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Bridge Diary of an Addict
21st December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-11.48 16/18 42.95 0 National Master King 59.15




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Kievs, fried new potatoes, asparagus, carrots and broccoli for dinner, yum!!!

On to Farnham after eating, arrive early and set-up the tables.

It's free tonight and mince pies and wine too, normal bridge session but the club's way of saying "Merry Christmas".

Jill and I never seem to do well at Farnham, yet we do everywhere else.  So it was tonight crying

Pleased to see Barbara & Simon joint top with Colin & David at YHBC tonight, the last session until next year now.  CBC still open Thursday and Friday (27th and 28th December).

Our last hand of the night is interesting, how do you bid this?  The Grand is only makable if you risk keeping a trump to ruff the 3rd  - a strong club and only 2 pairs found a slam at all, some not in game - any ideas???

I must say, I struggled and invented bids and then punted it anyway, would genuinely love to know the answer....

A friend ready my diary last night and has offered to take the old units to the dump for us tomorrow, very kind, thanks Simon!

A shame this was not a better session but still, can't win them all.  Another year done for me (in terms of Bridge), YHBC on the 2nd Jan then Teams at CBC on 3rd Jan our the next sessions I can make.

As some of you may know, I wrote this mainly for the Improvers group - confession time, I indulged myself after a while and now I feel the indulgence should end now the group has, temporarily, disbanded.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my bridge exploits, my life and a bit about what an addict is like!  With any luck, some of my ramblings may have been useful, I may have helped advertise events and boost attendance and kept people "aware" of Bridge.  For others, a discreet way to be nosey!!!  All is fine with me!!!

I shall continue playing and doing admin etc and hope to see you all at the Bridge table soon............................................................... ..............................................................

Coffee with friends in the afternoon and Christmas get together tomorrow night

The Highs and Lows:

7     We didn't make a  trick, 110 still wouldn't have improved the % much though
9   I mis-bid here then time ran out and I conceded as any negative score would be the same result, sorry partner, we should have found 5s
10   Well bid partner, I played it quite well too
11   I got this totally wrong
12   I didn't spot the double of 3 was penalties, sorry again
13   Hard to find the slam, Ops didn't take the A so I discarded it on the long
16   Hard to bid game here, well played partner though, not all made 10 tricks
17   I got the trumps wrong here, should lose the first and pin the second
18   I should ruff the 3rd , sorry
22   Ops didn't bid game (which is there) and others are crashing down - not fair!
23   Partner lost a trick by playing the s, leave these for the Ops to start or duck the first to pin the second
24   I need to give partner a ruff, I didn't spot it, sorry
25   Ops got into a mess after their partner jumped and I doubled
26   We were the only pair to find the right defence here!  I asked for a so I could make my K and partner got a ruff
27   Here is the hand of the night.......  How should this be bid and SHOULD I have punted it?
21st December 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+3.92 2/7 55.56 20 National Master King 59.65




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked at home, then helped Dorothy and picked up some pressies from her to take to the club.

Then into the office for brunch and to say Happy Christmas to my Manager and a few others that were in the office.

Onto bridge (early) and helped set-up.

We had a terrible session, both felt quite down as nothing worked and we both made countless errors - look at scores and we are 2nd!!!  Everyone else must have suffered as much as us!

We were saved by our last 2 rounds really I think, almost every hand a top or bottom though, only brief comments below....!!!

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1     Ops missed game and a slam
2   Ops didn't compete and let me play and make 2
3   We defended well
5   I played well here
6   Ops bid my suit, I put a cheeky bid in and was left there, it is all we can make!
7   Pass or bid onto 3NT partner, part score in a minor cannot be a good score when you can defeat Ops vul....
11   Well bid and played Ops
12   Ops should be in the other major....
16   We defended well
17   Ops were too ambitious, partner signalled for the  by mistake but it didn't matter
18   Pass 2NT partner....
19   Well bid Ops
20   Well defended Ops
21   Good bidding and play
22   I should bid 4 not 3NT, sorry partner
23   Good defence here
24   Well played Ops, only one other made 12 tricks which is a little unfair on us!
20th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+6.83 1=/16 62.50 33 National Master King 59.47




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

The quiet week continues, feels odd as it was supposed to be a hectic week, half day again today but time to sort things out.

I have taken a hammer to the old kitchen units so they can now be taken to the tip when we have time and a large car!

Cleaned and tidied the house and more bridge admin (sorting teams for Jan - NICKO, CBC, YHBC, Surrey League and 2 BBL teams!!!).

Also gave IT support to John over the phone and set-up a daily timer routine for our Christmas lights using Alexa!

Our lodger got McDonalds for dinner on his way home, not the healthiest of meals but nice once in a while.

Headed off to the bridge club, early as always!  Not much set-up to do but put a lot of chairs out and the score cards.

Val wasn't well but came to play with Sylvia and would have stayed if no partner for her, it wasn't needed in the end as Arun needed a partner (they did quite well too, in the points, well done both).

Val also wished everyone a very merry Christmas - get well soon Val.

We had a good night tonight, joint top (went up as the last hand was scored!) - we had 1 disagreement (I think I was more in the wrong here but 6NT does make....  Not fair though, it is very hard to make).  1 bad overcall that worked for the Ops!  1 poor play by me (mainly as I was expecting partner to bid again so played "disgruntled") and 1 bid after a hesitation.  A lot of good things though which made up for it.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2     I bid at the 2 level so expected partner to bid again, I then played the hand terribly anyway!
7   Well played partner, the extra trick was brilliant against strong Ops
9   I decided to bid after Ops opened with a weak 2 and we stayed at the right level.  I got the s right to make it.
11   Ops hesitated and their partner bid on - now, he has a 9 count which was fine but it left a bad taste just the same.
12   I played well here
13   We didn't think this was a sacrifice but it turned out to be a good one!
17   Well played partner, lucky nobody touched the s!
18   Well bid partner, I did well to make it seems as I was allowed to set-up a to discard a from my hand
19   I thought about bidding on in s (but probably 6!) - good job I didn't and well played partner to make it.
20   Ops didn't set-up the s and I got back in after the A had been played
23   I was jovially told off by Ops for opening here but it helped partner to bid the slam, well bid partner!
19th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-1.09 2/12 53.73 30 National Master King 59.15




Playing with a regular partner in round 9 of the Beryl Doughty

A half day with work and then Bridge admin and working on my convention cards.

I did dinner tonight for me and the lodgers (chicken and chips), simple but tasty!

We had a fair amount to take to the club and also collected John from the round the corner to save him from driving.

Judy made some delicious mince tarts for everyone, they went down really well too, I had the choc 'n cherry one and it was delicious!

Bridge was a roller-coaster tonight, some silly errors (me mainly) but some great bidding and play too.  A lot of fun which is half the battle.

We are now 2nd in the Competition (6 points behind) so need to try and get a 67+ score in the next 3 months....!

Nice to see Chris play tonight, he said he was coming and I said to him this afternoon "we will both do well tonight" - we came 1st and 2nd between us (though he did much better than us!).

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4     Good double Ops and good  switch too
7   Ops opened light and I doubled, I was slightly misled by partner in the play and didn't switch to a , we should have defeated this for a top
8   I managed to make an over-trick here for a good score, lucky not to get a lead
13   I wanted to bid 2 over Ops 1NT but couldn't as we play APSTRO.  I couldn't get this out of my head and so bid 3 after Ops bid 2 - why did I do that!!!
14   Good double partner and well done for passing my 2
15   Accurate bidding here and well played partner
17   I missed a trick here
18   The slam was hard to find here but only 1 did and only 3 of us made 12 tricks.  Getting the right was the key here
19   Ops were in the wrong contract but how often is a minor better than NT
20   Well played partner, 2 tricks more than par here!
18th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A N/A N/A 0 National Master King 59.19




As I am now fairly quiet this week, I took the day off (still with laptop on and kept up to date with e-mails and a few work bits)

I went to lunch with Jo & Margaret (clearing up some of our weekend leftover cheese and pate!).

Helped Margaret out with a few bits and came home.

A bit of Bridge admin, corrections, home page cleanse for both CBC and YHBC and my own schedule too.

Vee then took me to the Toby Carvery for our work's do and collected me at 10pm too.

The meal was good, the banter was great and I ran a quiz too (me reading questions this time so voice now a little croaky!!!).

All good fun and home at a reasonable time too.

Vee went to our Neighbours for Carol singing, drinks and nibbles (I was invited too but was out).

I think we are very lucky to have such a good set of Neighbours.

Playing at YHBC in Round 9 of the Beryl Doughty tomorrow (as is Vee & Val)

17th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-10.35 13/19 45.45 0 National Master King 59.19




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A busy but good day at work, maybe my last day in the office as nobody else there now!!!  No point going in if nobody there....!

Have decided to take tomorrow off as meetings have now been cancelled due to lack of attendance with holidays.

A nice pasta meal tonight then off to Bridge (early as always to set the hall up).

We have had a few issues as a pair and tonight was better in terms of no real arguing but we didn't get it right tonight.  Some was the Ops doing good things but some was us.

We had a bad first round and that never helps really.

Pleased to see William do better tonight (even if he didn't pass my lead test at our table!)

Coffee and Cake for lunch then works Christmas Meal tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

6     Over a weak 2, partner bids 3, Ops jump to 4 and I bid 5 - I am better off passing but I didn't picture the  holding as it was
7   Ops ignored the fit and bid 4, if partner leads the singleton we take this miles off, I can understand why she didn't on this bidding though
8   Ops lost track of the s and let me ruff and make my J (as well as a  and a )
10   I trapped East here and put a tough decision on what to lead near the end, the is what is needed for them but not easy to see so I was given the freely
11   Ops pushed too high and we defended well
12   We didn't get the defence right here, I need to push a through
13   Needs a lead, not easy to find though
14   Very hard to defeat this but we need to play 2 rounds to take dummy's entry out
16   I must bid 3 here, sorry partner
20   I need to play my Q (early on to take the contract off or 2 tricks from the end to hold it to 9 for a good score)
23   Ops were very unlucky, right contract, wrong player - if by East, they are home and dry AND I managed to find the lead!
16th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A N/A N/A 0 National Master King 59.61




Shopping this morning then cooking and sorting the house ready for tonight.

Vee didn't need a hand making the lemon meringue so I had a bath and relaxed for an hour, I needed it!

We did a good spread and got through a fair number of bottles (champagne and Prosecco) - had a great night with our neighbours and they appreciated the invite too.

House all cleaned and back together by 10pm too!

Pros and Cons of a "school" night, early start and finish so time to clean and clear but nobody got carried away and no 3am finish!

A busy but lovely weekend - hectic week to come then Christmas!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

15th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A 3/4 711 0 National Master King 59.61




Playing with friends Socially.

I received the next CBC Rota and have uploaded it to the CBC website now.

Had a small lie in until 8am today then watched TV for a bit before heading to our friends Les & Jennie.

We stopped at Waitrose to get Jam Tarts but they had none - oh no crying

Instead, we got a (large!!!!) tray or profiteroles and some double cream!

We had a brilliant day with Les & Jennie, 10:30 until 15:30 with a quiche and salad followed by profiteroles and coffee (bridge in-between!).

Lots of chat and banter and all were on good form (I may have been a little abstract but hey....!).

Jennie is not well but was so up and cheerful and refuses to let anything stop her, she is amazing and we both left in such admiration, both are wonderful people.

We had a lot of fun and the Bridge was fairly close but Jennie won, then Vee, then me then Les.

Straight onto my Dad's after that to drop off the equipment left at the CBC party and we had a long chat with my Aunt & Uncle who had just got back from the US.

They lead such a busy life, at a party tonight then up to Preston tomorrow and onto the Lakes then down to Devon for Christmas before going back to France, hard to keep up with them and I thought we were busy !!!

Home for an hour then off to our friends Christmas meal.  We didn't hold high expectations as it was at the Crown & Cushion in Minley.  However, it was really good food, service and company - we really enjoyed it!

Tired when home and watched TV for an hour before Vee went to bed.  I am writing this (!) then will watch comedy for an hour and an early night.

Christmas Drinks with our Neighbours tomorrow

14th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-4.26 7/14 50.00 0 National Master King 59.61




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A light meal then back out tonight.

I left early as traffic was bad and frosty conditions, no problems at all though so arrived very early and put all the chairs out.

We had fun tonight but a lot didn't work, sobeit, we laughed and had no arguments.

Playing socially in the morning then a Christmas Meal with friends tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     I showed at least 5s and partner didn't support with 3 - I still thought for ages and should have bid on, my fault mainly I think.
4   I should have bid my suit, 3 - Ops probably go on to 3 then....
11   An interesting hand - We bid to 5 but Ops showed the majors and went to 5, I then bid 6 and Ops bid 6 - I double, Ops redouble (a top is a top and a bottom is a bottom!) - not often seen though, a round 1000!
14   We should let Ops play in 2
15   I need to play my K so North can't get in, not obvious though
16   Ops didn't find the ruff, phew!
20   Ops missed the slam, 3NT score better too
22   We missed the slam but only 1 other pair made 12 tricks, well played partner
14th December 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-5.22 7/11 48.75 0 National Master King 59.78




Playing with a regular partner at the CBC Afternoon Party.

Worked at home so more flexible on timing as I picked Dorothy up at 11:45 for the Party (starting early!).

We had a nice group for a chat pre-bridge and lovely Ploughmans, thanks Frances and Sylvia!

All excellent and another raffle too.

Bridge was not brilliant but not terrible either, neither of us felt up to it today.

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1     I could have made this as I was given a  trick - now back to my hand, last trump round and I don't lose the ruff, drat!
2   Ops didn't take the second as I played the J
5   Well bid and played
8   Not partner's finest play
10   Partner could have made this but should only ever be 1 off
11   We got lucky here, bidding and play
13   Good defence partner
14   Partner needs to play towards her K for the 8th trick, turned a top into a bottom (harsh this game sometimes!)
16   Sometimes, everything is right and you get all that you want...!
17   We didn't defend well this time
21   The only hand I was cross on, partner can see we need to take the trump of the table to stop the ruff...
23   We put Ops under pressure and took it one off
24   Partner can do a little better here, the clues were in the bidding
13th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A 2/14 702 0 National Master King 60.00




Playing with a friend at the CBC Evening Party.

It was "bring food in" at work today so we had a feast set-up in one of the offices, yummy!

I have been asked to do a slightly more traditional quiz for our works night out next week, I had planned on using the Quiz I did for YHBC, oh well!

We left as soon as Vee home and washed/changed etc (he looked very nice in his Indian Suit, I put a shirt and tie on too!).

We helped set-up the hall but most of the work had been done, amazing job all!

I really enjoyed it tonight, partner had a few issues (not bridge related) and I helped (or hope I did) to calm him down and made him e-mail me when he got home (which he did - all is well, phew!).

We had a good game of cards too, some nice scores and some helpful leads (William.....!) - I offered some help on leads at our table, hopefully in a nice way.  I am rooting for William, he is polite, charming and very bright, I hope he does well for a long time to come.

With Margaret on her own tonight, I persuaded John to come out and play - it was easier for us to switch partners as I play with John and Vee plays with Margaret, tonight was just about fun and not about being cut-throat so it worked out well.  Vee enjoyed the party and did well at bridge too.

We came 2nd (beating Andy & Alistair by 1 point!) but a long way behind Barbara & Val (they had 745, we had 702).  Well done girls!

Nick & Rachel won EW too, a good night for all my partners!!!

I have added a note to the CBC home page and a dummy result to the Results page for the party.

Playing at the CBC Christmas Party tomorrow and YHBC in the evening

The Highs and Lows:

1     Easier to set-up but still, HUGE thanks to Val, David, Geoff, Moira, Jim, Vee and Linda for setting up the hall
2   Great food!  Thanks Dad!
3   Great Company, thanks Partner mainly but a good atmosphere and good bridge!
12th December 2018

Sylvia Rose:

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A Win 20-0 54 National Master King 60.00




Playing with Team Mates in a Sylvia Rose match.

A few meetings with work and chores at home but nothing major today.

Toasties for dinner then Vee and I go to different Bridge Clubs - Vee played with Val at YHBC (and did well, half way just under 50%) - results HERE

Trevor presented Jill with the Dorin Salver at YHBC tonight (Vee took it home for me as I will have it for the first half and Jill for the second half).  We also have the boards here for the Affiliated Club Teams of 8 in January.

I helped set up all the tables at Farnham as I arrived early then settled down for the match.

We didn't feel we had started too strongly but our Team Mates did!  37 up at half time.

Nick & I were very good in the second half and we won by 77 in the end (20-0).

Playing at the CBC Christmas Party tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     Ops bid a slam against us, Team Mates were in game
7   Ops were in the wrong contract and we took it off 2, Team Mates made 3NT
9   We had a mis-understanding and ended up in 2s when we had a major fit, fortunately, Team Mates made 3NT+2
12   Ops were too ambitious and I doubled for 300, Team Mates stayed in a part score and made it
18   We made 3NT, Team Mates took 4S off at their table
21   We made game, Team Mates made a false sacrifice for 800!
22   We pushed Ops up and took game off, Team Mates made 4
23   We made 4, Team Mates held Ops to 3
11th December 2018


A nice day today, all is falling in to place at work ready for Year End, fairly quiet week now and then a busy one next week!

I made Carbonara tonight, was tasty too!

Left early tonight as playing in our club's Annual Chris Moore tournament.  Chris used to be one of my partners back when I played seriously and he died on court a few years back (I wasn't playing badminton then).  So sad.

His Son works at BAE in the same building as me and plays at the club, he was there tonight too - he only won one game though, his last game with me and he was so thrilled he game me a hug!

I did quite well, 3rd overall and only lost 1 game, not bad.

We had nibbles (all provided something) and a LOT of raffle prizes, we raised over £200 tonight for the Heart Foundation.

Playing at Farnham in the Sylvia Rose tomorrow (as Vee & Val play at YHBC)

10th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-1.86 7/20 53.47 6 National Master King 60.00




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A good day at work today including Pizza for lunch from our Boss (with Christmas music!).  We are not going out as a team this year so he wanted to treat us, very nice.

Have been helping Surrey out a bit today with their website, the Webmanager is being quite responsive and it is starting to look good.

Omelette and wedges tonight then on to Bridge early to set up all the tables and chairs.

I stay away from the Scoring set-up but a few little issues (wires not plugged in!) which I sorted.  No real issues other than our Tab lost signal on the last round but I was able to re-submit our scores.

Val announced the win Jill & I had in the Dorin Salver (as well as David & Colin and John & Keith's great results) - unfortunately, neither of us lived up to the hype tonight!

It is fair to say, neither me or my partner enjoyed the session tonight and a few arguments.  I would rather enjoy the session and come last than fight.  I think we will resolve the issues but was quite heated tonight.  We got a reasonable score all considered.

Good to see Simon & Dennis top, well done both!

Playing in a club Badminton Tournament tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     We play Full Transfers and had a disagreement.  I completed the transfer to say I was weak with no interest.  Partner then bid 3NT (she has a nice hand).  No issues with that but we need to have a get out.  I believe that 3 (breaking the transfer) invites to game and partner can then sign off in 3 if weak or 3NT or 5 if strong.  If I bid 3, I want to stop there.
3   Ops mis-bid and it worked out well for them!
5   Ops missed the Slam.  I think East has a strong opener here though.
9   We stopped at the right level (although the matrix says I can only make 6 tricks!)  I got the s right and wasn't forced in s though.
11   I asked for a  and partner thought I wanted a , unfortunate.  I should have bid 4 but partner only bid once so I wasn't sure we were strong enough.
13   After 3 passes, I opened 4 - if I had opened 1 we may have found the better 4 contract - we were in game at least though!
19   Partner played the Ds in the wrong order so it went wrong trick 1 here, unfortunate but I can see why partner didn't want to play the J first.
20   We missed game here but not many made 9 tricks, partner played it perfectly
23   Well bid Ops!
9th December 2018

Social Teams:

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A 4th 101 0 National Master King 60.06




Playing with my life partner in social teams.

Shopping this morning (big wine bill this time leading up to Christmas!!!) and after lunch, we went to Longacres for a Tree and a few extra decorations.

It was extremely busy but we managed to park ok and got what we wanted.  We didn't want a real tree but wanted a nice fake tree to keep.

Vee put it up almost on his own, I helped a little.  It looks good!

I have moved the smart plug to the Tree lights so they now turn on/off with voice command or from our phones!

I have e-mailed Surrey about a number of issues and possible improvements on their website and queried the notes on the Dorin Salver winners (we get free entry to a one day event between Oct18 and Jul19, We are in Dec18 now!!!).

To their credit, the webmanager has addressed some points today and will look at the others this week.

Jill & I are still over the moon about winning the Salver, Jill has now won this twice (I don't know of anyone else who has done that) and have added that comment to the YHBC and CBC home pages!

We play in a social teams group once every 2 months and this was our Christmas Special.  We normally all take some food for a feast but we order Chinese for this one.

We started well, winning 18-2 and 16-4 on round 1.  Then we missed game, didn't defend well and I messed up a slam!

We finished well though winning 17-3 and 14-6 where Marilyn out-played Tony to make 3N+3 (we took him off!) and Pippa out-bid Sheila raising to game where she stayed in a part score, well done girls!!!

A good night and a productive day but another weekend with very little down-time!  Start again tomorrow for another busy week....

Playing at CBC tomorrow

8th December 2018

Surrey League:

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A Win 18-2 81 National Master King 60.06




Playing with Team Mates in our second Surrey League match.

We caught up with some TV this morning then off to Basingstoke Christmas Shopping and seeing my Niece and Great-Niece and dropping off pressies.

A full day out in the end but not a bad day.

Home for dinner then Simon picks me up and onto Alan and then Jo to get to Woking for 7.15pm.

The match was really pleasant, all good humour and a great spread - hospitality was perfect.

Ops made a bidding error on the first hand against Simon and I, I doubled for 1400 - they never really recovered after that.

Playing Social Teams tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2     Team Mates were too ambitious and went off in a slam, Ops made 11 tricks in game
3   Team Mates bid game, we held Ops to 8 tricks in a part score
7   Our first hand of the night, I open 1, Ops double, partner bids 2, Ops bid 3 then 4 and I double.  My left hand Opp had 16 HCPs but only 2s.  Their partner only had 4s and I was 5/5 in the Majors!  1400, ouch
9   We defeat 3NT, Team Mates make 3NT +1
13   Team Mates made 9 tricks in a part score, we could have defeated 3NT but partner didn't think he would get back in so discarded his winning !!!
15   I made 4, Team Mates held Ops to 9 tricks in a part score
20   We defeat 3NT, Team Mates make 3NT
21   Team Mates went for a slam that wasn't there, Ops made game against us
22   We defeated 4 by 2, Team Mates made 9 tricks in a part score
7th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A 1/11 525 0 National Master King 60.06




Playing with my life partner in the YHBC Christmas Party Bridge (and the Party!!!)

Just time to do my afternoon Diary entry, add 2 members for CBC and change the home page (new Promotions) and roll the Rota on etc as Vee finished the Samosas and had a shower - then I got washed and changed and loaded the car....

We arrive at 6pm and help with the set-up, quite a few helpers arrived early and it went quickly and well.

We had 11 full tables and sat as larger tables to socialise, quiz and eat!

I gave copies of the Quiz to each table and Vee and I enjoyed the quizzical looks as the room completed them.  They all found it a bit tough and I think some of the categories were too "open" or "vague", apologies all.

See for yourself, perhaps try over Christmas with your friends and family?

Quiz (to download) in the Main menu, Christmas Party or HERE

Answers (to download) in the Main menu, Christmas Party or HERE

We all had plenty to eat and drink and the raffle went well too, not sure how much we raised but I think all were very generous!

Alan thanked everyone and Val F thanked him too!  Quiz answers and Jean & Bobbi's table won the Quiz (a small bottle each as a prize!).

A quick clear of the room and we are a Bridge Club again!

Vee and I helped Margaret & Andy out on the first round by giving them 2 nice scores then we played well for the rest of the night.  Pleased Margaret & Andy won NS and we managed to win EW too!

Waiting on 2 clubs to submit results today for the Surrey Sim Pairs.  Jill and I are currently top for the week with 70.08% and in line for the Dorin Salver depending on todays result, keep track HERE

Playing in our second Surrey League Match tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     Lots to Eat!
2   Quiz went well!!
3   Bridge went well!!!
7th December 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-5.89 7/9 47.94 0 National Master King 60.06




Playing with a regular partner in The Surrey Sim Pairs for the Dorin Salver.

In the office today and a relaxed day with good banter.

Straight to Bridge from work and found Partner feeling under the weather, I would have totally understood if she had stayed home and rested for tonight's party.

We didn't have a great day and analysis won't be available until later (due to the Sim Pairs Hands being played elsewhere tonight).

I am also pushed for time as have CBC admin to do and the YHBC Christmas Party to prepare for and get to!  All adds up to no analysis today.....!

I have added a dummy calendar entry for the Sims Results (HERE) but the results won't be live until tonight as more playing the hands.

Well done John & Keith, a HUGE score today, may rival Jill and my score on Wednesday for the Salver (we are back to top so far this week as Horley had entered results but not played the Sims, it was an error and hands wouldn't have matched, good spot Jill!).

YHBC Christmas Party shortly and playing in our second Surrey League Match tomorrow

6th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+0.87 4/19 57.10 18 National Master King 60.32




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

In the office today and had 1 really positive meeting where my ideas were listened too!

It has been a tricky day as I am on O2 and had no data all day, trying to help out with Convention Cards and keeping on top of things was not easy today.  When I got home and my phone came to life, I had over 60 messages to deal with (emails mostly but texts and WhatsApp too!).

Gammon and Chips for me and our lodger as Vee had Curry again.  I peeled a bag of potatoes ready for him though and Vee then made the Samosas for the party tomorrow (frying tomorrow!).

I have printed the Quiz and bought puddings and prizes, all set I think.

We had a solid night tonight, a few great bids by the Ops and a couple of bits we could do better but overall, enjoyed.  I started to get critical again though and tried to stop myself, it's no good when I get cross or in a mood!

Understanding the Tabs better each session too, no errors with Names NS but still some East and West the wrong way round, we checked all the names entered at the start too so we could eliminate the human error part (which is where the NS Name errors were coming from I think).

I have taken a photo and a video of turning the Tabs off too as I think we can now work out another minor issue, all getting closer!

All Sims results submitted for last night now, we have dropped to 2nd unfortunately but I am still pleased with our result.

I arrived early to help and stayed at the end to help too!  Just Val and I at the end and we scored, cleared and had a chat, we work well together!  So pleased Sylvia did well with Linda tonight, I gave her a hug before she left.

Playing at CBC tomorrow then YHBC Christmas Party in the evening!

The Highs and Lows:

2     I reversed as I valued my hand high, not a good decision!
3   Well bid partner, I played it carefully too
4   I opened strong here in 4th seat and was surprised when partner went looking for a slam having passed to start with but well thought out and bid partner - a few bid slams but nobody else made it (only 1 other pair made 12 tricks, key was playing for split honours in s
6   I couldn't do anything after partner made a penalty double, not partner's fault either, just a nightmare hand
11   Ops didn't find the best contract and didn't manage the trump split well enough
12   Well bid Ops, we defended as well as we could but couldn't touch it
16   Well played partner, the extra trick was crucial here
19   This board didn't suit our system, had we used a 2 suited defence we would have found the s, unfortunate
20   A dodgy double but it paid off this time
22   Ops missed the slam (and game)
23   Good double partner, I left it in as I felt partner's points were on the right side, they were (so were the s!!!)
24   We pushed Ops up too far and I was mean enough to double again, sorry Ops
5th December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+11.27 1/22 69.71 48 National Master King 60.27




Playing with a regular partner in a round of the Surrey Sim Pairs - Dorin Salver.

Only worked the morning today as it's a quiet week with work.  Good job too as ache from last night's Badminton!

I made Steak and Chips for me and our lodger (Fillet Steak and Triple cooked Chips too!), was yummy!

Vee made a quick Curry but it took longer than he thought and he ended up a bit rushed, I offered to help but there wasn't much I could do.  It was fine though.

Our Echo Dot arrived late this afternoon (Alexa device) so have set that up and can now turn the lights on and off in the front room with my voice or my phone!  Not really needed but it amuses me...!

We set up a lot of the tables and chairs tonight and sat away from each other (normally best not to play against each other if we can!).

Some really tricky hands tonight but we got some help and we both bid and played well - just a few slips from each of us but generally it was good.  When I saw the results, I was shocked at how well we had done though.

I have added the Sims Results to a dummy calendar entry on YHBC HERE 

I must confess, I am secretly pleased with playing 10 hands and averaging 82% as declarer, if only I could bid and defend to that level!

4/7 clubs submitted at time of writing this but we are currently just ahead of the 69.67% set on Monday - could easily drop as the other scores come in though.

Val & Vee enjoyed their evening too but didn't get any luck or help at all.

Penny had a tough night with director calls but handled it brilliantly and finished just inside the points too, well done!

Margaret did well at Woking this afternoon, still not sure about serious bridge after a party though.  It also meant she couldn't play tonight (both Sim Pairs hands!) so I helped fix Marion up with Norma (they had 50% tonight)

Simon won his League of 8 match tonight too, well done!  Once score submitted, I think that should push them to top of Division 2!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     Ops didn't find the  ruff and I cross ruffed most of the hand to get home
2   Ops pushed too high and we defended well
3   I played well here though Ops gave me the Q for free
5   Well played partner, she cross ruffed everything and made an impossible contract
6   I had some help with the s and got the s right (the 6 won the first  I played!)
9   I need to push on with the s, sorry partner
11   Ops opened strong and then their partner transferred and jumped to 5, a little odd and we took it 1 off, a gift you could say
15   Partner can cross ruff this to get home I think but should certainly be 1 off not 2.  She was so cross with herself for going 2 off, it happens, you were brilliant the rest of the night partner
17   We pushed Ops up to far
19   I did well to make the extra trick as I was allowed to get a away
20   I played well here, everything worked - should I open 1 or 1NT though?  Jill agreed with me that 1NT was a better description of my hand.  Playing the 8 and letting it run was particularly pleasing on this hand!
24   We stopped in exactly the right spot here, well bid partner.  I had to work hard to get it but still!
4th December 2018


Not too busy today and stayed home so only booked half a day.

Sorted out some Bridge Admin including the Sims from CBC last night, the EBU showed us that if the results don't auto-submit, click the button at the bottom of the club's EBU P2P submission to include them, simple!

Results are now added to the County results and a home page box added to CBC.

We had Pitta Pizza tonight then Vee sorted out our Christmas present ordering and a bit on the YHBC Party plus finishing the quiz (I had written most of it with 2 sections left for Vee).

Badminton was good tonight, won most of my games and most were 21-17.  I had a ripple of applause at the end of one game where I finished with a thundering kill at the net to win the game!

Playing at YHBC in the Surrey Sims tomorrow (as is Vee & Val)

7 Clubs entered:

Acacia Bridge Club
Caterham Bridge Club
Horley Bridge Club
Oxshott Bridge Club
Tudor Bridge Club
Woking Bridge Club
Yateley and Hawley Bridge Club

3rd December 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-7.46 11/20 49.17 0 National Master King 59.75




Playing with a regular partner in The Surrey Sim Pairs for the Dorin Salver.

In the office today, new Copier arrived and was simple to register on, nothing else major today.

A nice meal of Pasta Bake then off to CBC.  Arrive early as always and help set-up.  The Tabs had no issues but plugging the power lead into the unit helps.....!  We got there though and no issues again.

I was off form tonight though, play was awful if I am honest.  I was doubled in 4s which makes 11 tricks but I went off !

