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  A Message from the newly elected President

I would like to thank the membership of the club for entrusting me to be at the helm and preside over the Scunthorpe Bridge Club. I will try my very best to continue the good work of all previous presidents, committee members and volunteers to make this club a relaxed, friendly and welcoming place, where we can all come and have some 'fun'.

Now I take over this position from Stuart Knox, who put a lot of hard work and effort into the club over many years in order to see it thrive and to be the number ONE bridge club in Lincolnshire, and even in the North of England. So I would like to pay tribute to him for that, thank him, and to say, you can now enjoy playing your bridge here at the bridge club, without having the stress, strain and responsibility for what goes on inside it!!

I see my initial work as president to focus on 3 things.

Firstly, to try and ensure that the bridge club thrives, and together with the committee and volunteers to make sure that every detail is looked at so that members can turn up, play bridge, and have fun, knowing that the club is running in an efficient manner.

Secondly, to try and increase the membership of the club, mainly through the club teaching programme introducing beginners to the game, and then advancing them through intermediate sessions before being thrown into the lions’ den that is Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Also, to try and make existing members come to the club regularly, knowing that all Covid precautions that can be taken are in place for their safety. I would personally like to see 16 to 20 tables on competitive evenings.

And thirdly, this is the big one, to oversee, together with the committee, the repairs required to the club roof. This has already proved to be a complex task, but in simple terms, it needs doing, and it needs to be done right. We do not want to pay out the kind of money we are going to have to pay out, only to find that it needs doing again in 3 years’ time. I have been on the roof and seen the problems first hand, I shall soon be going up again to make some running repairs that will give us some breathing room until the actual decision is made as to who will do the roof and for how much.

Once again, I thank you, and never be afraid to contact me with any suggestions that you think will benefit the club.

Andy Lewis

Last updated : 14th Oct 2021 11:34 BST
  Stuart Knox

On behalf of Scunthorpe Bridge Club Committee and members I would like to express our thanks and great appreciation for everything Stuart Knox has done for the club and its membership over the last 9 years he has been in post as the Club President and for all the hard work and effort he has put into the daily requirements of the club and also for its longer term growth to create a successful and viable club that we can all be proud of.
It is extremely unfortunate that in the past few weeks he has been unfairly criticised by a few members on social media which taken together with personal issues made him assess his future and formed his decision to step down as Club President. He will be a hard act to follow by whoever is elected at the next AGM to the role.
At the Committee meeting held on March 2nd 2021 it was agreed unanimously to support the decision taken previously that Realbridge will become the platform of choice for our on-line club sessions. Therefore NO BBO sessions will be supported or facilitated by the club or made available via the club’s software. Members are obviously free, on an individual basis, to choose BBO sessions provided by BBO as they did previously before club on-line bridge was set up.
Hopefully we will all be back soon playing face-to-face in the club and we as a Committee will try to expedite this happening as future requirements for this are known and can be put in place.
An AGM will then be arranged for 6 weeks after this re-opening date.
Sue Barraclough, Club Secretary.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:23 GMT
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Welcome to Scunthorpe Bridge Club
Welcome to the Home Page for Scunthorpe Bridge Club

This page provides information on all aspects of the club, including results from previous weeks and details of forthcoming events.

Come and enjoy bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Want to learn the game? Check out our lesson details.

Telephone 01724 845751 after 6:15 pm on club evenings.



The Club will be closed on 24th, 28th, 30th & 31st December

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2021 20:46 GMT
   AUTUMN TEAMS (George Marshall Trophy)

Wednesdays 15th & 22nd December

(up to two substitutes are permitted for the 2nd week)

Table Money £6.00 (each for two weeks)

Last updated : 8th Dec 2021 08:17 GMT

We are pleased to announce the commencement of a second afternoon Bridge session, the Friday PM Club. This will be run on exactly the same lines as the current Tuesday PM Club. It is for all members of all levels who like to play in the afternoon on a social basis in a less formal atmosphere, but it is also highly suited to newcomers to the game. No EBU masterpoints or NGS rating awarded. Table money £3.00 The sessions will start on Fridays the 10th & 17th December, 1.30pm start, with a break for Christmas and New Year, then recommence on a permanent Friday basis on Friday 7th January.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2021 20:47 GMT

