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BBO Duplicate
BBO Duplicate
F2F - Championship Teams (3/6)
Wed 27th Sep 2023
F2F - Beryl Doughty Cup (6/12)
Director: David Pinder
Wed 27th Sep 2023
Director: Vivek Radhakrishnan
Thu 28th Sep 2023
BBO Duplicate
Director: John Gatrell
Wed 4th Oct 2023

We run sessions Wednesday nights at 7.30pm (be seated by 7:20pm) for the Main group and a separate Improvers group. BBO sessions Thursday nights at 7.30pm with Camberley (Members and invited Visitors ONLY) - click in the main menu for "BBO Duplicate" (or Click HERE) for more details, results are on this website

See our main menu item or click this box for Online Lessons and "Why Play Bridge"

Leisureland Bridge Club

June Booty has a Facebook page relating to her Bridge activities.  For lessons, newsletters, holidays, take a look.

Meena Samani runs frequent lessons / courses - next planned will appear here

Please book via the Fun 2 Play Bridge website:   HERE

Convention Cards
A Blank EBU Convention Card and an example Benji Convention Card are available to you to download, amend and print - Click either below:
Blank Card Example Benji

Club Information

07736 971659

If you are held up on the way to bridge, just ring and let us know so that we can reserve a table for you (This will only be switched on from approx 6:45 to 7:45 pm on club nights)

EBU for Improvers

To all our improver and novice players. The EBU haven’t forgotten you. 

With online bridge becoming the ‘new normal’ there is an opportunity for you to play online with BBO in a relaxed session on a Wednesday afternoon. There are opportunities to ask questions about bidding and play and also a post play Zoom session to analyse the hands. With our own face to face sessions on hold this seems an ideal opportunity to mimic supervised play sessions. Click the link below or look at the new ebed website also shown below. 

EBU Link