I have added a dummy calendar entry for the Sims Results (HERE) but unfortunately, our results won't submit to the county event, not sure why and have tried several times.  I have e-mailed the Surrey Chairman and the EBU to try and get help in fixing this.

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2     We pushed the Ops too high
5     I doubled 2, partner took it out as too weak, I understand that but I really want it left
6   I didn't take my second to give Ops an extra trick
7   We put Ops under pressure and having pushed them higher than they wanted to go, took it one off
9   Well bid Ops
10   I was too ambitious here
11   We missed 6 but at least found game, a lot didn't - I re-bid 1NT with a singleton K which partner was not too happy about but I felt it was ok and needed protecting, Ops rarely lead A without the K, more likely partner has something in s or Ops lead 4th highest - a gamble though, I admit
13   We can make 5s it seems, we were outbid though and so was everyone else but we got the defence right
15   We pushed Ops up again, fortunately, 4 doesn't make our way
19   Ops never found the ruff but I then forgot to finesse the 10 to go 1 off, terrible play, sorry partner
21   Well played partner
23   We didn't start the s so Ops lost 2 s and the A
2nd December 2018


A nice day today.

I did the shopping on my own as Vee made a lemon meringue pie (my favourite!).

I then prepared lunch for me and my friend as Vee went out for the day and I played 2 games of TTA (Through The Ages) - I should have won the first game but made a tactical blunder on my last go and lost by 10 points!

I won the second game by quite a distance though, great fun on both games!

John C then came over in need of Tech Support which Vee sorted for him, all back up and running again!

Then TV and dinner followed by Lemon Meringue!!!

I noticed the Hampshire Swiss Pairs results HERE

It may have been ok to attend as it turned out, only one team missed out on points but all very strong teams.  I think we made the right choice not to go (one of our team mates actually had a house emergency too, very lucky to be home for it - perhaps it was fate....!).

I learned of some sad news today too though, Erica Currie (Farnham) lost her battle with Cancer this week, I had a lot of time for her and liked her a lot, will miss her and all she represented.  She lost her Son, Richard, a number of years ago and I have played in the Richard Currie event every year since I started playing bridge.  A sad loss.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

1st December 2018


Our handyman came over today to trunk some of the cables behind the fridge and seal the ceiling in the back room for us ready for painting, only charged us £10 too!

We headed to the shops to get ingredients to make a lemon meringue pie (Vee making it in the morning as I do the shopping) then caught up on some TV

On our way out, I happened to see that Vee didn't notice something as we were driving, then said "That is why they call you the un-noticer!" - he came back with, "No they don't" and immediately I said, "ah, you haven't noticed then....!!!!" - Vee thought I was hilarious............(well, maybe I did!!!).

Our friend picked us up to take us to the Skittles and Christmas meal with my Badminton club tonight (a little late as he went to our old address first!!!).

We had a great social night, Vee knows most of the badminton club and all had good banter throughout.  None of faired too well at the skittles (I got the wooden spoon, it turned out to be a really nice prize, a relaxing bath muscle soak!).

We also won 2 raffle prizes from 2 strips, though declined the second one.

A nice day and evening today.

Playing TTA (a board game) with friends tomorrow

30th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+8.85 2/7 62.85 20 National Master King 60.07




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Vee sorted dinner (Chinese!) and then off to Bridge....

I arrive early and set-up all chairs and some of the tables then check if anyone needs Christmas Party Tickets (updated notice on YHBC home page now for the Charity, Yelabus)

Judy sold a few more Raffle Tickets too.

We had a fun night, no real issues though both made a few blunders, enjoyed the night and close to winning too!

Badminton Christmas Meal & Skittles tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

6     I should be one off if I play the trumps correctly, a chance of making it if I play low to the Q too, sorry partner, not my finest hand!
7   A good sacrifice, well bid partner
9   A little ambitious Ops, I wasn't brave enough to double
11   I think pass 2NT partner, I have stayed quiet for 3 bids
12   When in hole.....!  Bad luck Ops
13   Ops missed the 3NT contract
14   Ops bid too high when their partner made a limit bid, I think just 2
15   We found the best contract here and were allowed to play there!
20   I had the chance to make 2 more tricks if I got the s right, Ops need to start with a though, I was very lucky
21   Partner opened 1NT with a poor 5 card major, that is our system - Ops didn't expect a 5 card major in his hand and got a little upset by it, we didn't do anything wrong though and he let it go
23   Partner made a small blunder with the K but Ops would have had a good score for 9 tricks too
24   We defended perfectly here, a passive lead from me and good card sense from partner
30th November 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+9.93 1/12 63.71 40 National Master King 59.67




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

In the office today but not too busy and got away a little early to help set-up.

Tabs worked well today but 2 units stopped (including ours!) but we sorted them (between Alan C and I) and nice to know we can solve problems now.

I have a running banter with Anne Gooding about how well dressed she is, last night her shoes didn't match and she didn't do well - she came up to me at the start of today's session and called me a Terror!!!  I asked why and she said she felt forced into finding matching shoes today!!!  Still, look at the results, she won with Tricia today, perhaps the shoes matter!!!

We had a nice session today, a few gifts and lucky bids but we had fun and everything seemed to work - I fell off the rails at the end but that was because Anne was wearing the right shoes, not my fault...!!!

We played 26 boards and it over-ran slightly so I had to rush off as taking Dorothy home and have to eat before going out again, so lucky we have a great team at the club and they sorted the scores, names and clearing without me - I was meant to take the Tabs home but Val kindly took over, thanks all.

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1     Ops pushed on to 4s despite partner showing a BIG hand, I doubled (bit mean, sorry Ops)
3   Well bid Ops
4   I was a bit pushy here and paid the price
5   Ops were too ambitious
6   I played well but Ops didn't take their second  trick
7   Ops didn't take the second  and I got the right
8   I had to make an extra trick as we were pushed up, I made 2 extra tricks!
9   Ops found the right contract (5) then bid on, I doubled
11   Ops are better off in s
12   Partner needs to play all the s and not open the ♠s, then end play Ops....
15   I made an extra trick but not many in game
18   Ops missed game
19   Lucky again here, we are the only NS playing - not a good double though partner but it worked this time!  When partner doubled, I expected an opening hand AND 4s, not just the 4 part....!
21   Well played partner, Ops never touched the s so they went away!
23   Well bid Ops
24   Well bid Ops!
29th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-4.72 6/14 51.74 0 National Master King 59.20




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

In the office today, attended a presentation on the new global system.

Glad to see Alan, Jill, Simon & Andy won against their nearest rivals in  BBL Division 2

The Christmas parties are all going well with tickets and raffle tickets and catering - Tabs worked well (again) and we finished in the top half - a negative for NGS but enjoyed tonight and pleased all is going well for the club now.

A few niggles with the Tabs still, mostly with the names on the movements - not a big deal though and I think all members like the Tabs and no issues with using them.

Nice to see David & Alan top, they deserve a good win!

We mostly did the right things tonight but some bad luck, odd scores and a couple of errors held us to just over half way.

Vee went to the Ballet tonight (to watch I think!) and loved it.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

6     We should push to 4 here but hard to know and we don't want to push them into game, they can't make game as it happens!
7   We were in the right contract
8   Most make 11 tricks, I cannot when Ops take 3 tricks!
10   Ops were too ambitious and I doubled
13   Ops pushed us up
17   Partner took the A freely, need to get off lead with any card and wait I think
20   A brave bid by me but it paid off - Ops need to unblock the s though and I am in trouble then
22    lead needed but I bid NT over Ops bid so Partner naturally played a for me, my fault
23   Good defence here
24   Well bid Ops but need to lose a  to make it instead of taking the 3 tricks first
28th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A Win 14/6 81 National Master King 59.41




Playing with a regular partner and Team Mates in a BBL match.

Vee dealt the boards for us so we have a hand record HERE.

Vee hosted the final Improvers Session at  YHBC, only 2 tables but Val & Vee both played which was nice, they have put a lot of hard work into the Group and it is sad to see it stop.  I am sure it will start again though and hope enough players have got the "bug" now and will carry on playing in the club(s).  Well done Val & Vee for running the group.

Glad to see most of my partners do well tonight at  YHBC  too, mainly Simon & Jo, Margaret & Lesley and Barbara & John!

I have put the house back in order, done the washing up and uploaded the last Improvers session.  Also corrected the names at the YHBC main group and re-loaded P2P and updated the Find-A-Partner and Roster.  Now tonight....

I hosted (no Vee tonight to help me!) - I laid everything out and was ready for half time too, fortunately we were 2 boards ahead which gave me time to put the oven on and make a pot of Tea and get coffee ready.  Just sausage rolls, chicken bites and cakes tonight, simple but adequate!

The Ops liked the house and said it was a nice venue.

We played fairly solidly as a team but 7 Imps down at half time.  We can make that up.

Fortunately, we turned it around and won by 20 Imps overall with a good second half!  A few good doubles helped.

We noticed 4 singleton Ks tonight - I commented that you "Notice" those - there were also 4 singleton Qs and 7s but you don't notice those as much.  Interesting how the mind works though.

We are due to play as a Team on Sunday too in Romsey but only 9 teams so far and likely to be run as Multiple-Teams - if it is, we are not too keen and may pull out.  A shame Hampshire doesn't advertise their events, we all need to support these or they will die out.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3     We competed too high here, I messed up too and went 1 more off than I should
4   I went off 1 more than I should here too but should have left Ops to play!
9   Ops bid game against us, Team Mates stayed in a part score
12   We bid game, Ops missed an Ace in sorting their cards against Team Mates so missed game
15   Ops opened 3s with 9 points, fair enough, 3 of them was a singleton K though.  They pushed to 5s a sacrifice but went too far off for 1100 - we can make a slam but only 980 and hard to find (Ops didn't bid it against Team Mates)
20   I made a tricky part score (says I can only make 8 tricks but I made 9 (I was in 3 so needed to!) - Ops went off 200 against Team Mates
24   Ops pushed too high and I doubled for 500 - Team Mates took Ops down 100 too!
27th November 2018


A great day today - it took me 2 attempts but finished my new model for work, they were expecting ideas and a blueprint so were stunned when I delivered a working model day 1!

I cooked sausage and chips for dinner, simple but nice.  A few scones after too (Thanks Margaret!).

We had some deliveries from Amazon today too, I have finally downloaded the App and was actually quite impressed, it tracked the delivery and when the circles lined up I went to the front door and opened it just as he was about to ring the bell!

Played a match tonight for my Badminton club and it was awful, I played ok but not brilliant and the other 3 were not on form either.

Monday's match was at home vs CBC members and have left the front room set-up as have another tomorrow (also against CBC players and one of my regular partners!!!).

Playing in a Division 1 BBL match for CBC as Vee hosts the Improvers at YHBC

26th November 2018

Surrey League:

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A Win 13/7 81 National Master King 59.41




Playing with a regular partner and Team Mates in our first Surrey League match of the season.

Vee dealt the boards for us so we have a hand record HERE.

Not only did Vee deal the boards and the food & drinks, he also collected one of the Ops for us too, he is a super-star!

In the office today and another busy day and a new project to work on too, designing a new Auto Report for Orders and comparing to last month with value and timing deltas, should keep me busy!

A nice Pasta dish for dinner and prepared the house for the match, Vee home tonight so he did the half time food and drinks for me (a great spread too, thanks Vee!).

As we all know each other and both teams are friendly, we scored quickly at half time and all stayed in the kitchen to chat, eat and drink.  We find ourselves 6 Imps down at half time though (2 big hands to them and 1 to us).

A glass of wine and a smoke and we start again - nothing majorly wrong and this time 1 big hand each but we also have 3 moderate hands our way to turn the match around, to be honest, Margaret making 4 on board 23 when only 9 tricks on (and Team Mates taking Ops 1 off) won the match for us, well done all!

The match was played in great spirits and was a fun and pleasant night, no issues all night and no raised tempers from anyone, nice.

Interesting results at CBC, Sylvia and Linda doing well again and Simon & Dennis top with a great score, well done all - hope the Tabs worked tonight, will find out tomorrow no doubt!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     We have 25 points but cannot make game.  Ops made it against team mates with Alan's double getting a  lead - good thought Alan but not this time.
7   I was bold here and pushed to game (it's not really there but I made it somehow with Ops giving me the 9th trick as I squeezed) - Team Mates made a part score too!
12   Ops bid game, Team Mates didn't
14   Team Mates bid game, Ops didn't (and we held them to 9 tricks too!)
16   Ops bid game, Team Mates didn't (this is swinging one way then the other!)
23   Partner shines and makes an unmakeable game, Team Mates defeat game at their table
25th November 2018

Day Off:

Washing and shopping first thing then out to the Quays for Sunday lunch (a birthday meal for our lodger, we all have our birthday's in November!).

Saw the latest Harry Potter spin off at the Cinema with our lodger tonight, was really good - we don't go to the Cinema often and enjoyed it but felt the film was a filler ready for the next film.

Seen the Middlesex Results.

Nick & I pulled out of this as our team mates couldn't make it and neither of us really felt up for it, no other local players entered but am still interested (odd I guess!).

First Surrey League match tomorrow at my house

24th November 2018

Day Off:

A relaxing day today, done very little!

Have cleaned and tidied and done the shopping list and meal planner for next week and watched a few films.

A little bridge admin and waited for the Middlesex Results.

Nick & I pulled out as neither of us could face a day of bridge with so many matches this week and next.

2 of our local pairs attended and Colin and David were in the first half and had 4 wins out of 7, well done both.

Lunch out with Vee and Lodgers and Cinema tomorrow

23rd November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+7.18 2/9 61.36 18 National Master King 59.41




Playing with a regular partner in the Mixed Pairs Cup

We had Pizza tonight (well, half and the rest saved for lunch tomorrow!).

Both Vee and I playing tonight so we watched the Chase then headed off.  Arrived early and got everything set-up and sold some more party tickets and raffle tickets.

It was nice to see 3 pairs split up tonight to form Mixed Pairs, really showed the spirit of the club, well thought out Alan.  

We had a miserable start but largely bad luck (though some bad judgements too!) but it picked up and we felt we had done enough to not disgrace ourselves.

It turned out better than we thought and came second, crucially, behind an all male pair so we won the Mixed Pairs Cup!!!

I only played 4 hands (those that know me will know I tend to play more than that!!!) and Marion played 10, she was on brilliant form and carried us home, some amazing 3NT plays, well done partner!

I joked with Arun about wearing a dress or transitioning to a woman - he came back immediately "I will think about it....!"

Vee had a great time with Marjie but the scores didn't reflect their mood - they enjoyed it though.

I felt sorry for Jill & Alan who sat in the wrong place and ended up chasing no cards all evening through the Howell, it can be a cruel movement but I think we have all been there.  It is a measure of their ability that they still had a reasonable score for it!

I have updated the Hall of Fame with tonight's scores too.

Have pulled out of the Congress this weekend - 2 of our team mates had already dropped out and I have been so busy/stressed I think I need a weekend off - am lucky to have an understanding partner, thanks Nick.

Day off tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     I knew partner would ruff the  so played the 2, I want a  back, it never came....
3   Well bid and played Ops
4   A Grand Slam available and I am in 5x minus 1, phew!
5   Too expensive to bid on when vulnerable partner
7   We missed 6 but so did everyone, it doesn't look on either but everything is right - partner played brilliantly to make 11 in 3NT though
8   Well played again partner!
9   Well played again partner!
10   I spotted partner wanted a , Ops could still make their contract but we put a lot of pressure on
13   I played well here
14   Well bid and played partner, not many points but we had the tricks
16   Ops helped a little by playing the A freely, partner played well though
19   Partner could have made this but it wouldn't have been a great score anyway, Ops didn't bite and bid!
21   I bid well here and partner played extremely well to make the extra trick
23rd November 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+4.09 1/9 59.95 30 National Master King 59.13




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked this morning then left slightly early to help set-up the Tabs.

All worked well today and no issues, phew!

We had a good session with a few blips and managed to come out on top - needed a good session!

Found out that our new team won their first ever league match last night, well done Karen, Steph, Moira & Jim - so pleased!

Playing in YHBC's Mixed Pairs after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

2     Nobody else found game and partner played exceptionally well getting the s right
3   Only 1 other pair found game - it's not there but we both made it
4   I played reasonably well here
5   We pushed Ops up and defended well
9   We pushed Ops up here too
10   Ops were trying to push me up, I doubled instead....!
11   Too ambitious partner...
12   I was pushy here but felt my s would either make or not, a gamble that paid off and partner squeezed Ops to make 2 extra tricks!
17   I should have made 8 tricks but got the wrong at the end
19   Ops stopped at the right level, we could have got it off if partner had used the 9 to ask for a  though....
21   Ops missed game
22   Well bid and played Ops
26   I did as I should here
22nd November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A Lost 8-12 0 National Master Queen 58.93




Playing with a regular partner and Team Mates in a Division 1 BBL match.

Worked at home this morning and our lodger's birthday - I made time to take her to work (only Farnborough town) but saved her walking in the icy conditions.

I also made time for coffee at Jo's to see her new carpet and furniture and have a catch-up.  Having worked extra yesterday, I felt I was owed a more relaxed day!

A busy night tonight with a lot going on:

  1. Our BBL match
  2. Tabs being used at CBC (successfully I hear but still some glitches, haven't heard the details as yet)
  3. CBC members playing for Lily in BBL at Ascot (they won, well done all)
  4. CBC members playing in a Berks League of 8 match against the top team (they won too!)
  5. Karen, Steph, Moira and Jim playing their first ever league match in Surrey Division 3, not heard how they got on as yet but will update here when I see....Fingers crossed).

We had dinner a little early tonight so I could make it to Margaret W's where Tricia met us too and I drove to Ascot (meeting Jill there).

No traffic issues and driving was fine there and back, the car-park was jammed though and a bit tricky leaving at the end, with 2 teams of 4 and Ops plus a league of 8 and Ops, it was a full night!

We had a good first half with 2 blips and were 16 Imps up then had a couple of swings against us to lose by 6 overall - a shame but we all played quite well against a very tough team.  We are at least off the bottom now in the league!

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     Partner needs to switch to a  trick 3 to defeat 5s - no real clues though
2     Ops stayed in a part score, Team Mates more ambitious and off 200
7   We defeated 4 by 400 and Team Mates made +170
11   We made game, Team Mates defeated Ops
12   We made game, Team Mates defeated Ops
19   We chose the wrong game and went off, Ops made 3NT against Team Mates
21   I lost to a singleton K to go down in 3NT, Ops made it against Team Mates
21st November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-3.42 4/13 53.30 10 National Master Queen 58.93




Playing with a regular partner in round 8 of the Beryl Doughty

Another busy day and my meeting did not run smoothly but coped (just about).

Curry again tonight, still very tasty!

Vee hosted the Improvers (2 tables) and I played in the Beryl Doughty.

Not our finest night, neither of us on form so was pleased to be in the points overall!

Pleased to see my friends top (well done Jo & Simon) and a great score from Marianne & Rosalie (only just behind us).

I noticed Pamela was ahead of Alan tonight (she won with John G), it didn't go down too well when I pointed this out though, I am naughty!!!!

Playing in a BBL match tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     Not many open 1NT with 11 but we do - it worked here!  I did well to make it though
7   Ops pulled the wrong card out (the 10 instead of the Ace) so I made 11 tricks instead of going down 1.  We should have bid stayman though partner....!
14   We let Ops make an extra trick, I switched to a  later on, I think I should have led a from the off
16   Ops were a little ambitious here and we defended well
20   I bid terribly here, I just couldn't envisage partner passing but of course, she can!  I didn't play it well either - well done Margaret & Lesley on bidding the slam though, the only pair to do so!
22   Partner made a weak jump overcall (a limit bid) - don't bid again after this and let me double 4....!
25   Ops didn't return the  for a ruff so I made an extra trick - not many in game anyway though
20th November 2018


Another busy day today but finished at 16:30 as had Val coming over to go over the Tabs.

I miss-interpretted the note last night about the Tabs working - they did get them to work but not the movements.  It then dawned on me that if the Pads worked with the same movement, it must be the files on the new scorebridge club we created.....!

We got them working and realised the issue with the movements (we hope!) and also worked out a few other issues with the set-up - I am in another match on Thursday but hope all goes well.

Val left around 18:30 and I made chicken curry in record time, Vee had already got the veg dishes ready and the rice and made me a coffee!

Lovely curry (same again tomorrow!).

Badminton was good tonight but only 10 of us there (and only 2 other strong players) - I did well but had mostly close games as we tried our best to even up the sides.

The clubs have had no guidance on GDPR and I realised tonight they are doing it wrong!  Will send links and notes to the EBU and our own Policy!

I have also set-up a new CBC menu item for "External Teams" as a few have asked who plays where, links to the results there too.

In the office tomorrow for my main monthly meeting that I run - hope my new reports work and go down well!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow in Round 8 of the Beryl Doughty as Vee hosts the Improvers at YHBC

19th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
N/A Lost 17-86 0 National Master King 60.25




Playing with a regular partner in Round 1 of the NICKO.

A hectic day today as my Boss asked for "some" changes to my monthly reports, I had to re-design everything!!!  I had my day-job stuff to do too and borrowed another laptop in the office so I could do both at the same time (and my phone for some Bridge admin!) - manic.

I got there though and all done, just!

Home to grab a chicken pie before heading straight out (not even changed from work) and we meet Colin at David's who drives me, David and Alan to South Bucks.

We got there just before 7pm and started dealing the hands (shuffle and deal) and all set.

2 key disasters in the first half but it can be turned around - a nice half time spread and a smoke and 2 more key disasters in the 2nd half!

We were out-played tonight, Ops psyched against us (more below) but even without that, it would have been a loss.

Pleased to see Sylvia did well tonight with Linda at CBC, she deserves some good results.  I hear the Tabs worked tonight too, a relief!  Will hear more about tomorrow no doubt.

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

6     Partner opens 3 - I know this can be very weak sometimes but I have a really good 15, I thought for ages then passed.  Good choice, 3NT goes down (as it did at Team mates table) and we make +130
7     Partner opens 1NT, Ops double - we have no rescue and -1400.  Ops have a strong 1NT and so opened 1 and our Team mates make 3NT, just unfortunate system differences
12   Ops open 3 (weak), I hold 19 points, 7s to AKJ10, singleton A, singleton  and AKxx in s - I double.  Ops now bid 3 with 2 points and 1  (no alert).  When I bid 4 over partners 4 he thinks it's a cue bid, I re-bid 5 and it is passed out.  A psyche and a half but nothing can be done about it!
20   Partner goes off in 3NT and Ops made it against team mates
22   I didn't see that I need to lead a half way through so partner is end-played and we allow Ops to make 3NT, team mates stayed in 2NT which just made (as it should)
18th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-27.04 62/62 16 VPs 0 National Master King 59.08




Playing with my life partner in Richmond's Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs

Not our day today, we had a nice lunch though!  The first time I have finished last in an event but it had to happen sometime!

We didn't win any matches, mostly Ops did good things, a few errors by us and a few wrong choices but not much - just not our day!

Not enough to write about, will dust ourselves off and be better next time!

Playing in Round 1 of the NICKO tomorrow

17th November 2018


A relaxing morning and we wrote our shopping list watching Lego Masters!

Off to lunch with Dorothy & John, Dorothy provided a nice lunch and good conversation followed by rubber bridge.

We cut for partners and I played with Dorothy - she never gets any points but today she did!  We defended really well and also had points when we needed them (including a slam).

We joked about playing for money at the start, wish we had done so!!!

We went straight to Val's after to drop off the Tabs charging unit (I am not at CBC until Friday next week as have matches on Monday and Thursday).

A nice chat with Val & Keith with wine for me (Tea for Vee who was driving) then on to Tesco for the weekly shop.

A few corrections came in for YHBC Friday night so I did those (pushed us up a fraction too!).

Back home for a late dinner and caught up with a few Grand Designs recorded.

A nice Birthday, albeit a few weeks late!

Playing in Richmond's Swiss Pairs with Vee tomorrow

16th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+4.19 2/15 59.55 24 National Master King 60.25




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Vee was home late tonight so I said to get take away later with the lodgers and I had ham & cheese toasties (was nice!).

Not in the best of spirits and fell asleep watching TV too - then made myself cheer up and went to bridge.

I sold quite a few Christmas tickets at the start of the night and we settled in for the session.

We started off making a couple of errors but they didn't turn out too bad, only 3 bad scores overall and we had some nice defence too!

We both enjoyed the night and had a few laughs, just what I needed after today.

Playing socially tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2     Partner finessed the K looking for the over-tricks, good idea but not this time
3   Well bid partner, even made an extra trick in the play
4   We got the defence right, everything Ops tried failed and we took advantage - I felt sorry for them as I think I would have played it the same way
10   Partner jumped to game (saying, no more!) - I didn't listen, sorry partner
11   Well bid Ops
13   I was pushy here but it paid off, if Ops cover my J when I finessed, they take me down, lucky
15   I played this well, lucky Ops didn't attack the s though
16   We were the only pair to bid game, partner didn't approve to my jumping to game but I maintain that she made a free bid of 1NT after Ops over-called and so she should have 8/9
20   A poor double by me here but we managed to get the defence right and made 2 tricks
22   I opened with this hand (rule of 19) and Ops were in actual pain when it was passing out in 2 - they knew they had to do something but didn't know what and passed, sorry Ops
16th November 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-13.35 10/12 45.08 0 National Master King 60.07




Playing with an irregular partner in a regular club session.

A hectic day at work, manage to leave on time to get to th club in time to set-up the Tabs.

Margaret away this weekend so playing with a friend.

All fine but having set-up, the Tabs won't start - so frustrating.  We abandon them again and use the old Pads.

I was so fed up, didn't play well, wasn't charming and partner didn't enjoy it, we don't play together often so should make the most of it but all wrong today, sorry partner.

I didn't agree with all of partner's bids and my play was dreadful - so bad I am not writing up the hands!

Pleased to see Val and Michael do well today as well as Dorothy & Margaret - Tricia & Anne back on form too!

Main thing is, apologies partner - forget the bridge, I should have been cheerful and allowed us to enjoy the time, no excuses, I am embarrassed sad

Playing again after dinner.

15th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+4.12 1/8 61.11 82 National Master King 60.64




Playing with a regular partner in the  John Warren  Final.

A busy day at work then a light dinner and off to the club early as taking my laptop (as a backup), monitor and the Tabs.

A lot of work has been done to ensure tonight works (scoring 2 sections with the new Tabs and 1 laptop).  Alan arrives early too and between we set it all up and no issues at all!

Then we start playing..... The boards don't match, the movement cards do not match the movement selected!

We now try to re-do the movement but it turned out to be the actual cards that were wrong and now all is in a mess.  We can't score manually either as we don't know the pair numbers or boards or where to go!

Alan Coales to the rescue!  I have the idea to get the table cards on screen so we can see them there, as we stumble through the first move, Alan then writes out each table card and where to move to and we are now all set, thanks Alan!

A Tab in the Plate section loses signal and Alan resolves that (he worked out how to retrieve the last round scores and entered the contracts in the new Tab too).

As we finish, Alan starts scoring up and I join him to make it quicker - between us we scored up, re-did the scores for last week (at Quali-Final rate) and scored both sections tonight and loaded to the EBU.  I re-did the event names on the web and added the Roll of Honour names.

Without Alan, it would have been a complete mess, thanks so much Alan!

It ended up as a "Green Take-Over", both directed, both won!  Tim with Marie and Jane with me!  Well done both and well done for coping with the Directing at both ends.

Val & Ann bid and made a grand slam tonight (nobody else did, we were in 6!).  We had a fairly consistent night though and more good than bad overall, surprising as I had written the night off from the start and tried to simply enjoy the cards!

Jane and I have now won this twice and 2nd last year too, thanks Jane!

Will use the Tabs again tomorrow and should be no issues - have decided to use Bridgemates next year from my own scoring kit in my bag and Tabs for the Plate section, will be easier separately as we can then "turn it off and on again" if needed!

Close to midnight when we finally left the club but all worth it in the end.

Our team played a tough match in the BBL tonight too but didn't quite win unfortunately, lots of matches coming up before Christmas now too, busy times ahead.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2     A helpful lead and skilful play
5   Well bid Ops
6   Well bid partner, we missed 5s but it is very hard to bid anything with my hand
9   Ops missed game
11   I forced partner to bid and she made it!
13   Needed a  lead
16   A good sacrifice here
17   I played well to make the extra trick, Ops refused to ruff with the Ace so I got my losers away on the s
18   We defended well here
19   The only pair to bid game
14th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+7.50 1/12 63.83 40 National Master King 60.46




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session that was also part of the Children In Need Sim Pairs

I have added a calendar entry with windows into the National Results and also our club results re-scored nationally (or click HERE)

A good day at work (at home) and a visit from my friend at work who has finally got round to seeing our house!

I made Spaghetti Bolognaise tonight, was very nice!

Surrey had its annual Chairman's Lunch today too, our clubs were represented and all said it went well with good discussions and the bridge was ok too with all our pairs in the middle, well done all.

Off to Bridge and had a lot of boards to take with us (plus the Party tickets and raffle tickets and our laptop for the Improvers!).

We are not making much progress with ticket sales so far, need to try harder ASAP.

Vee hosted the Improvers with Val and had 3 tables (plus a half who moved up to the Main group and did ok).  Well done to Michael (our newest member) and Sally for just beating Vee & Val.

Colin & Jill did brilliantly and are now close behind Marion & I in the Wednesday ladder plus 3rd (as I write this) nationally in the Sim Pairs.  Marion & I, John & John and Trevor & Barbara are all currently in the top 100 too.

We had a great night in terms of declarer play and bidding (82% for Marion's declarer play, brilliant!) but our defending needs a bit of work.

I have now uploaded the results to the EBU (using the Charity Sim Pairs code as it's not charged by the EBU for this event).

A really fun night, with each session, Marion is "getting" my humour more (is that a good or bad thing?!!!).

Playing at CBC in the John Warren Final tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1     I had a helpful lead and so made 3  tricks and only lost 2 s at the end
2   Partner was brilliant here, only 1  stop but she got everything right (mainly the s)
3   A very tough contract, I can be end played but declarer didn't see it fortunately, put me in with a and I am stuck
5   Ops under-lead their Ace and so didn't get a ruff
6   Ops didn't bid this right, we weren't sure what to do either so passed
7   Ops doubled my 3s (Take Out) and had nowhere to run to, unlucky Ops
11   9 tricks are very hard to find here but partner did, the only one to do so!
13   Well bid and played partner
15   A low level contract but they all count, this one can't be made but partner made it (a few others did too)
16   Ops stole my bid, I thought I would be clever, it didn't work!
20   We can defend better here
21   We need to attack the s, I am not a fan of leading 4 from KQ sequences and it didn't work here
23   Partner jumped to 3NT and I then added pressure by jumping to 6NT, partner made it!
24   Good switch partner
13th November 2018


Half day at home today, Vee had the day off too.

I had my annual health check, all perfect (other than I smoke and need to lose weight!).

Tesco once I got home with Vee and we also did some Bridge club shopping as we had time.

Vee got a few more sets of boards dealt for YHBC and I did some members admin for both CBC and YHBC and we had a Roast tonight as we knew we had time.

The Roast was delicious, especially the roast potatoes, the oven here is so much better than our old one!

Badminton after dinner and I played quite well and am sweating a lot less, must be getting fitter somehow!  Only lost 1 game (which was a close game) and really enjoyed the session.

Playing at YHBC in the Children In Need Sim pairs (Extra £2 minimum) tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers at YHBC

12th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+1.20 3/17 58.12 21 National Master King 60.12




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A good day at work and back to normal after the weekend!

