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Goodman 2018-19

Goodman Cup - click here - rules

Goodman Plate - click here


Please remember that it is the responsibility of both pairs 
to notify of any pair off.  

You should also inform us of any subs to ensure they get any masterpoints they may win!

Click to see the confirmed pair offs

If you need to advertise for another pair to  pair off - Click Here

We need someone to manage
our Facebook Page.

Please email Chairman if that's you!

Laws & Regulations
Mixed Pairs Grand Final 2019
Mixed Pairs Grand Final 2019

Congratulations to Winners:

Jane Rowley & Alan Patel

2019 Annual General Meeting
2019 Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of Warwickshire CBA
will take place @ 7pm 



Wednesday 19 June @ West Midlands Bridge Club

Constitution click here

Agenda click here

Nominations for Officers and Executive Committee click here

Treasurer's Report - click here (Login required)
(If you cannot log in, please email the webmaster, with your name & EBU number)

2019 League & Handicap KO
2019 League & Handicap KO

Congratulations to League Winners:

Division I - West Midlands (Hackett)
Justin Hackett, Dan Crofts, Jason Hackett, Paul Hackett, Adrian Kenworthy, Brian Senior

Division II - West Midlands (Fisher)
Carolyn Fisher, Wynne Lewis, Pat Watson, John Cooper, Tony Cundy, Jane Hall, David Hulston

Division III - West Midlands (Seifas)
Nigel Seifas, Neil Ford, Sue Ford  Jon Garrett, Paul Owen

Division IV - Sutton (Crane)
Ken Crane, Joanne King, Audrey McBride, Henry McBride


Congratulations to Handicap KO Winners:

West Midlands (Hackett)
Justin Hackett, Dan Crofts, Jason Hackett, Paul Hackett, Adrian Kenworthy

Beginners' Pairs 2019
Beginners' Pairs 2019

Congratulations to Winners:

    Maggie Kay & Janet Hogg

Goodman Cup 2018-19
Goodman Cup 2018-19

Congratulations to Winners:

Adrian Knight, David Kenward, Peter Heatherington, Dominic Connolly

National Swiss Teams 2019
National Swiss Teams 2019

2019 Roll of Honour & Prize Winners

Winners (pictured): 
Ben Norton, Kieran Dyke, Michael Byrne, Toby Nonnenmacher

2nd:  Paul Hackett, Croz Croswell, David Debbage, John Sansom 
3rd:  Qian Li, Claire Robinson, John Atthey, Richard Bowdery
4th:  Robert Miller, Ufuk Cotuk, India Leeming, Ian Robson
5th:  Steve Root, Jonathan Harris, Shahzaad Natt, Niall Igoe

Stratification B WinnersRob Turner, Mary Whyms, Ann Wall, Toby Wall
Myra Twyman, Roger Twyman, Bob Galvin, Stephanie Galvin



Championship Pairs Finals 2018/19
Championship Pairs Finals 2018/19

Congratulations to Championship Pairs Winners:

Peter Heatherington & Domonic Connolly

Consolation Winners:

Mike Meakin & Jon Downing

Intermediate Pairs 2019
Intermediate Pairs 2019

Congratulations to Winners:

Ash Patini & Michael Smith

2019 Inter-University Bridge Festival
2019 Inter-University Bridge Festival

Warwickshire CBA, Coventry & North Warwickshire and West Midlands Bridge Clubs continue to support the Inter-University Bridge Festival (organised by Warwick University Bridge Society, and hosted by Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club), which will, this year, take place on Saturday 23 February.

Teams from: Imperial College London, London School of Economics, University College London, Nottingham, Durham, & Warwick Universities along with Warwickshire Juniors(!), will compete for the title. 

(Although Warwickshire juniors cannot win the University Bridge Festival title, they have topped the leader board for a number of years now...).

Congratulations to Winners:

Event Winners:  Warwickshire 'Juniors' : Megan Jones, Andy Cope, Imogen La Chapelle, Darren Evetts

University Bridge Festival Winners:  LSE 100 : Vivian Kawn, Jianbo Sun, Pengfan Zhu, Tytus Zurawski 

Results here.

2019 Peggy Bayer
2019 Peggy Bayer

Congratulations to the



This year's team included Warwickshire's

Liz Gahan, Andy Cope & Imogen La Chapelle

The Full Team was:

Sam Anoyrkatis & Liz Gahan
Oscar Selby & Imogen La Chapelle

Theo Anoyrkatis Andy Cope

NPC: Michael Byrne

The Peggy Bayer is the Under 21s Home International Competition between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Final results here:  

Seniors' Teams 2019
Seniors' Teams 2019

Congratulations to Frank Cup Winners:

Bob Foster, Valerie Ivens, Val Cooper, David Ivens

Pairs Leagues 2018/19 - Series 1 Winners
Pairs Leagues 2018/19 - Series 1 Winners

Warwickshire Pairs League

Division A:  Simon Creasey & Darren Evetts

Division B:  John Pyner & Bob Foster

Division C:  Mike Sallis & Chris Quarmby

Coventry Pairs League

Division 1:  Steve Green & Martin Jones

Division 2:  Pauline & John Rudolf

Division 3:  Brian Stockdale & Alison Nichols

Division 4:  Joanne King & Ken Crane

Division 5:  Alan Webb & Graham Lightfoot

Birmingham Pairs League

Division 1:  John Collin & Steve Wood

Division 2:  Ken Crane & Joanne King

Division 3:  Dan Crofts & Celia Day

Division 4:  David Marsh & Jackie Marsh

Division 5:  Ron Court & Brian Stokes

Teams of 8 Championship & Garden Cities Qualifier 2018-19
Teams of 8 Championship & Garden Cities Qualifier 2018-19

Congratulations to Winners:

Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club 'A'

Steve Green & Martin Jones
Susan Norton & Darren Evetts
Colin Dean & Nick Stevens
David Kenward & Gareth Roberts

2019 Midland Counties Congress
2019 Midland Counties Congress

Roll of Honour

Mixed Pairs (Peter Millar Plate) – Gilly Cardiff & Peter Griffin

Flitch (Standish Salver) – Sue Evans & Dennis Loynes

Ladies Pairs’ (Allen Cup) – Carolyn Fisher & Jane Hall

Men's Pairs (Hudson Cup) – Dan Crofts & Andrew Thompson

Open Teams (Hayward Bowl)
Giles Ip, Gabriel Ip, Jon Garrett, Brent Wormald

Swiss Pairs Overall (Foster Cup) – Ben Norton & Mike Bell
Swiss Pairs Stratification B (Cooke Porter Cup) – Richard Smith & Peter Nuttall
Swiss Pairs Stratification C (West Midlands Trophy) – Myra & Roger Twyman

Swiss Teams Overall (Hayward Cup) –
Ankush Khandelwal, Ben Green, Stefano Tommasini, Shahzaad Natt
Swiss Teams Stratification B (Littleford Healey Cup) –
John Mewes, Andrew Leslie, Mary Johnson, Michael Mahoney
Swiss Teams Stratification C (Joyce Hare Plate) –
Caroline Brown, Harvey Brown, Christine Swanston, Mark Johnson

Seniors' Pairs (1) 2018
Seniors' Pairs (1) 2018

Congratulations to Winners:

Val Cooper & Bob Foster

Children In Need 2018
Children In Need 2018

WCBA Supports

WMBC's Children in Need 

Which this year has raised:


Thank you!

Mentored Novice Pivot Teams 2018/19
Mentored Novice Pivot Teams 2018/19

Congratulations to Winners:

Arden A

Lynda Williams & Minu Nathwani
Terry Halliwell Ewen & Jenny Middlemiss

Edgar Foster Cups 2018
Edgar Foster Cups 2018

Congratulations to Pairs Winners:

John Councer & Mark Rogers (Gloucestershire)

and Gloucestershire on winning the teams element,
in which Warwickshire finished second.

This event was hosted by Worcestershire

Full Results Here (Worcestershire Website)

Crockfords Plate 2018
Crockfords Plate 2018

Congratulations to Stephen Green, Roger Bryant and Graham Link (earlier rounds),
with team-mates Nick Smith & Alan Wilson on winning the Crockfords Plate.