Club Re-opening

Face-to-Face Sessions at Sunningdale Road

Mondays: 19:00 Duplicate Sessions
Mondays: 19:00 Social Bridge in the Training Room
Tuesdays: 13:30 Social Duplicate (No Masterpoints or NGS)
Wednesdays: 19:00 Stratified Duplicate Sessions
Thursdays: 19:15 Improvers Duplicate (No Masterpoints or NGS)
Fridays: 13:30 Social Duplicate (No Masterpoints or NGS) commencing 10th December
Fridays: 19:00 Stratified Duplicate Sessions
Table money £3

The Club will be closed on 24th, 28th, 30th & 31st December

On-Line Realbridge Sessions

Tuesdays: 19:00 Duplicate Sessions
Table Money £2



Last updated : 2nd Dec 2021 17:47 GMT
  1. In attendance – 45 members
  2. Apologies received from 34 members.
  3. Minutes of AGM Sept 2019 – The acceptance of these as a true and accurate record was proposed by Roy Brixton and seconded by Bill Keast. Unanimously agreed.
  4. Matters Arising – None
  5. President’s report – see separate sheet.
  6. Secretary’s report – see separate sheet

Plus questions from floor a) Pat Donaldson queried liability insurance – SB explained Officers of the club could be held legally liable if sufficient measures were not in place with regard to Covid. However measures across Lincolnshire clubs ranged from what we as a club were implementing , at the top, down to virtually nothing at all at the bottom. The questions being asked were to help determine whether we should slacken some of the strictures in place.

b) Stuart Watson enquired whether by raising table monies it would deter some members from attending. 

c) John Walker asked whether guarantees from companies tendering for the roof repair were worth the paper they were written on. SB explained that the club was looking for the companies to provide an underwritten insured guarantee of at least 20 years.

     7.     Treasurer’s report.

2020 income and expenditure only based on eight and a half months due to     lockdown. Surplus for year £4000 largely due to community grant received without which there would have been a deficit of £6000. Balance sheet shows £180,000 for building value with remainder of total net value £182,500 down to minor equipment. June 2021 shows income from online bridge which commenced June 2020 and two further grants from council of £19,218, without which a deficit of £5000 for the year would have occurred. Expenses were considerably less as closed. P2P down as less activity. Balance sheet shows capital expenditure for hand gel dispensers. £180,000 for building worth and £1,200 for equipment. Creditors figure shown down to bridge holiday cheques being held and not paid out until August for the balance of the holiday.
Net assets of £41,951 of which £12,000 should be retained for contingencies leaving £30,000 available towards roof so a shortfall in the region of £25,000.
Thanks to Keith Stewart for his prompt and efficient auditing of the annual accounts.
Stewart Watson asked what proportion of P2P monies came from online play to the club. ML said that from the £2 table monies 40p went to Real Bridge, 47p to the EBU and £1.13 to the club. It was difficult to predict uplift in income from return to F2F bridge and table money rising  to £3, as it wasn’t clear as yet the numbers returning on a regular basis to the club.
Lawrie Chapman asked whether the building worth should stay static year on year. ML said unless building was going to be sold it was academic but assured him that it was insured for more than this. Insurance was due to be paid in the next month at a cost of £3000.
Bill Brocklesby asked if we should shop around for cheaper insurance. ML explained that company used specialised in insuring bridge clubs via the EBU.
John Walker asked why roof wasn’t covered by insurance. ML said wear and tear and maintenance issues not included.
Proposed for approval by Jackie Walker, Seconded by Glynn Elwick, Agreed unanimously for both years.

  1. Election of Officers and Committee.
    Phillip Harland announced outcome of the secret ballot held in accordance with the Constitution for the posts of President and Vice President.
    President – Andy Lewis
    Vice President – Sue Keast.
    Secretary – Sue Barraclough ( returned unopposed)
    Treasurer – Mike Llewellyn   ( returned unopposed)
    Committee – Roy Brixton, Val Threadgould, Wanda Kowtoska, Jennifer Selby, Rod Williams and Glynn Elwick.
    Proposed by Pam Readhead, 
    Seconded by Margaret McLeod, Passed unanimously.