I submitted the P2P for YHBC and CBC Friday sessions and our Director at Worthing has submitted all ours too, a bumper crop to look at tomorrow (and a few diary entries to go and amend the headings for tomorrow!).

I cooked simple food from the Freezer as Vee knew he would be late home tonight, he only just made it home in time to say goodbye to me as I left for Bridge!

I have now added a Christmas Party notice to CBC home page and the AGM minutes to the Members area.  Val has started selling party tickets too (I have mine and Vee's!).

The new Tabs worked tonight, quite a relief!  Val, Sylvia and I now know the process and I think we are now fairly confident - they were nice and clear and I think they go down quite well with the members.

We had a nice night tonight with a couple of blips, close to winning so it was a shame to have been good all night bar those.

Stayed to clear up and take the Tabs home for looking after and charging ready for Thursday.

The P2P wouldn't go at the end of tonight's session so I submitted from home.

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4     Game wasn't there on this hand and we were the only pair to stay in a makeable part score, good judgement partner
5   Ops were too ambitious
6   We didn't bid the slam but not everyone made 12 tricks
10   I thought I had 15 points here and 6 s, I only had 10 points - when I found myself left in 1NT I gulped, then made it!
11   Ops bid on freely, tempting but the part score is all that is there
12   I didn't finesse the Q, turned a top into a bottom here, sorry partner
15   I bid to the level of the fit after the double, didn't work this time
16   A good sacrifice, I hate letting Ops play in 2 of a major so will take action if possible!
18   Well played partner, lucky the Ops blocked the s but beautifully played
21   Well bid Ops
23   I got the trumps right and Ops didn't get the  ruffs going
11th November 2018

Worthing (4):

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+3.21 3/16 60.71 24 National Master King 60.07




Playing with a regular partner in the second of the Worthing sessions (social weekend but Master Pointed)

Have been sent the results file so linked in the purple title above.

Last day today so we cleared the room and packed before Breakfast, had a nice breakfast again and then got dressed and loaded the car (with Margaret's and Linda's cases too) and settled the bill.

Bridge again just after 10am but a bit of a mess with people showing up who said they wouldn't play and others playing who arrived 25 minutes late!

To his immense credit, Paul (the Director) handled it all very well and moved everything round and sorted the boards, tables and pairs to enable the first round to carry on as if nothing had happened.  We kept to time too!

He also arranged for the Remembrance Service to be on a radio and we stopped to listen to the Last Post and a 2 minutes silence, we got a bit emotional here.

Bridge was good mostly but a few silly errors such as Vee telling me he had an Ace and a King but had no Aces......!

I was astounded to make 3NT on our first board, 21, when I had 5 points and no s and Vee had 9 points with 7s to the Ace, 8!  Nobody touched s, Ops set-up my 's and 's for me and 9 tricks rolled in....!

We had a few impossible 3NTs today which we both made and Vee played out of skin to make 3s on board 15 - all in all, we did well - all 4 scores above 60% and averaged 64.68%

A really nice lunch after bridge (Smoked Salmon then Roast Beef for me) then prize giving.

We won a few of the sessions but only claimed 1 prize, Paul handled this really well too allocating the prizes well and with good humour too.  We also won the overall prize so have 2 bottles of Prosecco, 1 bottle of champagne and a box of nice chocolates!

A lovely weekend and great company, had a good time with Margaret & Linda, very sociable.

A good run home, just over an hour and all sorted by 6pm (unpacked, washing on, changed clothes, made drinks and fed the Cats!).

Have also uploaded the minutes from the CBC AGM (viewed under the AGM Info tab when logged in via Members Only) and have changed the Pics on YHBC home page to the Remembrance Service (thanks to Rosemary & Marjie for attending on behalf of the club).

A nice postcard from Alan & Pamela arrived too, they are having fun (despite the Bridge!).

Hoping to get the new Tabs working again at CBC so will be at the club early to trial them again - should be ok.....!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

10th November 2018 (Evening)

Worthing (3):

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+13.08 1/15 69.84 30 National Master King 59.94




Playing with a regular partner in the second of the Worthing sessions (social weekend but Master Pointed)

Have been sent the results file so linked in the purple title above.

A nice meal but the main was not quite right for a few of us, good overall though.

Bridge again tonight and 1 pair didn't show so we had a 3 board sit out, not a big deal though.

We had a couple of issues tonight where I got a bit cross but it turned out better than I thought with another win and a good percentage.

It included a 1700 and and a small slam bid, a few other good scores too....!

A nice few drinks tonight and good banter - last day tomorrow....

Worthing again tomorrow

10th November 2018 (Morning)

Worthing (2):

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+6.02 2/16 63.49 30 National Master King 59.44




Playing with a regular partner in the second of the Worthing sessions (social weekend but Master Pointed)

Have been sent the results file so linked in the purple title above.

We had a lie in and then a good breakfast at 08:30 then started bridge at 10am (shuffle and deal).

A few blips today and Vee could have bid and played a little better on a few, we missed a slam on 13 but nobody bid it (I made all 13 too) and missed a Grand Slam on 14 but only one other bid the slam

Second today but still a good %, Margaret & Linda did a little better today too.

A nice buffet lunch then walked into town - had a good wander and looked at a few galleries - Margaret liked the look of the little mice in the display window and we decided to get her one secretly - gave it to her when back at the hotel and she squealed!!!  She deserves nice treats though.

Relaxing for a bit now then dinner and bridge again tonight.

Worthing again tonight

9th November 2018

Worthing (1):

NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+8.48 1/16 64.68 36 National Master King 59.21




Playing with a regular partner in the first of the Worthing sessions (social weekend but Master Pointed)

Have been sent the results file so linked in the purple title above.

We had a nice morning then drove to Margaret's and fixed her Laptop then Linda arrived and we all went off to Worthing (Vee driving).

We stopped at the Owl at Kingsfold on the way and ate far too much!

Arrive at Worthing with a few hours to kill so checked in to our rooms and then walked along the sea front (no rain but fierce wind!).

We needed Poppies and bought some at M&S, nice ones too - they only had 1 left but the girl serving said I could buy the one she was saving for herself, very kind!

An hours rest in our room then down for wine and canapes and then dinner - very nice!

Before we go down, I correct a name for the CBC results this afternoon (and sent a Congrats notice to Val & Linda who did very well coming 4th!).

I had Prawn & Crayfish, then Beef Bourginion then Chocolate Tort, yummy!

On to Bridge - shuffle and deal and an arrow switched Mitchell (same each session).  We started with Margaret & Linda who were very kind to us!

We were sensible throughout with just 1 playing error by me and 1 by Vee and managed to win!

Have loaded the Hands for YHBC as saw they were missing and sent Congrats to my friends who did well.

Drinks at the bar after but not many of us - early night then breakfast tomorrow (at 08:30 too, practically the afternoon!).

Worthing again tomorrow

8th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
-7.24 8/17 49.84 0 National Master Queen 58.88




Playing with a regular partner in the John Warren Qualifier.

I worked this morning then took the afternoon off to resolve the Teams scores at YHBC last night (which I did with John Gatrell, thanks John!).

Cats annual vaccinations at 5:15 so I got them in their boxes (not too bad this time) and no issues.

We had Mushrooms in Stilton on toast for dinner, really nice!  Then I took the new Tabs to CBC (early to help set-up and prepare for the session).

All was going well and all settings done, Sylvia set up the Tabs and then.............Nothing!  We tried for 40 minutes overall but no joy.

We switched back to the old Pads (with Alan Coales' help) and got the session complete, albeit with No-Play for my table and Sylvia's at the start.  A Pair also left early and didn't play the final round and there was another mix up and a fine.  Short on numbers too so only 8 pairs qualified for the final.

We stayed at the end until just gone midnight and had some hints of life from the units but not on all and no real clues to what went wrong, will try and resolve on Monday when I am back.

My bridge was terrible too, not a good night all in all.  It only gets a green highlight due to us qualifying for the Final (more pleased at how well Sylvia & Linda did though, the green thumbs up is for them!).

Off to Worthing for a Bridge Weekend tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3   Partner opened 3 and it got messy from there, Ops had s and s and chose the wrong suit, I was mean and doubled
4    I threw my away so couldn't get back to partners hand, sorry partner
8   I should bid 2 here and hope we stay there
11   3NT or 5?  Chose wrong here
13   I opened 5 (not sure I should but 3/4 both seemed wrong).  Partner wisely raised it
14   Ops were too ambitious
15   Well bid Ops
18   Ops were too ambitious
19   Well played partner!
22   Well bid Ops


7th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+1.33 2/10 +47 30 National Master King 59.16




Playing with a regular partner and Team Mates in round 4 of the YHBC Teams Series.

A good day today (in the office) and Mac n Cheese for dinner, yum!

Vee ended up playing in a team tonight as one didn't show and Val took the Improvers, it would have been better to have the 3 team mates in the Improvers and have 3 tables and 9 - we know for next time.

John Gatrell kindly collected the club equipment and came over to my house at lunchtime today (Thursday 8th) and we worked out that Table 4 had an extra set of results (I think from a previous session).  Once removed, the scores all make sense!  Phew....!!!

I have now re-done the event, submitted for P2P, re-done the Teams Results file and loaded to the Competitions section and analysis (below):

Playing at CBC in the JW Qualifier tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3   We bid and made game, Ops stayed in a part score against Team Mates
4    We did as we should, Team Mates defended brilliantly to take Ops off 2
10   Ops missed game against us
11   Ops bid the slam against us
15   I defended poorly to let 6 through, drat, sorry all.
22   We held Ops to 10 tricks in game, Team Mates bid and made a slam (nobody else bid it!)
24   We were the only pair to bid and make game (it is not really there but partner played brilliantly!)


6th November 2018


Not too busy today so stayed home and worked on CBC admin alongside work - have added 2 downloadable convention cards to the menu and cleaned up a bit (AGM items etc).

Vee came home from work and set-up the Diwali candles and marks by the front door, our neighbours Son was intrigued and came over to watch too (he is 9).

Time for a cuppa and get changed then we picked Margaret up and went to Jo's for a nice evening.

We had a long chat and a nice Chinese take-away (too much food and we all have doggy-bags!!!).

We enjoyed a bottle of champagne and a BIG bottle of Prosecco between the 4 of us (thanks Val F for the Prosecco!).  I only had a glass and a half as was driver.

Birthday's now done for another year (or 2 if we can get away with it, don't need the numbers to keep adding up anymore!).

Playing in a Team at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

5th November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs   Rank Grade
+9.50 1/11 61.88 40 National Master King 59.09




Playing with a regular partner after the CBC AGM

A busy day at work for me but came home early as Vee at home today (Family came over for lunch and he worked at home).

We had an early dinner then off to CBC to set-up for the AGM, didn't take long as quite a few arrived early to help.

The AGM was well organised and quite quick, no major issues or objections.

I forgot to mention the introduction of a new Friday Ladder Competition, I was so stressed about the new Tabs being used tonight!  Not a big deal and really, it is a Friday announcement any way.

So pleased to see Alan Coales get recognition for all his amazing work for the club, even tonight, he wasn't playing but helped set-up and helped with the new equipment for the first few rounds to ensure all was ok.  He will be missed from the Committee but I suspect (and hope!) he will continue to help.

Everyone took to the new Tabs extremely well, they are quite intuitive.  I think it was all quite positive.  The Frequencies hadn't come out as I had expected (ie 4 pairs made 3NT rather than 4 lines of 3NT making) but will tinker with that.  Will also abandon the lead check as importing the hands is not worth the effort (especially when it goes wrong!).  Other than that, I was pleased with how well it went and glad we had spent the time going through them and testing them - it helped to have 7 "experts" too!

Our night was good too, I was worried I would let partner down as my mind was elsewhere tonight but only a few blips and we won our first session with Tabs!

We stayed to clear up,took the Tabs home and also dropped shopping off for Dorothy before a birthday drink - HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEE!!!!!

Birthday meal with Margaret & Jo tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   Partner made just 1 declarer howler and 1 defensive howler, this was the declarer one....!
4    I felt stayman was the right thing to do with this hand, it paid off this time
10   We bid game, not many did
11   We missed the slam but so did everyone, unlucky for doubling Ops
12   We did as we should, others did not
15   Here is the defensive howler....
17   Well bid Ops
18   A close call here, we just got away with it
22   Nobody rescued the Ops here, bad luck Ops
24   We pushed Ops up, still not brave enough to double but a good score


4th November 2018


The morning after..... Actually, not bad for us - our Neighbours didn't enter the land of the living until 6pm!!!!

We sorted the house work, went to the shops for supplies (main shop done online this week) and then hosted Poker all afternoon (Vee won 2 of the 3 games, well done Vee!!!).

Got dressed up and then taken to Farnham for a Thai meal at the  Giggling Squid  then back to ours for coffee and cake.

A heavy weekend this one but good fun, must be a stone heavier now though!!!

The  Club Pairs Challenge  Final today too, Simon & Margaret best placed from our local pairs, well done both.

Sorted out the bins, washing up and washing (Ironing gets collected in the morning) and some more CBC admin bits.

Work tomorrow then get to the club early to help set-up the AGM and also the new scoring equipment, hope all goes well (we have all put a lot of effort into it so am hopeful).

Playing at CBC (AGM, 7pm) tomorrow

3rd November 2018


Caught up with This Is Us as always first thing then had the CBC Sub-Committee over to run through the Bridge Tabs for the last time before we start using them Monday (at the AGM, 7pm start).

The session went well although I had to use my own laptop and a few gremlins crept in at the start, useful in some ways as we sorted out issues and no more about what to do if things go wrong!

I have also added the Programme to the CBC menu now, Trophies and Roll of Honour available in the menu too and members numbers and emails accessed via the Members Only area (due to Data Protection).

Margaret came round in the afternoon for a glass of Prosecco and had a card and scones for our lodger (his birthday!) and a lot of pressies for us too!

We went over to our neighbours for a few glasses of Champagne at 6pm then onto Wings in North Camp for a Birthday meal.

We had an amazing meal then back to our Neighbours for more drinks and cheese - bit too much to drink but just about ok!

Playing Poker then out for another Birthday meal tomorrow

2nd November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs
-1.37 4/7 +4 0




Playing with a regular partner and Team Mates in the qualifier for the President's Salver.

Not our finest performance tonight but top 4 qualify and we made it (just!).

Have rolled on the YHBC site and added the hand file name, some doubts about which hands were used though - will check and validate ASAP.

A bottle of champagne when home, taken all day but finally celebrated my birthday!

Hosting the final session on the CBC Tabs then a Birthday meal out tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

7   A good sacrifice here as Team Mates made game
13    We tried for game when should have stayed in 3, it's teams though - close call
18   We defended well to take off the Ops as Team Mates made game
25   I couldn't make game but it was there, still hard to see it though
27   I made a penalty double of Ops 2 and partner thought I had points too, I can't have on this auction, we ended up doubling Ops into game


2nd November 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs
-6.63 10/13 47.35 0




My birthday today and a nice day at work (although I left late as wanted to get cakes for the office and traffic is awful after 8am!!!).

Had a huge bottle from Val (to share with Vee) and 2 bottles from Dorothy (1 each) and some cards - wonderful friends at the clubs!  I took some sweets in today and all went too!

Bridge today was not good though, a shame but just didn't work.

So happy to see John & Dorothy at the top though, well done both!

I have re-loaded the hands from CBC last night as they didn't display correctly when loaded last night and have added 2 new members to CBC and sent a welcome e-mail.

Teams file loaded too, well done to John, Philip, Steve, Andy, Keith & Alistair!  3 in a row for their team (albeit a slightly new line-up this year).

As it is my birthday, I am not going through the bad scores (my diary, my rules!)........

Playing after dinner in a team for the President's Salver at Farnham

The Highs and Lows:

2   Ops made a preference on the major, better in s
6    I played well here
7   Ops didn't finesse the or take out my last trump
14   We pushed Ops up
18   We bid and made game
26   Ops didn't take their or  trick....


1st November 2018


NGS Place Score MPs
N/A Win 17-3 54




Playing with a regular partner in a Division 2 BBL match.

A day off today (although I still did 3 hours work!).

Chiropractor appointment at 9am then a few work items came up, then lunch and worked on CBC calendar as Linda & Val had made a fantastic job of putting the 2019 programme together (all now online on the CBC website).

Fajitas for dinner (I made the chicken, Vee the veg) then off to pick up Jo.  I offered to drive as Jo is on my way, was still coughing a lot tonight and felt a little drained, was worried about how I would do against a tough team.

Fortunately, we all played well with not many errors.  The Ops had a few system issues which cost them but we bid and played well too.  They are a nice team and capable of beating anyone when all working, it just didn't go there way tonight.

Have re-loaded the CBC results for tonight to show the X-Imps (Well done Geoff & Frances for topping the X-Imps and the event with Sylvia & Linda also a creditable 4th in X-Imps)!  Will finalise the series once David calculates the final table.

Also moved the Rota on for CBC and cleared the Find-A-Partner.

The October Promotions are now up on the EBU site (HERE) - 1 for each club, well done Tricia Mackintosh and Anne Thain!

Although not our members, pleased to see William's team mates promoted this month (Berks & Bucks section), well done to Dominic Cooke & Jack Lawrence!

Quite a few cards stacked up waiting for me and Vee too, will open mine in the morning (21 again tomorrow - well, 20.5 twice tomorrow!).

Playing at CBC then in a team for the President's Salver at Farnham tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4   Neither of us could find a bid so quietly took Ops off in 1N, we had game on, they bid it against Team Mates
6    We held Ops to a part score, Team Mates bid and made game
13   Ops competed when they could have left us in a part score and we defended well to take it off 400
21   Ops had a bidding issue here and went to 4S without a fit and we took it off 400
22   I bid 6NT and made it, had to find the QC which dropped as a doubleton - Team Mates held 3NT to 10 tricks
23   We missed game, Team Mates had their 1 blip of the night going off 800


31st October 2018


NGS Place Score MPs
N/A Draw 10-10 34




Playing with a regular partner in a Division 1 BBL match.

An average day working at home and also set-up ready for the match tonight as I hosted.

Our handyman also came and fixed our roof and the flush in the downstairs WC

Have added a note on YHBC about the Christmas party and added our Chairman's' picture to the home page too!

The match went well with a few blips, 15 up at half time but 15 down in the second half resulting in a draw, a few silly things could have swung it for us, still, our first points of the season!

2 Tables in the Improvers and a big score posted by Kevin & Geraldine!  Vee also made a start on the Christmas tickets and raffle.

Have added the hands to the Main group, rolled on the Rota and home page and scored the Improvers

Playing in another BBL match tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3   Partner made 11 tricks in s and Team mates took Ops off in their contract
7    We bid and made game, Ops made 9 in a part score
8   We were doubled in an unnecessary contract, Team mates made game to save some of the score
24   We let game through having pushed them to 5s (we should have taken it off really)


30th October 2018
30th October 2018


Worked at home today (and staying home until Friday) as nobody in the office and I am coughing more again today and want to keep germs to myself.

Vee made Toad in the Hole tonight, was very nice.

I still went to Badminton and I think it did me good to sweat, only lost 1 game too!

Division 3 in Surrey saw it's first home derby today, well done Geoff and team, bad luck Penny and team.

Heard from our YHBC Chairman today too, he is having fun in Tenerife (see picture!!!)

Playing at home in a BBL match for CBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers at YHBC

29th October 2018


NGS Place Score MPs
+8.92 1/18 64.80 36




Playing with an irregular partner in a regular club session.

In the office today (though not many others from my team were!).  A few issues today but generally, a good day and got my weekly reporting done.

Mac 'n Cheese tonight (yummy) then off to Bridge.  My partner is away today so an irregular partner stepped in.  He doesn't make it down often so it's good to get him a game at the club.

I have added a session summary at the top (and for last week's diary posts too) as a reference for me more than anything.  The diary post is normally around 23:30 to 00:30 (depending on when I get home and what I have to do before the diary update), the NGS will be updated the morning after once calculated by the EBU.

Tonight was good fun (other than 1 system error I made and a few doubtful bids), good fun and good bridge generally, shame Mark doesn't come and play more.

Tonight's score has also tipped me over last year's total for Master Points in a season, a new club record!  I know I shouldn't be proud (and it is really a recognition of the quantity of games I play rather than any ability) but still, it has cheered me up after a week of being un-well!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    This auction quickly got out of hand, 1, P, 1, 2NT, 3, 5, 5, 6, X - Ops wanted to double my 5s too, lucky escape!
3   We didn't defend well and Ops declared well, not a good combination for us!
4   We missed game but nobody else made 11 tricks
8   Partner played well to make the over-trick, Ops do better to take out the trumps I think
11   Well played partner, good end play to gain a trick (if Ops push a through dummy at any point it's finished though!)
13   Ops jumped to 4, I could only double now
14   Ops defended well, I made all I could but most are making 9 tricks, sorry partner
15   Good defence again here
19   Ops missed the fit
20   Ops switched from the s and discarded a to allow an extra trick for Partner
21   I was in the right contract making the right number of tricks
22   We missed game but so did everyone else and partner made more tricks, well played
23   Ops were too ambitious


28th October 2018


A busy but good day today.

Finished the laundry and a few house chores, did the weekly shop and had lunch then off to Basingstoke to go bowling with a few friends.  We haven't been bowling for a long time and it showed!

I won the first game and one of our friends is a very good bowler but he only got 99 (we all like to get 100 as a minimum).  Fortunately, I got 140 but the computer gave me an extra go twice so I got away with a few scores!!!

I would have won without them though so no big deal.  The second game I was second but still got more than 100 (102).  We used to regularly get close to 200 so quite poor by our old standards.

Back from bowling and our cats are making a lot of noise, they tend to start wanting dinner an hour early but today it was really early (the clocks went back!!!) - nobody ever explains to cats that the clocks change.....!!!

We then head over to our old house where the family who bought our house cooked a nice curry for us, they also gave us a gift box of specialist coffees, they are such a nice family.

I had a slightly awkward moment when we had dinner as they all eat with their hands (as Vee does), I use cutlery and it dawned on me that I would have to use my fingers too, which I did.  I confessed half way through though and used a spoon after that...!  I also found it odd that Vee and I ate at the table with their 2 grandfathers but the ladies were all in the kitchen - the ladies don't eat until after the men have!  Something I have never come across, seems so odd these days but we respected their culture.

We all chatted for ages (even after we said we need to go!).

Playing at CBC tomorrow

27th October 2018


We had our family over tonight (my Step-brother and Step-sister and their partners), cleaned the house, did the laundry and Vee made a cake (Victoria Sponge).

We had a nice chat and a few drinks and ordered pizza for everyone - was a good evening - we had set the lounge up with extra chairs but ended up staying in the kitchen all night!

A few of our local players ventured to Petersfield today for their Swiss Teams and both teams were joint 6th, not bad considering 17 teams entered and a few featured well on the X-Imps - well done all.

Bowling in Basingstoke then dinner at our old house tomorrow

26th October 2018 (Afternoon)


NGS Place Score MPs
(0.43) 3/9 53.36 10




Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Woke up and felt worse again but had to go the office today as I was running the monthly meeting on HDVC across 5 sites.  It went well fortunately (despite my coughing).

Finished in time to get to bridge and we got through the session!  I wasn't as cheerful as normal and lots of coughing around the room, the mood was a bit sombre.

We had an ok session (will be down on the NGS but in the points).  I am now 10 points off last year's record....

I actually did ok considering and partner bid well mostly but a few odd blips, still not bad and I actually feel better for playing.

Dorothy also not feeling great so John came out to play with Margaret W and also had an ok session, good to see John playing more.

Derek is not feeling great and I am not 100% so we have decided not to play tonight, I can't risk spreading my germs to Derek if he is already low.

Family coming over tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4    We kept forcing declarer with s and then drew trumps to make the last
6   We got the defence right here
9   Ops didn't take the K to allow me to make 11 tricks
12   I played well to make 11 tricks but Ops didn't play the A to give me 12
13   Partner put me into an impossible contract, she forced me to bid and then forgets I am only promising 6 points...  1NT was her re-bid
14   Partner played well here
16   Poor double by me
17   Not a good lead Ops....
21   Partner should only be 1 off here.....
22   Ops were too ambitious
23   I did well to make 7 tricks here...!
24   Pass my  bid partner....
25   Partner showed a much stronger hand than she had, 2NT or 3 is the contract


25th October 2018


A night off last night and an early night but still not great today.

Much better than yesterday though and less coughing, think both Vee and I are coming through the colds!

I cancelled bridge again tonight and my partner was very understanding, thanks Barbara.

I really wanted to play but didn't feel up to it and also don't want to spread any lingering germs, hopefully all ok tomorrow.

I am in the office tomorrow (no matter how I feel) as presenting the monthly reports as usual, then bridge in the afternoon and evening (all being well).

Well done Alan & David for winning - I see Jo played for the 4th time this week (and did well again), both Margaret's in the points too and above 50% for Val too.

Playing twice tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

24th October 2018


Not well today, worked at home but took the afternoon off and soaked in the bath.  It helped but still coughing, sneezing and constant runny nose, not good.

I decided to cancel playing tonight as didn't think I would play well and also don't want to spread germs.  Vee also has the same cold and stayed home too.

Margaret kindly came and picked up the hands for the Improvers and Val ran the session on her own.  I think there were only 5 plus Val so just social bridge and no scoring (which actually makes our lives easier on this occasion but a shame for the group).

Good to see my partner's top both directions (Jill with Colin and Barbara with John), well done both.

Great to see Marilyn 2nd with Winnie too, well done both!

I have updated the home page, Find-A-Partner and added the hands to the session description as usual and had a quick look at some of the results.

Will try and get an early night now though.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

23rd October 2018

Lady Rose:

Playing with a regular partner and team mates in the first round of the Lady Rose

I worked at home in the morning and some more CBC admin too.

One of our team mates had to pull out this morning but we had a substitute, thanks David for stepping in.

A close match and all square at half time but team mates made 2 blunders in the second half and we lost by 9, good fun though (despite a cold!).

Hands were pre-dealt and HERE for reference.

Nick has a lovely house in Fleet, superb setting and hospitality, thanks Nick!

Not feeling well enough for Badminton tonight so will stay home and rest.

Playing at YHBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    Ops stayed in a part score, team mates found game in a minor
5   We stayed in a part score and made it, team mates took game off
6   I doubled Ops into game
8   Team mates made a bad sacrifice
15   Team mates in the wrong contract when a slam was on
17   We defeated a slam as Ops bid the wrong slam
24   Team mates in the wrong contract when game was on


22nd October 2018


NGS Place Score MPs
(7.18) 12/20 48.15 0




Playing with a regular partner in the Final of the Monday Championships

A busy day at work and rushed home for the handyman (checking our lounge roof as there seems to be a small leak).

Cooked curry tonight (I make the chicken curry, Vee does the rest!) and was yummy.

A fair amount of YHBC and CBC committee work throughout the day too and more when home tonight too.

Our session tonight was not bad, we just didn't shine.  Not many tops or bottoms!

Well done Nick & David for winning the Monday Championships, David Pinder second here and also second in the Thursday Championships, close on both

Playing in the first round of the Surrey Lady Rose tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

10    I should pass 1, I just felt there may be a better contract, alas, no
16   Bidding errors here, both at fault - we could have had Ops in 2 doubled too!
19   Ops were in a good contract but needed to ruff a to get home


21st October 2018


Between us, we did the shopping, washing and cleaning and had lunch and dealt 2 sets of boards (an Improvers set for Wednesday and a set for my Team on Tuesday).

I did the hands as Vee made Samosas for tonight but I needed help with the dealing too!

Social Teams tonight, 6 Pairs form teams each round and the top pairs wins - more about socialising and eating though (we all take something to eat and share).

We started off well (20-0 and 19-1 for the first round!!!) and stayed in front until the last round where we lost to 0 and 4 and came 2nd!

Good food and company and a lovely night - bins out when home and another weekend done!

Playing at CBC in the Final of the Monday Championships tomorrow

20th October 2018
20th October 2018

Day Off:

Day off today.

We packed a lot in though....

Caught up with This Is Us (our usual Saturday morning routine) and another stunning episode.

Then off to our old house to collect post and have a chat.

Back home for lunch then Alan & Pamela came over with all the YHBC boards, cards, laptop, printer and dealing machine as we will do the next stint of dealing for YHBC (well, Vee mainly).

My office is still quite useable with the extra equipment in (picture above), quite pleased with how it fitted in.  We expected we would have to find homes for the kit and bring it out to use and put away again but it all fits and there is still space in front of the printer for my work laptop!

I tend to work at home with my laptop on the left (or the club laptop) and my work laptop on the right.  Both laptop screens in use all the time and I switch the main monitor between them when I need a second screen - all works quite well and enables me to multi-task and get 2 days work done in 1 (well, almost!).  I can at least keep an eye on all e-mails plus have my phone in use for everything else.

We then sorted through all our paperwork and filing, cleared out parts of the house and put all office things in the office (stationery, envelopes, staplers, paper etc).

I have also been working on YHBC and CBC committee work today and got a lot done there too.

Caught up with Australian MasterChef, had dinner and watched TV with wine tonight.  Nice to be together with a cat each relaxing.

We have a few sets of boards needed for next week to get done plus cooking for tomorrow's event and shopping and weekly chores to do tomorrow.

Playing socially with our regular Teams group tomorrow

19th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Had Sausage and Chips from the Chippy tonight, easy and nice (John's influence as he said he would get fish and chips on his way home!).

Straight off to bridge after and had a fun session but it just didn't quite work, nothing in particular and neither of us made any really daft bids or play, just not quite there tonight.

We did have one huge score (2200!!!) but of course, it is only one board - I had a suspicion it would be 100% though....!

Taking over the YHBC Dealing Machine tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    We did all we could but needed to be in 6NT
3   We got the defence right here, we made 2 s, a ruff and Q
4   I played this quite well
7   We need to let Ops play here
9   I tried to be clever and placed the  honours in each hand, they weren't and I lost entry to my tricks in dummy
10   Well bid and played Ops, we need to make declarer start the s though
11   I think partner needs to play the J from dummy and East covers, then we only lose 1
14   We need to compete to 3 here
15   Ops got a bit carried away
17   I made what I should, others didn't
22   This hand made the night!!!  I open 1NT, pass, 2, pass, 2, 3!!!!  Partner now bids 3NT, Ops bid 4 to compete (thinking there is a distributional hand in South), I double, South redoubles!!!!  2200, Wow!


19th October 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked from home today so I could collect Dorothy and we arrived early (having tried my new route!).

Set up the tables and started playing, was a nice fun session.  A few silly errors each but mostly good or very good.

Pleased to see Jean & Bobbi high up and Christine & Rosemary, well done all!

Quite a few noticed that John was not Margaret!  It is clear that she has been missed this week, back to normal next week.

Playing again after Dinner

The Highs and Lows:

2    Partner overcalled 1 and I have 4 HCP and 5 s so I jump to 4 (where he plays), my bid is simply the level of the fit but I didn't expect him to make it, he played so well he got an over-trick too!
3   Good defence partner, my s came good in the end!
4   Partner took my double out so I put him to game, our best score is 3 doubled....
5   Ops did as they should, not everyone did though
7   Hard to find the Grand but I think partner should have converted to NT - still, not many bid the slam at all so a good score!
8   I did as I should here
9   We play 5 card majors so missed our fit
12   Ops got into a mess here.....
22   This should have been a good sacrifice for Ops but nobody else bid 4 our way
23   Ops missed the slam and didn't throw a  on the K - Had I lead the A, we hold it to 11 as partner gets a ruff!


18th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another non-stop day today trying to juggle life with work and bridge and bridge committee work!