WPL Feedback
WPL Feedback

Click here to view your feedback and our comments

We would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback.  We have tried to share our thinking with you on matters where you have raised particular concerns, or suggestions.  We are sure you are aware that WPL has developed over many years, and it is one of the most successful County events in the UK, and we do keep reviewing all aspects of the event to ensure it remains enjoyable, competitive, and fair to everyone, without being overly onerous in terms of regulation (although we do have to have them!), and commitment.  Regardless of our responses, we do appreciate the feedback and we do bear in mind all the comments received, even if we do not agree with them.  Thank you!

Wadsworths Solicitors - New Sponsors of WCBA
Wadsworths Solicitors - New Sponsors of WCBA

We are pleased to announce that Wadsworths Solicitors have generously agreed to become the new sponsors of Warwickshire CBA.

 Wadsworths are a Shirley based firm of solicitors that have been trusted by the people of Solihull for over 30 years. They pride themselves on their legal knowledge, whilst always maintaining a down to earth approach together with a clear commitment to their local community.  

If you are looking to engage the services of solicitors, please do consider Wadsworths.  They are able to assist in most areas of the law, including; Residential Conveyancing, Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate, Court of Protection, Family Law, Immigration, Commercial Property, Services for Businesses, Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Clinical Negligence Claims and Personal Injury Claims.  If you do get in touch with them and mention Warwickshire CBA, you may be eligible for a special offer!  

Wadsworths Solicitors, 325 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 3BL.  Tel: 0121 745 8550. Email here.

2018 World Youth Team Championships
  • Andy Cope
  • 2017 European Junior Teams
  • Liz Gahan

We wish Liz Gahan and teammates, and Andy Cope and teammates, the very best of luck in the 17th World Youth Teams Championships being held in Wujiang, China, from 8th to 18th August.  Andy and Liz are representing their respective teams, Under 26 Women, Under 16s.  Also competing are the Under 21s and the Under 26s.  A list of the English teams is available here.

All England Junior teams qualified at the 2017 European Junior Teams Championship, the first time all the junior teams have qualified for a World Championship, so a huge well done to them all.

Event Website


Warwickshire members participated in a special fund raising event, raising £1000, to support the EBU and the junior teams.

17th World Youth Team Championships - Well done Liz!
17th World Youth Team Championships - Well done Liz!

Congratulations to Liz Gahan

on her selection to represent England
at the 17th World Youth Team Championships
Suzhou, China, 8-18 August 2018

We wish Liz, and her teammates, all the very best!

England Under 16s reach final of World Online Junior KO
England Under 16s reach final of World Online Junior KO



Andy Cope and teammates
(Dido Coley, Henry Rose, Roland Bourne, Jasmine Bakhshi, Liam Fegarty, Jamie Fegarty, Oscar Selby) 

on reaching the final of the Online Junior (Under 16) Bridge Championship

Click for match report by Graham Cope

Please note that dates are still subject to change and Clubs are advised not to book anything without confirming the date with WCBA before so doing.

Due to resourcing issues, Warwickshire's Calendar now only contains events run directly by, or in association with, Warwickshire CBA.

ANY CLUB OPEN EVENT requires the approval of WCBA as part of the EBU Licensing Process

Charity Swiss Pairs
England Juniors 2018
Swiss Pairs winners, pictured with Chairman, Darren Evetts, Andy & Graham Cope
Move "mouse" over thumbnail to change

Move Mouse over thumbnail to change picture

Warwickshire CBA, West Midlands Bridge Club &
Coventry Bridge League Charity Pairs Evening

Congratulations to Winners of the Swiss Pairs:

Andy Cope & Graham Cope

Click Here for the full Results

Congratulations to Winners of the Pairs:

Joan Burke & Sonia Yagi

Click Here for the full Results

Click Here for the Commentary

♠  ♦  Commentary by George Cuthbertson ♥  ♠ 


Shakespeare Swiss Teams
Shakespeare Swiss Teams

Congratulations to Winners:

Lyn & Roy Dempster, Rob & Chris Evans

Midland Counties Challenge Bowl
Midland Counties Challenge Bowl

Congratulations to Winners:

Pauline & John Rudolf, Peter Oldbury & Gordon Clark

Click here for full results

Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2018
Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2018

In Aid of Warwickshire Air Ambulance

£1907 raised this year!  Well done!
Last year we raised £1685.50


♠   ♣  

TUESDAY 5 June 2018

Congratulations to WINNERS:  
Val Cooper & Bob Foster

Participating Clubs: 
Arden, Edgbaston Priory, Coventry, Rugby, West Midlands

Click for RESULTS

Click for Commentary by George Cuthbertson


♠   ♣ 

THURSDAY 7 June 2018

Congratulations to WINNERS:  
Diana Thorne & Peter Randall

Participating Clubs: 
Kenilworth, Moseley, Northfield, Stratford, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Click for RESULTS

Click for Commentary by David & Martin Jones

♠   ♣ 

Warwickshire Clubs in EBU's Top 50 2017/18
Warwickshire Clubs in EBU's Top 50 2017/18

Four Warwickshire Clubs have once again featured in the EBU's top 50 Clubs by Players in 2017/18

3rd - West Midlands

5th - Kenilworth

15th - Stratford

30th - Sutton Coldfield

An excellent showing from Warwickshire Clubs,
which highlights the excellent work undertaken, on behalf of our members, by all of our Clubs.
Well done!

(The ranking is based on player sessions)

2018 League & Handicap KO
2018 League & Handicap KO

Congratulations to League Winners:

Division I - West Midlands (Hackett)
Justin Hackett, Dan Crofts, Jason Hackett, Paul Hackett, Adrian Kenworthy

Division II - Moseley (Morris)
Sue Morris, Dominic Connolly, Peter Heatherington, Geoff Morris

Division III - Northfield (Nicholds)
Peter Nicholds, Philip Colman, Chris Curtis, Jane Nicholds, Julian Shingler, Raul Sutton, Greg Varnon

Division IV - Arden (Isaacs)
Joanne Isaacs, Maria Marsay, Louise Noble, Sharon Smitten, Ann Wilkins


Congratulations to Handicap KO Winners:

Coventry (Green)
Stephen Green, Roger Bryant, Darren Evetts, Martin Jones, Graham Link, Susan Norton

Goodman Plate 2018
Goodman Plate 2018

Congratulations to Goodman Plate Winners:

Lin & Ron Birch, Elayne & Mike Meakin, Andy Baruch

Beginners' Pairs 2018
Beginners' Pairs 2018

Congratulations to Winners:

Sonia Yagi & Fiona Langton


National Swiss Teams 2018
National Swiss Teams 2018

2018 Roll of Honour & Prize Winners

Winners (pictured): Ben Green, Andrew Murphy, Ben Norton, Ankush Khandelwal
2nd:  Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, David Kendrick, Jeremy Dhondy
3rd:  Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Jeffrey Allerton, Frances Hinden
4th:  Edward Levy, Paul Hackett, David Debbage, John Sansom
5th:  Liz Commins, David Stevenson, Julian Merrill, Paul Rob

Stratification B Joint Winners: Jamie Fegarty, Liam Fegarty, Andy Cope, Henry Rose jointly with Val Cooper, Bob Foster, Valerie Ivens, David Ivens

Stratification C Winners: Sandra Squires, Annabel Hampson, Jacqueline Marsh, David Marsh



Ladies' and Men's Pairs 2018

Congratulations to Winners:

Ladies' Pairs: Anne Carmichael & Gillian Adams 

Men's Pairs: Raul Sutton & Peter Nicholds

Ladies' and Men's Pairs 2018
Goodman Cup 2018
Goodman Cup 2018

Congratulations to Winners:

Susan Norton, Darren Evetts, Ian Handley, George Cuthbertson, Simon Creasey & Roger Bryant

The team will represent Warwickshire in the Pachabo

17th World Youth Team Championships - Well done Andy!
17th World Youth Team Championships - Well done Andy!

Congratulations to Andy Cope

on his selection to represent England
at the 17th World Youth Team Championships
Suzhou, China, 8-18 August 2018

We wish Andy, and his teammates, all the very best!