  1. Trophy presentations – None made this AGM.
  2. AOB – no prior notification received so meeting closed at 19.40pm


The last time I addressed the Club I said “Once more I should say that to represent the Club as President for yet another year is a task which is made considerably easier when you are lucky enough to be surrounded by voluntary helpers who run the club efficiently with a minimum of disruption.” Of course 2020 and 2021 was a time which meant that the Club had a maximum of disruption. Nevertheless the volunteers have been exceptional in their support, and it is because of that support that we have survived thus far, and are, indeed, able to hold this meeting. As the Club Secretary Sue Barraclough has worked tirelessly to help bring everyone back to F2F sessions: Mike Llewellyn has been very innovative in securing extra funding to keep us afloat: Sue and Bill Keast have made sure that our potential as a training platform has been maintained and Roy Brixton has been responsible for the mammoth task of keeping all of the online bridge sessions available. Those tasks have been undertaken in addition to their other Committee duties. In fact all of our Committee members have made themselves available to help whenever required.
Sadly there have been casualties amongst our members. Fortunately not all have been fatal (but Pete Wilson’s accident set him back considerably). Some of the fatalities, though by no means all, have been as a result of this hideous pandemic. I know that Sue has already arranged for the appropriate respect to be shown, and where possible the Club has been represented at memorial services, if only virtually. We have also had a resignation from our Committee. Brenda Goodacre has been the Vice President of the Club for years and years. It is difficult to detail what Brenda has done for us without missing out some important points. Certainly most of our members have moved into the Club through the teaching sessions which Brenda, and Ted, undertook for many years. All our calendars, competitions and trophies have been overseen in some way by Brenda. Brenda (usually with Ted, unless Scunthorpe United were at home) played on Monday evenings, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, Thursday afternoons (with the ‘Ladies’), Thursday evenings (teaching and improvers), Friday evenings and most of the ad hoc Saturday sessions. If ever a club had a stalwart member, then that member is Brenda Goodacre. Her contributions as Vice President will obviously be missed, but I know that she is a fount of knowledge which will be plumbed whenever necessary.
I have also decided to step down as President. 2020 and 2021 have been difficult times for me. I have had many non-bridge issues which have needed my attention, as well as suffering a significant deterioration in my health. I have been delighted to represent the Club for so many years and really thought that I had been able to make a difference. . . but the pandemic has really shown me that I was no longer up to the task of managing the organization in a way which maintained the support of its members. I do not regret wanting the online sessions to move from BBO to RealBridge. The advantages (not least that a playing director would be available) were, I felt, obvious to anyone who made the effort to try out the new system (such a trial being made much easier because I ensured that extra computers were made available for those members who couldn’t log on). Sadly, the membership did not support me. I felt I should consider my position and, along with the other issues which I have just mentioned, I decided that I did not need be a part of an organization which was being ruled by Donald Trump style social media. The Club is now entering a new phase. I am certain that your new Committee will continue to ensure that it remains the best club in the county, and indeed one of the very best in the country, and I wish them every success.


I would like firstly on behalf of the committee and membership to thank Stuart for his many years of service to the club and assure him that he will be greatly missed by us all and that we hope to see him in the near future back to playing F2F bridge with us all.

I would also like to mention two additional members – Andy Lewis, who has filled the void left by Pete Wilson and who has been doing maintenance jobs in the club, from filling cracks in the roof to running repairs on the toilet systems and to Malcolm Broughton for taking over the gardening jobs and helping to keep the outside areas tidy and weed free. Thank you both.

I wanted to take the opportunity of straw polling you while you are all together, to aid future discussions at the committee with regard to Covid measures and whether you feel they are sufficient or too much and you would like a quicker return to “ normal practices”  whatever the new normal now is, sooner rather than later.

By this I mean

  1. Less windows and doors open during play and heating cranked up.  Yes…60%…….No…40%…….
  2. Catering facilities reopened – Drinks first – there are some risks attached to this e.g. Queuing, touching of knobs, taps work surfaces, cups , teaspoons, teabags etc.    


Biscuits provided – handling not controllable


  1. Other sessions   - We have taken an incremental approach to these at present to allow for cleaning regimes between sessions. It is hoped to restart Weds evenings in Nov as the next step. If Fri afternoon, Thurs Ladies club and Sat monthly events  wish to follow, it would be with the proviso that each of these would have to undertake to disinfect door handles and light switches, Bridgemates, table tops  and kitchen areas including washing pots and utensils after the session has ended and prior to the areas being reused on Thurs, Fri and Mon evenings.