I got a full days work done by lunch time so spent a few hours on AGM items, preparing e-mails and a guide to the new Bridge Tabs (now available on CBC website under the Club Management menu and also in the AGM Information tab when logged in as a CBC member.

Iain came over for dinner again (I cooked Spag Bol) then we all went to bridge (Vee played with Iain).

So pleased to see them get a good score (although not high up) - like us, an OK score but not great position.

Really pleased to see Val & Pitti and Sylvia & Linda joint 3rd too!!!  More friends topped the pile though, well done Margaret & John (I am playing with John tomorrow afternoon too!!!).

We had a roller coaster session, I was daft on some hands and partner could have done better on some too, all fun though and we smiled throughout.

Well done to Alan & Marion, Jill & Colin tonight too, a good win in the BBL

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Partner can do a bit better than this but doesn't improve the score drastically, best to leave Ops in 3
4   Partner made a mistake and couldn't rectify it, she was apologising throughout the hand - it happens, no problem!
5   Ops could pass 4X and get a joint top, glad they didn't!
6   We had this off, near the end I am given my K and then I have a choice of playing a to guarantee they make the contract or a  for a chance partner has the A (She does!) - what did I choose.....
7   Ops thought they had 5/5 in the reds by mistake and so ended up in the wrong contract
10   Well doubled partner, it says they can make it but not the way it was defended
14   Ops bid s and their partner didn't lead them to get 2 s and a ruff, well played partner too
15   Well done partner for the over-trick!
16   I need to under-lead my A to get partner in so I can get a ruff to defeat this, difficult
17   Well bid Ops
18   We have game on but only one pair made 12 tricks and nobody bid game so Ops sacrifice didn't turn out to be good
20   I only bid once partner....!
24   Well bid Ops, shame partner is a good player, if she makes a bad lead (A) it would have been better, what a frustrating game!


17th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 7 of the Beryl Doughty Cup

Vee hosted the Improvers with Val and had 2 tables - a new guy showed up tonight too and I think there was a bit of renewed hope for the group too as more have said they are coming next week!

I am so pleased that the group may survive, it is a vital group and Vee and Val have put so much into it too, well done all!

Barbara & Gillian were set to move up to the main group but saw the need for them in the Improvers tonight and helped out by moving back to make a movement possible - they got their reward for their kindness by winning!!!

I worked at home this morning and then did some CBC work for the AGM and a new Friday Competition.  I also made a start on notes for the new BridgeTabs and a 1 page table guide to hand out at the AGM.  I still found time to see my friend and cheered him up and he gave my hair a quick trim too (he is also our barber!!!).

Young Iain came over for dinner then off to do his homework (for the course he is on, not school!).  He is here for dinner tomorrow too then playing with Vee at CBC.

Tonight was really enjoyable, I am too cheeky at times and pushed it a little tonight but I think (hope!) that my partner likes my sense of humour now (or ignores it and humours me!).

We would have been top if I had behaved myself on the last hand, all pass to me and I have 18 HCPs and 6s, I could open 1 (wrong) or 2 (correct!) - if I open 2, partner relays, I say 2 all pass - good score - I did neither and opened 4s for a bottom, sorry partner.

We have still consolidated our top spot for the series but Barbara & John are hot on our heels and Sheila & Peter still have 1 low score to improve on so could jump quickly, we need a 70% score!!!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    Ops avoided the trap of NT's
4   We defended well here, Ops mis-played the s and gave partner a trick
5   I open 2 (weak) and Ops bid 2NT (meant as the minors) - this wasn't understood so after the 4 raise from partner, Ops bid 4 and partner doubled.
6   I was idiotic here, open 2 Ian and listen to partner.... GRRRRR, sorry partner
8   Partner played well here, 11 tricks are on but not everyone made them!
10   I was lucky here, if Ops carry on with the s I am stuck, phew!
11   We defended well to make our tricks, a tricky lead from me but it turned out to be the best lead allowing partner to make 2 tricks, I then made my K later
12   Well bid and played partner
16   A tough choice here, do I double 4 or put partner to game in s, on this occasion, I chose correctly (due to the vulnerability)
18   I opened 3 (terrible!), partner bid 3 (much better!) and was nearly there too, the finesse and she is home but how do you know if the Q is from QJ or singleton?  We were better to let Ops get in a mess anyway as it happens, sorry partner, I should not open here!
20   Well bid partner, 6 was very hard to find.  Ops defended well to put the pressure on but it was makeable (as partner said at the time)
21   Ops doubled my 1NT then got into a mess and I doubled them, we defended well too forcing the ruffs so I could draw trumps
22   I opened light but 2 suited and partner jumped to 2NT (I thought this showed a good raise) so I jumped to 4 and then made a mess of the play too!
23   Ops got a bit carried away here


16th October 2018


Day off (with some conference calls with work as laptop on all day!).

I started the day with my Chiropractor appointment at 9am (went well and feel better now).  Then I was due to have coffee with a friend but he couldn't get out, I didn't have much time as it happened so was a relief.

I went to the garage to get supplies for the day and had lunch then started the CBC sessions.

First was Val, David & Alan to go through the new Friday competition, we think we have the bones of it done now but I need to work through the practicalities of setting it up and running it.

Then the rest of the Tabs committee arrived and I took them through how to set-up the session and what happens when it goes wrong and how to use the tabs.

I think it went well and all grasped it fairly quickly and liked them.  I will do a 1 page note sheet to hand out to the members for the AGM session and give a quick speech on how to use them and why we have switched.

Vee came home as we were winding up and then made dinner and ate.  Just in time for 4 friends to come over for a Teams Tactics talk and to play bridge as Vee and I observed and commented.

I think it went well and some useful discussions.  Overall, they felt more comfortable with playing in the league than before we started - I hope they do well but more importantly, I hope they enjoy it!

A busy day but useful, I hope!

Playing at YHBC in Round 7 of the Beryl Doughty tomorrow

15th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A hectic day today, by the time I sat down at home, I fell asleep!  Only 10 minutes though but was tired!

Our friend is down this week so have fixed him up with my partners this week (but he can no longer make Weds), still, Jill tonight and Vee Thursday.  So pleased they did well tonight too, must have been Vee's cooking (he joined us for dinner tonight!).

Pleased Val & Shirley did well too, well done both!

We had a few disasters but generally good tonight, in the points again and am now within 50 of the club record.

Chiropractor session tomorrow morning, then coffee with a friend then Bridge Tab training with CBC then helping friends with Team Tactics in the evening (a busy day tomorrow!!!)

The Highs and Lows:

1    Partner didn't approve of my bidding but I think I have to show both suits and we wended up in a good contract
2   Well bid Ops, I gave a trick away by not realising partner's J was a singleton
3   Well bid Ops, it seems we should have competed but both too flat really
8   Well played partner
11   I made 10 tricks, as I should - others didn't
13   Partner can play better here
14   I think 1 should be opened with a singleton ....
15   Well bid Ops
16   Ops didn't find the right defence and partner played well
18   We are in the right contract and partner made an extra trick
21   My turn to find the extra trick, Ops found the killer lead and then switched suits, phew!
23   We stayed low enough here and partner played well to make it - made the Ops ruff with the master trump as she got a loser away, well played


14th October 2018


Vee went off at 04:30am to take Margaret to the station and then came home, started the washing and fed the cats and back to bed!

I let him lie in and went to do the shopping at 09:15am (the earliest I can leave as Tesco doesn't open until 09:30, tills at 10am).

I get home and Vee is up and we put shopping away and start on the prep for lunch - we had my Niece, her partner and her daughter (my Great-Niece!) here for the afternoon.

We had a lovely meal and a good time, they left just before 5pm and Scarlet (my Great Niece) was a pure delight, lovely to see them and she is learning letters and numbers now so much more interesting to talk to!

So well behaved too.

A lovely day today - will keep an eye on the Woking Swiss Pairs and update YHBC and CBC with the results link to their results and will add to this entry if any local pairs did well too.

Woking Results now up - mixed results for our local players, topping these were Julie & Richard (also winning the Non-Expert prize I note, would have thought them both above Non-Expert!), well done both.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

13th October 2018


Watched the next "This Is Us" first thing (our Saturday tradition now it seems!) then had Chris & Carole over for social bridge.

We had the hands from last night (where they played) and went through some queries, bidding systems and play techniques (such as, play the suit if a singleton in dummy).

We all enjoyed the session and had some Lemon Drizzle cake that Vee made!  They made a chocolate cake too which we will have tomorrow!

A bit more TV this afternoon catching up with the Australian MasterChef then shopping for tonight.

Friends came round at 7pm for Poker, had 3 games, all social and fun.  I was 2nd in one game but neither of us did an awful lot, mostly about the chat and drinking though!

Vee went to bed as soon as he was out of the 3rd game (getting up at 4am to take Margaret to the station!).

Family here for a Roast tomorrow

12th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session, also a one-off event for the Greta Clark Cup

After a nice dinner (albeit rushed) and having set-up the YHBC Club Weekend form online and done the diary entry for this afternoon (as well as bridge admin for CBC and YHBC), I head over to our old house.

We had a letter about the fridge we left for them and so took it back to them in case they want to extend the guarantee.  We had a nice chat and want to arrange a get together soon too.

8.5 Tables tonight (partly helped by a few Farnham players as their hall was closed tonight), good to see attendance up though

Bridge tonight was good mostly, a few real wobbles but some exceptional moments too - some issues should have been avoided (pass partner......!!!) but not bad.  Nick & Graham won tonight but Graham is not a member so the the Cup went to Colin & David, well done both!

Have updated the Hall of Fame for them and the Cup listing is above too.

Playing socially tomorrow morning then Poker in the evening

The Highs and Lows:

1    We found the right contract and partner played it well
3   I land up in an impossible contract!  My only line is to get the s to come good - I play them well and Ops ruff the third  as their partner plays the winning K - I now have the s set-up and can catch all the s, phew!
4   Well played partner!  Ops ducked the K so never made a trick
5   If partner passes instead of doubling, Ops go to 4 and now we can double!
8   Perfect defence partner!
9   Well played partner, I maintain that my plan of doubling 5 was still worth more though....!
13   Partner was good for extra trick, well played
15   Partner got the s wrong, unfortunate
17   Ops let me make my singleton K
18   I blocked my , should only be 1 off but I fear we should have been in 2 making 2 really
19   Pass partner!  Let me double the s.....
20   Partner played well to make 6 tricks here and a great save against makeable contracts for Ops
21   Partner was good for the extra trick, helped by Ops playing the s in an unusual way though!  We needed the extra trick this time too as I pushed for the slam and so had to play in 5s
24   Partner made a bad claim, he had 9 tricks there if played out but not the way he claimed, there was no rush partner....


12th October 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A busy day in the office then off to Bridge.

A nice session today, partner didn't have many points and only played 1 hand.  I had some nice hands and we played and defended well today.

A close session but just pipped a very good pair for the win!

63 Points to go for the club record on Master Points now.

Making dinner with Vee tonight, I am doing chicken and he is doing veg to go with it (he has a Veggie Pie).

Playing again after Dinner in the Greta Clark Cup at YHBC

The Highs and Lows:

3    Partner started with the K and then switched, I still don't know why!  Ops then made at least one more trick than they should as we took out the s for them!
5   We defended well here
8   Ops played well to make 8 tricks but missed their 3NT contract
10   We missed the slam but no-one else made 12 tricks
11   We pushed Ops up and I doubled
16   A good sacrifice here
17   We did well to defeat this, Ops didn't pin my so I got a  ruff and the master
18   Ops didn't find game
23   Ops did well to make 10 tricks but we pushed them up and took it one off
24   Ops found game, not everyone did - the slam was hard to find


11th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the Final round of the Thursday Championships

Worked this morning then off to the CBC Committee meeting.  Nothing major but a lot of discussion, held at Moira's house and it was a beautiful house (and garden!).
Traffic coming home was terrible though, raining caused delays and accidents and took a lot of us an hour to get to our homes - not much time between that and bridge tonight!

YHBC had a BBL match tonight and won, well done guys!  Results HERE
You can also see the Teams schedules and results on my "Ian's Teams" Page on YHBC HERE

We had some real disasters tonight but seemed to have pulled off a win, couldn't believe it!  Not enough to catch the leaders though, well done Marie & Robin!
I have updated the Hall of Honour HERE , Competition page is also HERE

I am now within 100 points of the Master Points record too (a record I set!), have until the end of Nov18 to get it so am hopeful

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops didn't find the slam and I found the only lead that looked dangerous, they ducked to ensure the tricks but actually, they didn't need to.
5   A tough contract for Ops and we defended well
6   Great defence here, partner was alert enough to remove the trumps early so we could take our tricks
8   Where was my  ruff partner.....!
9   Ops opened 1 and we missed our game in s!  Not the best contract but partner could have made it as Ops ducked 3 s
10   I played well to make this, a low contract but they all count!
12   Partner opened 1NT, I bid 2 (Stayman) and Ops double.  Their partner thinks they are doubling the 1NT and showing a big hand, they were just showing s - they rescue to 2, I double, they rescue to 2, I double - mean, sorry.
14   I doubled Ops transfer bid for the lead, partner then bid up to 4 - he played it well to only go one off too!
15   Partner played brilliantly here, he bid 1NT over Ops s and I bid 2s as a transfer to s as I was so weak - great play partner!
17   I could do better here but we missed our fit, mostly my fault I think, sorry partner
19   Ops missed NTs as they didn't see the K in their hand
20   Ops bid too high here, partner ruffed my winning too but it didn't really cost!
22   Ops system let them down
23   Partner can play better than this


10th October 2018


Playing with a new partner in a regular club session

I stayed home today as my shoulder was still bad (should not have played the badminton match last night!).

I worked in the morning and had a bath in the afternoon, it eased my shoulder but I think I need to book a chiropractor session - the bath made me very sleepy though.

I wasn't awake enough tonight and partner made a few silly errors too, still, it was fun and we had an ok score so no harm done!

Vee hosted the Improvers with Val but only 1 pair turned up, they played socially until 21:30 and called it a night, Margaret kindly offered to take me home after so Vee didn't have to wait an hour for me.

Margaret came in for a quick drink too which was nice.

Playing at CBC in the final of the Thursday Championships tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    I got the  wrong here
6   Ops defended well and he could have been 1 off but no change to the score
7   Ops missed game by raising the minor instead of bidding the major
8   Partner tried to give the Ops a good score by playing his Q under their AK but it still worked out well as Ops should be in s!
9   Partner jumped to 2, I didn't know what to do, I could have played it slightly better but this was never going to go well!
10   Ops had a mis-understanding and we were mean and doubled
11   Ops let partner ruff the second  and set-up a discard, well played partner
12   Ops bid too high in the minor, 3NT was the contract
13   A helpful lead here, well played partner
14   Well bid Ops
18   Well bid partner!  Asking if I had a stop was perfect as if I said no, retreat to 3, nobody else found game
20   I need to switch to my s here rather than trying to set-up partner's s
21   Ops defended well to defeat this but they need to be in 4s
23   Ops could play a little better but they bid too high here
24   Partner needs to let the J run to make this


9th October 2018


Worked at home as had the handyman here for the last time.

He fitted 2 backing plates to hide open wires behind the fridge, fixed the socket to the wall, fitted in a new light outside (solar), fixed 3 doors, fixed the downstairs toilet flush and advised on the plans for next year, all for £50!!!!

We are so lucky to have found him!

Had a match tonight, my shoulder was still tense and I didn't play well, we lost by 34 points (within 30 is 2-1, we lost 3-0) - a shame and I felt I let them down tonight.

Playing at YHBC with another new partner tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers at YHBC

8th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session which is also for the Greta Clark Cup

A busy day at work then soup for dinner and out to bridge.

I leave early to help set-up and also bring the club laptop back.

A solid night tonight, just a few wobbles - we were placed but no cup tonight, well done Jane & Keith!

I have set the competitions to automatically update with the results pages and you can go back through the years too (the blue link above).

Have also updated the roll of honour - HERE

Playing in a Badminton match tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops doubled and didn't get the defence right, I was very lucky!  Having been naughty and overcalled with a 4 card suit (to push Ops up), I was very lucky to get away with this
4   Not many found the correct defence, our Ops did
5   Partner played brilliantly to make the extra trick, only 1 pair found game which was hard to find
8   Brilliant again from partner here making an extra trick by setting up the
9   I did as I should on this board
10   I need to lead a  here, I nearly did too - partner ducks the first one and we defeat this, sorry partner
16   The last hand for us and partner was too bold putting me up, Ops defended well too
18   Ops bid well but didn't get the play quite right
20   Ops didn't find the  lead.  Some also didn't open with my hand but I think 5 s and 11 HCP is an opening hand
22   We pushed Ops up here, they did well to only go 1 off though


7th October 2018


We had a relaxing morning and then went to Tesco for the weekly shop.

Margaret and her granddaughter arrived before we got back but only by about 5 minutes - showed Stephanie round the house and had a cuppa and a chat for an hour then they went off for lunch and we played bridge with 2 friends.

A close game, Vee and I split up and Vee won by 500 over 24 hands!

Really nice and relaxing day.  After they left, Vee mowed the lawn (borrowed a mower from his brother).

Lots of matches to be arranged now and made a start on the Surrey league as the draw came out today.

Playing at CBC for the Greta Clark Cup tomorrow

6th October 2018


Watched the most emotional episode of "This Is Us" this morning, really is such a good series.

My Sister came over to see us and the house then we took her out for lunch, was nice though Vee's meal was a bit heavy (with a starter too, it was a bit much).

Nice to catch up with her though, we don't see each other very often.

We sorted out some house chores and emptied the chest freezer into the new freezer (exciting!), nice to see things in their correct place though.

I drove to the pub for a friend's 40th party - it was much better than I expected!  Vee had a few drinks and was fine (though on the edge I think.....!).

A nice day all in all!

I also noticed this morning my grade now finishes with 8.88 - the lady I played with last night ha sa number plate with 888 as it's numbers - I thought that was quite a coincidence (funny the things I spot!).

Playing Bridge with friends tomorrow

5th October 2018


Playing with a new partner in a regular club session.

Finished off the Soup for dinner, still good!  Then on to Bridge with a new partner!

We have had a lot of fun with Jane on holidays (Vee and Viv too) and she asked me a month or so ago if I had any Friday's free.  Alas, I don't have many free dates so have tried to fix her up with others (mainly Jo and they did well).

I had this one free though and so off we go.....

I wasn't on form tonight and Jane had a busy day and was a little tired and we are a new partnership, add to that the worst hands I have seen for a long time and only 5 tables so likely to be skewed scores and it is clearly a recipe for disaster............  Fortunately not, a good set with very few blips!

One blip I won't forget for a long time though.....  Hand 22 (not in the write up below), Ops are in 4 and half way through the play the 7 is played from dummy, low from partner, LOW from declarer and then me - I hold 8, 4 in s and am thinking we play reverse count so I must show the doubleton by playing small first......... I play the 4!!!!!!!  Agggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

Lunch with my big Sister tomorrow then a 40th birthday party with friends

The Highs and Lows:

2    We pushed Ops up nicely then I doubled - it should go off but I didn't defend too well - I think the easiest line though is the K lead from partner and then a switch but I ended up giving a ruff and discard
4   Lucky here, Ops discarded a and I got the s right
5   Partner jumped to 5 - Ops doubled then took it out to 5s - I pounce!
7   Ops missed a slam - good for them as most were not in game!
8   Partner played exceptionally well to only go 1 off here, I didn't offer much as dummy!
10   We defended well here
11   Partner played well to make the over trick, some went off
16   I made both my s as ruffs and partner ended up with the winning , well defended
17   Ops made a phantom sacrifice which was too costly as it happened anyway
18   We were in the right spot here, partner still had to play well to make it though
20   Ops had the points but partner had the s....  Why did nobody else take this off 3 though?
23   Well played partner!
24   Great defending again here, we took our tricks


5th October 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another busy day (in the office today).

Still managed to print off a new convention card for another new partner next Wednesday as well as finalise matches for the Lady Rose and NICKO.

We had a pleasant afternoon with 1 major error each and a few wobbles, generally good though.

I stayed on at the end to help pack up and take the laptop home for finalising the new Tabs set-up.  Margaret kindly took Dorothy home.

Playing again after Dinner (with a new partner!)

The Highs and Lows:

1    I think I played this quite well....!  The lead helped me though.
4   We missed the slam, only one pair found it - I did well being in the right nomination though
5   Nobody else found the right game
9   Ops never found the s, I looked for the slam but chickened out as I could only ask for key cards in s in our auction (I needed an Ace or K)
12   Ops pushed us up but fortunately, 1 off was just ok for us
13   Not many found game
14   We stayed at the right level, one pair made an over-trick
16   Ops decided on NT instead of the s, I think I agree too, just didn't work for them here
19   I asked for a ruff and partner switched to a trump....
20   Partner bid s so Ops never found their tricks - an interesting event in this hand, I played a second (having lost to the Q earlier) and both Ops played a , I asked, no s?" to East who said "Ah, yes", at which point, West also said "Oh, me too!" - I have never seen a double penalty card hand before!!!!
21   Partner signalled for a and I played my K - I should play a low one showing the honour or, simply carry on with my s
22   Partner played this really well, Ops discarded a and she was waiting for it and set-up dummy!
24   I was cheeky and overcalled 1, partner raised me to 3 and I made it!!!  Sorry Ops, bit too cheeky, even for me - Ops led away from the K in the play though which I ducked to my Q allowing me to make the contract.


4th October 2018


Playing with a regular partner and Team mates in a Division 1 BBL match.

Another day at home today but working and waiting - new Fridge arrived today and could be between 7am and 7pm - they narrow it down at 7am to 3pm and 7pm and it arrived at 5.30pm!

Our handyman was due to come back to fit panels over open sockets behind the fridge and attach the old socket to the wall (plus fixing our doors) but unfortunately he broke his finger last night so has postponed.

The fridge is now in though and looks good, much bigger too and we are happy!

Had home made Stilton & Celery Soup tonight (some for Margaret and our neighbours too!).

I drove tonight, picked Margaret up and then onto David's (Alan met us there) and on to Bracknell.

We had a tricky start and partner kept over-bidding and our defence was not great.  Second half was better but not by enough.  Only reviewing swings of 7 or more but we had a number of plus scores in the second half.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Session 1: (6-45)
3    We let 3NT through when only 8 tricks are there, Team mates went 2 off too
9   I messed up the play on this hand went off in a cold game
10   I valued my 11 count as good and so opened 1NT, partner had a great transfer hand and so put me to 2, then she bid 3 so I thought game was there - we need to stay in 2, she had a flat 10 count!
Session 2: (32-26)
16   Ops bid a slam against team mates missing AK, unfortunately, our Team mates didn't fin the  lead - we made 12 tricks too but were not in the slam
17   We both made a part score for a double plus
21   We made a sensible major game, Team mates defeated an ambitious 3NT
23   Partner messed up the play on this hand went off in a cold game


3rd October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session which was also the  Greta Clark Cup (Weds)

A hectic day today!

We have a handyman, who is very good, booked in for today.  He was scheduled to start at 10am but was delayed until 2pm!  He kept me informed though.

I worked at home and 1 meeting turned into 4 anyway, was glad to be on my own without the power being turned off as it happened.

I had actually booked today off completely but agreed to attend 1 call for an hour, it then spiralled!!!

The handyman took out the cabinet next to our oven and the integrated fridge (we still have the fridge plugged in but emptied it into cool-bags after bridge so all set for tomorrow).

He also took out the old shower downstairs and installed a new one (all works!) and replaced the ceiling rose in the dining room and installed the shade for us.

We had a few issues turning the water off as there is a second stop-cock for the extension in the ceiling hatch outside the bathroom, who knew!  Well, we know now!

He has looked at 4 door handles too and saved us money by telling us it is not the handles but the way they have been put up.  He is coming back in the morning to fix the frames for us (no charge!).

I paid him cash and asked if he wanted extra for the other bits he has done, he said no, he reduced the bill in fact!  We are not letting him go!!!

Vee was a star tonight, he got home as the handyman left - I was planning to have the house clean and tidy but everything was delayed - I had cleared everything but not cleaned - he cleaned as I made him a cup of tea.

He then set to making the soup ready for tomorrow (as I have to leave early tomorrow night) and he made dinner tonight (just Toasties but still) - I am so lucky.

Only 1 table in the Improvers tonight - Vee played with them and sent Val home for a rest, it is not looking like we will continue with the group but will see how it goes over this month.

Finally, on to tonight......

Jill and I have both suffered with health recently but both on form tonight (though my shoulder is playing up).  We had a solid night and bid and played well throughout - the only red scores were unlucky and out of our control.

Pleased to see Arun & Derek near the top, they would have been 2nd just behind us if we hadn't defended so well on the very last hand against them!

Tonight was a Cup event too which is a bonus.  Really enjoyed tonight, Jill was rock solid and I knew exactly what she had in the bidding and play, nice.

The Wednesday Ladder looks interesting now too....

Vee drove home early too as Jill had kindly offered to take me home (it is just about on her way), thanks again partner!

Playing in my first BBL match tomorrow for CBC

The Highs and Lows:

5    I think we are right to be in game here, just unfortunate that we cannot get the  away in time, partner did her best setting up the long  but not in time
6   We found game here, I was very lucky North didn't win the  and trap my second , it would have been all over then!  I was banking on the s but when they didn't break, I had to set-up the s and hope - I got away with it
7   I played quite well here, guessed the s and Ops set-up the s for me
10   Well bid Ops
12   I had 1 point and won 3 tricks!  I found the right lead (not hard!) and Ops let partner win her Q so she could get me back in with her 3rd
13   Ops should pass and leave me in 2 - we had a gift
18   We missed the slam but were in the right nomination - I opened 1NT with a reasonable 11 but I didn't support partner's s when I knew she was 5/5 or better in s and s - if I had, we would have found 6
20   We bid game, not everyone did
21   Well bid partner, I was only really bidding to show what I wanted led, good judgement to bid up to 3 though - I played it reasonably well to only go 1 off too
24   We were in the right contract and partner played well to make it too, it was not as easy as it looked


2nd October 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a club Teams event

Worked at home this morning then had some of CBC committee over to help set-up the Bridge Tabs.

The session didn't go too well as we couldn't get them started, at the very end I realised we had too many tabs running and so "computer said NO"!!!  Would have been helpful for the error message to have told us this but hey!

They actually work very well and I used them tonight at Ascot, nearly there - Vee and I will play with ours at the weekend and then have another Committee session to go through them.

We didn't shine tonight but got the system right (mostly!) - a couple of defensive slips and a better second half than first.

Enjoyed the night and our Team mates did well.  We had our moments too, will be a negative for our NGS but a fun night.

Need to get more dates with Chris to keep going with Precision.

Playing at YHBC in the Greta Clark (Weds) tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

The Highs and Lows:

10    Team mates went off in game
11   Team mates doubled and defended brilliantly!
13   They didn't bid game against our Team mates
14   I made an extra trick and wasn't doubled, Team mates defended perfectly AND doubled!
17   Team mates didn't bid game
19   Poor double by partner when he knows this is a shapely hand
25   I played this quite well
26   Great sacrifice partner!
32   Good double from partner this time, I didn't take my A though crying


1st October 2018


Playing with my life partner in a regular club session.

A busy day at work, carried on when home too.

Vee cooked a nice dinner (Quiche, fried new potatoes and veg) and then we headed off to CBC early to set-up.

A poor start but we picked up and ended with a respectable score - I was well behaved too and we kept calm!

Lots of comments about seeing Vee play too which was nice (he is the nice one of the 2 of us!) - a good run for him too, Anne, Rob and now me, so pleased for Vee

Finalising the Bridge Tab set-up and playing at Ascot tomorrow in a club Teams night (Precision)

The Highs and Lows:

1    Partner had a nice hand and passed throughout, I showed strength too - he apologised as he put dummy down and looked glum when I made 12 tricks - I said nothing though
2   I jumped to 3NT and Ops doubled, I thought for 2 minutes and decided to jump again to 6s (now I know more about the hand), Ops doubled again - Vee played well and made it!  We had a good score anyway as we were the only pair in a slam
3   I made a tricky game but it seemed clear cut at the time
8   Partner should put me back to my first suit, perhaps I shouldn't mention my grotty s though?
13   We defended well here, Ops were better leaving us in 1NT though
14   I made a terrible lead, should lead a trump
16   Partner never mentioned his s!!!!!
18   We took our tricks here (eventually!), partner thought they were playing in s and so switched after the 2nd !!!  We got it back though
23   I had a bit of luck here and played well too, 1NT, X, 2 (transfer) - well bid partner
24   Odd here - same auction as the last hand but this time Ops double (penalties but not realised by their partner) - they went to 3s and we defended really well


30th September 2018

Met Cup:

Playing with a regular partner and Team mates in the Met Cup representing Surrey.  We didn't have a good day as a team but our B team Won and A team were 2nd, well done both! 

B Team Results  A Team Results

Vee did the shopping today and the garden (with Margaret's help!) and the lady who purchased our old house made some Indian treats for Vee and delivered them for him too!

I drove to David's where Colin picked us up to drive us to and from the venue, Jill met us there.  Thanks for driving Colin.

We didn't feel we had done too badly and we had a reasonable X-Imp for the first half (13th out of 36) but the second half we were 34th out of 36, sorry team.

To see our scores, click the purple link at the top and then session 1 or session 2.

Playing with Vee at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Session 1:
7    This was unlucky, the Q finesse could be taken either way (some had a  lead too!!!) and partner guessed wrong
9   Not many made game here but partner did!  A helpful lead meant no  losers
14   I didn't know what partner's double meant and didn't feel I was strong enough to bid 3 over partner's s so I agreed s
22   We defended perfectly here and took 4 off - Ops finessed both KQ and partner won them both!
Session 2:
5   I forgot we played Lebensohl so supported partner's s - of course, she didn't have s!!!  I should bid 3NT if I realise what is happening
6   Partner can play this better
8   I need to switch to a trick 2 and we do better
10   Ops got into a mess and we defended well for an extra trick too


29th September 2018

Day Off:

Watched a really emotional This Is Us this morning and then Vee went to meet family and I went to Barbara to help with her laptop and a few technical issues (not all bridge!)

I helped her with most things but couldn’t work out how to keep the light bright without the power lead - did everything else though and sorted out the one drive links for her and got a non bridge file working - took nearly 3 hours but am happy to help

Watched lots of master chef episodes when Vee home (and some wine!)

Early night as a full day tomorrow!

Playing in the Met Cup for the Surrey C Team tomorrow

28th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Watched Taskmaster and had Pizza tonight then off to the club.

June's partner didn't turn up (I think it was a mix up) so John Walker kindly raced over to play (they got above 50% so not bad on the fly!)

9 Full tables too, good turn out.

We had a lot of tops and bottoms tonight and it really was a roller coaster - partner was brilliant and "not brilliant" in equal measure, great fun though!

A coat and a jumper were left behind tonight, it was very hot in the hall and a lot came with jackets etc and took them off early on - I have sent an email out and both have been claimed!

Started too feel much better last night, a little achy but head started to clear by the end of the night.

Dorothy gave me some medicine too (a big bottle of red wine!!!) which has been depleted a little too....!  Thank you Dorothy

Helping Barbara with her laptop tomorrow and relaxing the rest of the day!

