Wigan Bridge Club
Release 2.19p
Convention Corner
In this section we want to help our members who, see other members and other players and/or read articles that refer to the many different conventions that have now flooded our game. Some just like stayman, are such a useful convention, it is a wonder how we ever coped without them. On the other hand there are other conventions that only occur once every Preston Guild and are so complex that it is no wonder that there are misunderstandings when they occur.

Here we will try to explain the most useful and most popular ones.

If there are any conventions you and your partner would like to learn or know more about. Why not go to the information section on the Left Hand Side. Scroll Down to 'Contact Us' and fill in the details and we can include these as a basis for future articles.
Forthcoming Conventions

Here is a list of some of the most popular conventions, which we think you should know and ones which we will hope to be covering for you in the future

1. Roman Key Card Blackwood.
2. Puppet Stayman.
3. Transfer Bidding - Red Suit Transfers, Minor Suit Transfers.
4. Take Out Doubles.
5. Two Suited Overcalls - Unusual No Trump, Michaels Cue Bids, Ghestem.
6. Over-calling 1NT Openers - Natural, Landy, Cappelleti, Multi Landy.
7. Raising Partners Overcall - Unassuming Cue Bid, Law of Total Tricks
8. Weak 2 openers - Benjaminised Acol, Weak 2 Diamond, Multi 2 Diamond.
9. Checkback Stayman - 15-17 NT rebid.
10. Texas Transfers