Championship Pairs Finals 2017/18
Championship Pairs Finals 2017/18

Congratulations to Championship Pairs Winners:

Susan Norton & Darren Evetts

Consolation Winners:

Dave Rutter & Dave Pratt

2018 Seniors' Teams & Frank Cup
2018 Seniors' Teams & Frank Cup


Congratulations to Winners:

Chris Lewis, Leslie Reece, Pauline & John Rudolf


Intermediate Pairs 2018
Intermediate Pairs 2018

Congratulations to Winners:

Pauline Hogan & Keith May

Ranked Masters 2015

Congratulations to:

Premier Grand Masters Winners - Jason Hackett & Dan Crofts

Premier Life Masters Winners - Jon Downing & Mike Meakin


Teams of 8 Championship & Garden Cities Qualifier 2017-18

Sunday 28 January 2018

Congratulations to Winners and Qualifiers for the Regional Finals:

West Midlands Bridge Club 'B'

Margaret Wort & Paul Loweth, Pauline & John Rudolf,
Andy & Graham Cope, Elizabeth Gahan & Megan Jones

Pairs Leagues 2017/18 - Series 1 Winners

Warwickshire Pairs League

Division A:  Adrian Knight & David Kenward 

Division B:  Prue Knight & Wynne Lewis

Division C:  Leslie Reece & Nigel Wain

Birmingham Pairs League

Division 1:  Peter Heatherington & Dominic Connolly

Division 2:  Glyn Preece & Chris Potter

Division 3:  Philip Colman & Chris Curtis

Division 4:  Liz Court & Edward Legg

Division 5:  Melanie Boynton & Roy Gardiner

Coventry Pairs League

Division 1:  Susan Norton & Darren Evetts

Division 2:  Pauline & John Rudolf

Division 3:  Val Cooper & Bob Foster

Division 4:  Margaret Wort & Sarah Jones

Division 5:  Kath & Graham Lightfoot

Midland Counties Congress 2018

5 - 7 January 2018


Seniors' Pairs 2017 (1)

Congratulations to Winners:

Val Cooper & Bob Foster

Mentored Novice Pivot Teams

Sunday 19 November 2017

Congratulations to Winners:

Coventry 2:  Linda Smith, Paul Smith, Linda Huckvale & Mentor, Martin Lythell

Children in Need 2017



West Midlands Bridge Club


7pm - All Welcome

WAS MADE AT WPL.  £184 was collected.  Thank you!


West Midlands BC wins 2016-17 NICKO Plate
West Midlands BC wins 2016-17 NICKO Plate

Congratulations to the

West Midlands Bridge Club A team:

Peter Oldbury, Gordon Clark, Roger Flood, and Pip Whitehouse

on winning the

2016-17 National Inter-Club Knockout Plate

The WMBC team beat Young Chelsea Bridge Club G by 118 imps (YCBC conceded after 32 boards of the 48 board final, when WMBC led by 118 IMPs)

Well done!

Shakespeare Swiss Teams 2017

Congratulations to Winners:

Kenilworth BC - Barbara Roberts, Michael Gammon, Valerie & David Ivens

Goodman Plate 2016-17

Congratulations to Winners:

Liam Johnstone, Chris Potter, Julian Wernick & Jon Downing

Seniors' Pairs 2017 (2)

Congratulations to:

Anne & Nick Woosnam

Warwickshire Pairs League 2016/17 (Series 2)

Congratulations to Division Winners:

Division A - George Cuthbertson & Ian Handley

Division B - Stephanie & Bob Galvin

Division C - David Hulston & Peter Nicholds

The results are CONFIRMED

P on the ranking list denotes PROMOTION 

R on the ranking list denoted RELEGATION

League & Knock-Out 2016-17

Congratulations to League Winners:

Division 1  
Sutton Coldfield C
(John Collin, Steve Wood, Mike Leese, Malcolm Oliver and Jeremy and Liz Fenwick)

Division 2
Moseley B
(Jon Downing, Sue Goldman,Peter Heatherington, Liam Johnstone, Chris Potter,Doug Tweddle and Julian Wernick)

Division 3
West Midlands C

(Carolyn Fisher, John Cooper, David Hulston, Wynne Lewis, Pat Watson and the late Graham Sherlock-Brown)

Division 4  
Edgbaston Priory 2

(Marijke Rodrigo,Sue Frogatt,Annabel Hampson, ,Geraldine Draysey and Mary Shingler)

Handicap KO Cup  
Moseley B

(Jon Downing, Sue Goldman,Peter Heatherington, Liam Johnstone, Chris Potter,Doug Tweddle and Julian Wernick)

Mixed Pairs 2017

Congratulations to Winners:

Anne & Nick Woosnam

Championship Pairs Finals 2016/17

Congratulations to 2017 Championship Pairs Winners:
John Collin & Mike Leese

2nd:  Jeremy Fenwick & Steve Wood
3rd:  David Rutter & David Pratt
4th:  Anne & Nick Woosnam

Who also qualify to represent Warwickshire in the EBU Corwen Trophy

Consolation Final Winners:
Derek Oddy & Edward Legg

Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2017
Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2017

In Aid of Warwickshire Air Ambulance

(Last year we raised £2140)


TUESDAY 9 May 2017 - Click for Results

Congratulations to Winners:

Julian Shingler and Priscilla Carney


Commentary (Click Here) prepared by George Cuthbertson


Participating Clubs:

Edgbaston Priory (Afternoon)
West Midlands

♠   ♣ 

THURSDAY 11 May 2017 Click for Results

Congratulations to Winners:

Peter Johnson and Sue Johnson


Commentary (Click Here) prepared by David & Martin Jones


Participating Clubs:

Moseley (Donations only)

West Midlands

♠   ♣ 

Goodman Cup 2016-17


George Cuthbertson, Ian Handley, Susan Norton, Simon Creasey & Darren Evetts

Beginners’ Pairs 2017

Congratulations to Winner:

Jenny & Piers Cockcroft

National Swiss Teams Congress 2017
National Swiss Teams Congress 2017

2017 Roll of Honour & Prize Winners

Winners (pictured): Kieran Dyke, Michael Byrne, Ed Jones, Toby Nonnenmacher

2nd: Catherine Draper, Nichola Smith, Andrew Woodcock, Malcolm Prior
3rd: Ben Green, John Holland, Barry Myers, Sally Brock
4th: Paul Hackett, John Sansom, Ed Levy, David Debbage
5th: Simon Stokes, Ian Bruce, Nick Stevens, Ben Norton
6th: Steve Root, Jonathan Harris, Tom Paske, Stefan Skorchev

Stratification B Winners: Neil Ford, Sue Ford, Paul Owen, Jon Garrett
Stratification B 2nd: Lawrence Gaunt, Jenny Gaunt, John Nolan, Sarah Jones

Stratification C Joint Winners: Henry Rose, Jasmine Bakhshi, Imogen La Chapelle, Elizabeth Gahan & Rob Wilson, Maggie Webster, Chris Quarmby, Mary Currigan, Judith Currie



Intermediate Pairs 2017

Congratulations to Winners:

Melanie & Peter Boynton

Seniors' Teams 2017

Congratulations to


Stephanie & Bob Galvin,
Jon Downing & Julian Wernick

Non-Expert Teams 2016/17

Click here for Results

Congratulations to Winners:

Jackie O’Sullivan, Suzanne Naylor, Mick Connell, Glynis Nicholson and Karen Bartlam

Warwickshire County Premier League 2016/17

Congratulations to Winners:

Steve Green & Martin Jones

Click here for full results

2016 Midland Counties Congress

8, 9 & 10 January 2016 

@ West Midlands Bridge Club


Seniors' Teams 2016

Congratulations to Winners:

Roger Flood, Peter Oldbury, Tony Poole & Gordon Clark

Seniors Pairs September 2016

Congratulations to Winners:

Peter Oldbury & Leslie Reece

Mentored Novice Pivot Teams 2016-17

Congratulations to Winners

Iris Lane, Fay Maxwell, Trina Price and mentor, Prue Knight

2017 Midland Counties Congress

6 - 8 January 2017 @ WMBC

RESULTS on MCC Website - Click Here

Click Here for Photo Gallery

2017 Midland Counties Congress
Goodman Plate Launched!

We are pleased to annouce the addition of a Plate Knock-Out in the Goodman Cup.  