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops open 1, that is all I have so I pass, we defended perfectly cross ruffing most of the hand, well played partner!
3   Partner showed me a very strong hand in the bidding, then dummy went down....
5   Ops meant the double as take out and it was left in for penalties
6   Well bid Ops - they showed 5 key cards, very rare and Colin was able to work it out too, some would have assumed 2 key cards automatically and passed
7   Ops were mean and doubled me, others didn't get the double
8   Ops didn't return the lead for the ruff, phew!
9   We didn't take our s, not the best lead either, away from a King
10   I should open 1 here rather than downgrading my hand to 1NT
11   I played well here, Ops helped by not continuing the s and playing the Cs for me
12   We were in the right contract
16   I was mean and pushed the Ops up and then partner was brave and doubled
17   Well bid partner, great sacrifice
22   Ops were in the right contract
25   We defended well here, Ops could have ruffed s before playing the trumps though
26   We tried to push the Ops up but they wouldn't go!  I meant my double as penalties but 2s makes!  Partner could have played a little better than 3 off though
28th September 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another hectic day at work but finished in time for bridge!

A fairly solid performance and no tempers or moods (from either of us!) - just our defence that needs work

I took Dorothy home after (as usual) and traffic was quite heavy but not too delayed.  Also have a set of boards from today for David to re-deal which I shall pass on tonight at YHBC.

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1    Well bid Ops - I didn't think 5 would be a good sacrifice so not much we could do here
4   A good sacrifice but nobody bid and made game EW!
7   A good sacrifice!
8   Well played partner, lucky not to get a  lead
10   Well played again partner making the extra trick
13   Well bid Ops
17   Ops pushed us into game here, was glad they did!
18   I miss-played this but even 1 off is a bad score as Ops need to bid on and let us double them!
19   Well bid Ops, we let a trick through too
21   We got a good score for simply taking our tricks
22   Ops got their defence to 1NT wrong, I shouldn't have opened 1NT and the play was odd - other than that, a standard hand!
23   I opened 4 - Ops bid 4 (cheeky) and I bid on, 4 doubled could have been interesting and 5 doubled even more so...!


27th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Took the day off today as feeling very low and still have a constant mild headache - work laptop on and still did 3 hours or so (which I shouldn't have!).

Took my cat to the Vet this afternoon and they kept him in - I picked him up at 6pm with a £240 bill!  He seems a lot better but waiting on blood test results tomorrow or Monday to see if it is his kidneys or not.

I had prepared dinner earlier so got home from the Vets and ate quickly before heading out to CBC (with the laptop so I had to go!).

I had set everything up with a duplicate club on the laptop so as not to confuse the system with the new settings for the Bridge Tabs but forgot to put the % back on!  Nobody seemed to mind too much and fixed it at the end of the session.

We had a roller coaster session tonight but more was good than bad!  I had a few moments where everything was too fuzzy to think, partner did too as it happens!

Pleased that Margaret played with Marion again, and did quite well!

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    I didn't play this well, I should play a low  from dummy to my 7 (which I had planned to do) but chickened out so went 1 off.  Fortunately, Ops are making more at other tables
5   I should pass 2!
10   Ops had a misunderstanding and I debated if game in would score more than doubling, I went for the double and it paid off
14   Ops can make game but our sacrifice was not a good one - some managed to go off in s too!
15   I forgot Gerber and was signing off in 4, fortunately, this showed 2 key cards (which I had) and partner put me to 6NT - I had a kind lead and made it but not sure I should have (everyone in 3NT made 12 tricks though)
22   We should make 11 tricks and did, others only made 10
23   Partner played well here and we stayed in the right contract


26th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the first Sylvia Rose match.

I ran the monthly Management meeting today at work, first one with my new system implemented and it went well.  Some improvements needed but at least all are interacting more with it!

We ordered our new American Style Fridge-Freezer tonight too, arrives next Thursday.

Just time for Pasta and then on to Farnham!

Vee was to host the Improvers but only 4 Improvers there with Vee and Val.  Rob is a strong player so they decided that he should play in the main group and Vee played with him (did very well too!!! - their results HERE

Val played with the other 3 socially until 21:30, lets keep hoping the numbers pick up.

CBC had it's first BBL match in Division 1 too, unfortunately, a tough start, bad luck team - their results HERE

Well done to Margaret & Lesley for winning at YHBC tonight!  Their results HERE

I also fixed Barbara up with David as I knew he was free and Barbara asked if I knew anyone - considering it was their first time together, just under 50% wasn't bad.

A busy day and the key people in my life all in different places tonight!

Our match was a game of 2 halves, some silly errors and judgements and we are 14 down at half time.  Some good bidding by Team mates and an 1100 on our side scores 32 in the second half for a nett win (14-6 in VPs)

Simon is in a team for the Sylvia Rose too - they won the first half but lost the second half (largely due to his partner passing 1 when they play 5 card majors with a short !), they had never played together before though.

All the Teams I play in can be seen on my page in YHBC HERE, each section links to the latest results too if you click the section.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1  H2  I open 1NT and Ops play "DONT" over 1NT so Double (single suited hand).  Partner has values and s and bis 2s, Ops double (with 6 points and 6s), I bid 2 as I don't know what to do but have 4 s.  Ops bid 3s in reply to their partner's double and my partner doubles (I alert, penalties).  Ops rescue to 3s and doubled again (alerted, penalties).  5 off for 1100!  Did you follow the bidding?  Tricky huh!
2 H2 Ops stay in a part score, Team mates bid a vulnerable game!
11 H1 We missed game, Ops bid it at the other table
14 H2 Ops stay in a part score, Team mates bid game!
15 H2 Partner takes a gamble, wrong this time partner for -400!
18 H2 Partner makes 11 tricks in 2, Team mates defeat 4
22 H2 Team mates missed game


25th September 2018


Day off today though I still did a lot of work at home.

I also had some of the CBC committee over for coffee & biscuits as we set-up the new Bridge Tabs.

It took longer than expected but we got there!  Looks good but a few niggles to iron out.

It was nice to have a chat today too and David hadn't seen our new house before and was impressed.

Our new sofa arrived as they were here too and looks good - the glass for the fire arrived tonight and completed the front room!

We have ordered a new shower for downstairs and I will order a new Fridge-Freezer tomorrow to arrive for the 4th October after the Handyman has been to complete a few jobs we need doing.

Hopefully after all that, we can relax and save money!

I didn't lose any games at badminton tonight, to be fair, it's because I stayed home to relax!!!  I fell asleep on the sofa too as low on energy - I think I made the right decision to stay home.

Playing at Farnham in the first Sylvia Rose match tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers at YHBC

24th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 9 of the CBC Monday Championships

A manic day at work but completed everything in time, always chaos when I finish building a new system on the day of implementing it!

A simple supper of Toasties tonight then out to Bridge.

Arrive early as usual (after looking at Fridges with Vee!) and set-up the tables and chairs with a few others.

Only a few real errors tonight but middling scores most of the way, slightly under par but I am still not feeling well.  Partner was very kind and said we could still go home if I am not up to it.  I was grateful, nice to know it would be fine to cancel bridge but decided to stay.  Half way through, we both wished we had gone home!!!

Not a disaster though and a few useful discussions.  We realised we play bidding over a double differently - after partner opens and Ops double, I play that my bids are a level higher than I would have bid - partner plays reverse (so a jump is weak and the next level is strong).  Neither of us are wrong but need to be on the same page.

Neither of us declared well tonight but our defence was good, that is a sign of a good partnership I think.

With 1 event to go in the series, the leaders cannot realistically be caught, we could still come in the top 3 (just) but can only try our best.

3 new members tonight, things are picking up with numbers but we do need them all to come regularly!  Have taken the laptop home to do a bit of admin and for setting up the new Tabs tomorrow!

Playing Badminton tomorrow and setting up the new Bridge Tabs for CBC

The Highs and Lows:

2    I played terribly here, I should get out for 1 off but tried to put East in with a  honour so I had the lead into my hand, it didn't work!  I should take my 3 tricks and run for 1 off
5   Ops didn't find game
7   We stayed low and I played well to make my contract
9   I jumped a level to high with my pre-empt, sorry partner
11   I had no points but no s either, on 1 from partner I decided to bid my 6 card suit, then my 4 card suit and partner put me back into a quiet 2 - I made it (some how!)
14   A poor sacrifice in the end as not many bid and made game (as they should have!)
20   Ops were too ambitious here, partner jumping to 4 pushed them though!
21   Ops didn't have the same understanding of the jump after the double and so bid on after they bid 3s - we quietly defeated 3NT for a good score


23rd September 2018


Playing with a regular partner and team mates in the Surrey Swiss Teams

Not our finest effort today but enjoyed most of it.  We won 3 matches (well, 4 but the last 2 were in the triple and count as half each).

We really won another as had a bad Director decision on match 4 (yet again!) - have decided that if we need a director again, we will ask for a different one to the one that came to our table.

Both pairs made blunders, I went off in a few games (so did most, but not at the other table unfortunately).

We finished on a big high though, especially with partner making 5x and team mates bringing home a plus too!  Also had a board where we got +800 and team mates got +1100 (shame it was on the same board in some ways!!!).

I text Vee when Colin dropped me off at David's (thanks Colin for driving) and he got a light supper ready for when I got home.  Vee also did all the house chores, ordered the weekly shop and put all the clothes away from the weekly wash - I am so lucky to have such a good partner!   Vee is still pleased about yesterday and even more since he saw his NGS went up 1.6% from the session!!!

Playing at CBC in Round 9 of the CBC Monday Championships tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    A tough contract which possibly cannot be made, partner does better to ruff the second club with the 10 though - Ops stayed in 3 against Team mates
7   Team mates missed the NT game, so did our Ops but Team mates went off in their part score
9   We should push to 3 here
13   I made an impossible game as Ops under lead their K  and I put the Q from dummy to win the trick
14   Team mates missed 3NT
18   We bid and made a slim game, Ops made a part score against Team mates
19   Good defence took partner down here, relies on getting the Q right and the clues all pointed to the wrong hand, bad luck partner
22   I made a mess of this hand and went down 1 instead of being plus 1, sorry all - I plated for a 2-2 trump break and got it wrong
23   Auction goes:  1 (Ops), 3 (Me - both majors), 3 (Ops), 3 (Partner), 4 (Ops) - partner asked what the 4 meant after Ops bid 5 on his turn and was told they didn't know.  We pushed this and called the director and he didn't ask East to leave the table so we could ask the bidder.  We were damaged here as with no information, I lead my A before the singleton went away - of course, it showed first round control which Ops didn't inform us of before my lead.  This is not allowed and the director did nothing about it and let the score stand!!!  Still cross now
26   Ops were too ambitious and partner doubled - even more ambitious against Team mates and they doubled too, +800 and +1100 on one board!!!
29   Team mates had a good sacrifice and I made 3NT on a long minor (bid by partner).  Ops didn't find the right lead, it could have gone off - take the luck when you can though!
35   We missed our 3NT game, not enough points but it makes and they bid it against Team mates
39   Most went off in game here, as I did - they made it against Team mates though
42   Partner didn't find the K lead to defeat game, would have been a double plus
50   Partner had a highly distributional hand and was pushed up to 5 - Ops doubled but partner had a void and a great suit (made better with my 4 card support) and it rolled in, well played partner!  Team mates made 170 too for a double plus!


22nd September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the Surrey Swiss Pairs

A long day today and Partner got very tired, a few odd bids and play today but I think partner was just not feeling it.  At the end of the session, she asked if I could play with someone else tomorrow as she couldn't face it - it's not a problem, bridge is not worth getting ill for.

Lots of local players today, most of us were middling with a few in the top 3rd (Andy & Robert, Trevor & Barbara and Keith & Tim).

Vee played with Ann and they loved the day - they won 4 out of 7 and topped the middling group of us, well done both!

We won 3 out of 7 and some of the losses were close - a few odd bids avoided and we would have won 5 I think.

Not great but not bad either.

We invited Ann and Margaret in for a drink after and had a nice chat.  As they left, our neighbours came over for more drinks and a chat!!!

Playing in the Surrey Swiss Teams tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Not many found the right contract, we did
4   Ops jumped and I felt we had the balance of points and I had 4 trumps so I doubled - I kept playing trumps to make them earn their own tricks and we took them 2 off
11   4 is our contract but they bid 4 - I should double now for an OK score but thought we should be in game so bid on
23   Ops had a system blip and ended up to high, we defended well for an extra trick though
24   I bid 5 and Ops didn't double, they went to the 5 level themselves off 2
27   I jumped in s (weak) and partner jumped to 5 - not a bad bid but just not quite there
29   I messed up the play and should have bid 3 (not 4)
30   Ops were too ambitious and partner punished them
32   Ops missed game (and a slam)
33   I should pass 2, sorry partner
37   Partner opened 2NT with 19 and a singleton  with 6s, you can't blame me for not knowing that shape for 2NT and passing with 4 points
38   Ops missed the slam
45   Ops let us make the first and so only made 11 tricks
49   Ops showed a 6 card major and partner jumped to 3NT anyway, I could do better but I can't make this


21st September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A tough day at work but finally completed the new reporting system as I was building so should be ready for Monday.

Have been trying to find a pair for 2 lovely ladies at Camberley who are improving rapidly and so keen.  Jim & Moira have said yes so they have a team in Division 3 now, great news and I wish them happy and successful bridge in the league!

Still not feeling great, constant headache and tummy trouble.  Had a message from Margaret to say she was having a tough morning too so I suggested we cancel as I wasn't well but had a reply saying "see you there" so that was that.

A few more errors today but more good than bad overall.

Pleased to see my friends top, well done Dorothy & John

My partner for tonight was happy to cancel so I have the night off to try and feel better ready for the weekend.

Playing in the Surrey Swiss Pairs tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    A poor double, sorry partner
6   Ops bid a marginal game but it's not there if we find the right defence, fortunately, we did
7   A low level contract but I made the most of it
10   We pushed the Ops up too far and then doubled, sorry Ops
12   Partner played well to make 11 tricks, not everyone did and some didn't bid game
13   Well played Ops
16   I did well to make an extra trick, Ops didn't attack s and set-up the Q for me
17   We found game!
19   Partner can make this by not touching the  and end playing East
20   Nobody found game, we made the most of our part score though
21   I went all on my own but only to the 2 level, I should only have been 1 off but it doesn't improve the score much
23   I showed 4/4 in the majors and gave partner the choice of a 7 card fit or a 9 card fit and she chose the 7 card fit!
24   Ops played a on trick 9, my only route back to dummy to make the s - phew!


20th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

One of my partners was directing tonight and had no partner (due to my own diary mishap).  I asked my regular partner if she would mind and was fortunate that she could find a partner (they did well, as did we so all worked out).

I wasn't feeling good today and wanted an easy day but had 5 conference calls and a whole new system to design and implement ready for next week - chaos!

Felt a bit brighter by the evening and keep smiling.

Marie is a very good player and we did well as a pair - both had some tough contracts to make and made them!  I messed up a couple of NT hands and 1 bad bid by partner, the rest was good.

Margaret played with Vee tonight and enjoyed it but they were not given any gifts at all.

Vee and I stayed at the end to help and also make sure Val wasn't left on her own.  No deal file for the session so we cannot load the hands.

I have a copy and will scan in tomorrow from work and upload as an attachment, not brilliant but better than nothing.  We will load them as soon as we can though.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

5    Ops had 23HCPs between them and pushed to game, not unreasonable to be honest but we defended well and took it 2 off
9   Well bid Ops
10   Ops opened light and their partner went to 3NT, we took an extra trick as partner made her singleton Q
14   We managed to get the  ruff in time to defeat this
15   I managed to make an extra trick here and needed too as I was pushed to 5 - a  lead makes it very tricky - with the A lead, I was able to get the 2 s away on my KQ
16   I put partner into a tricky game as she had bid weakly - no lead and 12 tricks made, well played partner!
17   Ops didn't find game
18   Ops didn't find game
19   I played well and Ops didn't take the A
21   We pushed Ops up and took it 1 off
23   I open 1NT, partner bids stayman, Ops double.  I bid 2, partner bids 2NT all pass.  I think this should show a stop in s - it did not......!  We can make 3// but not s or NTs


19th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 6 of the Beryl Doughty

Tonight was also a Berks & Bucks Sim Pairs event, results on our calendar and HERE

Vee hosted the improvers, only 2 tables again and Simon offered to help too.  Hope we get more attending as Vee & Val have put so much into the group.

We had a nice pasta dish with garlic bread tonight followed by Apple Crumble & Custard, yummy!

Nice to play with Marion tonight, spirits were high after a solid performance this afternoon at Woking and we had a fun night.  Never any arguing and both just play and enjoy.  Marion even enjoys my sense of humour (or, puts up with it well!!!).

Great to see Margaret & Lesley top tonight though Barbara & John are our leading pair in the county - I partner or team up with them all so pleased for them all!

We made a few blunders each but nothing major, a solid performance.  Currently top in the Beryl Doughty but early days (the threat is still Sheila & Peter.....!).

A little late with my Diary tonight as stopped to get Petrol at Tesco on the way home and then adding the Sim Pairs notice to the home page and Calendar, scoring the Improvers session and dealing with emails.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Great defending here partner, found the best lead and we timed the s well too.
6   Not a good score but Ops were heading for the 6 slam - this was actually the best score we could at the table.
8   Ops had 1 chance to finesse my Q and didn't take it, unlucky Ops
13   Well bid Ops, we should have taken 1 more trick though
18   I thought I had played this well but hadn't realised I could only make 8 tricks - Ops never touched the s so they went on the long s


19th September 2018 (Afternoon)


Day off today as agreed to get a practice session before the Met Cup at the end of the month.

We did well today but some tricky hands and a few bad bidding sequences.  Generally good though.

Playing at YHBC after dinner in Round 6 of the Beryl Doughty

The Highs and Lows:

2    Unfortunate, partner opens the major from equal length suits and s would have been better here
3   My fault for opening 1 instead of 1, silly Ian - I did well to be one off with a 6-0 trump split though
4   We defended well to get a few ruffs early on to defeat the contract, useful for me to play a low card asking for a return to get another ruff too
5   We were in the right contract
6   I should settle for a part score here, sorry partner
7   Not many found the right game
8   Not many found game!
12   I should be 1 off here, sorry partner
14   We missed game but nobody found it and we were in the right suit at least
15   We didn't find our  tricks to defeat this
16   We defended well here
18   I should bid 3NT over the weak 2 (showing the minors), partner passed as she has the majors - I missed this
19   I opened 3s and Ops doubled forcing their partner to bid - partner then pounced on 4 and 4!
20   I did well to make this, Ops played the A freely so I didn't need to lose my K
25   Partner made an extra trick here, well played
26   A tricky contract but it is always there, others didn't bid game or went off.  Fortunately, 3NT doesn't score as well either


18th September 2018


Taking today and tomorrow off work.

Ordered glass for our fire in the front room (thanks to the recommendation of Judy).

Made progress with the new Bridge Tabs at CBC and the NICKO teams for CBC.

Helped out with the Subs and Accounts for YHBC and cleaned the house!

Toad in the Hole tonight, yummy!

Badminton was good tonight, the first match of the season for the Men's 4 team and I played well, won most of my games and good scores on the rest.  Unfortunately, we lost by 12 points (266 - 278) but we still pick up a point from it and was a good workout, suffering a little now!

Playing at Woking in the afternoon and at YHBC in round 6 of the Beryl Doughty tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

17th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

In the office today and a busy day, lots of staff on leave (cheaper now schools are back I guess!).

A nice meal of Mac 'n Cheese then I head to the club early to set-up.

I lay out all tables and most of the chairs and bring the set of boards David dealt along with instructions on which sets to use this week (and NOT to use the black set that has not been re-dealt yet!).

An average session tonight but quite a way below par to be honest - we didn't start too well and found it hard to recover.

Pleased Margaret did well tonight, she has had a few things go wrong recently so hopefully a good bridge session will help.

I stayed at the end to score and help pack up too.

Playing in a Men's 4 Badminton match tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Unlucky with the trump split, we need to be in 4 but not easy to find
2   Well bid Ops
3   I can make this by playing a low  to my J early on as there is a favourable split but I didn't see it.
6   Well bid Ops
8   Ops did as they should but others didn't
9   Ops were too ambitious here
11   We defended brilliantly getting the cross ruff going
17   Not an unreasonable contract but just not there, others were more cautious or allowed to make it
19   We defended well but Ops gave me a they could have ruffed
21   Ops gave me a ruff and discard to allow me to make 10 tricks, a bit lucky


16th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner and team in the Herts & Essex Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

Fellow YHBC members played in a Hants event too, middling but much better than us!!!!

I had breakfast and went to M&S to get supplied for the break then Alan C picked me up and we met up with Simon at David's (Simon drove us all).

A great run, just over an hour and then time to relax and chat before bridge.

We started well, winning the triple (just luck of the draw we started here) then won a match where team mates were convinced they had thrown it away.

However, no further wins and not much to report on after that I'm afraid!

David said he enjoyed the whole day, I was glad to hear that, to be honest, enjoying playing is really the main part of these events.

Vee had Margaret round for a chat and glass of wine and he got all the house chores done whilst I was out too, he's a good boy!

A light dinner when home and watched 2 episodes of Australian MasterChef then diary....

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

10    Team mates got carried away with the long s.....!
12   Partner made an impossible game by cross ruffing the whole hand, team mates defeated their Ops by playing a round of trumps
13   Partner made another impossible game!
19   Our system failed us, we didn't get to show our major and missed the correct game
20   Partner made 9 tricks in 1NT, team mates defeated 3NT by 2 (interestingly, 8 tricks are possible!)
22   We missed the slam and I played poorly to only make 11 tricks
28   Partner explained his holding, I explained mine and I had the strong hand and signed off in 3NT, partner then bid 4 to look for more and I didn't know why (still don't really) so we missed game (3NT is the contract)
29   Partner jumped to 3NT with a singleton S, 5s is the contract here (team mates defended well to hold their Ops to 10 tricks)
43   Team mates missed game
47   Team mates missed the slam
48   Partner bid 2NT to show the minors, with 2 poor suits and only 7HCPs, perhaps pass is a better bid?  End of a long and frustrating day though and I can understand the frustration


15th September 2018
15th September 2018


We tried to do too much this morning, thought there was time to watch This Is Us (which we did, one of the best episodes so far too!) but.....

We had to clean the house, re-organise furniture, clean cups and plates, wait for Iain to wake up to say goodbye to him and go and get a cake (pictured!!!).

The lady who purchased our old house makes cakes for a living from home and she did a really good job for us - we are friends now and helping each other when and where we can and I mentioned the meeting and she offered to make us a cake!  She didn't want paying for it but I still gave her something!

I got back just as people arrived, Vee was at the door in his dressing gown as Rosemary & John arrived though!!!!  Mildly embarrassing for him but no big deal!

The committee meeting went well though went on until gone 2pm but we covered everything and no major issues, not appropriate to discuss in length here but....

Vee & I both picked up more duties though but we can cope with it.

The Improvers was discussed at length and Vee has a plan and committee approval now too.

YHBC liked the idea we have implemented for tracking members and payments at CBC, I will get together with our Treasurer soon to enable the same process.

We watched more TV in the afternoon after putting the house back together and washing and drying up then dinner and relaxed.

I have been working on an excel file for Team cards for CBC and think I have finished that now (though not fully automated yet, it has the right detail and info).

My plan with the excel file is to enable a teams database to then be selected on the front page to then populate table cards for any movement - once done, I may even give it to the EBU (if they want it).

Playing in the Herts & Essex Green Pointed Swiss Teams tomorrow

14th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session that was also a qualifier for the  Surrey Club Pairs Championships

As I get home from taking Dorothy home from CBC, our friend from Scotland is here, Iain.

He has only been here 5-10 minutes but I arrive as Vee is concluding the house tour!

Great to see him and catch up on events.

We order Chinese and carry on talking then I drive us to YHBC (he is playing with Vee tonight as I had already arranged to play with Nick).

It was doubtful that Vee would make it home on time and Jill had very kindly agreed to be on stand-by if needed, really appreciate the gesture even if not needed in the end.

Vee and Iain enjoyed their night but some odd scores and bad luck where Ops did well against them but the rest of the room didn't bid game or a slam - they were not far of 3rd despite the score below 50%.

We had another roller-coaster but more were good than bad again and had a much bigger score than we deserved!

Great to see Margaret do better tonight too and earn points so she has qualified for the Surrey final with Simon if they are free and interested.   Unfortunately, it is my birthday weekend and I doubt I can make it (I qualified Monday too!).

YHBC Committee meeting tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    We were in a better contract than most, partner actually could and should have made 12 tricks but only 1 pair did and it is risky to try for it
4   Ops never touched s so I mad 12 tricks, we should have been in 6s though but nobody was
6   Partner didn't take the finesse, unlucky
7   I think N could be NTs here, tough as it denies 4s though, only 2 pairs found 1NT
13   A good contract but partner needs to play Q trick 1, then A and a low and 9 tricks made
14   I bid weakly and partner still raised me to game - I made it some how too!  I lost a early when I still had space and so got my losers away in time
18   Ops kept competing with each other, in the end we decided to double every bid they made and then defended perfectly
20   I was in the right contract here making what I should
21   I was too ambitious here and I should have asked partner to bid too, better in s (and a part score!), I was too wild here
22   Not easy to find game, I don't have any Aces but do have a nice hand, I open 1, partner bids 1, I raise to 3 and he decided to go for it - good decision partner!
23   Ops got their system wrong, it happens and we happened to gain from it, unlucky Ops


14th September 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A busy day with work today and just finished in time to get to Bridge, heavy traffic too.

Not a good day today, partner went wrong on the first board and she often fails to recover from that, unfortunately, today was one of those days.

Playing again after dinner (as is Vee)

The Highs and Lows:

4    The last hand of the session and I risked it all here for a good sacrifice, this did not work out well though!
5   Partner told me she had a 4 card major, very confused trying to find it.....
7   Partner forgot we bid 2NT after a weak 2 to find out more so we missed the 3NT contract
8   I downgraded my hand here, it stopped us overbidding and partner played well too
9   Partner played well to make an extra trick
10   We were in the right contract making 11 as we should
11   Partner opened weak (limit bid) then bid again, afraid we got we deserved here
14   Ops ruffed a winner by mistake giving us an extra trick in defence
15   Partner bid 4 (past 3NT), we had no choice but to be in the wrong contract
16   Ops made a good sacrifice here, unfortunately, no NS found (or made) the  slam
17   We were in a nice 5 (not doubled), partner bid again to 5 which Ops then doubled, we would have had a great sacrifice here
19   I doubled this and partner had bid s, so I know to lead a through and we must not lead a , I signalled for s and nothing came - turned a top into a bottom
23   I didn't take my Ace
24   Ops were in the right contract


13th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 9 of the Thursday Championships

Worked at home as had smart meters installed, 8am and took him until 10:30am but didn't interrupt me too much.

I was asked to help with a website too, built a new one in Bridgewebs (as that is what I know) even though it is not Bridge related, hope it looks ok.

We had our handyman over tonight to quote for more work so decided to cook Tesco Finest meals, unfortunately, I didn't think much of mine so didn't eat much of it, Vee's mac n cheese looked much nicer!

At the club early and discussed the new Bridge Tabs, welcomed Val back from her holiday and sorted out a few bits of admin.

We didn't start off too well tonight, partner could have played better but we made up for it on the second board.  A night of ups and downs and not great, amazed to see the score was ok!

We are not going to catch Marie & Robin who have the title already but 2nd place is very close!

We are playing again at YHBC tomorrow so will try and get it right then!

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops missed game (and a slam), they played it well though
4   A terrible bidding sequence (by both of us) but I punted the slam in the end and it paid off
7   I need to overtake partner's K to hold this to 10, sorry partner
9   Not an easy lead for partner here, unfortunate
14   Ops missed game, we defended well too
15   Partner should open 1, not 1NT - as it happens, the play would have got us a good score if my 10 had been thrown away to unblock the suit!
16   Ops were too ambitious here, a  lead gains another trick too I think
19   Ops missed 3NT, we defended well to defeat 2 too though
20   Ops allowed partner to ruff a , then played the wrong to promote my J
22   A good sacrifice though we nearly pushed Ops into the slam, phew!
23   Well bid Ops
24   Not a good sacrifice, I should be a bit stronger for my jump overcall, sorry partner


12th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 3 of the YHBC Teams Series

Vee hosted the Improvers, 2 tables again (just enough), huge score for Sue & Kevin, well done both!

I said goodbye to my neighbour at work who is moving to Head Office (cakes today though!)

Quiche for dinner with home made wedges, nice!

My team didn't need me tonight so I formed a scratch team of friends, we did quite well! Really appreciate them all coming out, they are good friends

Really pleased that my own team did well without me too, we are well placed in the teams series (only played 2 of the events but our average is 10% clear of the field so far).

The cards were NS tonight but I felt David & I got the defence spot on most hands.  I missed 3NT on the last round and let a game through early on.

Our team mates were amazing, they claimed to have missed a slam (they didn't bid it against either though so no damage) and bid game that wasn't there on a hand where I feel they should bid game.

Diary is late as I have loaded the Improvers results and submitted the P2P, re-loaded Teams with X-Imps, downloaded scores and calculated the Teams Series, updated my Teams scores online (HERE), updated my own diary and organising a badminton match plus other e-mails (and a ciggie and glass of wine!).

Playing at CBC tomorrow in round 9 of the CBC Thursday Championships

The Highs and Lows:

6    We defended well to hold Ops to 10 tricks in 3NT (not material in teams though) but our team mates took 1 off doubled for 800!
8   Partner made this tricky game (played by West), Ops defeated theirs (played by East).  Interesting here, with 10HCP, I hate bidding 1NT (partner says it is right to do this with 8-10 over 1), I prefer the stronger hand to play and on this occasion, the lead is much better for us this way.  I bid a semi-natural 1 and then raised to 3NT
11   Not an easy game here but I made it (as most did) but our team mates defeated their Ops!
14   I opened 1NT here, I know, not many would but I valued it as such.  Partner transferred to s and Ops bid 2!!!  I then pass and partner doubles, Ops bid s, I double, Ops now rescue in South to 3s, partner doubles and North tries 3NT and I double - (all alerted until the final double as ALL were penalties).  Team mates also were doubled but in a more sensible contract
15   Team mates made a quiet 1NT+1, our Ops opened 1 and partner doubled, all pass - we defeat 1 for 800!
16   Ops missed the slam, our team mates bid the slam!
22   Partner made 3NT, team mates were defending a part score and held it to 8 tricks too
25   I should enquire about the stop here, sorry for being cowardly partner


11th September 2018


A good day today with more deliveries for home (new cigarette bin for the garden and new TV remotes) and had Stilton & Celery Soup again with 3 cheese bread, yummy!

Caught up with more TV with Vee then off to badminton.

I set-up the posts, nets and shuttles and put benches out then started playing - only lost 1 game which was a tight game, felt good!

I see Margaret has her Life Master credited as the monthly points went on today, it should show in the Rankings list tomorrow, well done again Margaret, official now!

Playing in a scratch team at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

10th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session (also a qualifier for the Surrey Club Pairs Challenge Final)

A quiet day at work and Vee had the day off so I cam home at 2pm and relaxed.

Home made soup for dinner (Stilton & Celery) and took a bowl for Margaret tonight too!

I arrived early and set-up the tables and chairs and settled down for bridge - a good night and enjoyable too with only 1 red score.

We are getting together tomorrow to discuss a few system ideas and how we both bid in certain situations.

We have qualified for the Final of the Club Pairs Challenge  but not sure if we will enter, it is our Birthday weekend and we have a meal with our neighbours on the Saturday (with a LOT of wine planned!!!) - will see a little nearer the time....

I have been asked to add grid lines to the summary below as it is not always clear which hand the description refers to (depending on what size screen you have), see if this is better.....

