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Closed until further notice, Bridge is on BBO 3 times per week

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BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
Wed 19th Jan 2022
BBO Duplicate
Director: Marie Thomson
Thu 20th Jan 2022
No Bridge
Fri 21st Jan 2022
BBO Duplicate
Director: Alan Coales

We run sessions Monday & Wednesday nights at 7.30pm and Friday afternoons at 1.30pm on BBO with Camberley (Members ONLY) - click in the main menu for "BBO Duplicate" (or Click HERE) for more details, results are on this website

January Online

Following current guidelines, we will be online until further notice.  The calendar is being maintained one month at a time until we can get back F2F.

We have 3 sessions per week available, Monday 7.30pm, Wednesday 7.30pm and Friday 1.30pm.  For the first week of January, we will play Wednesday/Thursday and Friday as No Bridge on Monday 3rd January.

Please check the calendar and club emails for more information.

See our main menu item or click this box for Online Lessons and "Why Play Bridge"

Meena Samani is running a course on agreeing key items in a partnership convention card and duplicate tactics.
The course begins on Wed 19 Jan on Zoom at 9:45 am, followed by play at a teaching table on BBO.
The lesson will be recorded and the link to the recording, notes and quiz will be emailed to everyone who has booked for the session, including to those who were interested in the topic and booked, but were unable to attend.
Please book via the Fun 2 Play website: HERE
Convention Cards
A Blank EBU Convention Card and an example Benji Convention Card are available to you to download, amend and print - Click either below:
Blank Card Example Benji

EBU for Improvers

To all our improver and novice players. The EBU haven’t forgotten you. 

With online bridge becoming the ‘new normal’ there is an opportunity for you to play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. There are opportunities to ask questions about bidding and play and also a post play Zoom session to analyse the hands. With our own face to face sessions on hold this seems an ideal opportunity to mimic supervised play sessions. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

EBU Link