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Some members have started to play bridge base online (bbo) with their friends, see the link on the home page and now includes a get you started guide.

Des King our resident teacher is a long time & regular user of the bbo site and will be more than happy to help you get started & show you ''the ropes'' and even play with or against you. His user name on bbo is desking Why not contact him and give it a go!!

Or you can contact Des via email: or tel no. 07534 482047


There is also a section on playing bridge solo against a computer on a PC or a mobile device, see link on the Latest News page.





In keeping with Governmental advice regarding precautionary measures to be taken in relation to the covid-19 pandemic:

Wigan Bridge Club is closed and will remain so until further notice.

When circumstances allow for the reopening of the club,

notification will be given here, on the Club web site.


Margaret Wilkinson, Honorary Secretary, 16th March 2020

Notice reviewed, no further update 10th June 2020

Past Winners

Wigan Reporter Cup - Pairs (normally played on 1st Tuesday in November)

1995/96 I Williams/Jean Rosser

1996/97 I Williams/Jean Rosser

1997/98 Molly Rigby/Eileen Pierce

1998/99 Dipak Banerjee/Peter Fairhurst

1999/2000 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

2000/01 Berose Ahmed/Iqbal Ahmed

2001/02 Tony Wardle/Des King

2002/03 Betty Hough/Jean Rosser

2003/04 Mary Finch/Des King

2004/05 Berose Ahmed/Tony Cordrey

2005/06 Berose Ahmed/Tony Cordrey

2006/07 Betty Hough/Jean Rosser

2007/08 Berose Ahmed/Kath Yates

2008/09 Kath Yates/Beryl Duckworth

2009/10 Mavis Edwards/Jean Rosser

2010/11 Margaret Roberts/Berose Ahmed

2011/12 John Gooch/David Farrier

2012/13 Beryl Duckworth/Azam Khan

2013/14 Sheila Cordrey/Azam Khan

2014/15 Margaret Wilkinson/Joan Prescott

2015/16 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2016/17 Clive Wood/Des King

2017/18 Margaret Roberts/David Antill

2018/19 Mike O'Leary/Kath Yates

Wigan and District Cup - Teams (Normally Played on 1st Tuesday in February)

1995/96 Eileen Whittle/Annie Harrison/Grace Barlow/Syd Barlow

1996/97 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Banerjee/Albert Walls

1997/98 Kath Yates/Beryl Duckworth/Annie Harrison/Eileen Whittle

1998/99 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Bannerjee/Peter Fairhurst

1999/2000 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Bannerjee/Peter Fairhurst

2000/01 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Bannerjee/Andy Howarth

2001/02 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Banerjee/Andy Howarth

2002/03 Mary Finch/Des King/Phil Meadowcroft/Derek Spoors

2003/04 Berose Ahmed/Tony Cordrey/Sheila Cordrey/Azam Khan

2004/05 Marjorie McCaffrey/Mavis Edwards/Irene Cunliffe/Gladys Taylor

2005/06 Mary Finch/Des King/Iqbal Ahmed/Mike Nicholson

2006/07 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates/Derek Spoors/Phil Meadowcroft

2007/08 Berose Ahmed/Jean McWilliam/Tony Moorhouse/David Farrier

2008/09 Irene Cunliffe/Margaret Roberts/N Western/Paddy Leonard

2009/10 Kath Yeates/Jean Rosser/Jean Wadsworth/Christine Marlow

2010/11 Andy Howarth/Alison Howarth/Barbara Melling/Margaret Belcher

2011/12 Not Played

2012/13 Not Played

2013/14 Brenda Welsby/Pat Holleron/Clive Wood/Iqbal Ahmed

2014/15 Pat Holleron/Brenda Welsby/Dave Rigby/Jim Dewey

2015/16 Christine Marlow/Tony Moorhouse/Jim Dewey/Dave Rigby

2016/17 Margaret Roberts/David Antill/Clive Wood/Des King

2017/18 Margaret Wilkinson/Joan Prescott/Lesley Burton/|John Sweeney

2018/19 Ray Mann/Clive Wood/Gilbert Pierce/Snadra Gray

Presidents Cup - Pairs ( This event originally started as a team event. However it has now become a pairs event since 2012/13) (normally played on 1st Tuesday in March)