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    I dislike the Ops being allowed to play in 2 of a major, partner had doubled so I put a cheeky bid in and it worked, 1 off
5   There is no game available but most made game - we defended well to take this 1 off
7   Partner played well for the extra trick, the  through twice from Ops helped
8   I did well to make this, I had set-up 7 tricks with the s but decided to try and make an over-trick, disaster!  Fortunately, only 1  was taken and I still got home
9   I made a penalty double of 3 but partner thought it was take-out, we need to firm up on these doubles - not an issue as we hadn't discussed it and just one of those things
10   Not all bid game and not all made it, I downgraded my hand in 3rd seat to 1NT then upgraded once I knew partner had 11 and 4s
11   Partner made her singleton K and a ruff, unlucky Ops
16   I was West on the last round, I played well here squeezing the Ops at the end to hope a was discarded, it was - 9 tricks
19   Ops were in the right contract but we defended well and took out their trumps
20   Ops need to jump, they missed game
22   We defended well holding this to 9 tricks, Ops had a choice on which way to take the finesse and guessed wrong, unlucky Ops


9th September 2018


Breakfast and TV as washing starts followed by Tesco (early) and home to finish the washing and dry outside.

Then a light lunch and off to Basingstoke to play Poker with friends (we both played well and I won a game, only played 2 today).

We played cards against humanity after (a very silly game, bit rude/crude too but all good fun!).

Home to finish chores and put bins out etc then starters from the Chinese as we finish catching up with TV.

A nice day!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

8th September 2018


A relaxing morning watching MasterChef then went to the Aviator to meet up with friends and had a lovely lunch for Jo's birthday.

They didn't charge for the second bottle of wine and a beer and gave Jo a Happy Birthday plaque and chocolate!

Nice to chat and laugh and food was good too.

More TV when home and didn't really do a lot, nice to relax with Vee though.

Playing Poker with friends tomorrow

7th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Or so I thought.................

Due to a major accident involving an air ambulance, Jill couldn't make it and called me to say she would keep trying.

At that moment, I asked my partner if he would play with Alan instead (Jill's partner) as he was directing and had come with Pamela.  It just didn't make sense for him to go home or wait around as a non-playing director.

I waited for Jill as we would be the half table so a 3 board sit-out but she couldn't get through so I came home.  I had already played today and so will spend the evening with my 4 best friends (Vee, Nemo, Pepper and Vino!!!)

Hope Nick and Alan do well in my absence as a last minute pairing (they play together anyway so should be fine)

Very tight at the top, first 6 all within 4% - pleased to see Jo & Jane do well tonight

Lunch with Bridge friends tomorrow

7th September 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A busy day at work and just got out on time for Bridge.

After last night, I had decided I have to keep up-beat and keep the mood light - I made jokes and funny comments all day and the session was much better!

Partner must pass my penalty doubles and I made 2 phantom sacrifices, other than that all was good.

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops missed a  trick
3   Ops refused to take their A
4   Better in s and probably a phantom sacrifice
5   We found game, not many did
9   Too ambitious Ops!  That said, I doubled 3 for penalties, lucky escape!
10   Ops need to win the first trick, then the Q is still a guard after losing the K
13   Ops should agree s rather than s as they didn't have 2 more s than s
15   We were in the right contract
16   A phantom sacrifice, sorry partner
20   I should double here but I wasn't confident, a good score though
23   Ops missed game
24   Too ambitious Ops


6th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 5 of the Chairman's Shield  (note, the schedule will be updated in a day or so)

A great day today, had my hair cut, went to Tesco to change a remote for our new lights (without the receipt) and they could not have been more helpful, so pleased at how good they were and now we have a working remote!!!

Had our windows cleaned inside and out too, they did a good job!

2 meetings for work, both went really well.

A nice fish pie for dinner too!

Bridge was not so good though, our team mates did quite well but we did not perform well.

Vee played tonight too, he enjoyed the session and did quite well as a pair too - not bad considering they had never played together before!

I have loaded the X-Imps and updated the Find-A-Partner and the Rota, now watching "This Is Us"

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    We were in game (as we should be), I made 12 tricks as Ops revoked but they were not happy about it and it is teams so I let it go.  Team mates were allowed to play in 2 - great score!
4   I played well to make this impossible game, Ops did well to make their 4 for a double plus
7   We were in the right contract (I made 2 extra tricks too), Ops were in a part score against our team mates
9   Our team mates missed game
16   Good defence, we should have been in 3NT (partner forgot 3NT showed AKQ) but 4 should make too, very good defence though
19   I had to go up with the K on trick 1, not easy
20   A phantom sacrifice, perhaps I should pass or double Ops in 4
21   I was too ambitious
28   We bid game, Ops were in a part score against Team mates and they held them to 9


5th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another busy day but sorted some house things as well as a full day at work.  Pasta for dinner then off to our old house to collect post (and have a nose at the changes!).

They have re-done the kitchen and floor and painted throughout, looks nice.  They want to have us over for a meal soon too!  They were not sure how the heating worked and Vee showed them.

On to YHBC after that where Vee hosted the Improvers (2 tables, enough for a session but we really do need more).

I played with Jill (first Wednesday of the month) and we had a good session tonight, only 2 bad boards and some were exceptional, I really enjoyed the defence of 1NT, we could not have been more in tune on that hand!

I had a ruling against me where Ops both hesitated and they were allowed to score for their contract - tonight, another pair both hesitated and they were not allowed to keep their score on hand 8!!!

As it happens, I agree that it should not be awarded but it seems really unfair to me that this is to stand and mine is not - a harsh game this!

Great to see Margaret & Simon at the top, well done both

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

5    Perfect defence here, delighted at how in tune we were, well done partner!
17   I played better than everyone here for a bottom as we were too high, I should pass 3 and see what happens, sorry partner
18   A great score for a pass out!  I think West should open 1 though
19   I played this well!  Partner played the next hand equally well too (though not quite a dark green for a mention)
22   Ops were too ambitious, I wanted to double but didn't think I could count all of my tricks in defence
23   Well played Ops, dropping the Q was the right play - I think a lead is better from me too though


4th September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the EBED Sim Pairs

A good day today and Steak & chips for dinner (I cooked for me and our lodger).

I drove to Ascot and made good time, arrived early and set up the room.

We had a great start but a few errors crept in.  I missed the 9 on the very last hand too, I did the same last night - perhaps I could request this card be removed from the pack!

Not a huge score but against a strong field, not too bad.

The hands downloaded from the EBU didn't show the makable contracts grid, I downloaded them and re-processed with Dealmaster and sent to Chris P who kindly reloaded them.  I feel they are improved a lot with the grid of what can be made and find it useful.

Well done Margaret, good score at Woking tonight!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    A helpful lead for the over trick, well played partner
2   I should pass or double 3, sorry partner
4   Partner can do better than this, strong defending though
6   I should pass 3, sorry partner
8   I needed partner to overtake my J to play the Q through dummy, still, the double was enough for a join top
9   I missed the 9, I hate that card!!!!!  Cost me 3 tricks at the end, sorry partner
11   We defended this as well as I have seen any contract defended all year, well done partner!  I did well to take out the trumps but a great lead and signal
12   Another helpful lead allowing the extra trick
16   Not a good sacrifice partner, Ops don't make their game, unfortunate
17   It looks like we need to push Ops up here
18   We talked the Ops out of game!
19   I think partner needs to bid his s here
22   Ops were too ambitious and we defended well
24   The only hand of the night we defended badly, though, I think Ops played well
26   I played well here


3rd September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A good day at work today and a nice meal tonight (Kievs and Veg).

My regular partner couldn't make it tonight and Jill kindly stepped in for me, thanks partner!

We had a lot to do tonight, I played 14 of the 26 hands and partner played 3, I made a mess of a couple but generally we did ok.  2 hands which we could and should have done better on near the end would have put us 2nd instead of 5th too, shame.

Vee played too but neither of them felt they played too well - very tough hands though.

Playing at Ascot tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    I wasn't;t strong enough to bid here but felt I had a free bid over Ops 2 - I didn't expect it to pass after that though and we landed in the only makable contract
6   Making the extra trick is always key in duplicate and the lead gave me the momentum here along with Ops signalling with the 10 early on (a key card they cannot afford to discard)
8   We get a good score for being in the right contract making the right number of tricks
12   I should have only gone 2 off here, I should play 2 trumps as I did then 3 s and discard a on the 3rd  (Ops can trump but with the master)
15   Well defended Ops, I should have ruffed the s early though and made 10 tricks (not 8!)
16   We get a good score for being in the right contract making the right number of tricks
19   Partner needs to play a after the 2 s, not a - we need to take the entry off dummy and avoid me being end played
22   Well defended Ops, we were in the right contract but tough defence
23   A good sacrifice here over 4s - a bonus that I made it!
26   I was certain the 9 was played on the first round of trumps so I then lost to it on the 2nd, sorry partner


2nd September 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Richmond's Blue Point Swiss Pairs

Shopping and washing first thing then Simon picked me up and on to Lightwater to collect Margaret & Jo.

The ladies catered for us all too, nice lunch, thank you both!

Bridge was not good throughout, some marginal things, some were just errors.  A little bit of bad luck too.

Still, we won 2 matches and finished on a high, try again next time!

Apple Crumble and custard waiting for me when I got home.....!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    I got carried away, should have bid 3, sorry partner
2   I did well to only be 1 off, this is a NS contract really
3   Partner needs to continue with the lead
5   We were pushed too high
6   If I start with a minor, we can take 2 Aces, I thought the trump would do no damage
7   I think I should have made this, I played 3 rounds of s to get a discard but North only had 2 s
8   Ops got carried away here
10   I pushed too hard here
12   A tough hand to play, was pleased to make it, a lot didn't
13   I was really pleased to make this when it wasn't really possible!
15   I wasn't able to offer much help partner, sorry
16   Very hard to bid the slam, not everyone made 12 tricks though
18   I forgot Stayman was still on after Ops double, sorry partner, we missed our fit
19   After the 1 (not entirely legal) bid from North, I felt 3NT was on, sorry partner - the play could have been a little better also
28   I disagreed with the bidding - 1, 1, 2, 2 - I now think partner has a good hand with lots of s - I think 2 should be passed or, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3
40   I should have made this and not try for the 10th trick with the S finesse, sorry partner
46   Well played Ops
47   A freak hand here, sorry for being mean Ops
48   A tight double partner, well defended though, especially end playing declarer to make the last 2 s
1st September 2018

Social Bridge:

Caught up with our favourite series "This Is Us" this morning, if you haven't seen it, do try and watch series 1 and catch up with series 2, it is really the best series on TV (in my opinion).

Finally cleared all the rubbish by the side of the house and from the front shed today, loaded both cars and went to Camberley waste and recycling centre.

Lunch and bridge at Dorothy's with John (his birthday on Monday!).

We had a nice lunch prepared by Dorothy and a good chat with some lovely wine then played rubber bridge.

I partnered Dorothy and Vee with John - they had all the cards, most unfair!!!  It was John's birthday so can't complain!

We did lose 1 rubber but won on points though - I doubled Vee in 2 and we took it off 3 for 800!!!

John put Vee into a slam on the next rubber though and he played it well to make it - a well deserved win for them both

More TV and a take away with wine tonight.

Playing in Richmond's Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs tomorrow

31st August 2018


Playing with an regular partner in a regular club session.

A nice meal of Pie, Veg and fried new potatoes, yummy!

Arrived at bridge early and set up, 8 full tables which is much better (though an odd movement tonight!).

We did well tonight and had some fun too (though most people didn't realise I was joking half the time!!!).

Some blunders but fortunately none of them caused a red score, so a sea of green below!

Nice to see Alan & Jo at the top ans Margaret & Simon 2nd, bodes well for Sunday....!

Playing socially tomorrow for John's birthday

The Highs and Lows:

3    I was lucky here, a tight contract with very few points, having lost 3 tricks, I play towards the K, it holds!  I then throw my other  away on the now set-up J, phew!
4   Ops were a little pushy here, it needed to be 3 off to beat our game score though
5   Not quite sure why we didn't double this, 4 off was good enough though.
6   Partner played perfectly here, the revoke by Ops helped but 9 tricks were made anyway which was a top in itself
9   I felt I had to double here, it was tighter than I thought though
10   Partner had a bit of help here but excellent play ducking 2 s to make 3 tricks from the suit!
24   We were lucky to be allowed to play in s, South has a huge hand with distribution - I don't think we can bid to game though without help


31st August 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A quiet morning then pick up Dorothy and get to the club early.

A chat about last night and the consensus seems to be 4 -2 for board 4.

Bridge today was not good, perhaps I wasn't in the best mood but neither of us got it right.

Well directed though with minimal fuss or issues and very quick (there is a function tonight so they wanted us out ASAP and we obliged!).

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

4    A bad double by me, sorry partner
5   A bad double by Ops!
7   Partner showed a 6 card suit by overcalling 2, Ops double, we wait to find out what the suit is and partner passes!!!
9   Partner missed a trick here, should only lose 2 s I think
10   Partner showed me 4 s with the double, better to pass and let me double showing 4 s and then partner could bid a minor or pass for penalties
11   Partner played well making an extra trick
12   My instincts were to jump straight to 6NT after partner opened, it relies on 2 red Ks being in the right place but I wish I had trusted my instincts!  Still, we were in NTs not s for a good score
13   Another bad double by me, sorry partner
14   I played this well to make 9 tricks, the 10th was given to me when West pulled out the Q by mistake so I didn't lose a
16   Not a good lead partner, I will play a when I can
17   I pushed too hard here but partner could have made it if she keeps a , not easy though
19   I did well to make 11 tricks
20   I got lucky the s behaved and no early played!
24   I should have lead the A here or the Q (probably the Q actually), sorry partner


30th August 2018


Playing with an irregular partner in a regular club session.

My week off continues but I ended up doing quite a bit of work as urgent queries and requests came in!

I did a few bits round the house and had fish n chips for dinner!

Arrived at the club early to discuss the Subs due for CBC by 1st October and how to handle them - will send a club email soon....

Had a quick chat about our system before we started and then forgot we play High to encourage so messed up an early defence, sorry partner!

A couple of blunders each but generally, we were very good tonight and I think we both enjoyed it, we are team mates but only played 1 session together before a few years ago.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Odd bidding here, Ops said they had long s and their partner jumped to 3NT, I was confident of defeating this but felt if I doubled they would go to 4s
4   Our last hand of the night and we needed the director.  We reserved our rights as partner opened 3 and Ops paused for 3 minutes (I counted) and then grudgingly passed.  I pass and Ops then consider and bids 3.  Now, I admit that the hand is worth a bid but not after the pause.  With the pause, I would now consider the hand to have no points and no support, vulnerable, I am losing 6 tricks so 2 off in any contract versus possibly defeating EW in their contract or a part score.  I do not believe they can bid.  After a chat with the director and one other director, the decision was marginal with comments that 2 of us would not bid and also, Tim Rees would never bid in that situation.  We should have asked 4 or more others of similar standing to the South player but nobody was left!  It was ruled to be 3 down 1 and I think this should stand.  I wonder if this entry will provoke any comments and should we go to the EBU on it (South said he was happy with the decision).  The other point here, if you pause for a LONG time, double or bid after it - pass makes it very difficult for partner....
5   I did well to make 10 tricks here, I am not sure I can do it on any other lead
6   I think I should have doubled here rather than bidding my long s - I didn't like my hand with the singleton K, partner could still have made 3NT but it doesn't improve the score much, we need to be in 4 - mainly my fault I think
9   Partner can take 2 Aces here, not normally a good plan to start with and Ops declared very well - others took the tricks and got a good score
11   I played low to encourage the , sorry partner, forgot we play High to encourage!!!
18   Partner did very well here, perfect play - the lead was demanded in the auction but it actually helped us!
21   We defended well to keep this to 10 tricks, it is what we should do but others didn't defend as well


29th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

I didn't do much today, sorted bits round the house, watched TV and revised Precision (not well enough!!!)

I made Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner and it was tasty!

Vee hosted the Improvers, 2 tables - big score for Barbara & Gillian, well done!

We do HAVE to get more people for the group though, will keep trying and I think Vee is thinking of asking all members for help in finding new players (of all standards) or we may have to fold the group for a while.

We had a good night but could have been great, some careless errors.  Only 1 system error in terms of memory and a few hands where better sequences were possible but memory let us down.  1 choice of bid didn't work for us too but that was just bad luck.

Alan had his eye Operation today and all went well (eventually!), he hopes to be ok for Friday's session.

I made an announcement about Margaret getting enough points for her Life Master too, so proud of her!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    I need to switch to a  instead of giving partner a  ruff, sorry partner
5   I made an extra trick here and needed to as I was in 3 (pushed up by the Ops).  Ops could have got a  ruff but I managed the Q and got the timing right
6   Ops never found the s, lucky
8   Ops were too ambitious and partner was mean!
9   I had a play to make 9 tricks here by losing a early on, instead I lost trump control.  I should have downgraded my hand for the singleton K though and should not have been in game
10   We defended well, I should have left them in 2 though for a top, sorry partner!
11   I forgot about 2 and 2 here so when partner answered my question about strength and support, I counted 2 as 2 up from 1 (in my head, I went 1NT, 2!!!!), partner was awake enough to jump to 6 though, thank you partner!
12   We were in the right contract making the right number of tricks.  Partner was right to ask how good my hand was, I said it was of no use and we stopped.
13   Ops transferred here, with a 10 count I would have passed, we defended well though
15   Ops didn't take the A to let me make this
16   Partner was wrong to raise this, he doubled and I bid at the next level - with a flat 13, pass unless I jump or cue
17   Ops went wrong with the so didn't make the over trick
19   It seems I should have made 12 tricks here, nobody did and we were in the right contract for a good score.  I lost 2 s when I could have ruffed 3 of them by the look of it
21   Ops did as they should, others did not!  We gave a trick away with the lead though but I bid s, without 1 of the top 2 honours, I should not overcall, sorry partner
24   I played well here getting the right early on when still time to get back to the s


28th August 2018


Taken the week off this week as we are quiet and most of my colleagues are away.  Still checking and replying to e-mails though.

Trying to sort out a friends birthday meal today (nearly there) and also bridge dates and commitments.

Vee made Omelette tonight, was very tasty with triple cooked chips!

Our Annual fun badminton tonight, 6 games to 15 randomly drawn (though always levels or mixed) - after the first round, a winner plays with a loser each round.

I won 3 lost 3 but the losses were close so I was 4th overall (24 players, top was 88 and I had 78/90) - good fun but exhausted now!

Playing Precision at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

27th August 2018

Surrey BH Swiss Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in the Surrey Bank Holiday Blue Point Swiss Pairs

A relaxing morning for us and at 10:30, Vee goes to over to Margaret's to help her fix a few things around the house and bring her to ours ready for me to drive us to Oxshott (Margaret like my new car!).

Margaret made sandwiches for us both (which were delicious at half time).

A good showing from CBC / YHBC at the event with 7 pairs turning out.  Big well done to William who came 9th with Dominic (the best placed pair from our clubs)

We had a good start against club-mates then it went a bit wrong.  We won 2 matches after the break and lost the last against club mates (Simon and David got the leading Non-Expert prize by beating us though, so some good came from it!).

More importantly, the 3 wins today was enough to get Margaret over the line for her Life Master!!!

This is a major milestone for Bridge and I am so proud of her for getting it (her Ex-Husband stopped playing just short of his life master!).

We had a meal after to celebrate (Vee joined us) and then took Margaret home.

Well done Margaret!!!

Playing badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    We defended well and Ops didn't declare as well as he could
9   I bid 3 but Ops bid on - not much we could do
13   I played very badly on this hand
14   Partner's turn to play badly....!
16   I kept quiet here but partner said she had a  stop, I never saw it.....!
19   I should leave Ops in 2, sorry partner
23   I played poorly again here, we didn't bid game either but it is marginal
24   Not many made this (or were left to play in it), was quite pleased here!
25   Ops went to 3NT with a singleton , I even put a "slightly" cheeky bid in with my 6 s and he still went.  We took the first 6 tricks!  Chatting outside with Simon about it and I said that someone bid 6NT on it and made it, "Who wouldn't lead a 6 card suit though?" I ask - it was Simon who made it and his Ops were stood next to me at the time..... Whoops!
26   Partner bid well but her play didn't match the bid!
27   Ops were brave to bid this and I was mean to double it
32   Ops were too ambitious
34   Ops were in the wrong contract
36   Brilliant play by partner, helped by Ops not unblocking the s
38   Partner kept on bidding here, not doubled but too ambitious - I weakly supported to 2....
42   Ops were in the wrong contract and we defended well
43   Well played Ops
44   I thought this would be a good sacrifice - I think I was wrong....!
46   Well played Ops


26th August 2018

Day Off:

Tesco first thing for the weekly shopping and made mushrooms in a stilton sauce on toast for lunch (3 cheese crusty loaf too, yummy!)

Fixed the mat to the carpet at the top of the stairs (to try and distinguish between the layers as there is a step at the top of the stairs) and finalised some items for CBC.

Val came over for a chat and a glass of wine - was good to talk (you never get to chat too much at the bridge clubs!)

Vee made a veg lasagne for dinner with some triple cooked chips

A nice relaxing day

Playing in the Bank Holiday Surrey Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs tomorrow

25th August 2018
25th August 2018

Day Off:

A good day today, sorted out a lot of admin and "things" for CBC, Val has worked very hard too despite being short of time and it's appreciated.

Vee worked with my Dad today so I built the remaining 4 chairs, sorted the packaging, hoovered and cleaned and did a bit of shopping.

I am pleased with the chairs (2 pictured above, using those as we wait for the 2nd sofa to come for the front room).

We now have 8 comfortable chairs ready for Bridge matches!

I also put the last 2 pictures up (hopefully in the right places!!!), 1 is pictured with the chairs, the other is in our bedroom.

Vee was given a selection of cakes (made by my Dad), Brownies, Victoria sponge and Lemon drizzle - all delicious (and all gone!!!)

TV and wine for the rest of the evening!

Day off again tomorrow

24th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Pizza for dinner and made 2 of the dining chairs (Vee made 2 more whilst I was out, I will make the other 4 tomorrow).

Tonight was fun but frustrating, 7-1 and 4+3!!!

Day off tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Partner made the best lead possible and then didn't give me a ruff!
4   We missed game but will settle for 800
5   Ops were too ambitious
7   I missed a trick as let the 10 win, still, Ops have bigger scores on (just)
11   I could have made this if I don't ruff high, sorry partner
13   Partner thought I had the K and 2 Aces, I showed 2 key cards and the Q....!
16   We missed 7NT here!!!  Still, so did everyone else
20   We didn't defend well here
23   I got away with this, a through and Ops then catch my Q and I am off, phew!
24   Well bid Ops
24th August 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A great day at work today and our dining chairs have arrived (before our lodger left too!) need to put them together later...!

Bridge today started badly and if partner goes wrong early on it's hard to recover from.

Just one of those things, we had some good hands too.

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

The Highs and Lows:

Not today (again), I kept fairly calm at the table and still am - I don't wish to upset anyone with comments here, truth be told, the issues were worse in my head than they really were any way!

23rd August 2018
23rd August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Day off today as expecting new sofas and foot stall and 8 new dining chairs.  Logged on to work laptop too and dealt with emails.

Sofas arrived but unfortunately, the 3 seater would not fit.  I actually think another 2 seater would have been better anyway but we cannot amend the order so now need to get the window out and a new delivery date, help!

Looks good though (picture above).

Had the option to pay another £140 to change the 3 seater to a 2 seater and wait another 5-7 weeks, cancel everything and get 70% back or re-schedule the 3 seater and remove the window.

We like the Sofa's so not sending them all back, £300-£400 to remove the window and put back so decided to pay to amend the order and wait for the 2 seater.

Dining chairs coming tomorrow, my lodger is here until 1pm so hope they arrive in the morning!

I made spaghetti & meatballs tonight, was really good!

Bridge was good tonight too, some shaky scores but some great (and some gifts!)

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    We defended well here but Ops revoked too
2   We were mean here and pushed Ops up, 3 was a good contract too so they couldn't win
4   Ops didn't open 1 here (I would have!) and so we end up playing, it's still a good contract to be in but Ops made their singleton K (I would have played the same way too) so 2 off was not good.
5   We can make 3NT but never finding it.  Partner did well to make the best biddable contract I think
8   Well defended Ops
9   This hand is worth a look if you have time.  How often do you get a joint top for Ops bidding a slam?  I think this could be bid:  2 (Strong), 2 (Relay), 2 (Strong with s), 4 (Control, agreeing s), 4 (cheapest control), 4 (next cheapest control), 7NT (knows the s can only be the K or a void, if void, must be 2 long suits).
12   A gift from strong players is always nice, thanks Alan!  I cannot make this, keep forcing me in s and I struggle to reach dummy and lose control....
14   Partner played brilliantly here, doubleton lead from Ops though, very rare does it work and it just helped partner set up the s, a taking out the entry to dummy and it's all over
15   I was pleased with this, a at any time and I lose 7 tricks though
16   Ops got a little carried away, we do make 4s though....
21   I think I should be left in 2s here, well done Margaret Watson though, making 3NT was amazing!
22   Well played partner, a tough hand and made the most of it, the extra trick turned it from a good score to a great score!


22nd August 2018


Playing with a regular(ish) partner in a regular club session.

Vee played tonight with Kevin in the Improvers HERE - they did rather well too.....!

Better to see 3 tables but we still really need 4 - 6 tables to make it more meaningful.  Vee and Val have written a note for displaying on the tables asking for more players (friends, family, players in classes or U3A etc) - hopefully we will get a good response from this as will need to think seriously about the group if not.  It has folded 3 or 4 times before and come back stronger after a break, will see what happens.

I had a good day at work, I run a monthly meeting for the senior staff and it went well again this month.

Alan & Pamela gave us some beetroot from their garden tonight too, perhaps Vee will make a beetroot cake?!!!

I played with David tonight, he hasn't been on a Wednesday for a few years (other than the odd game) and am hoping to encourage him to come back regularly.

We had a few errors each and the Ops were good a few times, generally fairly solid though but just under par overall.

Jelly and Ice Cream after I finish writing this....!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Not our credit here, Ops made a good game try but it is not there, others are being allowed to make 5 of a minor
4   I missed a trick as decided to change strategy half way through and cross ruff, got away with it just.  Other tables are making NTs EW, unlucky for our Ops
6   I doubled for take-out and it was left in.  A good contract for us but I need to lead a trump, sorry partner.
11   Partner opened light and I had aspirations of game, we stopped in the right spot though - most passed out
16   I was too ambitious here, 4 is the right spot (even if some make 11 in NTs)
17   Well bid Ops, I had a chance to defeat it though if I keep all 3 s and discard my s
18   We defended well here
20   I played quite well here but had a favourable lead.  I expected to lose the first trick (setting up 2), it happened to win!
22   Well played Ops, I should have left them in 3s though!
23   A bit of luck here, East played a  after winning the giving me the 9th trick, phew!


21st August 2018


A day off today but still had my work laptop on and did a fair amount!

Added a note to last night's diary to thank our neighbours for mowing the lawn for us, we have some really good and kind neighbours!

Mac n Cheese for dinner and Vee has made Jelly for pudding tomorrow (Jelly & Ice Cream!!!).

Badminton was good tonight, lots of games and mostly good but I ran out of steam as so humid.

Set-Up a "Rota" group for CBC to use within BridgeWebs tonight too, will show David how to use it soon.

Playing at YHBC tomorrow

20th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 8 of the CBC Monday Championships

A busy day at work today and had a good day too.  I logged in when home though and did a little more to tidy up loose ends and write a report for a colleague.

Cooked Sweet & Sour Pork tonight, yummy!

As I left work, a message came through saying our Sofas are ready too, now arriving on Thursday so will be home (and hope they fit through the doors!)

Our outside light now seems to be fine, think it was put on upside down which is why we couldn't get the dials to work properly!!!

When I got home, I also found that one of neighbours had mowed the lawn for us too, looks really good!  I went over to say thank you and had a nice chat, they didn't want anything for it but will take a few bottles round soon and/or take them out for a meal.

Bridge tonight had some great play by us both but the Ops were good on some hands too - our defence still needs a bit of work, it used to come naturally

We are in the top 6 overall in the series but not as good as we would like.

Vee played tonight too, practice for Guildford (Surrey's Green Point Swiss Pairs - enter HERE) - they enjoyed the night and did ok too, only a few boards different and 50%+

Playing badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

5    Working out 4th highest, I play low and run to my 10 - 12 tricks are now a lay down after the Ops discarded a  in South
6   Partner played this brilliantly, Ops overcalled with 2, I know we have the balance of points but I cannot double (penalties), I don't want to pass or bid 3 so 2NT was my only choice left - thanks to great play, my poor bidding was rescued!
9   We defended well here
11   I open 1NT and partner transfers to s - I complete and partner bids 2NT - I now think we have 24HCPs and 9s so I go to game, I don't think the bidding is wrong and I tried to make it - just unlucky
13   Losing the first  to set-up 3 tricks and then getting everything right here, well played partner
15   Ops played away from his K half way through here, I guessed right and only lost 1 too
18   We need to win a few s here
20   Well played Ops
21   Ops ducked a and I then discarded the other on the s for the extra trick
23   A tough hand here - do I pass 2X or bid on, I felt I was too weak to pass the double with partner being a passed hand
24   Ops played the A trick 1 and was late picking up, partner then thought he had lead the A on trick 2 and played a , it is now a penalty card and so we didn't make the - bad luck
19th August 2018

Social Bridge:

Washing and cleaning done in the morning then a light lunch.

Social bridge with Les & Jennie at 1.30pm and great to see them.  They have both had health issues recently and looked really well.

We had lots of chat, drinks and scones!

Short on time today so played 18 hands (6 with each partner) and I had a lot of hands with 15+ HCPs and so I won overall.

The point is not who wins though, it is to socialise and play nice bridge - only 1 hand was doubled (I doubled Vee for 500!) so all was kept friendly and all enjoyed it.

Vee had to go to work just after we got home but back around 8pm for a late dinner.

Playing in Round 8 of the CBC Monday Championships tomorrow

18th August 2018


Chores this morning ready for Vee coming home.

Martin came round to play our board game after lunch (he was winning through most of it but I finished well to win by 27 points in the end!) then Vee got home just after 4pm.  Great to have him back and Pepper (one of our cats) is now curled up on his lap!

We had friends round for a take away and games tonight, ate too much but enjoyed Catan (the game!)

Caught up on some of the recorded TV together with some Prosecco after that!

A good day!

Margaret arrived safely in Wales too (visiting her children).

Playing social bridge tomorrow

17th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A nice Fish & Chips dinner tonight with Margaret and both lodgers (Lauren went to get it for us too as Margaret and I had a chat and a glass of white in the garden).

I set BBC2 for Margaret's car radio too!

Arrived at bridge early and got all the tables set-up.

An unlucky night in many respects but some bidding could be improved too, I didn't know what to do on so many hands tonight!

Vee home tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Sorry partner, I felt this would be a good sacrifice, if North had just one more  it would have been too!
5   I need to lead a  here but very hard to find it.  I also fell asleep and didn't make my !
7   I didn't agree with partner's bidding here and think she regretted it too, I was a passed hand so partner took charge, opening 5 left me no-where to go though, I still considered bidding 5NT though to see what partner would do and I think she would have raised me to 6NT
17   I couldn't work out how to play this hand and made a mess of it, strong defence though
19   Great bidding and the only pair to find game!
22   I jumped to 4 as had nothing to spare, worth looking for it though and I unfortunately had the keycards to encourage partner but didn't have the right shape (or another honour!)
17th August 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Started work early (in the office today!!!) - my car is so nice to drive too!

