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It is with the greatest regret that we have to announce the death of Drene Brown. Drene passed away peacefully in the afternoon of Tuesday 20th July at Sycamore Lodge Nursing Home, Ashby. Her husband, Alan was with her. The funeral is on Monday 9th August 12 noon at Scunthorpe Crematorium.

Drene Buck was a prominent member of the Lincolnshire bridge playing community for many years, and since her marriage to Alan in the early 1990s she has been a member of the Scunthorpe Bridge Club. She has won most of the Lincolnshire trophies, and has represented the county many times in events such as the Tollemache. With Alan she has also won each of our club trophies. Drene was heavily involved in the administration of bridge too, at both county and club levels, and a few years ago she was made an Honorary Member of the County Association. It's fair to say that Drene had what is known as 'table presence'; she was often keen to harvest the opinions of fellow players and always ready to represent them at all levels.

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  Planning F2F Bridge 2021
EBU, July 19, 2021

As we continue along the government’s roadmap for easing out of lockdown, bridge players will be excited about when they can get back to bridge across the table, and clubs are asking when they can open and what they need to do to be compliant.

Following all the rules will not be an easy matter. Full details of the EBU discussion can be found by clicking on this link.


Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 07:59 BST
  EBU Summer Meeting at Eastbourne
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The government has delayed the end of Stage 4 of the lockdown by four weeks, but this still means it will be over 2 ½ weeks before the start of our flagship Summer Meeting in Eastbourne, which we are excited to be providing as our first national face-to-face event for about 18 months, subject to any unexpected changes to this revised road-map.

Although government restrictions will have ended entirely by then, we will be working with the venue to put in place arrangements to help minimise any risks, by means of table spacing and one-way traffic where possible. We also expect all players to regularly use anti-bacterial hand gel and to do their best to accommodate any requests from opponents to wear face-masks, which we will provide for those who don’t have their own. ..........

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  Stuart Knox

On behalf of Scunthorpe Bridge Club Committee and members I would like to express our thanks and great appreciation for everything Stuart Knox has done for the club and its membership over the last 9 years he has been in post as the Club President and for all the hard work and effort he has put into the daily requirements of the club and also for its longer term growth to create a successful and viable club that we can all be proud of.
It is extremely unfortunate that in the past few weeks he has been unfairly criticised by a few members on social media which taken together with personal issues made him assess his future and formed his decision to step down as Club President. He will be a hard act to follow by whoever is elected at the next AGM to the role.
At the Committee meeting held on March 2nd 2021 it was agreed unanimously to support the decision taken previously that Realbridge will become the platform of choice for our on-line club sessions. Therefore NO BBO sessions will be supported or facilitated by the club or made available via the club’s software. Members are obviously free, on an individual basis, to choose BBO sessions provided by BBO as they did previously before club on-line bridge was set up.
Hopefully we will all be back soon playing face-to-face in the club and we as a Committee will try to expedite this happening as future requirements for this are known and can be put in place.
An AGM will then be arranged for 6 weeks after this re-opening date.
Sue Barraclough, Club Secretary.

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  Eileen Barker

Hi Stuart
I would like to thank you and the members of the club for all their support and the many cards (along with the others some 60 in total) and messages of sympathy which have meant so much to myself, Helen and Ruth during this sad and emotional time.
Once again many thanks
Bill Helen and Ruth

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  Use of Mobile Phones and Tablets

Slowly and surely some of us are lurching into the 21st Century, whilst others have been there since 1999. Whether we like it or not mobile technology and social mediocracy(!) have made a massive difference to our lives. However there are some occasions when we should resist the temptations that these media induce. And one of these is whilst playing bridge.

For various reasons (imminent grandchildren is one which springs to mind) you might need to keep your phone on you, but put it on vibrate so that it won’t disturb others in the room (be careful where you position it though – or you could be in for an unexpected surprise!). But please don’t answer it if it vibrates. The caller will leave a message, and if it’s really important you could deal with it out of the playing room, at the end of the round.

Text messages and emails are also (all too) frequently received. They’re not so important that they must be viewed straightaway. Again, if you are sitting out, or if there is a gap at the end of a round, then you could leave the room, check your device, and deal with anything which you consider important enough.

So there is absolutely no excuse for viewing your mobile device at the table, even when you have completed play and you are waiting to move. Indeed the EBU’s White Book, Section 2.8.4, even suggests the penalties which should be imposed if someone is seen to use them. So why not chat to your opponents  – it’s (usually) less rude!

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Welcome to Scunthorpe Bridge Club
Welcome to the Home Page for Scunthorpe Bridge Club




This page provides information on all aspects of the club, including results from previous weeks and details of forthcoming events.

Come and enjoy bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Want to learn the game? Check out our lesson details.

Telephone 01724 845751 after 6:15 pm on club evenings

Please click here for the EBU Live Bridge Update (16/06/21)


Last updated : 4th Aug 2021 13:27 BST

You will all be aware that digital communication is becoming the norm, particularly as a result of the recent lockdowns. Before lockdown the club communicated with its members mainly by means of hardcopy posted on the club noticeboard, and to a limited extent by news items on this Bridgewebs site. To bring the club more fully into the digital age, the Bridgewebs Member database has been activated and updated.

This will allow the Club to send bulk email messages to its members to advise of forthcoming competitions and other significant events.

To make the best use of the Member facilities, you need to log in to your account. Details are to be found HERE

Those club members who have never provided the EBU or the Club with an email address, or who may have recently changed their email address, will need to provide me with your name (as registered with the EBU) and your email address. You can send by email to Webmaster, or complete the form below.

