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  Member Masterpoint Ranks

Masterpoint Ranks 1st March 2023

Last updated : 9th Mar 2023 09:40 GMT
  EBU National Pairs

The Regional Final of the EBU National Pairs for the Northern Region will be held by Manchester CBA on Realbridge on 26th March.
13 Scunthorpe pairs have qualified for entry as listed HERE. Full details HERE

Last updated : 20th Feb 2023 13:05 GMT
  Harold Martin

It is with sadness that we have to inform you all that long time member Harold Martin has passed away. He was always a gentleman at the table and was well liked by all who knew him. Funeral details will be posted when known.

Last updated : 27th Jan 2023 08:44 GMT
  Blue Book and White Book

Please note that the EBU will be publishing a new Blue Book and a new White Book, with changes taking effect from 1st September and they will incorporate online regulations that are currently contained in the Sky-Blue Book. You can read draft versions with the proposed changes and the changes document using the links below. Finalised versions of both books will be available to view and download shortly. 

Last updated : 9th Aug 2022 08:56 BST

For all smartphone users and Scunthorpe Bridge Club members, we have our own WhatsApp group - The intention is that it's a way of keeping in touch with one another, finding a partner (both online during these times of lockdown or looking further ahead when we're all back at the club) - - as well as arranging online matches (be them friendly or competitive). If you don't have WhatsApp it's easily downloaded from your devices AppStore (it's free). Contact Jane Brown or Roy Brixton to gain access.

Last updated : 28th Jun 2022 22:49 BST
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Authorised Information (AI) is made available to you from the legal calls and legal cards played by your partner (and the opposition) - All other information you receive is Unauthorised Information (UI).

UI can come from partner's comments, gestures, mannerisms, breaks in tempo, hesitations, a question partner asks (or replies to), an alert, or an announcement. ..........

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Last updated : 28th Jun 2022 22:50 BST
  • Opening Night a
  • Opening Night b
Last updated : 28th Jun 2022 22:50 BST
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Welcome to Scunthorpe Bridge Club
Welcome to the Home Page for Scunthorpe Bridge Club

This page provides information on all aspects of the club, including results from previous weeks and details of forthcoming events.

Come and enjoy bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Want to learn the game? Check out our lesson details.

Telephone 01724 845751 after 6:30 pm on club evenings.

Last updated : 6th Feb 2023 09:37 GMT

Championship Pivot Teams Fridays 24th & 31st March

County SIM Pairs Monday 27th March (Table Money £3)

British Spring SIM Pairs Friday 14th April (Table Money £6)


Last updated : 13th Mar 2023 16:24 GMT

You will all be aware that digital communication is becoming the norm, particularly as a result of the recent lockdowns. Before lockdown the club communicated with its members mainly by means of hardcopy posted on the club noticeboard, and to a limited extent by news items on this Bridgewebs site. To bring the club more fully into the digital age, the Bridgewebs Member database has been activated and updated.

This will allow the Club to send bulk email messages to its members to advise of forthcoming competitions and other significant events.

To make the best use of the Member facilities, you need to log in to your account. Details are to be found HERE

Those club members who have never provided the EBU or the Club with an email address, or who may have recently changed their email address, will need to provide me with your name (as registered with the EBU) and your email address. You can send by email to Webmaster, or complete the form below.

Last updated : 28th Sep 2021 12:03 BST

Don't forget to periodically look at the County website to see what is being planned. Also, if you are interested and wouldn't like to think you're missing out .. why not join their emailing list?
Just a reminder, you can access the county website by the shortcut link by clicking on the County Flag at the top right of this page.

Last updated : 10th Feb 2022 07:49 GMT

Want to brush up on your bridge skills? Most are subscription-based but there is some free stuff available. Here are a few online ideas with some links:

Dominic Raynor - Bridge Teacher from Sheffield, with some interesting videos on his YouTube Channel, all of which can be found from his website.

Jack Stocken - Another Bridge teacher from Yorkshire, has a daily podcast - for all abilities.

Andrew Robson - Renowned Teacher, books, lessons and daily videos for all abilities - his website is certainly worth looking at.

Bridge Vu - An interactive play site covering all aspects of the game.

Peter Hollands - His YouTube channel is full of interesting content.

Paul Mendelson - Bridge Teacher/Author - Online Bridge Lessons


Last updated : 29th Apr 2020 17:06 BST
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Avoiding Trouble, Part 1. The best way to deal with Unauthorised Information (UI) is to try and minimise the instances of when it is transmitted. Below are a few points of helpful advice.