Do you agree with these measures


Now we come to the issue of the Club roof. During lockdown a leak occurred at the side of the main room. Andy went up onto the roof and discovered large cracks  in the fibre glass coating which we got patched up as a temporary measure.
Val got some roofing companies round who provided some quotes but also a company called IKO who produce industrial strength roofing felt and as a favour via Stuarts daughter, they inspected the roof and it was them that highlighted the fact that there were 3 layers of roof laid one on top of the other and the wood areas of each were damp. From the quotes it then became clear that we couldn’t determine what they were actually quoting for in detail and that financially we couldn’t compare like with like.

I finally managed to get an Independent Surveyor and Building Engineer to come and provide a specification for the roof’s replacement and this has been sent out to tender to various roofing companies with a closing date of Oct 22nd. From these the committee should be able to make a recommendation as to the way forward which will be taken to the Club Trustees to agree financing issues. Currently we believe this will be in the region of £45K plus VAT. As you will hear from Mike it is a sum we haven’t got, so we will be looking to loan arrangements to cover some of it. So, any member willing to loan part of the sum at a low rate would be welcomed with open arms! Because of this we have also had to look at income into the club and the committee are recommending that annual subs raise from £10 to £15 and table fees from £2 to £3 per session. These have been held at their current price since moving from West Street so are probably overdue for an uplift to keep up to current cost of living and inflation.

Members asked if in agreement with the recommendation to raise annual subs to £15.

Proposed Jackie Walker, seconded  Paul Readhead, Unanimously agreed

Show of hands in favour of raising table monies 90% in support.

Thank you very much for your attention and input.

Last updated : 20th Oct 2021 08:42 BST

You will all be aware that digital communication is becoming the norm, particularly as a result of the recent lockdowns. Before lockdown the club communicated with its members mainly by means of hardcopy posted on the club noticeboard, and to a limited extent by news items on this Bridgewebs site. To bring the club more fully into the digital age, the Bridgewebs Member database has been activated and updated.

This will allow the Club to send bulk email messages to its members to advise of forthcoming competitions and other significant events.

To make the best use of the Member facilities, you need to log in to your account. Details are to be found HERE

Those club members who have never provided the EBU or the Club with an email address, or who may have recently changed their email address, will need to provide me with your name (as registered with the EBU) and your email address. You can send by email to Webmaster, or complete the form below.

Last updated : 28th Sep 2021 12:03 BST

REALBRIDGE duplicate sessions are offered on Tuesdays at 7:00pm. Links for this session are sent to all who have provided Roy with their email address. Stuart Knox has refurbished two laptop PC's which can be made available on loan to anyone who has equipment too old to handle Realbridge. The table fee is £2.00 per session, which will be collected in arrears by email invoicing. Masterpoints are awarded and NGS grades calculated. Access the Realbridge web site HERE

Last updated : 6th Nov 2021 21:47 GMT

Don't forget to periodically look at the County website to see what is being planned. Also, if you are interested and wouldn't like to think you're missing out .. why not join their emailing list?
Just a reminder, you can access the county website by the shortcut link by clicking on the County Flag at the top right of this page.

Last updated : 8th Mar 2021 22:54 GMT

Want to brush up on your bridge skills? Most are subscription-based but there is some free stuff available. Here are a few online ideas with some links:

Dominic Raynor - Bridge Teacher from Sheffield, with some interesting videos on his YouTube Channel, all of which can be found from his website.

Jack Stocken - Another Bridge teacher from Yorkshire, has a daily podcast - for all abilities.

Andrew Robson - Renowned Teacher, books, lessons and daily videos for all abilities - his website is certainly worth looking at.

Bridge Vu - An interactive play site covering all aspects of the game.

Peter Hollands - His YouTube channel is full of interesting content.