Teams knocked out in Round 1 and Round 2 will play in the Plate event for a cash prize!

Click here for the draw

Teams of Eight Championship & Garden Cities Qualifier 2017

Congratulations to Winners:

Coventry A

Stephen Green & Martin Jones
Roger Bryant & David Kenward
Nick Stevens & Colin Dean
Darren Evetts & Susan Norton

WPL 2016-17 Series 1

Results are CONFIRMED

Promotions/Relegations are represented by P and R respectively.

Congratulstions to DivisionWinners:

WPL A - Ian Thompson & Mike Willoughby

WPL B - Caroline & Harvey Brown

WPL C - Doug Tweddle & Matthew Brigham + Prue Knight & Wynne Lewis

Ladies' & Men's Pairs 2016-17

Congratulations to Winners:

Ladies Pairs' - Margaret Wort & Liz Gahan

Men's Pairs - Ian Handley & Darren Evetts

Seniors' Pairs July 2017

Contratulations to Winners:

David Jones & Mike Northwood

Shakespeare Swiss Teams 2016

Congratulations to Winners:

Rugby Village Bridge Club 

Blues - Maxwell Kynoch & Malcolm Melrose, Nicky & Jim Bainbridge

Pairs Leagues 2016 - Series 2 Winners

Warwickshire Pairs League

Premier A - George Cuthbertson & Ian Handley

Premier B1 - Dave Pratt & Dave Rutter

Premier B2 - Edward Legg & Derek Oddy

Birmingham Pairs League

Division 1 - Glyn Preece & Chris Potter

Division 2 - Peter Heatherington & Julian Wernick

Division 3 - Denis Gough & Dennis Heighway

Division 4 - John Walter & Wirender Khorana 

Coventry Pairs League

Division 1 - Stephen Green & Martin Jones

Division 2 - Yasser Haider & Simon Stokes

Division 3 - John Baxter & Rob Cook

Division 4 - Andy Cope & Paul Jones

Division 5 - Thierre Jones & Maggie Rattigan


Warwickshire Air Ambulance Visit - June 2016
Warwickshire Air Ambulance Visit - June 2016

Myra Scott represented Warwickshire members on a visit to the Warwickshire Air Ambulance Base on Monday 6 June 2016.  

Warwickshire supports the Air Ambulance with its annual charity simultaneous pairs, which this year raised £2140!  

It costs an average of £1700 per mission, so our efforts certainly have contributed significantly to the saving of lives.  Well done all!

Let us hope that next year we can top this year's amount!

EBU Online KO Cup 2016

Congratulations to Winners:

Stephen Green, Roger Bryant, Martin Jones, Rob Helle & teammate, Ed Hoogenkamp

2016 Annual General Meeting & Frank Cup


Executive Committee Officers & Members were elected as proposed.


Congratulations to Frank Cup Winners:

Stephanie & Bob Galvin, Chris Lewis, Leslie Reece


Congratulations also to:

Liz Gahan, Meg Jones & Andy Cope (pictured below)

who were presented with the English Bridge Union Gold Level Junior Award

2016 Annual General Meeting & Frank Cup
Midlands Improvers Pairs 2017
Midlands Improvers Pairs 2017

Sunday 3 July

Congratulations to winners:

Steve Smith & Jason Webb, Staffs & Shrops

Yvonne Andrews 1926 - 2016
Yvonne Andrews 1926 - 2016

We are sad to announce that Yvonne Andrews passed away on Wednesday 8 June 2016.  Yvonne, a Life Member of Warwickshire CBA, devoted over thirty years of service to bridge administration and development in Warwickshire.  Yvonne was a member of the Warwickshire Council until 1970, when she joined the Executive Committee, and then went on to hold a number of offices including, Minutes Secretary, Chairman, Shareholder, Midland Counties Congress Committee Member/Chairman and, until her retirement from bridge administration in 2000, General Secretary. 

Yvonne was awarded the English Bridge Union’s Dimmie Fleming Award for services to bridge at County level, and Life Membership of Warwickshire CBA and the Midland Counties Congress, in recognition of her dedication and commitment.

Although Yvonne had not enjoyed good health recently, she still managed to play some bridge, and maintain a keen interest in the affairs of the County.  Yvonne will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Our condolences go to her husband, Derek, her family and friends.

A Celebration of Yvonne’s Life will take place on Tuesday 28 June 2016, 10am at Robin Hood Cemetery and Crematorium, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull B90 3NL, and afterwards at West Midlands Bridge Club, 909 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3EP.  Flowers may be sent to: Co-Op Funeral Services, 228 Stratford Road, Shirley, B90 3AG, Telephone: 0121 733 1664.

DRAFT 2016-17 Calendar Agreed

The DRAFT 2016-17 Calendar was agreed at the Executive Committee Meeting, 26 April.


The FINAL 2016-17 Calendar will be agreed at the July meeting.


If Club's are planning open events, please ensure that the dates are agreed with the County before doing anything else.  


Click here for DRAFT Calendar
(Please note that dates are subject to change)


Please email us if you are planning events, so we can avoid clashes, etc.

Hylda Townsend – 13 November 2014

Hylda was a doyenne of bridge who, until recent times, was a keen and active bridge player, as well as being a committed and capable bridge administrator.

At National level, Hylda became a Vice President of the English Bridge Union in 1997; was the recipient of a Dimmie Fleming award in 1993, and had been a
long serving Member of the English Bridge Union Tournament Committee.

At County level, Hylda served as Chairman and a Shareholder of Warwickshire Contract Bridge Association, being made a Life Member for her services to the
County in 2009.  Hylda always kept a keen eye on the affairs of the County, and over many years Chairmen have found her insight and support extremely

At Club level, Hylda was a Founder Member, Life Member, and President (1979‐1981), of Moseley Bridge Club.  She was also a Life Member of North
Birmingham Bridge Club where she was instrumental in helping the Club to acquire its premises.  A Life Member of West Midlands Bridge Club, Hylda was
heavily involved in many aspects of the Club’s management and, well into her nineties, ran an assisted play session, from which a number of enthusiastic
bridge players emerged.

Hylda, unfortunately, stopped playing bridge a few years ago, but will now be taking her seat at the Eternal Bridge Table where all her finesses, endplays and
squeezes will be fruitful, and where during the bidding she will always be on the same wavelength as her partner.

Hylda’s personality, sense of humour, and all‐round presence, will remain forever in the hearts of all those who knew her.

Introduction to Duplicate Play & Novice Spring Pairs 2016

Congratulations to:

Introduction to Duplicate Play Winners: Mick Connell & Glynis Nicholson

Novice Spring Pairs Winners: Judith Currie & Nigel Seifas

Goodman Cup 2015-16

Congratulations to Winners:

Mike Leese, Steve Wood, Roger Bryant & Steve Green

who beat the team of

Ian Handley, George Cuthbertson, Darren Evetts, Simon Creasey, Susan Norton & David Kenward

A team from the finalists will represent Warwickshire in the EBU Pachabo Cup 11 & 12 June 2016

2015-16 Handicap Cup KO

Congratulations to Winners:

Lin & Ron Birch, Audrey & Henry McBride

Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2016

In Aid of Warwickshire Air Ambulance

(Last year we raised £1545.50)

♠   ♣ 

TUESDAY 10 May 2016 - Click for Results

Congratulations to winners: Margaret Wort & Darren Evetts

Commentary prepared by George Cuthbertson

Participating Clubs:

Edgbaston Priory
West Midlands

♠   ♣ 

THURSDAY 12 May 2016 Click for Results

Congratulations to winners: Adrian Kenworthy and Ollie Burgess

Commentary prepared by David & Martin Jones

Participating Clubs:

Moseley - (Donations Only due to many players participating at Northfield)
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands

♠   ♣ 

*** This is the first time, under the current format, that all Clubs possible are participating *** Thank you!

Mixed Pairs Final 2015-16

Congratulations to Winners:

Margaret Crangle & Andrew Clifford

Fledgling & Introductory Pairs 2016

Congratulations to Winners:

Fledgling Pairs – Dianne Meere & Roger Baty

Introductory Pairs – Melanie & Peter Boynton

Championship Pairs 2016

Congratulations to Winners:

Val Cooper & Bob Foster

2nd Anne & Nick Woosnam
3rd Ian Handley & George Cuthbertson
4th Alan Patel & Roger Harris

Those listed above have been invited to represent Warwickshire in the EBU Corwen Trophy 4 & 5 June 2016

Congratulations also to the Consolation Pairs Winners:

Chris Potter & Glynn Preece

Non-Expert Teams 2015-16

Arden – Sharon Smitten, Jo Isaacs, Chris Gunning,  Allan Richardson, Ann Wilkins

Runners up:
WMBC – Pauline Hogan, Chris Bateman, Sally Hodgetts, Keith May, Polly Stephens,

Best 3 scores:
Edgbaston Priory/WMBC – Melanie & Peter Boynton, Kate McKinnon-Evans, Ali Al-Chalabi

International Replay 2015-16

Congratulations to:

Division I Joint Winners

Steve Green & Martin Jones

Division II Joint Winners

Marilyn Jones & John Godderidge

2016 Inter-University Bridge Festival

Warwickshire CBA, Coventry & West Midlands Bridge Club continue to support the Inter-University Bridge Festival.  
This year London School of Economincs, Imperial, Warwick University and Warwickshire Juniors.

Congratulations to Winners:

Warwickshire Juniors (retaining their 2015 title):
Liz Gahan, Meg Jones, Andy Cope & Darren Evetts

Runners Up (and winners of the Official Inter-University Bridge Festival):
London School of Economics:  Yifei Zheng, Keith Lai, Jiawei Lim, Ho Hin Benedict Pan

Butler Ranking

2016 Teams of 8 Championship & Garden Cities Qualifier

Congratulations to Winners:

Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club A

Susan Norton & Darren Evetts
Martin Jones & Stephen Green
David Kenward & Roger Bryant
Colin Dean & Nick Stevens

We wish Coventry the best of luck in the Regional Finals.

Pairs Leagues 2015 - Series 1 Winners

Warwickshire Pairs League

Premier A - George Cuthbertson & Ian Handley

Premier B - Ian Thompson & Mike Willoughby

Premier B NGS - Myra & Roger Twyman

Birmingham Pairs League

Division 1 - John Collin & Steve Wood 

Division 2 - Sue Goldman & Doug Tweddle

Division 3 - Helen Brigham & Matthew Brigham

Division 4 - Jane Collier & Chris Martin 

Coventry Pairs League

Division 1 - Stephen Green & Martin Jones

Division 2 - Mike Adams & Nigel Wain

Division 3 - Graham Cope & Graham Sherlock-Brown

Division 4 - Kevin New & John Godderidge

Division 5 - Anne Burrage & Ken Miles

Congratulations to 2015 Silver Plate Winners

Congratulations to 2015 Silver Plate Winners

Tony Poole, and teammates from Worcestershire, Chris Philp, Stewart Fishburne, and Mike Willoughby

Midland Counties Congress RESULTS

Roger Bowles

It is with sadness that we announce the death of Roger Bowles

Roger passed away on 27 December 2015 following a fall at his home.

As a former Warwicksihre member, Roger served as Secretary for a number of years and was known by all local players.

Our sincerest condolences go to Roger's wife, Shirley, family and friends.

Roger's Funeral will be on Monday 18 January 2016, 1pm, at:


At Worcester Crematorium, Tintern Avenue, WR3 8HA

Immediately following the formal service, there will be a gathering in the Seymour Suite,
at the DIGLIS HOUSE HOTEL, Severn Street, Worcester WR1 2NF.


Directions: From the Worcester Crematorium to The Diglis House Hotel it is about 2 miles.
NB The Diglis House Hotel has car parking to the front and rear and there are municipal car parks nearby.

Family flowers only please. However, if you would like to make a donation to charity, his family have selected one of the many charities Roger supported. As a family they have chosen the second charity because Roger died only bexause of his head injuries and did not have any life threatening disease.

The John Muir Trust – Charity No: SC002061

Conservation Charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild places.

Roger was a keen walker and loved open spaces –and he passionately supported this charity.

Headway – the brain injury association

Depends on voluntary donations to support people who suffer brain injuries.

If you wish to make a ‘donation’ please make your cheque payable to either one of the above charities. Or if you wish your donation to be split between both charities, please make your cheque payable to E Hill &Son Donation Account. There will be an opportunity to leave your donation at the Crematorium or send direct to E. Hill & Son, Funeral Directors, Fairfield House, Defford Road, Pershore, Worcs WR10 1HZ.


Congratulations to:

Overall & Blue Division Winners Arden C

Tony Whitby, Bob Griffiths, Sean Callaghan and Bryan Stock


Red Division Winners Northfield B

Maurice Smith, Barbara Gough, David & Jackie Marsh


For table of results. click here


WMBC Hosting Gold Cup Finals 12 & 13 December 2015

The 2015 Gold Cup Finals will be held at West Midlands Bridge Club over the weekend of


12 & 13 December 2015


Spectators are welcome


Semi-Finals on Saturday

Final on Sunday


Matches will be broadcast on BBO

Click for Event Website

WMBC Hosting Gold Cup Finals 12 & 13 December 2015
Bridge as a Sport – Judicial Review
Bridge as a Sport – Judicial Review

November 2015

Having lost the appeal the EBU are now considering the next course of action.

22nd & 23 September 2015

The Judicial Review in to Sport England's position that bridge should not be considered a 'sport' was heard at the High Court on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September 2015

It is not expected that a ruling will be made immediately, but any new information will be shared with the membership when it is known.

To find our more click here

4 Jun 2015

Sports minister, Tracey Crouch MP, has today spoken of the benefits of playing bridge.

When asked by fellow MP Bob Blackman for an update regarding the status of bridge, and other mind sports, as sports, she replied “I recognise that many of these games are enjoyed by many people and that the mental agility required in this activity can help with conditions and bring many health and wellbeing benefits". She added that approaches for funding support could therefore be made to the departments of education or health.

The Judicial Review into Sport England's refusal to recognise bridge as a sport is scheduled for 22nd - 23rd September. A summary of the arguments for a reversal of their position can be seen in the EBU Press Release

Bridge has again been in the headlines recently, with reports in the national media on the case involving the EBU, Sport England, and whether ‘bridge is a sport’.

In the most recent hearing Mr Justice Mostyn ruled that a judicial review could be undertaken against Sport England’s refusal to recognise bridge as a sport. This is a first step in the legal process to have Sport England recognise bridge as a sport, so whilst it is not a definitive decision in itself it is an important and positive step towards a favourable ruling and a reversal of Sport England’s position.

The EBU hopes that a favourable outcome will be to the benefit of its members, but also to all current, and potential, bridge players in the country, and to society as a whole. We hope that irrespective of personal opinion of what constitutes a ‘sport’, all members will appreciate the inconsistencies in Sport England’s position, and that the benefits of playing bridge deserve the greater exposure that a change in their stance could generate.

Read More on the EBU Website

At their recent meeting the Warwickshire Executive Committee endorsed the EBU Board's decision to seek a Judicial Review, and wished them every success.

How can we help?

Given that bridge is currently in the public’s thoughts we encourage members to contact their local media, or local MP (perhaps after May 7th), and extol the virtues of bridge. You need not address the issue of whether it is, or is not, a sport – that is something which will ultimately hinge on a legal ruling – but please explain why it is such a worthwhile pursuit and should get the greater prominence and funding which the status of ‘sport’ would allow it to receive. Any positive response which your contribution receives may aid the EBU’s case, but more significantly will increase interest in bridge in the Warwickshire area.