1995/96 Molly Rigby/Joy Passet/Jean McWilliam/Tony Moorhouse

1996/97 Mary Finch/Brian Perry/Iqbal Ahmed/Azam Khan

1997/98 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Banerjee/Peter Fairhurst

1998/99 Marjorie Buckley/Brian Perry/Mary Finch/Des King

1999/2000 Annie Harrison/Iqbal Ahmed/Mary Finch/Des King

2000/01 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Banerjee/Andy Howarth

2001/02 Betty Hough/Kath Yates/Jean Rosser/Jean Rosser/Annie Harrison

2002/03 Sheila Cordrey/Tony Cordrey/Iqbal Ahmed/Des King

2003/04 Berose Ahmed/Tony Cordrey/Sheila Cordrey/Azam Khan

2004/05 Berose Ahmed/Tony Cordrey/Sheila Cordrey/Azam Khan

2005/06 Molly Rigby/Jean McWilliam/David Farrier Tony Moorhouse

2006/07 Berose Ahmed/Jean McWilliam/David Farrier/Tony Moorhouse

2007/08 Des King/Mike Nicholson/Iqbal Ahmed/Derek Spoors

2008/09 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates/Azam Khan/Iqbal Ahmed

2009/10 Mary Finch/Clive Wood/John Gooch/Jim Dewey

2010/11 Snadra Gray/Barry Diggles/Tony Moorhouse/David Farrier

2011/12 Margaret Roberts/Berose Ahmed/Jean Rosser Kath Yates 

2012/13 Tony Cordrey Azam Khan

2013/14 Pat Holleron/Paddy Leonard

2014/15 Margaret Wilkinson/Des King

2015/16 Pat Holleron/Eileen Bryan

2016/17 Des King/Steve Fanning

2017/18 Pat Holleron/Eileen Bryan

2018/19 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates

Ladies Trophy - Pairs (normally played on 3rd Tuesday in April)

1995/96 Martha Fielding/Annie Harrison

1996/97 Gladys Taylor/E Rodgers

1997/98 Majorie Buckley/Jean McWilliam

1998/99 Jean Rosser/I Williams

1999/2000 Mavis Edwards/Jean Rosser

2000/01 Kath Yates/Beryl Duckworth

2001/02 Marjorie Buckley/Jean McWilliam

2002/03 Joy Passet/Gladys Taylor

2003/04 Marjorie Buckley/Jean McWilliam

2004/05 Marjorie Buckley/Jean McWilliam

2005/06 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates

2006/07 Berose Ahmed/Kath Yates

2007/08 Joan Prescott/Margaret Wilkinson

2008/09 Sheila Strange/Jean McWilliam

2009/10 Betty Hough/Jean Rosser

2010/11 Jean Rosser/Berose Ahmed

2011/12 Sheila Strange/Jean McWilliam

2012/13 Jean Rosser/Berose Ahmed

2013/14 Kath Yates/Beryl DuckWorth

2014/15 Ilsa Farrimond/Sandra Gray

2015/16 Beryl Duckworth/Kath Yates

2016/17 Winifred O' Neill/Judy Ryding

2017/18 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates

2018/19 Judy Ryding/Pat Holleron

Gents Trophy - Pairs (normally played on 3rd Tuesday in April)