Paul Mendelson - Bridge Teacher/Author - Online Bridge Lessons


Last updated : 29th Apr 2020 17:06 BST
Wednesday Stratified Pairs
Director: Roy Brixton
Tuesday PM Club
Director: Rod
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Roy Brixton
Thu 9th December 2021
Thursday Improvers
Fri 10th December 2021
Friday Stratified Pairs
Fri 10th December 2021
Friday PM Club
  Mixed Pairs

The honours go to Brigid Hughes & Roy Brixton, the highest ranked mixed pair and overall winners. This is only the second time this event has been held, and it is Brigid's second win!

Last updated : 8th Dec 2021 08:22 GMT
  Autumn Pivot Teams

The Autumn Pivot Teams for the R J Mitchell Trophy was held over two Mondays, 22nd & 29th November. The Honours go to the Team of Roy Brixton, David Hall, Andy Lewis & Megan Williams on 154 VP, followed closely by the Team of Glynn Elwick, Keith Stewart, Mike Llewellyn & Phillip Harland on 145 VP.

Last updated : 4th Dec 2021 17:01 GMT
  Bainton Trophy Heats

The following pairs have qualified to enter the Bainton Trophy semi-final at Dunholme on 30th January 2022.

Stuart Watson & Lawrence Chapman
Trish Herring & Roy Brixton
Margaret McLeod & Andrew Lewis
David Raddish & Nettie Smith
Bill Burrows & Bob Atkin
Bill Brocklesby & Val Threadgould
Glynn Elwick & Peter Stackhouse
John Clark & Chris Taylor
Jennifer Selby & Gloria Spencer
Mike Llewellyn & Megan Williams
Maurice Lynn & Jennifer Knowler

Last updated : 4th Dec 2021 17:02 GMT

The Virtual Teams Championship was held on Realbridge over two Mondays, 10th & 17th May. The Honours go to Team Watson (Stuart Watson, Lawrence Chapman, Stuart Knox & Keiron Barron) on 134 VP, followed not too far behind by Team Brixton (Roy Brixton, David Hall, Andrew Lewis & Megan Williams) on 128 VP. A very enjoyable bridge competition, despite some minor technical issues. 

Last updated : 4th Dec 2021 17:03 GMT

Seven Teams competed for the Sunningdale Cup on Thursday 1st April, and the honours go to Team Watson (Stuart Watson, Lawrence Chapman, Stuart Knox & David Hall) with 76 VP, closely followed by Team Keast (Susan Keast, William Keast, Ian Barnes & Peter Jackson) with 75 VP. It seems to have been enjoyed by all and I hope to run another similar event soon, perhaps on a Monday.

Last updated : 11th Apr 2021 21:32 BST

For all smartphone users and Scunthorpe Bridge Club members, we have our own WhatsApp group - The intention is that it's a way of keeping in touch with one another, finding a partner (both online during these times of lockdown or looking further ahead when we're all back at the club) - - as well as arranging online matches (be them friendly or competitive). If you don't have WhatsApp it's easily downloaded from your devices AppStore (it's free). Contact Jane Brown or Roy Brixton to gain access.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:28 GMT
..... see less

Authorised Information (AI) is made available to you from the legal calls and legal cards played by your partner (and the opposition) - All other information you receive is Unauthorised Information (UI).

UI can come from partner's comments, gestures, mannerisms, breaks in tempo, hesitations, a question partner asks (or replies to), an alert, or an announcement. ..........

..... see more
Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:29 GMT
..... see less

Avoiding Trouble, Part 1. The best way to deal with Unauthorised Information (UI) is to try and minimise the instances of when it is transmitted. Below are a few points of helpful advice.

Refrain from ..........

..... see more
Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:29 GMT
..... see less

Avoiding Trouble, Part 2. Following on from Part 1. A few more points.

Do not offer explanations, unless asked: Partner makes an unusual call (cue-bid for example) – don't wave your alert ca ..........

..... see more
Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:29 GMT
..... see less

Avoiding Trouble, Part 3. The final instalment of the UI and Table Etiquette series.

In Tempo Care when making limit bids: Generally speaking limit bids shouldn't take that much thought by the virtue that they're 'limited'. Typical limit bids: Opening 1NT or 2NT, showing support of partners opening bids, inviting game over partners 1NT opening. ..........

..... see more
Last updated : 26th May 2021 16:12 BST
  • Opening Night a
  • Opening Night b
Last updated : 8th Mar 2021 11:20 GMT