Leslie Reece receives Dimmie Fleming Award
Leslie Reece receives Dimmie Fleming Award


At EBU Shareholders Annual General Meeting 25 November 2015

Leslie has been a member of the Warwickshire Executive Committee, formerly Council, for thirty four years. Joining the Committee in 1981 as assistant League Secretary, Leslie took over as League Secretary in 1985, an office he held until he became Vice‐Chairman in 1990. Leslie took over the Chairmanship in 1992 and remained for two years until he retired and then spent a year as an Ex‐Officio member of the Committee. In 1996 Leslie returned to the office of League Secretary, a post he held for nine years until, in 2005, he became Treasurer, an office he still holds today. In addition to his various roles on the Committee Leslie has, over the years, represented Warwickshire as a Shareholder, which he still continues to do. He has also served on many subcommittees of the County, and on the Midland Counties Congress Committee.

Chick O the County 2015

Congratulations to Winners:

Pauline & Simon Hogan

Runners Up:

Sharon Smitten & Alan Richardson

Mentored Novice Pivot Teams 2015

Congratulations to Winners

WMBC 4 - Neil Boynton, Elizabeth Boynton,
Kate McKinnon-Evans & Mentor, Carolyn Fisher

Seniors' Pairs - October 2015

Congratulations to:

Leslie Reece & Peter Oldbury

Ladies & Men's Pairs 2015

Congratulations to:

Ladies Pairs Winners:  Linda Stocks & Sue Cope

Runners Up: Elayne Meakin & Lin Birch

Men's Pairs Winners: Ian Handley & Darren Evetts

Runners Up: Philip Colman & Denis Gough

Leslie Reece Awarded Life Membership

Warwickshire CBA is proud to announce that Leslie Reece has been awarded Life Membership of the County in recognition of his thirty four years service to Bridge in Warwickshire.  Leslie has served on the Executive Committee (formerly Council) in various roles including Chairman, Vice-Chairman, League Secretary and is currently serving as Treasurer.  

Leslie was presented with the award at the Warwickshire Pairs League, 21 October 2015

In Memoriam – Roy Edwards
In Memoriam – Roy Edwards

Members will be sad to hear that Roy passed away on 22 October 2015.  Roy, a Staffordshire & Shropshire member, was known to many of us as a regular player both locally and nationally.  Roy’s jovial nature will be sadly missed.

Our sincerest condolences go to Roy’s family and friends.

Roy’s funeral took place on Monday 2 November at Walsall Road Crematorium

Edgar Foster Cups 2015

Congratulations to Pairs Winners:
Brian Lawless & Dominic Connolly

The Teams Element was Won by:
Staffordshire & Shrophire

27 September to 10 October 2015

The World Bridge Championships start this weekend in Chennai, India, and, for the first time, England will be represented in all three competitions. All teams qualified by virtue of their medal-winning performances at the 2014 European Championships.

All teams have qualified for the knock out stages!

Good luck to our teams:

Open team - Bermuda Bowl Justin Hackett & Jason Hackett; David Gold & David Bakhshi; Andrew Robson & Tony Forrester; NPC: Simon Cope; Coach: Andrew Murphy 

Women's team - Venice Cup Sally Brock & Nicola Smith; Fiona Brown & Catherine Draper; Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior; NPC: Derek Patterson; Coach: David Burn 

Senior team - D'Orsi Trophy Paul Hackett & David Mossop; Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland; David Price & Colin Simpson; NPC: Simon Cochemé 

Coverage on BBO

Click for Website

First County Result of 2015/16

vs Staffordshire

Dawes (1st Team)         19-1  

Porter (2nd Team)         13-7  

Markham (3rd Team)     12-8  

Details can be found in the Inter County League section

Shakespeare Swiss Teams 2015

Congratulations to winners, Arden

Mary Andrew, Margaret Crangle, Andy Clifford & Mike Thorley

Frank Handicap Cup, Cock O' the County & Non-Expert Pairs

Congratulations to:

Frank Handicap Cup Winners:
Lin & Ron Birch, Andy Baruch, Mike Meakin

Cock O' the County Winners:
Lin & Ron Birch

Non-Expert Pairs Winners:
Anju Shah & Brian Mitchell

New Chairman's Corner & Annual Report 2015

Click to read the Chairman's Annual Report


Click to read a 'thank you' card from Bentley Heath Primary School
to Warwickshire, re our Minibridge scheme

Warwickshire Pairs League 2014-15 Series 2

Congratulations to:

Premier A Winners - Roger Bryant & Stephen Green

Premier B Winners - Terry Parkes & Tony Poole

Premier B Stratification - Doug Tweddle & Matthew Brigham

Key to Rankings - P = Promotion Zone, R = Relegation Zone

Coventry Pairs League 2014-15 Series 2

Congratulations to Division Winners:

Division I - Stephen Green & Martin Jones

Division II - Chris Lewis & Leslie Reece

Dividion III - David Kenward & Mike Summers-Smith

Division IV - Derek Thomas & Steve Royston

Division V - Ann Ridgway & Alf Cowdrey

Birmingham Pairs League 2014-15 Series 2

Congratulations to Division Winners:

Division I - Glyn Preece & Chris Potter

Division II - Prue & Adrian Knight

Dividion III - Denis Gough & Dennis Heighway

Division IV - Sheila Lewis & Tom Donoghue

Division V - Shaunagh Wand & Evelyn Whiteford

Mixed Pairs Grand Final 2015

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Congratulations to Winners:

Carolyn Fisher & Peter Oldbury

2014-15 League & Handicap KO

Congratulations to winners of:

Division I and the KO Handicap Cup
West Midlands A: Margaret Wort, Darren Evetts, Jason, Justin & Paul Hackett and Brian Senior

Division II 
Coventry: Mike Butler, Frank Deakin, Colin Dean, John Godderidge, David Jones, Marilyn Jones, Martin Jones, Kevin New, Mike Northwood

Division III
Andrew Clifford, John Illingworth, David Pratt, David Rutter, Mike Thorley

Introductory League
West Midlands B:  
Martyn Brawn, Heather Fairbairn, Neil Ford, Susan Ford, Nigel Seifas

Championship Pairs Finals
Championship Pairs Finals

Congratulations to Winners:

John Collin & Mike Leese

2nd Brian Lawless & Dominic Connolly
3rd David Rutter & David Pratt
4th Sue Goldman & Douglas Tweddle

Those listed above have been invited to represent Warwickshire in the EBU Corwen Trophy 30 & 31 May 2015.

Congratulations also to the Consolation Pairs Winners:

Jean Burns & Ken Crane

Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2015
Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2015

In Aid of Warwickshire Air Ambulance


Well done!  We have topped last year's when we raised £1500


Click for RESULTS

Click for Commentary by George Cuthbertson

Congratulations to Winners: Mike Butler & John Pyner


Click for RESULTS

Click for Commentary by David & Martin Jones

Congratulations to Winners: Dodo Georgevic & Denis Gough

Green Point Swiss Pairs 2015

Congratulations to Joint-Winners:

Stephanie & Bob Galvin


Roman Gembicki & Arthur Hughes

Fledgling & Introductory Pairs
Fledgling & Introductory Pairs

Congratulations to Winners:

Fledgling Pairs: Sue & Paul Debling (Stratford)

Introductory Pairs: Ann Wilkins & Roger Golsby (Arden)

Eggheads - 9 April 2015

Congratulations to the EBU Eggheads Team, 5 Diamonds, on winning BBC2's Eggheads!

The Five Diamonds (pictured with the Eggheads and host Jeremy Vine) - Nick Smith, Chris Cooper, Emily Middleton, Marc Lee and Denis Gough.

Eggheads - 9 April 2015
Non-Expert Teams 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

Red Section - West Midlands B – Nigel Seifas, Heather Fairbairn, Martyn Brawn, Sue & Neil Ford

Blue 1 Section  - Edgbaston Priory A – Marijke Rodrigo, Gerri Draysey, Alex Iliff, Sophie Lagarde, Mark Reuben, Tom Burley

Blue 2  Section  – West Midlands E – Andy Moir, Jeff Mann, Nick Hall, Helen Thompson, Paul Machin

Click for Results Table

Peter Chapman (24 May 1931 - 2015)

It is with sadness that we report the death of Peter Chapman.

Peter was a highly respected bridge player, representing his County many times.