1995/96 Joint Winners Albert Walls/Peter Fairhurst & Tom Simm/David Eatock

1996/97 Tony Moorhouse/David Farrier

1997/98 Des King/Brian Perry

1998/99 Tony Cordrey/Azam Khan

1999/2000 Des King/Jack Pierce

2000/01 Gil Swift/Ken Fielding

2001/02 Tony Moorhouse/David Farrier

2002/03 John Gooch/Barney/Cooperthwaite

2003/04 Tony Cordrey/Azam Khan

2004/05 Tony Cordrey/Azam Khan

2005/06 Tony Cordrey/Iqbal Ahmed

2006/07 John Nelson/Barry Diggles

2007/08 John Nelson/Barry Diggles

2008/09 Des King/Clive Wood

2009/10 Barry Diggles/Ian Fowler

2010/11 John Gooch/David Farrier

2011/12 Iqbal Ahmed/Tony Cordrey

2012/13 Paddy Leonard/Tony Moorhouse

2013/14 John Gooch/David Farrier

2014/15 Azam Khan/Barry Diggles

2015/16 Des King/Clive Wood

2016/17 Paul Mercer/Mike O' Leary

2017/18 Steve Fanning/Des King

2018/19 Des King/Dave Metcalf

Mixed Pairs Trophy (normally played on 4th Tuesday in June)

1995/96 Sheila & Tony Cordrey

1996/97 Joan and Barry Diggles

1997/98 Kath Yates/Azam Khan

1998/99 Jean McWilliam/Tony Moorhouse

1999/2000 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

2000/01 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

2001/02 Margaret Roberts/Tony Moorhouse

2002/03 Berose Ahmed/Mike Nicholson

2003/04 Mavis Edwards/Phil Meadowcroft

2004/05 Betty Hough/Iqbal Ahmed

2005/06 Jean McWillaim/Tony Moorhouse

2006/07 Sheila & Tony Cordrey

2007/08 Mavis Edwards/Phil Meadowcroft

2008/09 Jean Rosser/Mike Nicholson

2009/10 Kath Yates/Des King

2010/12 Pat Holleron/Joh Gooch

2011/12 Kath Yates/Azam Khan

2012/13 Pat Holleron/John Gooch

2013/14 Margaret Wilkinson/Bob Whittle

2014/15 Jean Rosser/Tony Moorhouse

2015/16 Mary Finch/Dave Rigby

2016/17 Kath Yates/Mike Nicholson

2017/18 Mike Nicholson/Kath Yates

2018/19 Mike Nicholson/Kath Yates

Wild Trophy - Teams (This event originally started as a 'select your own team' & played as a Swiss or Multiple Team format. However since 2014/15 and as an attempt to encourage our 'Novice Players' t,o try 'Teams Bridge' it has since become a multiple team event wherby the' top pairs are seeded ' & random draw is made for their teammates) (normally played on 1st Tuesday in July)

1995/96 Jean Fairhurst/Peter Fairhurst/Dipak Banerjee/Albert Walls/Jea

1996/97 Alan Forster/Andy Howarth/Azam Khan/Iqbal Ahmed

1997/98 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Banerjee/Peter Fairhurst

1998/99 I Williams/Jean Rosser/Betty Hough/Kath Yates

1999/2000 Annie Harrison/Jean Rosser/Betty Hough/Kath Yates

2000/01 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson/Dipak Banerjee/Andy Howarth

2001/02 Sheila Cordrey/Tony Cordrey/Berose Ahmed/Iqbal Ahmed

2002/03 Dipak Banerjee/Andy Howart/Mike Nicholson/Peter Fairhurst

2003/04 Jean Wadsworth/Christine Marlow/ Kath Yates/Jean Rosser

2004/05 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates/Berose Ahmed/Azam Khan

2005/06 Mary Finch/Des King/Mike Nicholson/Iqbal Ahmed

2006/07 Marjorie McCaffrey/Derek Spoors/Dipak Banerjee/Andy Howarth

2007/08 Joan Prescott/Margaret Wilkinson/Gladys Taylor/Josie Hampson

2008/09 Sheila Cordrey/Azam Khan/Barry Diggles/Ian Fowler

2009/10 Sandra Gray/Gilbert Pierce/Mary Finch/Clive Wood

2010/11 Jean Wadsworth/Christine Marlow/Jim Dewey/Stuart Quirk

2011/12 David Farrier/John Gooch/Iqbal Ahmed/Azam Khan

2012/13 Berose Ahmed/Margaret Roberts/Mary Finch/Des King

2013/14 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates/Bob Whittle/Tony Moorhouse