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Last updated : 17th May 2021 22:50 BST

REALBRIDGE duplicate sessions are offered on Mondays (at 7:15pm) and Wednesdays & Thursdays (at 7:00pm). Links for these sessions are sent to all who have provided Roy with their email address. Stuart Knox has refurbished two laptop PC's which can be made available on loan to anyone who has equipment too old to handle Realbridge. The table fee is £2.00 per session, which will be collected in arrears by email invoicing. Masterpoints are awarded and NGS grades calculated. Realbridge are continuously upgrading their software. The latest news includes the ability to kibitz vugraph sessions. Access their web site HERE

Last updated : 18th May 2021 08:47 BST

Don't forget to periodically look at the County website to see what is being planned. Also, if you are interested and wouldn't like to think you're missing out .. why not join their emailing list?
Just a reminder, you can access the county website by the shortcut link by clicking on the County Flag at the top right of this page.

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Want to brush up on your bridge skills? Most are subscription-based but there is some free stuff available. Here are a few online ideas with some links:

Dominic Raynor - Bridge Teacher from Sheffield, with some interesting videos on his YouTube Channel, all of which can be found from his website.

Jack Stocken - Another Bridge teacher from Yorkshire, has a daily podcast - for all abilities.

Andrew Robson - Renowned Teacher, books, lessons and daily videos for all abilities - his website is certainly worth looking at.

Bridge Vu - An interactive play site covering all aspects of the game.

Peter Hollands - His YouTube channel is full of interesting content.

Paul Mendelson - Bridge Teacher/Author - Online Bridge Lessons


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Annual General Meeting of Members was held at Dunholme Village Hall Honeyholes Lane Dunholme LN2 3SH on 1st August 2021


Details of the AGM on the County web site

Last updated : 1st Aug 2021 18:03 BST

The Virtual Teams Championship was held on Realbridge over two Mondays, 10th & 17th May. The Honours go to Team Watson (Stuart Watson, Lawrence Chapman, Stuart Knox & Keiron Barron) on 134 VP, followed not too far behind by Team Brixton (Roy Brixton, David Hall, Andrew Lewis & Megan Williams) on 128 VP. A very enjoyable bridge competition, despite some minor technical issues. 

Last updated : 17th May 2021 22:42 BST
  LCBA Mens & Ladies Pairs

Overall winners and winners of the Sydney Vincent Cup at the County Mens & Ladies Pairs Championship on Realbridge on Sunday 16th May were Margaret McLeod and Megan Williams. Well Done!

Last updated : 17th May 2021 11:58 BST
  Garden Cities Regional Finals North

Scunthorpe represented the County in the Garden City Regional Finals on Saturday 8th May. 52 boards played in thirteen 4-board rounds from 11:00am to 6:00pm. Quite a marathon. We started quite well, winning three of our first four rounds, against Worcester, Bedford and Cheltenham bridge clubs. Sadly we started sliding downhill thereafter. Nevertheless, it was a great day of bridge and a great experience for the players. It is not often that we get the opportunity to play against some of the best players in the country. For Andy and myself, 10 of our 26 opponents were Grand Masters. The results can be viewed in the Results Calendar. Roy

Last updated : 9th May 2021 22:34 BST

Seven Teams competed for the Sunningdale Cup on Thursday 1st April, and the honours go to Team Watson (Stuart Watson, Lawrence Chapman, Stuart Knox & David Hall) with 76 VP, closely followed by Team Keast (Susan Keast, William Keast, Ian Barnes & Peter Jackson) with 75 VP. It seems to have been enjoyed by all and I hope to run another similar event soon, perhaps on a Monday.

Last updated : 11th Apr 2021 21:32 BST

The date for the Bridge Club Holiday at Beaufort Park Hotel, Mold, Flintshire.has been moved to 30th August until 3rd September. The price remains the same at. £285pp sharing, £300pp single.

We are able to accommodate extra people, so if anyone would like to join us please contact Jennifer - 07432 579337 or 01724 489799 or Sue  - 07720 614321 or 01724 720396

Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:28 GMT
  LCBA Championship Pairs 28/03/21

The best placed Scunthorpe Pair was Stuart Watson & Lawrence Chapman in 12th place. Well Done! Results Here

Last updated : 29th Mar 2021 09:28 BST

For all smartphone users and Scunthorpe Bridge Club members, we have our own WhatsApp group - The intention is that it's a way of keeping in touch with one another, finding a partner (both online during these times of lockdown or looking further ahead when we're all back at the club) - - as well as arranging online matches (be them friendly or competitive). If you don't have WhatsApp it's easily downloaded from your devices AppStore (it's free). Contact Jane Brown or Roy Brixton to gain access.

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Authorised Information (AI) is made available to you from the legal calls and legal cards played by your partner (and the opposition) - All other information you receive is Unauthorised Information (UI).

UI can come from partner's comments, gestures, mannerisms, breaks in tempo, hesitations, a question partner asks (or replies to), an alert, or an announcement. ..........

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Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:29 GMT
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Avoiding Trouble, Part 1. The best way to deal with Unauthorised Information (UI) is to try and minimise the instances of when it is transmitted. Below are a few points of helpful advice.

Refrain from ..........

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Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:29 GMT
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Avoiding Trouble, Part 2. Following on from Part 1. A few more points.

Do not offer explanations, unless asked: Partner makes an unusual call (cue-bid for example) – don't wave your alert ca ..........

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Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:29 GMT
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Avoiding Trouble, Part 3. The final instalment of the UI and Table Etiquette series.

In Tempo Care when making limit bids: Generally speaking limit bids shouldn't take that much thought by the virtue that they're 'limited'. Typical limit bids: Opening 1NT or 2NT, showing support of partners opening bids, inviting game over partners 1NT opening. ..........

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