A retired Maths teacher, from King Edwards School Edgbaston, Peter followed with keen interest the Bridge career of one of his former pupils, Clive Owen (now in the North East).

Peter had a formidable recall of hands he had played. He recently told me of an amazing coup he executed in the National Teams played at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool in the early seventies.  Peter and his partner George Cook with team mates Hylda Townsend and David Hulston broke down on their way to the event, but just managed to get to the in time.  They paid £3 per night for their hotel rooms!

Peter was a Life member of Moseley Bridge Club and will be sorely missed.

Dodo Georgevic

Member Success in 2015 NEC Cup Japan

Congratulations to Jason Hackett (with partner Brian Senior and team-mates John Holland and Gunner Hallberg) for winning the 20th NEC Cup Teams in Japan.

Teams of 8 Championship & Garden Cities Qualifier

Congratulations to winners Coventry & North Warwickshire A

Ian Handley & Simon Creasey, Garry Watson & David Jones, David Kenward & Roger Bryant, Martin Jones & Stephen Green


WPL 2014-15 Series 1 Results - CONFIRMED

The WPL Results are CONFIRMED

Congratulations to Winners:

A - George Cuthbertson & Ian Handley

B - Denis Gough & Dennis Heighway

Stratification B Winners - Doug Tweddle & Matthew Brigham

Key: P = Promotion Zone, R = Relegation Zone

Seniors' Teams 2015

Congratulations to Winners:

Tony Poole, Peter Oldbury, Pip Whitehouse & Roger Bowles

WMBC Team wins 2014 NICKO

Congratulations to the West Midlands Bridge Club team of Jason, Justin & Paul Hackett, Brian Senior and Anita Sinclair on winning the

2014 National Inter-Club Knockout 

EBU AGM 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the EBU was held 26 November.

Click to view the Awards

Click to view the Annual Report

Click to view the Elections

This weekend (13 & 14 December 2014) West Midlands Bridge Club will be hosting the Finals of the 2014 Gold Cup.

Spectators are welcome.


Alexander Allfrey, David Bakhshi, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Andrew Robson 


Andrew McIntosh, Phil King, Stefan Skorchev, Cameron Small


Alexander Allfrey, David Bakhshi, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Andrew Robson 
beat (by 6 IMPS)
Jim Mason, Les Steel, Hugh Mc Gann, Alan Mould, Duncan Happer, Paul Bowyer


Simon Gillis, Frederick Bjornlund, Espen Erichsen, Ben Green, John Holland, Zia Mahmood
Lost to (by 57 IMPS)
Andrew McIntosh, Phil King, Stefan Skorchev, Cameron Small

Matches will be broadcast on BBO

Mentored Novice Teams

Congratulations to the Winners:

Geraldine Draysey & Barbara Gough
Marijke Rodrigo & (Mentor) Denis Gough

Congratulations also to our team of Juniors (& Mentor) who came second:

Andy Cope & Elizabeth Gahan
Meg Jones & (Mentor) Sarah Jones 

Ladies & Men's Pairs 2014

Congratulations to:

Ladies Pairs Winners: Beryl Latham & Louise Payne

Men's Pairs Winners: Mike Meakin & Andy Baruch

Seniors' Pairs October 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

Val Cooper & Bob Foster

Chick O' the County 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

Sue & Paul Debling

Ruth Coubrough

We are sad to announce the death of Ruth Coubrough, who passed away on Friday 3 October 2014.

Ruth was a member of Warwickshire Contract Bridge Association for many years and was a fine player who regularly attended several Warwickshire Bridge Clubs, in addition to both local and national bridge events. 

Ruth was a very kind lady who, unfortunately, had been suffering from terminal cancer for several months.  Her personality and presence in and around the County will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

We convey to Ruth’s friends our most sincere condolences at this very sad time.

Ruth’s funeral will be held at 12 Noon on 16 October 2014 at:

Lodge Hill Crematorium, Weoley Park Rd, Birmingham,B29 5AA

And then afterwards at:

The Court Oak, Balden Road, Birmingham B32 2EH, opposite Heathercroft Bridge Club.

All are welcome.  No flowers please, but a collection in aid of MIND will be made.

Crockfords Cup Winners!

Congratulations to Jason & Justin Hackett
with teammates David Mossop, David Price & Colin Simpson 
on winning the 
2013-14 Crockfords Cup

Cafe Bridge September 2014
Cafe Bridge September 2014


Congratulations to Winners

Chris & Mike Lynn

& Runners Up

Mike Sallis & Brian Osmond

Shakespeare Swiss Teams 2014

Congratulations to winners:

David & Valerie Ivens, Mike Curley & John O'Farrell

Shakespeare Swiss Teams 2014
Warwickshire Senior Teams 2014

The Chairmen of Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club and West Midlands Bridge Club once again claim the Seniors' Teams title.  Margaret Wort (WMBC) and David Jones (CNWBC), with their respective partners Cyril Hall and Mike Northwood, won the event for the second successive year.


Warwickshire Pairs League 2013-14 Series 2

Results are CONFIRMED

Congratulations to 

WPL A Winners: Ian Handley & George Cuthbertson

WPL B Winners: Caroline & Harvey Brown

Results Key:
P = Currently in Promotion Zone
R = Currently in Relegation Zone

Non Expert Pairs 2014

Congratulations to Winners

Sushi & Stephen Abercrombie

Cock O' The County 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

Leslie Reece & Terry Parkes

Warwickshire Members Win Medals at 52nd European Championships

Congratulations to Paul Hackett
and teammates David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland, David Price & Colin Simpson 
and NPC:Simon Cochemé, for winning Gold in the Seniors


Congratulations to Jason & Justin Hackett 
and teammates Tony Forrester & Andrew Robson, David Bakhshi & David Gold, 
NPC: Simon Cope and Coach: Ben Green for winning Bronze in the Open

Warwickshire Teams Compete in 2014 Inter-County National Finals

Members of the Porter (County Second Team) and Markham (County Third Team) will be competing in their respective divisions on Sunday in the Inter-County League National Final.

We wish them the very best of luck:

Porter Team

David  Jones & Mike Butler
Dodo Georgevic & Robin Ogg
Leslie Reece & Terry Parkes
Peter Oldbury & Gordon Clark

Markham Team

Dave Rutter & Dave Pratt
Marilyn Jones & Frank Deakin
Carolyn Fisher & Jane Hall
on Downing & Mike Meakin

International Replay 2013/14

Congratulations to Winners:

Stephen Green & Martin Jones

Click for full results

2014 Garden Cities Trophy
2014 Garden Cities Trophy

Coingratulations to WINNERS for the second consecutive year, Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club:

Roger Bryant, Ian Handley, David Kenward, George Cuthbertson, David Jones, Garry Watson, Stephen Green & Martin Jones


Mixed Pairs Grand Final 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

Caroline Coombs & John Hind

Green Point Swiss Pairs 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

George Cuthbertson & Ian Handley

League & Handicap Teams 2013-14


Division I & Handicap KO Winners - WMBC A
Margaret Wort,Darren Evetts,Brian Senior, Paul Hackett & Justin Hackett

Division II Winners - WMBC C
Roy Moore, Jane Hall, Carolyn Fisher, Wynne Lewis, Pat Watson, John Cooper & David Hulston

Division III Winners - Northfield A
Peter Nicholds, Mary Shingler, Julian Shingler, Chris Curtis, Greg Varnom, Philip Colman 
& Neil Mackay

Warwickshire Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2014

In aid of Warwickshire Air Ambulance

Tuesday 6 May (online Commentary by George Cuthbertson)

Congratulations to winners: Prue & Adrian Knight (WMBC)

Tuesday's Results & Commentary Click Here

Thursday 8 May (online Commentary by David & Martin Jones)

Congratulations to winners: June Cooper & Michael Drake (WMBC)

Thursday's Results & Commentary Click Here

Warwickshire Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2014
An Introduction to Duplicate Play 2014

Congratulations to:

Winners: Pauline Hogan (with host partner Ron Birch) from WMBC

Runners Up: David Baxter & Craig Dewsnam from WMBC

Introductory Pairs 2014

Congratulations to:

Winners – Barbara Gough and Philip Gough, Northfield BC

Runners up – Liz Green & Brian Mitchell, Arden BC

For full results click here

Fledgling Pairs 2014

Congratulations to:

Winners – Jackie & Mark Nixon, Stratford BC

Runners up – Nigel Seifas & Martyn Brawn, WMBC

For full results click here

Oxfordshire's Beck Cup 2014

Congratulations to winners: 

Ian Handley, Simon Creasey, Roger Bryant and Darren Evetts

WCBA Championship Pairs Final 2013-14


Congratulations to:


Winners - Adrian Knight & Leslie Reece


Consolation Final Winners - Pat & Brian Parker


Warwickshire Members' Success in 2014 Pakistan Day International Bridge Championship

Three of our Members Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett and Brian Senior enjoyed great success in the  2014 Pakistan Day International Bridge Championship held in Karachi.  Justin and Jason along with their teammates won the Teams, with Brian and teammates in second place.  Brian and partner were also second in the Pairs.

