Deepest condolences to Dorothy, Mike and the rest of the family. Vic has been both a popular and stalwart member of Scunthorpe Bridge Club and Lincolnshire County Bridge. He has been a leader of both organisations in the past. His support will be sorely missed.

   Vic's funeral will be on Monday, June 11th at the Scunthorpe Crematorium at 10.00 a.m.

Best Behaviour at Bridge

All members who play in our County, be that within our clubs, or in County events, are reminded that they are expected to behave in line with the EBU standard for Bridge and the Best Behaviour code.

In particular the following points are important:-

- Greet others in a friendly manner and be a good host at the table

- All members playing in County events should have completed convention cards and be expected to give proper explainations of their bids

- The TD decisions are to be respected



County Championship Teams

The next County event is the County Championship Teams. This event will be held at Scunthorpe Bridge Club on SATURDAY June 16th starting at 11.30 a.m. The early start is because we have a qualifying session then a final. The event will be Directed by Helen Barr. Entry fee is £10 per player. Refreshments will be available during the interval. Let me have your entries asap

   A revised poster is available on this website. It would be helpful if someone would download a copy of it and display it in your Club. When entering please let me know if,  and how many players, will require refreshments at the interval.

Entries so far :-

1. Andy Lewis/Roy Brixton/David & Catherine Caldow. 2. John Gaunt/Debbie Burton/Keith Stewart/Andrew Green. 3.Margaret McLeod/David Raddish/Simon & Jo Hill.4. Kath Taylor/Martin Amery/Andrew & Alison Howarth. 5. Sue York/Mark Wain/Mark Wardell/Kiat Huang. 6. Ted & Brenda Gooacre/Rose Davey/Pat Donaldson. 7.Mike Llewellyn/Megan Williams/Paul Steeper/Jane Brown. 8. Glynn Elwick/Pete Stackhouse/Paul Wokes/Dave Pettengell


Help Required

The County storage cupboard at the Dunholme Village Hall needs to be sorted out. I have no idea what equipment we have or what equipment we need to order. We need a few members to give us a few hours of their time to take everything out of the cupboard and get to know where we are at. The last time that this was done was when Stuart Knox was County Chairman, which is several years ago. Also, some of the bridge tables have wobbly legs. Do we have any members who are proficient at woodwork and could do a bit of repair work on these tables?

  My present state of health means that I am unable to do this kind of thing on my own. It will take a few hours to do the work. If any member can spare a few hours then let me know, please. I do not have any specific time for this but, hopefully, we can get it done some time during the summer ( if we get one ). Glynn.

NEW - House of Lords visit

The fantastic work being done within the County at three of our schools is being rewarded when, in early July, a group of @ 20 young bridge players from the county will visit Parliament for a game of bridge against a team from the House of Lords along with a visit to the Upper Chamber.

This is a brilliant opportunity to showcase junior bridge in the County and a massive well done to all involved in setting this up.

If anyone in the County wants to take the initiative and help develop schools bridge where they are, contact Deidre Fell or Reg Loosely, who have gained great experience in this over the years.


Return of County Trophies

If you were presented with a trophy at the 2017 AGM would you please return them to me by the end of of May. I need to get them engraved in time for presenting at the 2018 AGM. Thanks. Glynn

Lincs League Fixtures 2017-2018

The fixtures are, Parsons v Elwick, Parsons v Wardell, Millington v Parsons, Marshall v Parsons, Wardell v Elwick, Elwick v Millington, Elwick v Marshall, Wardell v Millington, Marshall v Wardell, Millington v Marshall

The first named team is deemed to be the Home team. The Away team captain in each match is responsible for getting in contact with the Home team captain to organise the match. The Home team should provide light refreshments, a grand buffet is not expected! Results should be passed on to Glynn Elwick as soon as it is possible after the fixture is played.

If the Competition is as close this season, as it was last, then the result of the League will be in doubt until the very end. Any problems then get in contact.