A full day and pushed to leave in time for Bridge, managed to get new convention cards printed though.

The EBU have resolved their website issues so the P2P has now been submitted for last night.

Today, we played the hands from last week again!  An error due to needing the 27 board set 3 times in 2 weeks and them being left in the club, a shame but it happens.

It means the scores cannot be submitted to the EBU for Grading or Points (we didn't do too well anyway as it happens).

We had so many errors today, it was frustrating and hard to keep calm and not shout (I didn't shout but everyone knew I was not happy).

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

The Highs and Lows:

Not analysing as the session doesn't count and don't wish to upset anyone with comments here - we both know what the issues were and both at fault.

Being the only pair in game on 14 was good though (partner's good bidding) and making 3NT (plus 1!) on 21 was exceptional partner!

16th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Day off today (though had work e-mail on all day and responded to a few queries).

My car arrived and I love it!  Nothing flashy but my first ever brand new car and it runs really well and has a few gadgets and a turbo!  Am happy!!!

Cooked Cottage Pie with steamed veg for dinner (me and both lodgers).

Enjoyed bridge tonight, a few blunders but generally good and in good spirits.

Although not quite a top or bottom for analysis, board 9 is worth a look - what do you open here?  Ops opened 1 against us, I think 3NT is a good opener here - it is certainly not a strong 2 hand though (needs to be 12+ points with 5 controls (Ace is 2, King is 1) or any 16+ hand.  An interesting hand though....

There seems to be an issue with ScoreBridge or the EBU tonight, had a call when I got home to see if I could send the results but I had the same error message.  Have emailed ScoreBridge and the EBU to see what the issue is and if it can be resolved.  Have added a bulletin on the CBC website.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops found a good contract
10   Partner played well to make this, cross ruffing and timing the trumps was excellent
16   I took a silly risk finessing the  on the opening lead, I should be 1 off for a good score, sorry partner
18   I took a punt here that my 8 s would work for me, they didn't!
20   We were in the right contract and no  lead
23   A friendly lead here, partner didn't need much help here but that was just enough!
15th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in (Round 5 of the Beryl Doughty)

Another day at home today and finished about 2pm.

Margaret played at Woking (summer party too!) and then came over to mine early.  We watched quiz shows and had a chat then she took me to YHBC (we played with different partners).

Margaret also waited for me and took me home after, assuming my car arrives tomorrow, I should be back to normal now and am so grateful to have her as a friend.

Jo played tonight with Julie (and did well too, well done) and delivered a big box of Cat Food for me (well, my cats, not me!)

I set up some tables and chairs and the Improvers laptop, was pleased to see 2.5 tables tonight so an event could be played, great score Carole & Jen too, well done!

Val kindly directed as I was playing in the main group and Vee in Yorkshire (Whitby today!) and she had a productive evening playing the hands with the sit-out pair each round.

Really nice to see John & Delores back after so long away, welcome back!

We had an amazing start tonight, the first 4 rounds (hands 5-12) were all tops as we played them, they all stayed good too!  We both wanted to leave it there and go after that start!

Very middling after that but enjoyable and our start carried us home to 2nd.

We are now a pseudo 2nd in the Beryl Doughty too behind Sheila & Peter (both pairs have only played 3 so far so it looks like we are not doing that well) - we need to get a 70% score to stand a chance of the title though....

I scored the Improvers and submitted the P2P for both sections as needed to find out a guest's name (thanks for replying so quickly Joyce!).

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Great defence here, the  lead prepared partner's Q and my C switch generated a lot of s!
4   I squeezed and played to the end here, Ops squirmed especially on the 12th trick and he stared at me until he discarded the wrong card, sorry Ops!
5   Nobody found game here, partner bid 2 over Ops 1NT showing s and another - I bid s, partner raised to 3s and I valued my void as useful and went up
6   Ops announced that I was a nuisance here!  I jumped to 3 (to play) and they had no clues of where to be - I was mean to double the final contract, sorry Ops
7   Ops doubled me, a good double but they didn't get the defence right, needed to get the ruffs going
10   We have a  slam on here, fortunately nobody bid it (and didn't make game either mostly) so our penalty double worked well
11   We are in the right contract
12   Ops need to lead s I think to take us off
13   I should have bid 4s but scared of pushing Ops to game - I also need to switch to s to hold it to 9, sorry partner
17   Partner can do better here
23   Well bid Ops
14th August 2018


Another good day today with working at home and getting things done.

My car is being paid to me tomorrow (the old one that is, just in time for the new one to arrive!).

My office chair has had the base replaced and the old one taken away.

The cats are now using the cat tree now I have moved the lounge round a bit - they have a view out of the garden now instead of a view of me, I think they prefer looking at the garden!

Pizza for dinner, quick and easy but nice!

My friend Martin picked me up tonight and gave his chairs back too, he played well but hadn't played for a year and so played 4 games.  I haven't played for 5 or 6 weeks so only played 7 (won 6 of them!)

Really enjoyed it and played well (mostly).  My serve was either amazing or terrible though, need consistency.

My lodger put washing on at 6pm and I said "will it be done by 22:30 for when I need it", he said yes.  I get home and he forgot to dry his clothes!!!!

Lucky I stay up late, I don't like leaving it so will put it on in a few hours when he has finished.......

Vee in York today and said the weather has improved and enjoying it.

Playing at YHBC tomorrow (Round 5 of the Beryl Doughty)

13th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another day at home today and got all my work done plus more, less distractions at home when I am in my office.

Had Gammon egg and chips tonight (I cooked), was really nice, gourmet chips (frozen) triple cooked and delicious!!!

Margaret picked me up at 6.30pm (am so grateful) and we set up the chairs and tables ready for the session.

I sat near a door by the balcony NS but we had to move, it did us good by the look of it though!

A good night, a couple of wobbles but generally good (with some gifts).

Playing Badminton tomorrow (my friend is picking me up)

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops made an odd lead, the 2 when holding 4 to 7, misled their partner and set-up 12 tricks for me (I played towards my KQ twice making both)
7   Penalty double at the 2 level, spotted by my partner and a top!  Some made 9 tricks though, all I have to do is play out trumps (I had 5 trumps, Ops had 4 each).
8   Partner played well here, I think only 9 tricks possible if Ops switch to a
9   We were in the right contract and Ops helped by leading an unsupported Ace
11   I think partner should pass here instead of opening a weak 2, I then open 4 myself and we may be able to play there - as it happens, 1 off in 5 was a good result as Ops make 6s!
15   Well sacrificed Ops
18   Ops helped me here by playing the A freely, another and I have to ruff and lose 2 s
19   Not a good sacrifice Ops
20   Not a good sacrifice Ops
23   Not many were in game here (we had 25 points) - key was partner's long s and she valued her hand correctly to put me up
12th August 2018

Day Off:

Early start today as Vee is away it is my job to feed the cats (05:40 this morning!!!).

I also do the first load of washing and start cleaning the house.

Watched some of the Multi-Games and had it on in the background as I completed jobs around the house - a real shame about the GB women in the diving, they had it won by a mile and threw it away on the final dive crying

Helped Val with some CBC admin today and we are getting close with a few things now.

Vee wanted some saucers for the plant pots for the indoor plants, I ordered some and they arrived today.......... I got the wrong ones!!!!  These are about 6cm wide and not big enough to hold any pots we have, have ordered some bigger ones now (they only cost £1.15 so not the end of the world!)

Had Tesco deliver as I have no car at present, they arrived on time with all items.

A lovely roast dinner with my lodger and his girlfriend at the Quays tonight, ate too much though!

Relaxing for the evening though may play my game for a few hours (not played it for a long time)

Playing at CBC tomorrow (with Margaret as my Taxi!)

11th August 2018

Bridge Chat:

We caught up with "This is Us", a US drama series we like then Vee finished packing and left around 9.30am for the week (Yorkshire).

I cleaned and hoovered ready and went to the shops for a few bits ready for guests and watched some of the European Multi Games.

Barbara, Marion & Margaret came round for drinks, nibbles and a chat (they provided some of the food too!).

We had a feast and a good chat.  Went through the conventions and amended some of our cards and discussed ideas.

I think it was worth it and hope we continue to have some chat sessions, good company too!

I showed Barbara how to use the Bridgewebs email facility too which also went well!

Will finish off the wine and watch TV for the rest of the night, had a message from Vee saying arrived safely!

Day off tomorrow, taking my lodgers out for a meal in the evening

10th August 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another day at home today and had a good day too.

No car now so Margaret kindly picked me up (as well as Dorothy, took us both home too!).

We arrive early and set-up and have 9 full tables.

Just before we start, my car documents arrive by email and so I sign them electronically and the new car is on it's way (Thursday 16th).

We had a good session today, some avoidable scores but some were really good!

Vee and I are went to my Badminton's club annual BBQ after so not playing at YHBC and this afternoon's diary late as went soon after I got home!

Kerry has an amazing house in Tilford, 10.6 acres and is huge and beautiful, really, really lovely - they are lovely too and very kind and generous with it.

We arrived at 6pm and stayed until 9.30pm but wanted to leave early so Vee could pack ready for his break and also spend some time together!

I tried to get the last 3 hands from today into my Deal Master but it wouldn't work, have typed them up instead and Alan Brown has kindly offered to try for me after he gets home from Bridge, watch this space (and many thanks Alan in advance!).

Was so pleased for Sylvia and Alan coming top EW today, I congratulated them as soon they finished too, well done both!  Also nice to see Ray back (and only just behind us too).

Hosting a Bridge chat about conventions and ideas tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops never found the  ruffs or a  lead
4   We held this to 8 tricks and it makes 9, bad for us though as nobody in game and nobody made 9!!!
5   I was too ambitious here, sorry partner
6   Ops can make in game in s or NT, we held NT to 8 tricks
10   Ops play a strong NT so they missed their optimum contract
11   I can only make 11 tricks here but Ops revoked on trick 5
12   Partner made an extra trick here, well played!
13   We have game on here but defended well enough to get a bigger score
14   Lucky here, Ops need to switch to a , to his credit, he knew that too but his hands were ahead of his thoughts
17   I should have jumped with my hand here as it is worth 17 really, we missed game but most did - I made more tricks in NT than the others though
19   We are in the right contract and partner played perfectly
20   We landed into a good contract but not by good bidding!  I did well to make this it seems, I don't think I did anything particularly good to make the extra trick
21   Pass partner!!!  I doubled the Ops in 4 and wanted to leave it there....
22   I felt Ops had a big hand here and this would be a good sacrifice.......... It was not!!!!
23   Ops agreed s then jumped to 6, they can make it too from East but he let us both ruff ( and a )
9th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 8 of the Thursday Championships

A mixed day today.  Our new Sofa's have been delayed until the end of Sep18 but my car maybe ready early next week!

I am lucky that I am able to work at home so will stay at home until my car arrives.

I made Spaghetti Bolognaise tonight, was really nice!  A bit cooler today and some rain too, a relief!

A few new players tonight (both of whom I think will join and become regular players).  I felt a little bad that I played my best on the 2 hands against 2 of the new players, sorry!

We are now 3rd in the Championships (narrowly behind 2nd) but Marie & Robin are miles clear (helped by a score just under 74% tonight, well done both!).

My partner thanked me tonight too, Tuesday's result has now given him enough points for Life Master (a major achievement and will be on the September rankings) and tonight's score has promoted him to King again (and me back to Queen), well done Nick!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    I felt I had played this well, I finessed the  on the second trick and it worked!  Only lost 1 and Ops discarded the s so I was left with the last  on trick 13
3   Partner opened 1NT (11-14) - I have a miserable hand so rescued with Stayman and had to bid 2 when he said no!  I played this as well as I have played any hand for a while to make it
4   Sorry Ops, I got this right - Ops could have taken a and should cover my Q when I let it run too
5   The only time 11-14 let us down, much better not to open here
6   Partner played brilliantly here despite a terrible split!
8   Partner did well here too, timing was perfect throughout
13   Not the best lead Ops.....
15   I should re-bid 3 here, not stop 2NT, sorry partner - I did not describe my hand well
25   We defended well here, Ops really should have been in 3NT though
8th August 2018


Playing with an new partner in a regular club session.

Early start today as had to drive my car to the garage for 7:30 so started work first then went to the Garage.

I dropped the car off and waited for the taxi I booked (they had booked it for tomorrow!!!) I phoned for a new one and made it home in time for my conference call.

A busy day with work and also lots of calls about the car, house maintenance and broadband (most were not good news).

The garage are claiming it is not their fault with the car and I gave up - in the end I said, don't repair it and pay me less for it.  They bought it off me for £1250 in the end, every little helps.

At least it is done and have a new 3 year lease car coming in the next 2 weeks (Margaret has offered to be my taxi service next week too, she is so kind)

Not many in the Improvers so Val went home and Vee looked after the 4 of them with social and instructive bridge.

We had a fun night and got on well, Pamela was in need of a partner and I had kept the night free (to rest or host the Improvers!).

Not much went wrong and we had some gifts!

Playing at CBC tomorrow in Round 8 of the Thursday Championships

The Highs and Lows:

1    I had 9 tricks and tried for 12, in doing so I went 2 off - sorry partner.  As Ops ducked 2 s, I now have 2 s and 5s to make 9....
3   I made a mess of this getting the  wrong, sorry partner.  Ops have game on but nobody bid it!
8   Well bid partner!
9   Unlucky with the split Ops
10   Well bid Ops
11   4 is safer but I played well to make this
12   Partner took the finesse too deep into the contract, at that stage, A then finesse is better
13   Well played partner, not everyone made 12 tricks here
14   Ops missed my low and played low by mistake, this was a bad double and I was lucky it came off
15   Partner declined my jump, quite right with 6 points - I played well though
17   A rare lapse by this particular Op, 1 off would still have been good for us though
23   This should have been good for Ops as we make 5s, unlucky Ops
24   Good bidding by partner here - I played well for the extra trick, nobody touched s until the last 2 tricks when I surrendered
7th August 2018

EBU Fox Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in the EBU Summer Festival "mid-week" event, the Fox Pairs

Worked at home today (becoming more frequent now, but no working car so easier for now).

Loads going on at work with organisation changes and things not being done properly, I am having to sort a lot out (most of which is not really my responsibility but....)

Vee kindly made mash last night so I had that as an early dinner on my own with Fish and parsley sauce (nice!).

Margaret came to our house and left her car here and Simon drove us to Richmond - I finalised my new car before we left (a lease option for 3 years, just an Astra like Vee's).

We arrived really early but got parked and settled.  We had a friendly start and was all pleasant and fun, we also helped our Ops out and hope they had a pleasant session.

A few bad boards, mostly of our own doing!  Generally, quite good though.  Finished 10th locally and 21st overall with 5.21 Blue Points (1.73 Green Points equivalent).

Link to the EBU event is above (in purple), the hand numbers below link to the hands we played (as scored using Pianola) and other links below too:

Richmond Event

Our Scoreboard, EBU Combined

Playing at YHBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    We were in the right contract, I opened 2 (weak), partner has 3 s and minimal hand so bid 3 (to stop Ops bidding) and there it stopped.  Ops took forever to defend and after hours of thought, made the wrong play too!
2   Ops were too ambitious here
4   I forgot the Q was still out - should make 11 tricks and I only made 9!
5   I made an adventurous bid!  It was doubled and Ops partner was playing with her phone the whole time (was the last round and she had lost interest I think).  I won the lead then played the 5, ducked, I duck and the 5 wins!  I play the 8, ducked, I duck and J wins - next I play is the Ace and it crashed the QK (why didn't they play high on the first !!!)
8   If I can see all the cards, I make 10 tricks - will settle for 9 when doubled though
14   Ops did as they should, played very well but 10 tricks are there - not many did it though
17   Ops doubled my NT and then took it out into a bad contract, we were lucky
19   I can only make 8 tricks here, Ops need to hold up the A until the 3rd round
20   Well bid Ops, we let a trick through too but wouldn't have improved the score much
21   We did as we should here
23   Ops over-bid here
25   Good penalty double partner, we get 1 more trick if I can get a  ruff but perhaps I am greedy!
26   Partner played well, Ops defended poorly - they both kept a  at the end too and Nick had a !!!
6th August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Not a good day today - too hot, my car only just made it to work (spilling oil all the way and hug puddles as I parked with steam coming off the bonnet!).

It was booked in for Weds morning anyway but am now asking them to buy the car off me and will try and get a new one.

Dinner was nice, Hot Dogs.

Great to see Ruth & Nigel back, they did well too!

Vee and I both played tonight (neither of us did particular well with our partners).  Between us, we set up all the tables and chairs as arrived early.

I made 2 bad bids tonight (one against Vee!!!), other than that, Ops did the right thing against us.

Day off tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    Well bid partner, I opened 1 here (6 loser hand and a good  rebid), Ops jumped to 4 and partner bid 5 - I would double 5 so we were on for a good score here regardless
4   Ops opened 2 (natural and strong), I think partner should double here (showing the majors) and I pass
8   Only 2 others bid game (one was pushed to 5 and went off)
14   Well played partner!
15   I should pass here and double 3NT if they get there or bid my suit if they don't reach game
16   Not many bid game here
17   Partner didn't see my double of the 2 stayman - I can see we need to sacrifice so chose my longest suit, sorry partner
18   Ops did as they should, others did not
22   We gave a trick away here, I think it needs a trump lead or switch to stop the ruff
23   Ops gave a ruff and discard for the extra trick
24   Only 1 other in game here and why are they not all in s?
5th August 2018

Day Off:

Day off again today

Chores in the morning followed by Tesco, got some lamp shades for downstairs and a new lamp for the hall, looks nice.

Sorted the kitchen ready for a new fridge but need some help taking the old one out (it is integrated).  Will wait until we can sort that before we order a new American style one.

Took our lodger and his girlfriend to the Quays tonight, walked there and back!

It was hot but a good walk and a great meal (Roast Beef, extra Yorkie and cheesecake for pudding) - Vee and I shared a bottle of wine too, nice.

Playing at CBC tomorrow (so is Vee!)

4th August 2018

Day Off:

Day off today, Vee working in the afternoon with my Dad and I had Jill coming round to see the house and have a chat.  She showed me the plans for a house she is looking to buy too, looks great!

The new BBL fixtures are now out too, have updated the BBL site and also my own teams schedule (look under Bracknell League on the YHBC site and then "Ian's Teams".

I am now likely to play some matches for both CBC and YHBC (different divisions) so have combined the fixtures!

Planning a quiet night with Vee and a bottle later!

Have heard about the Funeral date for Patricia, Monday 13th August and have updated the home pages for both clubs (YHBC and CBC).  David has asked that people let him know (directly or via the clubs) if they are planning to attend.  I suspect there will be quite a lot of bridge players wishing to pay their respect to Patricia.

Shopping and chores tomorrow and out for a meal with friends in the evening

3rd August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

I set up all the tables and chairs as arrived early and was very hot at the end!

Not our finest session, too many errors though looking at it, mostly Opps doing well, our declarer play was good (though both could have done better!)

Day off tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Partner opens 1NT (11-14), Ops bid 2 and I enquire for a stop, the S lead actually gave a trick, good play though partner
6   Partner played well to make this, losing an early  was the key I think
7   I signalled for a and partner discarded 1, a lead takes the contract off too.....
8   Partner jumped to 4 as a weak jump overcall, double for T/O and it was left in, lucky!
9   We need to compete in s here, I should have bid 3 over 3 when Ops doubled
15   Ops were in the wrong contract
16   Well bid Ops
17   I bid this as a sacrifice but partner made it!  Looks like he should but not easy to find 10 tricks
18   A bad double by me, I doubled 1NT and kept doubling, should leave them in 3 (for a top!)
19   Leave me in 2 partner.....
21   Ops pushed too hard here and we got the defence right
22   Easier in s here but I think partner can make this (despite what the matrix says), he played the 8 and it held, now play low and duck again and the Ace catches nothing
23   I played well here
3rd August 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with an irregular partner in a regular club session.

Worked at home (not planned!) as needed to get my car booked in to the garage again and sort out the broadband at home.

Vee had the day off too and got some gardening done.  We both had lunch then off to bridge.

Vee had hoped to play with the host, 5 singles turned up!!!!  He got a game with Arun and did quite well other than 2 rounds (Angela & Colin and John & I)

We had a good session with solid play bidding and defending.  I made a mess of one hand as did partner so honours even (though his declarer play was 1% better than mine!!!)

Playing at YHBC after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

4    Ops didn't find the C switch and revoked on a  (winning the revoke trick and giving a 2 trick penalty), I was on for 3 without the revoke so would have been a joint top without it
5   Hard to find game here but we played in the right contract and partner played well to make it.  Good bidding partner
7   I should have doubled here but I did last week and they were cross with me, didn't have the heart to do it again....
15   Very odd bidding by Vee's partner with no  stop, good lead partner
19   Partner supported my s but only at the 2 level so I passed, most were in game and I got the s wrong too so only made 10 tricks
22   It looks like I missed a trick here but was pleased with my 11, most made 9 or 10 so not an easy hand
23   Partner needs to play towards Kx here I think, his only blip all day!
2nd August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked at home early this morning then a drink and chat with Jo (my Monday partner), a bit of shopping ready for the CBC meeting and prepare the house.

Val came early for a quick tour (I think she approves of our house!) and the others arrived by 13:30

Lots to discuss and debate and finished around 16:20 - tidy up and cook curry (I do the meat, Vee does the rest!) - was yummy, same again tomorrow.

Bridge tonight was hot but I was there early and secured a NS by the door, a bit of a breeze and easy to go out for smokes!

We regretted the door situation at the end though as flying ants, flies and bugs invaded us!!!

A good night tonight, just one blip - both played well and bid well, was fun and in good spirits too!

I may stay home tomorrow too as need to sort my car (again, leaking oil now!) and also need to fix the broadband

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops can make 9 tricks but we defended well and they didn't try to set up the s
3   Partner made a weak jump overcall and Ops doubled for take out, it was left in - they have game
4   10 tricks possible but nearly impossible to find them - partner did well to make this (some went 2 off!)
5   Our 1 blip.....
9   I passed first time so when they re-bid s I could double, thank you for passing partner!
12   Not sure how we find game, nobody did though and I made my tricks
14   The over trick is everything in pairs, well done partner!
19   Ops didn't pick up my Q, odd considering the bidding
22   Ops were a little ambitious and very unlucky that everything is wrong for them
1st August 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked at home today as not many in the office this week and it is easier at home now with my office set up.  Got loads done and finished early.

A nice pasta bake and off to bridge, the road is now open along Chapel Lane into Fernhill Road (but Vicarage road is closed).

Vee hosted the Improvers (2 tables, well done Fred & Kevin!) with Val.

Alan announced the sad news about Patricia Pinder passing away yesterday at the start of the session and we held a minutes silence, I will miss her a lot as am sure many will.

We had an average night, I played poorly on 2 hands and bid very badly on another!  Partner played brilliantly to compensate!

Hosting the CBC Committee meeting in the afternoon and playing at CBC in the evening

The Highs and Lows:

2    A tricky hand this, partner doubled for penalties and we should have taken it off - I need to cover the J and it promotes partner's 10 - sorry partner.  The matrix says it makes but we would have it 1 off at that point
7   Ops played well here, my  lead was not great as it turned out
8   Ops bid 2NT in the middle of the auction with his s and 3 points so his partner went to game, not a great bid by Ops but we thank you.
13   Partner played perfectly here to make this, nobody else made 11 tricks
14   I made the right choice here - do I use Michaels 5/4, do I bid my s directly or do I double - I doubled and we stayed in the right contract
18   I bid game on my own, silly mistake, I should let partner show me her hand (which was nothing) and then let the Ops get in a mess instead, sorry partner
20   I should be 1 off here but also wonder if I should downgrade my points when asked to 6 with a doubleton Q
31st July 2018

Hubert Phillips Plate:

Playing with a team in the Hubert Phillips Plate

Margaret and Simon came to mine and we had a drink before heading off and Simon drove us to London (Young Chelsea).

Corneliu met us there - we discussed systems in advance and again on arrival.

A good journey down and we had coffee on arrival, all pleasant and all there before 7pm.

I started with Margaret and we had a solid start, I made 1NT on our first board when I had a flat 12 count and partner had 3, was pleased with my play!

I bid a slam and we defeated the Ops games, all good - score up and team mates come home with +800 and we had +700, a nice start!

I then play with Simon and we have a good set until the last hand where he bid 3 for no reason (I think) and off 800 (doubled) - Margaret & Corneliu didn't get on and had a bad set - now we are down.

A break for some food and drink and then the last set - this was a roller coaster!  Double and Re-double all over the place, partner made 4xx for 1080 on one hand - not enough to win though and lost by 3000 overall (doesn't matter if by 10 or 1000000 though, it's a knockout!)

Simon drove Corneliu back to Staines too, an eventful journey with a few wrong turns, more again on our way home!!!  A long day.........!

Still, an experience and we all had something we enjoyed from it.  My play was pretty good tonight.

Playing at YHBC tomorrow

30th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A good day at work today (though sad news from my friend who sits next to me who has a better job offer and moving to Head Office - great news for him but sad for me as we have a laugh).

We had a nice evening tonight, not just because of the scores but we felt more in tune and it was so much nicer to play in a better atmosphere (cooler too!).

Hubert Philips in London (YC) tomorrow, round 1 of the Plate

The Highs and Lows:

1    Hard to make the grand (squeeze in s and leave an entry in s in dummy I think) but we were in a slam, most just in game and 1 in a part score
2   Ops did exactly what they should, others let through more tricks, not fair on Ops but we defended as we should
5   Ops were too pushy here, should stay in 2s
7   I think a  lead holds this to 11 but matrix says they always make 12 which they did!
18   We missed the slam here, how do we know the K is a singleton and A on side?  We had a good score making all 13 though as the s went on the s
29th July 2018

Richard Currie:

Playing with a regular partner in Farnham's Richard Currie Swiss Pairs

Chores in the morning (including cleaning up after the BBQ, though most was done on the night).

Corneliu was in the area and so popped in for a coffee and a chat and then drove Margaret and myself to the event.

It is fair to say, we did not shine today!  Pleased to see Nick & John do well and Simon & David too.

I have queried the scale used for the event as I think it should be County (more than 36 boards, 2 sessions and open to all), will see what happens!

As most of our matches were bad, just the good bits below....

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

17    Ops made a poor double and then defended badly too
30   Ops missed game
34   Just a part score but I made more tricks than anyone in the room
38   Only 2 pairs found a slam, we were in the NT slam.  To be honest, mainly as partner bid 3 after my 2NT bid (transfer to s but she meant it as natural!!!) - after I super accepted, she then jumped to 6NT (made up for the first bid!!!)
44   Ambitious Ops, partner kept her nerve to take this off, well done partner
28th July 2018


BBQ today- went to Costco today for the first time with Martin and got all we needed (and more!)

Friends came round between 2 and 4 and one of friends cooked all the food for us (as expected!)

Had a lovely time and our friends and neighbours were pleased with our new house and enjoyed the day with us

Playing at Farnham tomorrow in the Richard Currie Swiss Pairs

27th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Fish & Chips with Margaret before bridge (Vee and a lodger had Indian).

A middling night for us, some good some bad but not many extreme hands (only 5 reds and greens!) - we both enjoyed the session, partner made a couple of playing errors but generally we both played well and got the defence right overall too!

BBQ and House warming for our friends tomorrow (weather permitting!)

The Highs and Lows:

7    Partner kept bidding here and thought 4NT was sign off (and then 5NT!!!)
8   Ops jumped straight to 6s!!!  It stands a chance but Ops hadn't noticed partner ruff a  and then under ruffed - needed to finesse my Q too to stand a chance
11   Ops opened and then passed their partner's re-bid - very odd - we defended well but they need to be in 3NT
12   Partner should make this, he needs to play the K on the first round of s as Ops played away from their Ace - with only 1 , it is the best option and it works!
13   Ops discarded the 7 so their partner didn't play a (the play mcKinney) - I was lucky!
27th July 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

My Desk Fan has arrived!  Not much else to note today.

Bridge today was good but could be better, partner didn't follow 2 basic rules and that's when I am upset, if Ops beat us or we make judgement errors, that is fine but second player plays low and forcing bids cannot be passed!  Rant over.....!

I took Dorothy home after and then Margaret came to ours (fish & chips before bridge at YHBC).

Margaret also collected cat food for us which was kind (cannot have our cats starving!).

Disposable cups to take to YHBC as the last from CBC not being used now.

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops opened weak 2 and then bid again after I overcalled, if you open a weak 2, say nothing more unless partner tells you to - they paid the price this time!
2   Not many in game but we could have held it to 9 at least, play low partner!
4   We missed game here but most did, I made more tricks than anyone else though getting the s away on my long s
5   Partner opened 3s and I debated for a while, then evaluated that 4s should make and bid it - well played partner
6   Good double partner
12   We missed our A, not all bid the slam anyway though so was always a bad board for us
13   Ops didn't bid so we were left in a bad contract
15   I played well here
20   Ops missed a trick, we defended well though
21   Partner forgot my was good and so went off 1
23   We were in the right contract here
26th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked at home today as a bridge partner wanted to come over for coffee and a chat, it didn't pan out but not a problem (just as easy to work at home as it is in the office, however, the office is fully air conditioned!)

I changed a light bulb (all by myself!) and replaced a shower caddy as well as meeting my work commitments!

Didn't eat much of dinner as too hot to eat (not a bad thing really!)

Arrived at bridge early again to set-up most of the tables and chairs and stayed at the end to help too.

A tough night for the director (some players do not listen and then go wrong, frustrating for all of us!).

Home just in time to say goodnight to Vee

Our night didn't sparkle but some hands were the Ops doing well, some were us though!

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

5    I need to play my A, partner then signals she likes it - hard to play A from AQ though so I played a , cost us 2 tricks
6   Partner can play this better
8   This turned out to be a great sacrifice so it wasn't intended as such!
9   A triumph for the 11-14 NT range!
11   Well bid Ops
13   Ops open weak 2 and I bid 3 (I didn't use any of our defensive bids so I want to play in 3), I can understand why partner raised me but I just wanted to play in 3
20   Well bid Ops
21   Unlucky Ops, we got the defence right here too (partner made both her s as ruffs)
25th July 2018


Playing with a regular(ish) partner in a regular club session

A busy day today as I present to the board once a month and today is that day!

All went well though and I had high praise from some senior staff too - left on a high and came home and all was too hot (nice and cold in the office!).

Just Vee and I for dinner and we stayed in the front room where it is cooler at night.

Slightly later than normal to bridge as we stayed home to watch the end of the Chase, they won £30k each, that would pay for a few sofa's for us!!!

We help set-up and get the Improvers section ready but only 6 turned up, Vee played in the main group (and did well) and Val hosted a social night for the Improvers who finished early too.

We had a good night but if my partner had been concentrating and played to the level he should play at, we would have won by miles....!

I did get a little sharp with him too and apologised for it, it is purely because I expect so much from him and he took it well, in fact, he said he liked constructive comments and to be shown where he could improve!

Only the second time we have played Precision and to be honest, we got the bidding right (mostly, ignore my 7NT!!!).  It was the card management we struggled with tonight.