Refrain from ..........

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Last updated : 1st Nov 2022 16:54 GMT
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Avoiding Trouble, Part 2. Following on from Part 1. A few more points.

Do not offer explanations, unless asked: Partner makes an unusual call (cue-bid for example) – don't wave your alert card and the ..........

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Last updated : 1st Nov 2022 16:55 GMT
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Avoiding Trouble, Part 3. The final instalment of the UI and Table Etiquette series.

In Tempo Care when making limit bids: Generally speaking limit bids shouldn't take that much thought by the virtue that they're 'limited'. Typical limit bids: Opening 1NT or 2NT, showing support of partners opening bids, inviting game over partners 1NT opening. ..........

..... see more
Last updated : 1st Nov 2022 16:55 GMT
Tuesday PM Club
Director: Rod Williams
Monday Pairs
Director: Roy Brixton
Friday PM Club
Director: Wanda Kotowska
Wed 22nd March 2023
Wednesday Stratified Pairs
Thu 23rd March 2023
Thursday Improvers
Fri 24th March 2023
Friday PM Club
  Masters Pairs

The Masters Pairs heat was held at the club on Sunday  26th February. Eleven pairs played in two 24 board sessions stretching from 11:00am to 6:00pm. A very enjoyable day of bridge. Overall, 71 pairs participated, Roy Brixton & Jane Brown the top Scunthorpe pair in 4th place, closely followed by Pat Donaldson & Louise Lewis in 7th place.

Last updated : 26th Feb 2023 21:10 GMT
  Vic Llewellyn Trophy - Championship Teams

The Championship Teams was held on two Mondays, 13th & 20th February.  Eight teams battled against each other for two gruelling 28 board sessions. The honours go to clear winners Roy Brixton, Malcolm Broughton, Jane Brown & Nick Holmes with 107 Vps.

Last updated : 21st Feb 2023 12:23 GMT
  Individual Championship

Fifteen players competed for the Individual Championship on Sunday 12th February. A tightly run competition of fifteen 2 board rounds eventually won convincingly by Margaret McLeod. Well Done!

Last updated : 13th Feb 2023 15:34 GMT
  Mixed Pairs

14 pairs participated in the Mixed Pairs, held on Monday 16th January. Yet again! Brigid Hughes was a third time in a row winner! The honours go to clear winners Alan Davies & Brigid Hughes. Well Done!

Last updated : 17th Jan 2023 08:50 GMT
  Bainton Trophy Semi-final

The Bainton Trophy Semi-final was held at Dunholme VH on Sunday 15th January. Twenty pairs played a 10 table 10 round X 3 boards share and relay Mitchell. Congratulations to overall winners Jane Brown and Nicholas Holmes. The top 10 pairs qualify to play in the Bainton Green Point Final at Dunholme VH on Sunday 29th January, including Mike Llewellyn & Megan Williams and Roy Brixton & David Hall. 

Last updated : 17th Jan 2023 08:58 GMT
  George Marshall Trophy (Autumn Teams)

The Autumn Teams was held on two Wednesdays, 14th December & 21st December.  Disappointingly, a contest between only four teams. The honours go to clear winners Mike Llewellyn, Megan Williams, Andy Lewis & Louise Lewis with 50 Vps.

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2022 09:31 GMT
  RJ Mitchell Trophy (Autumn Pivot Teams)

The Autumn Pivot Teams was held on two Fridays, 25th November & 2nd December. A tightly fought contest between five teams. The honours go to Malcolm Broughton, Brigid Hughes, Roy Brixton, Jane Brown & David Hall with 52 VPs, closely followed by Mike Llewellyn, Megan Williams, Andy Lewis & Louise Lewis with 49 Vps.

Last updated : 3rd Dec 2022 17:21 GMT
  Autumn Pairs Championship

The Autumn Pairs Championship was played on Wednesday 26th October. Winners were Shirley Terry & Val Croissant. Well Done! It is not our best attended session day, and only 7 pairs participated. We hope to do better in future events.

Last updated : 30th Oct 2022 08:58 GMT
  County SIM Pairs

The first "Real" County SIM Pairs was held on Monday 26th September. Six affiliated Lincolnshire Clubs participated and 72 pairs played. Third overall were Phillip Harland & Sue Barraclough. Well Done!

Last updated : 28th Sep 2022 08:50 BST