2014/15 Lynn Hayes/Steve Fanning/Mike Nicholson/Des King

2015/16 Lynn Hayes/Trevor Johnson/David Rigby/Des King

2016/17 Mike Shinn/Paul Mercer/Mary Finch/Clive Wood

2017/18 Cancelled

2018/19 Margaret Belcher/Jill Jenner/Judy Ryding/Trevor Johnson

Bridgeman Trophy - Pairs (normally played on 3rd Thursday in August)

1995/96 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

1996/97 Joy Passet/Jean McWilliam

1997/98 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

1998/99 Margaret Roberts/Jean McWilliam

1999/2000 No Record/Not Played

2000/01 No Record/Not Played

2001/02 No Record/Not Played

2002/03 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates

2003/04 Sandra Gray/Gilbert Pierce

2004/05 Berose Ahmed/Tony Cordrey

2005/06 Des King/Derek Spoors

2006/07 Berose Ahmed/Jean McWilliam

2007/08 Mavis Edwards/John Roberst

2008/09 Berose Ahmed/Margaret Roberts

2009/10 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2010/11 Paddy Leonard/David Farrier

2011/12 Jean Rosser Kath Yates

2012/13 Mary Finch/Clive Wood

2013/14 Azam Khan/Tony Cordrey

2014/15 Mike Nicholson/Des King

2015/16 Clive Wood/Dave Rigby

2016/17 Mike Nicholson/Des King

2017.18 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2018/19 Des King/Mike Nicholson

Peter Lester Cup - Pairs (normally played on 3rd Thursday in September)

2007/08 Berose Ahmed/Jean Rosser

2008/09 Iqbal Ahmed/Azam Khan

2009/10 Mavis Edwards/Margaret Roberts

2010/11 Jean Wadsworth/Christine Marlow

2011/12 Iqbal Ahmed/Tony Cordrey

2012/13 Iqbal Ahmed/Azam Khan

2013/14 Bery Duckworth/Kath Yates

2014/15 Tony Moorhouse/Azam Khan

2015/16 Jean Rosser/John Gooch

2016/17 Jean Rosser/John Gooch

2017/18 Joan Prescott/Margaret Wilkinson

2018/19 Kath Yates/Paul Mercer

Championship Pairs

1995/96 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

1996/97 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

1997/98 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

1998/99 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

1999/2000 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

2000/01 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

2001/02 Jenny Winstanley/Mike Nicholson

2002/03 Betty Hough/Kath Yates

2003/04 Jean Rosser/Jean McWilliam

2004/05 David Farrier/Tony Moorhouse

2005/06 Jean Rosser/Jean McWilliam

2006/07 Jean Rosser/Jean McWilliam

2007/08 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2008/09 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2009/10 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2010/12 Mary Finch/Clive Wood

2011/12 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2012/13 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2013/14 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2014/15 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates

2015/16 Des King/Mike Nicholson

2016/17 Jean Rosser/Kath Yates

2017/18 Mike Nicholson/Des King

2018/19 Des King/Mike Nicholson

Non-Expert Championship Pairs

2014/15 Yvonne Nicholson/Marian Hardman

2015/16 Eileen Bryan/Pat Holleron

2016/17 Pam Rothwell/Dave Reilly

2017/18 Margaret Chambers/Ray Mann

2018/19 Margaret Chambers/Ray Mann

Non-Expert Individual 

2016/17 Dave Reilly

2017/18 Ray Mann

2018/19 Dave Metcalf

Wednesday Afternoon  Cup - Pairs 

2014/15 Margaret Wilkinson/Joan Prescott

2015/16 Jean Rosser/Margaret Roberts

2016/17 Betty Purcell/Judith Peace

2017/18 Joan Diggles/Joan Jones

2018/19 Margaret Roberts/Jean Rosser