Contact details of Team Captains: Glynn Elwick 01652654872.Mark Wardell Tel 01507480515. Mo Parsons 01526342047.Alan Millington Tel 01673885507. Graham Marshall Tel 01507607015.

The conversion table to convert the IMP score of each match into a VP score is:-

0-1 IMPs (10-10 VP), 2-5 IMPs (11-9 VP), 6-10 IMPs (12-8 VP), 11-15 IMPs (13-7 VP), 16-21 IMPs (14-6 VP), 22-27 IMPs (15-5 VP), 28-34 IMPs (16-4 VP), 35-43 IMPs (17-3 VP), 44-53 IMPs (18-2 VP), 54-65 IMPs (19-1 VP), 66 or more IMPs (20-0 VP)

Results: Parsons beat Wardell by 25 IMPs (15-5 VPs). Millington beat Wardell by 16 IMPs (14-6 VPs). Wardell beat Marshall by 39 IMPs (17-3 VPs). Millington beat Parsons by 1 IMP (10-10 VPs). Elwick beat Marshall by 38 IMPs (17-3 VPs). Elwick beat Parsons by 28 IMPs (16-4 VPs). Marshall beat Millington by 18 IMPs (14-6 VPs). Parsons beat Marshall by 37 IMPs (17-3 VPs). Wardell beat Elwick by 7 IMPs (12-8 V.Ps.)

Please refer to Competitions section on the Home Page for full details.  

Lincs Gold Draw

The first named team will be the Home team. The Home team is expected to provide light refreshments. The contact details of captains are:-

Glynn Elwick: tel 01652654872, Mark Wardell: tel 01507480515, Brian Smith: tel 01472505239, Mo Parsons: tel 01526342047, Alan Millington: tel 01673885507, Paul Wokes: tel 01205368077, Phillip Harland: No email tel 01522595420, Graham Marshall: tel 01507607015

Our Chairman made the draw for the semi-finals of the Gold. The draw came out :-

Harland vs Smith and Elwick vs Parsons. The first names side will be the home side. Matches should be of 32 boards, or 40 boards by agreement of Captains. Please try and play the matches so that the Final can be played in good time before the deadline for the Pachabo Cup.

The result of the Smith vs Harland match was that Smith won by 7 IMPs.

The result of the Elwick vs Parsons match was that Elwick won by 27 IMPs

Please refer to Competitions section on the Home Page for full details

Waitrose Trophy 2016.17
Waitrose Trophy 2016.17

Waitrose annually sponsor a prize for the pair who achieve the highest percentage in any EBU affiliated club in the County. This year was won by Andy Lewis and Phil Harland won won with 77.34%. They are shown being presented with the prize by Jane Adams, Manager of Waitrose Lincoln, at the AGM. Well done both and many thanks to Waitrose for their generous sponsorship.

Any News or Views?

  I am always keen to know about either your views about Bridge in the County or if you have any news to publicise to the other members of the County. If you have then give Glynn a call on 01652654872 or send me an e-mail at

EBU Competitions

Please click the link below to access the EBU Calendar.

Garden Cities

Result of Garden Cities Qualifier

Sunday, 5th November

City of Lincoln: 58.5 VPs

Scunthorpe: 52 VPs

Heighington: 40 VPs

Louth Duplicate: 38 VPs

Market Rasen: 11 VPs

Good luck to Lincoln in the Regional Semi-Final.

Waitrose Trophy

The Waitrose Trophy is awarded at the AGM to the Pair with highest percentage score in a club duplicate session in the previous 12 months.

Please notify Adrian Underwood if you achieve a high score.

Current Leaders

Glynn Elwick & Pete Stackhouse with 77.14%

Championship Teams Final
Scorer: Helen Barr
County Teams Qualifier
Scorer: Helen Barr
County Teams Consolation
Scorer: Helen Barr