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Some members have started to play bridge base online (bbo) with their friends, see the link on the home page and now includes a get you started guide.

Des King our resident teacher is a long time & regular user of the bbo site and will be more than happy to help you get started & show you ''the ropes'' and even play with or against you. His user name on bbo is desking Why not contact him and give it a go!!

Or you can contact Des via email: or tel no. 07534 482047


There is also a section on playing bridge solo against a computer on a PC or a mobile device, see link on the Latest News page.





In keeping with Governmental advice regarding precautionary measures to be taken in relation to the covid-19 pandemic:

Wigan Bridge Club is closed and will remain so until further notice.

When circumstances allow for the reopening of the club,

notification will be given here, on the Club web site.


Margaret Wilkinson, Honorary Secretary, 16th March 2020

Notice reviewed, no further update 10th June 2020

2019 AGM Photographs
2019 Prize Ceremony

Mike O'Leary wins a trophy!

Mike O'Leary gets carried away after winning a trophy!

Clive Woods Receives his prize from Joan Diggle

Judy Ryding receives the first of a brace of trophies

Des King collects one of his many prizes!

Judy Ryding (again), Margaret Belcher and Trevor Johnson recieve the Wild Trophy. Gill Jenner, the other team member was not available.

Perennial competition winner, Jean Rosser recieves her prize.