In doing my diary and going through the hands, I spotted we had put in 3 tricks on board 2 - we actually made 8 tricks (going off 3), the correction improves our score a bit!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops opened 1 and their partner bid 2 after my double - I think with 3s you should always support - we get a good score for taking s off
3   An ambitious bid by me and bold play got me home.  Ops realised they had to stop me ruffing the s and played a trump, excellent play but unfortunately they then played the Q which Ops partner won with the A setting up my J, phew!
5   I open 4 here (Texas transfer), partner completes it (denying a slam interest) and Ops double - they didn't expect my hand to be quite so good, unlucky Ops
8   Ops open 1, passed round to me - I have to take action and cannot double with my shape so I bid 2 (not a great suit but I HAVE to bid), we compete up to 3 and get home with a good score
10   Well played partner, although I maintain you didn't have to let the first go, could discard your later on the long
12   Partner needs to lead a towards my K here, or take trumps out, not his finest hand
13   Not a good sacrifice Ops - we defended well though
14   I must pass here and let partner double, sorry partner - just trying to even the score in errors....!
16   Partner played well here, really well! Losing the first was critical I think, great planning ahead
17   I was a passed hand, partner jumped on to 4 - not too bad, but then played less than perfectly.  Ops transferred as a rescue and he had it in his mind that the other hand had 5s!!!
20   Hard to find this slam, will need to give it some thought - my initial thinking is that I should bid 4NT over partner's jump to game (Ops opened weak 2) - then he knows I have values and can value his hand - still, making 13 tricks was better than most, well done partner!
21   Hard to get this right but forgetting the K was still out was not the best plan....!
22   Whoops - my error here, bidding was 1C (16+, any shape), 7NT, my bid is 6NT and partner raises with 20+, sorry partner
23   Better played by North here, good lead Ops - partner lost control of the s and then it all went wrong, well done Ops for ducking the A on the first round though
24th July 2018


Too hot!

Decided not to go to badminton tonight (not playing next week either as I am in a bridge match), hopefully will be cooler by the time I go back to it!

Made a stir fry tonight, was really nice!

John came over with some laptop and iPad issues, solved them all and had a glass of wine.

Just relaxing for the rest of the night.

Playing at YHBC tomorrow (Precision, round 2)

23rd July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 7 of the Monday Championships

Started work very early this morning as working at home and had a handyman coming at 9am and deadlines to meet.

I got all the work done, sorted out the house and cleaned too!

I didn't have a break though and no time to eat lunch so I didn't bother, just had dinner (Chicken Omelette!)

Our bathroom looks much better with some shelves up and a mirror on an arm that can fold away, shelves in lodgers room, holes in cabinets for plugs and cables, a new outside light and waste pipe secured.  He was very good and quick too.

I arrived at bridge early to help set-up (I put almost all the chairs and tables out in the end!), stayed at the end to pack up and help Val too (as did Margaret and Linda).

Bridge itself was not great but the atmosphere was better, perhaps we are unlucky sometimes.

I noticed Anne was dressed immaculately and all co-ordinated - I commented to say you must be doing well, they were and did!!!  I noticed a long time a go how well co-ordinated she was and she won the session, whenever she wears something the wrong colour they do not do as well..... Coincidence I am sure but it is true almost all the time!!!

6th in the ladder now and all very close but quite a few top pairs haven't played 6 times yet....  We have 4 scores to improve on and only 3 more events, will keep trying though!

Playing badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    A good double partner, I just need to take my 3 tricks!, we need to be in 5s though but Ops bid well
6   Ops got a bit carried away here, our defence was good too though
7   Partner can do better here
8   Partner did better here!!!  Looks 9 tricks are available but hard to find them (only 1 pair did)
10   I pushed too hard here I think
12   Ops have game on but only 1 pair bid it!
13   I pushed too hard here too, a few others did as well but perhaps I need to show more caution
14   I played well here
15   Not the best defence and stunning play by partner
16   I did as I should here but only 2 others managed the same
18   1NT by me, stayman by partner, double by Ops - I do not have a 4 card major so pass and let partner decide - I can't see how we escape here unless partner bids 2s and I pass or correct (or Ops come in)
21   I played well here
22   Well bid Ops
23   Ops talked us out of our game and we didn't defend as well as we could have
22nd July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the Dorset Swiss Pairs

A busy day for our household, I leave for Dorset (drive to Nick's and he drives us there an back).

Vee goes to Tesco and then into London to have a day out and watch a dance group

1 Lodger goes to work

The other lodger and his girlfriend goes to the Beach for the day!

The lodger at work is home in time to feed the cats, the rest of us all get home at 9pm

We had a great start winning the first 2 matches, it all went against us after that.

I made a bad double when I had the Ops suit, partner made an error or wrong judgement each match thereafter.

Some great defence though and an amazing 6+1 by me and 3NT+4 by partner (when we both had a singleton !!!)

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1: Won 14-6
2    I bid 3 after opening 1NT, I must pass and let partner speak - we then find 3
3   We pushed Ops up a level and got a plus score (not many did)
Match 2: Won 15-5
9   We missed game, fortunately Ops doubled me for a better score!  Not many found game looking at it
10   Partner can play better here
11   Ops need to stay in 3s but we defended well to take 3NT down 2 - I held up the A
Match 3: Lost 0-20
19   Partner reversed so I thought he had 16+ (not 14), not entirely my fault here
Match 4: Lost 6-14
22   We need to bid onto 3s and should have held Ops to 2s but I need to play K from Kx
25   Well bid and well played partner
26   I missed a trick here by playing towards my Q and the singleton A won - I need to play small from my hand and then I don't lose 2 s
Match 5: Lost 9-11
31   We defended well here getting a ruff
34   I had 17 points but couldn't guarantee taking 1NT off so I should not double, this is a hard hand
Match 6: Lost 9-11
38   Partner opens 3s, I have a void and 19 points with 7s - I bid 4NT (1 keycard), 6 - A lead (I ruff) and 13 tricks made!
40   Superb defending here to take Ops down 3!
41   I got cross here (not massively but partner knew I was not happy) - I saw the auction and then bid 3NT, a great contract.  Partner bid on to 4 and went down
Match 7: Lost 7-13
47   Ops interfered so we avoided NTs - missed the slam too!
21st July 2018


We are both out tomorrow so did washing and cleaning today.

Shopping list done and Vee will go to Tesco in the morning before he goes out, I am off to Dorset for the Swiss Pairs.

John came round at 11am to see the house and have a chat, was good to see him and it sounds like he is going to try and make more of an effort to come out to Bridge again which is excellent news!

We walked to the Quays for lunch and it was really nice, chicken and mash for me.

Finished putting pictures up in the afternoon and decided we want a series of canvas pictures to make up a landscape when viewed together for one wall in the back lounge.

Vee made pakoras at 6pm and we took some to our neighbours who then gave us some eggs (they keep chickens) in return!

Ian & Martin then came for games at 7pm, I was winning the first game and needed 1 point but couldn't get it and Vee won.  Ian then won the second game.

Playing at Dorset (Green Point Swiss Pairs) tomorrow

20th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not our night!

A couple of errors, but Ops beat us tonight.

I had 5 choices and got them all wrong!!!

1 member rejoined and another joined tonight, all added to the EBU and club and emails sent out welcoming them.

Day off tomorrow!

The Highs and Lows:

1    Well bid Ops
2   Partner lost to the singleton K, unfortunate
6   Ops missed game but only one other made 10 tricks - some let us play in 1!!!
9   I should pass 3 here, fortunately other tables did worse than us or let 4s through
11   Ops played well here, I think I should have bid 3 though
23   Ops got the s wrong here and we defended well
20th July 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in the Hazle Willis Cup

A busy day at work and then off to Bridge.

We had a few more deliveries at home and our lodger took care of them for us.

Well done to Norman & John, Jim & Moira, Cup winners today!  I have updated the roll of honour.

Today is scored on aggregate points, akin to Teams.

We were close to retaining the trophy for the 3rd year in a row but just missed out, a few chances to do it too, still, generally good today (I also checked the %, we had 60% if scored on Match Points).

Took Dorothy home after bridge and then diary and food.  I also corrected results files from yesterday and today and re-submitted for club and EBU.

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

The Highs and Lows:

7    Only plus score!
8   Only plus score!
9   Although Ops can make a slam, we were on course to defeat this with a through, partner didn't see the opportunity unfortunately but not easy
15   Not many bid game and we are vulnerable, has to be in game here - I got the s right to make this
16   Great sacrifice here, I bid 2 (level of the fit) and Ops didn't compete
17   Good double, good defence
19   Ops missed the slam
22   A bad double, sorry partner
19th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not much going on today, have re-arranged the dining room and now more room to sit at the table, more pictures on the wall and a new clock for the kitchen.

We had an average night tonight, in the points though.

Some bad luck where Ops bid a slam or game or even opened against us where others hadn't

6 hands made 12 tricks tonight, only 1 slam bid on those and it was Ops against us!  None were easy to call though

We had a Surrey Youth playing with the Surrey Youth Officer tonight, they did well too, always great to see the younger players doing well.

Not as well as Val & Anne though, well done girls!!!

Board 1 had a split board for 2 pairs who had the hand wrong (not sure who put the cards in the wrong slot though) - when this was adjusted, quite a change in ranks.

I have also re-done the event as I noticed Derek was in twice!  All corrected now.

Playing twice tomorrow, Total Points Cups in the afternoon

The Highs and Lows:

1    Most passed this, Ops did well to open and got a good score
2   I defended poorly here
3   Bidding misunderstanding here, I doubled Ops 1NT and partner bid 2 - I paused then announced as stayman (as it was last night with a different partner) - wrong!!!!  I played my way out of trouble though
4   I had to keep quiet here with my 5 trumps in case Ops escape
5   I stand by my choice to bid stayman here, 2 can be made for a good score too
8   I need another to either ruff or promote my trump
10   We got the defence spot on here, Ops helped by discarding a  from dummy on the 4th enabling partner to run her suit
12   We defended well here and kept the pressure on, Ops can make this but it was the last hand of then night and they lost concentration
14   Ops opened 1NT, partner doubles and Ops rescue with a transfer to s - I double (showing s) and transfer is completed - partner doubles 2 - I think I have to pass now -we need to be in s though....
16   Ops discarded too many s as I squeezed for the 12th trick
19   Not our best defence here, well played Ops though
21   Only 2 pairs bid the slam, 1 was against us!
23   I made 12 tricks, as I should - others didn't
24   Ops got the  wrong, unlucky Ops
18th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 4 of the Beryl Doughty

Vee had a long day travelling with work and is coming down with a cold too.  He still came and hosted the Improvers with Val and they had 3 tables again, good to see!

Great to see 70% for Chris & Carole too!

We had a solid night tonight, most things worked well (only 1 red score), we are consistent too, played 2 rounds of the competition so far and 61% on both (currently leading the pairs who have played 2 times but we need 4 to count by the end of the season).

Partner played 10 hands tonight and played brilliantly on all of them (well, maybe 1 was under par) which was a major factor in our overall score!

The winners had 75% tonight though, can't compete with that!!!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    We have a tough minor game to go for which most did not make, 200 worked out ok though
4   I think partner should pass here and we double anything Ops bid - tough call though as we have a vulnerable game on - turns out not many bid game and not many had a good enough doubled score
7   We had a bit of incident here where the director got the ruling wrong on an insufficient bid but I got it wrong too!!!  As it happens, we should have been allowed to play in 4s for a joint top instead of a 2nd - but no complaints.  Lesson learned though, consult the book or another director if not sure
8   I bid all on my own here, found a tough trump break and managed to get out for 2 off, Ops have a part score on so it worked well for us
14   Brave bid partner, not any found game!
15   Ops can play a little better but partner made a good lead that cost nothing and didn't help the Ops
19   Partner played brilliantly to make this, very tough contract
23   I am not strong enough to bid 2 here and partner has no way of knowing I have 5, unfortunate - Ops defended well here too
17th July 2018


Worked from home today and a busy day with 3 conference calls.

Had 4 deliveries scheduled today and also had to close a window in our old house for the new owners who had left it open!!!  Collected our post too.

Jo came over for half an hour in the afternoon too for a coffee and a bridge chat (also some more cat food!)

Pitta Pizzas tonight then put suitcase in the loft and swapped mattress over (our lodger wanted a softer one and we wanted a harder one)

Badminton was very hot tonight, I pushed too hard at the start winning the first 4 games (all very close) but then ran out of steam!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow in Round 4 of the Beryl Doughty

16th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A good day at work today (quiet with a few on leave this week).

Firmed up our next Hubert Philips match (we are now in the Plate event, tough London team at Young Chelsea).

Booked the handyman for next Monday (23rd)

Cooked a mixed grill for a lodger and myself (yummy!)

Jo and I have had a few tough months (mainly personal lives) and bridge needs to be a good distraction - we did well overall tonight but not on all hands.

If it goes wrong, I think we have to stop arguing on the night as it is causing a strain, I like and respect Jo so much and we have to resolve this part.  Invited her for coffee tomorrow as working at home and can take a break.

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    We missed a trick but Ops bid too high giving us a good score
3   I got my losers away on the s for an extra trick
4   Ops should be in 4s I think
6   We need a switch but hard for both of us to do it
8   I got the s right here and used the s as entries to dummy to keep getting them right
10   I thought partner had 5s, my mistake, sorry partner
13   We defended well here
15   We defended well here
16   I meant my double as take out looking for s
17   I think this plays better in s and a it happens, better with East on lead - just unfortunate
19   Pass, Pass, Me - I decide to open 4 - a helpful lead and some skill in declarer play and 10 tricks made (most made 10 but too but didn't bid it)
15th July 2018


We did our chores first thing then went to drop the chairs Barbara lent us for our bridge gathering and helped her with an IT issues.

Then Tesco for the weekly shop and home to unload the shopping and back out to look at Sofa's (we liked the first one we saw, viewed the rest and then bought them!)

Should be 5-7 weeks for delivery but another job done!

New Cat Post arrived today and a mirror for the bathroom (still need the handyman to confirm a date to do our jobs).

Our friends arrived at 1pm and we showed them round the house then played 4 games of Poker.

6 of us and I was 3rd in the first game then won the next 2!  Tanya was 3rd in each of the first 3 games too.

Vee won the last game on an incredibly lucky hand making 3 wins out of 4 for the home side and £50 profit (paid for take away for us all!)

Playing at CBC tomorrow

14th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the London Metropolitan Bridge Association Swiss Pairs

Simon picked me up at 10:45 and we had no issues getting into London and were allowed to park at the venue (quite a privilege!)

We had an hour before bridge so I treated Simon to chicken and chips and then we started bridge.

Vee was working today with my Dad but had a good day.

We had a good day but it was marred by some director decisions that we still feel were not good.  We appealed one and they found against us, a little cross but not much we can do - they gave our deposit back though!

Ops mi-informed us of what their double meant and we were done out of our  contract - it was very clear we should and could have bid it with the right information but they disagreed.

A few other incidents too but won't go into details.

We won 3 matches and drew one (though we had 51% so had the moral victory!).

We were 50th out of 70 in the end, last match was a disaster, had we won that we would have finished quite well (even higher had the appeal gone our way!)

Playing Poker with friends tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1: Lost 5-15
2    Not a good lead partner, trump would have been better
3   I punted this but it paid off
4   Well played Ops
Match 2: Draw
8   Partner made an extra trick (which he needed to!)
9   I played perfectly here and fooled the Ops into thinking I had 1 !!!
11   I was dumb here!
12   Well played partner, I should have passed 3s though!
14   Partner pulled out the wrong card on the second  and it ruined our defence - it happens
Match 3: Won 15-5
15   Ops were too ambitious here
17   Ops were too ambitious here!
19   I should make this, good defence and poor play by me
Match 4: Lost 16-4
24   Not a good sacrifice here
26   Ops mis-informed us and damaged us - appeal was rejected
Match 5: Won 13-7
29   Well played partner
31   Ops were a little ambitious - good lead partner
32   Ops commented that their partner and my partner had s, this clogged my mind and I thought he did - not fair, director disagreed
34   We are in the right contract making the right number of tricks
Match 6: Won 15-5
37   Ops used Multi Landy to show a 6 card suit, then bid on - bad luck Ops
38   Partner won the first  and switched to a , I cannot understand this....
42   I am the only one bidding and making this
Match 7: Lost 0-20
43   My fault here, felt it would be a good sacrifice.........NO!
46   I don't agree with partner's jump to 4
47   I want to double the Ops but didn't get the chance, partner was right though, I shouldn't have bid to start with
13th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

We walked to our take-away place, 3 in a row (fish & chips, Indian and Chinese - we had Chinese)

Both playing tonight, Vee had a much better time than last time and enjoyed the session but was disappointed in the rank

We had a miserable evening and didn't get many good hands, partner especially - we didn't feel we had done too well but I think everyone else had a worse evening!

We did have a few nice scores too though and both declared well

Missed some great tennis (though I was watching bits and tracking scores!)

We found out the road was open for access too, easier route home tonight!  Not posting on home page though as don't think it is guaranteed

All in all, not the worst Friday the 13th!!!

Playing in London tomorrow at YC in their Green Point Swiss Pairs

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops were in a reasonable contract but it doesn't make, others stopped lower or made it though
4   We defended this really well
9   Ops can make this but didn't mange the trumps right
10   I was too ambitious here, I paused and was going to pass 2 but changed my mind, sorry partner
12   Ops needed to double or bid 4, lucky for us
13   Great sacrifice here
14   Good defence here holding them to 9
15   Ops sacrificed here and we do make our game, vulnerability wrong for them though
17   Well bid and played partner - glad I competed up to 4 now!
18   Not the best double partner, Ops in the wrong contract, we had a top for 5 making, but not doubled!
20   Ops didn't see the 10 was run and so didn't cover it, lucky here
22   Sorry partner, I was too adventurous here
23   The previous board had an impact on this one, we bid too high now too low!  Ops revoked though, I made 11 tricks but score shows 10?
24   Great sacrifice partner!
13th July 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Ordered some shelves, a mirror and a new cat post today (have to keep our furry masters happy!)

A little cooler today and even some rain on my way home (taking Dorothy home as we are nearly neighbors now).

Started by swapping cars over and chairs and taking a bridge table from Richard & Julie as a house warming gift, very nice of them !!!

Generally we were good today but a few wobbles, enjoyed!

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

3   I got the s right and made an extra trick here
5   Partner did well to make this, harder if Ops push a through
6   Ops didn't get their bidding sequence quite right and I made a cheeky overcall with my 6s
9   I made an extra trick here as Ops didn't take the A
10   I made an extra trick here for a good score, East needs to keep a  to avoid letting me throw everything away on the long suit
11   Partner bid at the 3 level freely, I was expecting a few more points.....
12   I managed 2 extra tricks here, I needed them as we missed our fit!
13   Ops cannot make game so this was not good
14   Good sacrifice but not enough bid game
17   Partner opened 2 (weak), this is a limit bid, I don't think you can bid again after a limit bid and I want to double 5s!!!
18   We need to take our  tricks, bad lead from me, sorry partner
20   Ops were a little ambitious here
21   Right contract, right number of tricks
12th July 2018


Playing with a scratch partner in Round 7 of the CBC Thursday Championships (although we are not part of the series)

Both our normal partners were away tonight so we teamed up - we played together about 5 years ago and know each other well (very well it looks like with the Bridgewebs display of names!!!)

My desk arrived today so my lodger helped put it together before Bridge, looks good (big but good!), nearly there now, just a few jobs booked in with a handyman and new sofas to look at this Sunday.

Andy Fry asked me if I could find him a partner for tonight and I came up trumps with Keith, they won by a fair distance, well done both!

We had a good night tonight, both enjoyed it and felt relaxed with no bidding misunderstandings (although I did make a mess of a few!) - we both declared well and defence was generally good too.

Only one issue with partner which was where I asked him to switch suit on the opening lead and he didn't, minor issue though and no problems after that!

At the start of the session, we seemed to get a good board followed by a bad one (or vice versa), a few ended up as both good in the end fortunately

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    I made a mess of the bidding and play here, sorry partner
5   Ops can make 12 tricks, we held it to 11 but others did better
6   We are in the right contract and I managed an extra trick (as a few others did too)
12   Lucky not to get a lead here
16   We are the only pair in game here, sorry Ops - well played partner and also for bidding on, I invited with 3s and he went up (I had shown the majors already and he picked my best one)
17   I missed a trick here but looking at the score, the double saved me!
21   We stayed in the right contract here
23   We needed to stay in NTs by the looks of it, I panicked here
24   We pushed Ops up and doubled, phantom sacrifice for them as it turns out as we don't make our s
11th July 2018


Playing with a new partner and team mates in round 2 of the YHBC Teams Series

My new Monitor and keyboard and mouse arrived today so set-up my home office (just waiting for the desk!!!)

My new chair was so comfortable too, really happy with the new set-up - we just need a few bits of work doing (have a quote now too) and to get new sofa's then we are done!

Shame about the Football tonight, really hoped we would get to the final, still, a good effort.

Tonight, only 2 Improvers (plus an already established Improver team) so Val & Vee teamed up with them and they joined the main group.

Both "Improver" teams did quite well and improved on last time (for the established team) and the new pair enjoyed the challenge and are considering the main group for pairs too.

Vee enjoyed playing with Val and they had a good start against our Chairman!

I have calculated and uploaded the team series file (blue link at the top)

We had a good night and only the second time we have played together as a pair (we won the Christmas "fun" bridge session).

Some excellent bidding apart from me going on to 5 and being doubled, I must pass and let partner double!  Great play too apart from one hand when partner needs to take his 4 tricks against 4s.....

We won tonight as a team, largely on 2 big wins

Great to see Geoff & Frances win at the Woking today, well done both!

Playing at CBC tomorrow (Club Championships but my partner is away)

The Highs and Lows:

2    I should not bid 5 here, either pass and let partner double 5s or, if I am brave, I double and let partner pass or correct
4   Most were in 4s here but I was mean and doubled
6   Best defence is hard to find here, A lead followed by a low (nobody would do that!) but we must at least take our 4 tricks partner
12   Ops missed game, team mates were not in the right game but they made it!
13   Ops bid 3s with a flat hand and 4 points (supporting their partner), I think this is too weak to bid (saying something coming from me!!!) - team mates made 10 tricks but only 8 there really
14   I think this is a close enough slam to bid, partner was lucky Ops carried on with the s to give a ruff and discard though - team mates defended well to take 5s off
17   I doubled Ops who had got too high and our team mates stayed in a part score and made theirs
19   I made this as Ops discarded the so couldn't reach their partner's hand - team mates defeated their Ops NTs
20   We bid game here, Ops stayed in a part score
21   We defended well to take this 2 off and team mates defeated Ops in 2s too
10th July 2018


An un-eventful day - sorted out arrangements for Saturday's Green Point pairs in London though.

Still too hot and 2 more weeks at least until we get to sensible temperatures!

We booked a handyman to come and see the few bits we need doing around the house but he was running late so I had gone by the time he got here but Vee said he was fine and will send a quote

I am no longer walking distance from Badminton which meant I had to drive and then take glasses off on arrival - took my eyes a while to adjust and then sweaty on the way home - still, not too bad

Badminton was ok but I was not stunning tonight, still, good to run around!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow in Round 2 of the Teams Series

9th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Another hot day today and a hard day at work - also booked a handyman to come tomorrow to see the work we want doing (just shelves and a bit of adjusting for some units etc and fixing the washing machine waste properly)

I made hot dogs for dinner tonight, they were surprisingly good!

Arrived at CBC early and set-up half the tables and most of the chairs, was really hot when done!

We had a cool(ish) table but still far too hot and both of us were on edge and a bit bad tempered, think we both made errors too, still 50%, could be worse

Playing badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    We didn't get the bidding right here
3   I had lots of ways to make this and got it totally wrong, sorry partner
6   Ops saw partner had no s but carried on with them from dummy instead of getting to hand and finessing again
7   Ops can do better here though we put the pressure on with the defence
11   Partner had nerves of steel to make this, Ops played away from their K and partner played her Q which held, phew!
12   This was 100% for Ops when we played it (on round 2!) and I said at the time, this will be a good board for us in the end, it was!  We defended well here
18   I doubled 4, partner didn't think we had enough to take this off and our vulnerable game scores better, close call and no argument from me, it just didn't work this time
20   Unlucky here, I could have ruffed a  on trick 12 then won the last trick with the K to get this one off - declarer should always have made 10 as it happens and it was a bad double by me but we had a chance
21   No  lead or switch so I only lost 1, phew!
22   Partner opened weak 2 and I decided my hand was worth game so bid it directly and partner played it well - not many in game
8th July 2018

Open House:

Tesco delivery so no pressure to do shopping!

We went to B&Q and Sainsbury's to take back a few items and get lights for the garden and a few other bits

We had friends over from 2pm to see the house and have drinks and nibbles and the last few left at 9pm! 

Was a great day and think everyone likes the new house!

We have some great friends and lots of bottles and cards and great to see everyone!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

7th July 2018

BBQ & Social Teams Bridge:

Playing with my life partner in a regular social teams event

The summer event is traditionally a BBQ at Ruth & Nigel's then Bridge at Tony & Sheila's - Nigel did really well with the BBQ and we all supplied something to go with it.

Too hot for me but kept in the shade and was a good day, plenty to eat and drink!

We finished watching the England match and was pleased to see them win again, now in the Semi's for the first time since 1990!!!

Bridge started off really well, we won 20-0, 16-4, 18-2, 13-7!!!

It went south after that though!!!  Ian N & Mary won and was great to see them do well, well done both!

Having a few friends over tomorrow to have a drink and a few nibbles and let people see where live now

6th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the final round of the Accumulator Cup

I decided not to have dinner, no appetite in this heat - will get something after Bridge!  Ordered Tesco online ready for the weekend

Only 4 tables tonight, heat, football, holidays - all more sensible than those that turned up tonight I think!!!

I was not feeling up to bridge tonight but couldn't let partner down - as it happens, I did - declarer play was not good (well, bidding judgement was not good!)

I didn't seem to have many hands I could do much with, passed more tonight than I have in a long while, still.....

I think we both felt the heat really, lucky to come out of the session with 50% to be honest!!!

Well done Marion & Alan, winning the Accumulator Cup!!!  Hall of Fame now started for this season

Playing bridge with friends in our regular 12 tomorrow with a BBQ

The Highs and Lows:

3    Ops can play better, we defended well though
5   Ops bid on for no good reason here
6   Ops were a little ambitious here - I thought we make 4 but it seems only 9 available
8   Well rescued partner!
9   Ops missed a slam but did better than most
12   I should leave 3s here, bad judgement, sorry partner
14   Ops did what they should but others didn't
15   We were set to defeat this but the H lead ruined my holding, not easy for partner though
19   We defended really well here - I was lucky to make my J to take the 4th  though
20   Ops made an extra trick by playing well, we were more damaged by other declarers not doing well!
23   Ops need to be in 3NT here
25   I overcalled s, if we had a  lead we defeat this
6th July 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

In the office today (early start and 1pm finish) then on to bridge.

Vee finished early and cleared rubbish to the tip.

We had an up and down start to the session but then got fairly steady to get a good score - I felt my declarer play was better today too!

Our defending needs a bit of work still but the rest was good.  We did have a bit of luck too....!

It was really hot today, I do NOT like this heat!!!!

Playing in the final round of the Accumulator Cup after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1    Partner made a good lead then switched, disaster!
2   Ops got a bit carried away and we defended well
3   This needs a trump lead - Ops played the trumps out until the last card and we didn't keep the
4   Hard to bid the grand slam as it relies on the K being in the right place and the 10 too (which I finessed)
6   A good sacrifice as it turns out - only 9 tricks on for Ops but most seemed to make 4 - 100 is bette than 140 too though
10   We need to push on with our s here
11   We pushed the Ops up (I don't like Ops to play at the 2 level if I can help it)
12   I played well here
13   12 tricks are a lay down here but only 2 other pairs made 12 and one was not in game
15   I was very lucky here, Ops need to take their s, I got 1 away and let them ruff with a master as he other one went
16   Great play by partner, needs a  lead to get a ruff I think
18   I played quite well here!!!
19   I was under pressure here and didn't take the finesse as I was settling for 1 off, if the fails then I am miles off - wrong decision as it turns out
24   A good combination here, partner played well and Ops didn't defend very well - They need to lead a  I think and not take the A freely after the trumps are out
5th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner and Team mates in Round 4 of the Teams series

Another day working at home but managed to a full day this time!

Our new office chairs arrived today (hassle unpacking them and huge boxes!) but another job done!

Our lodger put hooks on the doors upstairs for us whilst we were at bridge, another job done!

I cooked in the kitchen for the first time (Vee does most of the cooking) - we made curry and I made the chicken curry.

Bridge was good tonight, both pairs were above average and we were 2nd and 3rd on X-Imps - if we had a bad board, team mates did well and vice versa - well done Team!

Purple link at the top for the session, blue link for the league table

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    Ops pushed too far and let my singleton K make - team mates stayed in 3 making
11   Partner played this really well, caught the K and threw 2 s away on the s (second was lost but gained a trick), team mates only went 1 off in 4 for a good score too!
13   Well bid and played partner!  Partner bid 3NT (after 1, 2) and they stayed in 2NT against team mates
18   Team mates bid the slam, Ops didn't against us - this was mainly due to an odd 2 rebid by South (no alert and it was a singleton A) - I made a comment but let it go
4th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Worked at home today (or that was the plan!!!) - the house got in the way.

I had another £80 B&Q trip and spend nearly 3 hours on the phone sorting out gas and electric (too dull a story to go into but very frustrating!!!) - all sorted now but meant I couldn't work in the afternoon.

Washing machine leaked when I put the boards back too, we need to seal the pipe joint I think.

The road closure didn't cause any problem getting into the club and most were early rather than late but some didn't park in the club car park and so were asked to move their cars causing a delay to the start.

Vee hosted the Improvers tonight and back up to 3 tables, close at the top too!

We had a frustrating start where most scores were bad for us and not our fault (mainly!) - but a lot of them improved as they were played by more pairs and we had some good boards later on too.

We made a detour to the old house after bridge to take the bins in for the new owners as they couldn't get there today - we are all very friendly and it's nice to be nice (no effort for us either really).

Good to see Margaret & Keith do well at Woking this afternoon

Playing Teams at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    A good sacrifice, Ops can do well in either minor
2   Well played partner!!!
5   Ops bid and made what they should here
11   I need to push a  through trick 2, sorry partner
16   We bid and made what we should here
19   We pushed Ops up and then doubled (bit mean)
24   Ops got a little carried away and partner doubled
3rd July 2018


Worked from home today part time as had a packed day!

More work calls came in than I was expecting as well as:

Jo came to see the house and liked it - we discussed bridge too and some of Monday's hands in detail

Cleared the remaining boxes

Sorted the paperwork and office

Removals came to clear the boxes

Took our lodger to town for work to save her walking

Owner of our old house came with our mirror and post and we gave her the paperwork for bits in the old house

New Washer / Dryer delivered (at 6pm!!!) and they refused to instal it as we cannot find the waste pipe!!!!  There is just a hole in the wall........!!!!!!!!

With that and the heat, I decided to stay home tonight (no washer means I cannot wash my kit after badminton too!!!)

I watched the England match, what a tense game - well done England though, winning on penalties, who would have thought it!!!!!!

I ordered a new desk and chair for my office (chair comes Thursday and Desk in 7-10 days), also looking at sofas for the front room too - lots of money going out, need more coming in soon.......!

Our new neighbours have sent a text to the previous owners to see if they can help with the waste pipe - they had a washing machine there before so it must work somehow - we are just nervous about letting water and waste simply go under the kitchen floor!!!

Our other lodger face-timing his Dad to try and sort the washing machine as we speak (11pm).....

.....Success!!!!! Between us all, washing machine now attached to waste pipe (through the hole in the wall under the dishwasher and to a pipe that was wound around the sink u-bend) - run a quick wash and no leaks, fingers crossed!!!  We have put a bucket under the pipe joint for now and will do some full washing tomorrow to test it, phew!!!!!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow - watch out for road closures

2nd July 2018