Congratulations to them all.


New EBU Panel TD in Warwickhsire

Congratulations to Maggs Pyner who has been appointed to the EBU Tournament Director's Panel.

Well done Maggs!

Northfield Bridge Club - Sunday 2 March 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

David & Jackie Marsh, from Northfield

Joint Runners Up

Lena Spindley & John Lucioli, from West Midlands and

Pam & John Defty, from Northfield

Click for full results

Seniors' Pairs - January 2014

Congratulations to Winners:

Peter Styles & Brian Lawless

Warwickshire CBA, West Midlands and Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Clubs supported the Inter-University Bridge Festival held at Warwick University on 1 & 2 February 2014.  Players from London School of Economics, Imperial College London and Warwick University competed in Butler Pairs and Teams Competiitions.  

Results are available from the right hand menu and the results archive.

Butler Pairs Winners - Filip Sebest & Kevin Satti from Imperial College London

Teams Winners - Toby Griffiths, Ben Fitton, Shahzaad Natt, Michael Alishaw from Warwick University - Click for the Butler Analysis

WPL 2013-14 Series 1

Congratulations to:

Steve Green & Rogert Bryant - WPL A Winners


Bob Foster & John Pyner - WPL B Winners


Edgar Foster Cups 2013

Congratulations to Sue & Dennis Lloynes winners of the pairs,

and Worcester for winning the teams element.

Chick O' the County 2013

Congratulations to Winners:

Jackie & Mark Nixon

and Runners Up

Louise Davies & Maggie Lewis

Both pairs from Stratford on Avon Bridge Club


EBU Annual General Meeting 2013
The Annual General Meeting of the EBU took place on Wednesday 2 October.

A huge vote of thanks was expressed to Sally Bugden who, after five years in office, retired as Chairman of the Board.  Sally's hard work, commitment, enthusiasm and determination has transformed the administration of Bridge in England, and the English Bridge Union is now in a much stronger and healthier position than it was five years ago.  Sally expressed her gratitude to Board colleagues, and the many members who have supported her work as Chairman.  

Although retiring as Chairman, Sally will continue as a Board member, and will be responsible for the new Education Trust that will be operational from 1 April 2014.

Thank you Sally, and good luck in your new role.

Other AGM News

Jeremy Dhondy (past Vice-Chairman) was elected Chairman.  

Ian Payne (past Tournament Committee Chairman) was elected Vice-Chairman.

We wish Jeremy and Ian every success in their new roles.

Along with Sally, Heather Dhondy and Darren Evetts were re-elected to the Board of Directors.

Other elections and AGM news can be found on the EBU Website
Bali 2013
CONGRATULATIONS to Susan Stockdale and teammates!

The English Women's team have won the SILVER MEDAL at the 41st World Bridge Championships in Bali.  In a hard fought final of 96 boards they lost to the USA by only 8 Imps.  Hard luck girls, but very well done on winning the Silver!

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Two England teams, Open Team (Bermuda Bowl) and Women's Team (Venice Cup), will be competing in the 41st World Teams Championships in Bali between 16 and 29 September 2013.

The Women's team includes one of our members, Susan Stockdale,  We wish Susan, her teammates, and the Open Team, the very best of luck.   

Congratulations to the Open and Women's Team have qualified for the Knock-Out stages. 

Very Special Congratulations to Susan Stockdale and partner, Fiona Brown, who topped the Butler's to become the World's top Women's pair!

The Women's Team is now through to the Semi-Finals - Well done!

Commiserations to the Open Team who lost to Monaco in the quarter final.

Who are now in the FINAL of the Venice Cup at the World Bridge Championships in Bali.  Susan, partner, Fiona Brown and teammates Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy, Sally Brock and Nicola Smith, Captain, Jeremy Dhondy and Coach, David Burn, will face USA2 in the Final this weekend.

2013 Annual General Meeting - Bridge Events!
Congratulations to:

Cock O' the County Winners:
Joe Fagan & Anja Townrow

No Fear Pairs Winners:
Marijke Rodrigo & Geraldine Draysey

MiniBridge Challenge Winners:
Ryan (Dorridge) & Enid
Kira (Coventry) & Darren
2013 Garden Cities National Final
Congratulations to Winners Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club 

Steve Green, Roger Bryant, Nick Stevens,
Martin Jones, David Kenward, Garry Watson
 Gareth Roberts & Ian Handley
2013 Garden Cities National Final
Warwickshire Pairs League 2012/13 Series 2
Congratulations to:

Premier A Winners:
George Cuthbertson & Ian Handley

Premier B Winners:
Stephanie & Bob Galvin
International Replay 2012/13
Congratulations to joint winners:

Steve Green & Martin Jones

Full results are available from the left hand menu
Introduction to Duplicate 2013
Hosted by Silhill Bridge Club

Congratulations to Joint Winners:

Valerie & Martin Young 
Anne and Em Walton
Pachabo 2012/13
The team representing Warwickshire in the Pachabo of

Mike Leese, Steve Wood, David Jones, Ian Handley & David Kenward, 

finished third out of twenty nine teams.
Mixed Pairs Final 2013
Congratulations to Winners:

Nick & Anne Woosnam
Congratulations 2013
On reaching the final of the Crockfords Cup:
Malcolm Oliver, John Collin, Mike Leese & Steve Wood

and on reaching the final of the Crockfords Plate:
Adrian Knight, Leslie Reece, Peter Oldbury & Brent Wormald

We wish them all good luck in their respective finals over the weekend of 11 & 12 May 2013
Novice Pairs 2013
For learners and players with 1-4 years experience.

Sunday 28 April @  Kenilworth Bridge Club

Congratulations to:

Sushi & Stephen Abercrombie

Barbara Gough & Maurice Smith
2012/13 Handicap Cup Winners
West Midlands A beat Silhill in the Final of the 2012/13 Handicap Knock-Out Cup.  Congratulations to:

Paul Hackett, Margaret Wort, 
Darren Evetts & Justin Hackett
2013 Ladies & Mens Pairs
Congratulations to:

Ladies Pairs Winners
Janice Fine & Mary Shingler

Men's Pairs Winners
Ken Crane & Gerald Nodding
Hylda will be 100 years old on the 7th March.
The club will be Honouring this occasion.
However if you would like to send individual congratulations to Hylda her address is:
Solihull Health Trust
Heron Ward. Swallows Meadow Court.
Shirley. Solihull B90 4PH

Message from the English Bridge Union:

We are delighted to wish a Happy 100th Birthday to our Vice President, Hylda Townsend who was born on 7th March 1913. She is a doyenne of bridge, the game she has played almost all her life.
As well as being a keen player, Hylda is a committed and capable bridge administrator. At national level, she has been an EBU Vice President and a member of the EBU Tournament Committee, and was the recipient of a Dimmie Fleming award.

Hylda is actively involved in the local bridge club scene. A founder member and one time president (1979-1981) of Moseley Bridge Club, her name is engraved on the Hulston Townsend Cup, donated in 2004 to celebrate thirty years since she first won the Club Pairs. Hylda was also instrumental in helping the North Birmingham Bridge Club to acquire its premises. Although she never served on the West Midlands Bridge Club Committee, Hylda was involved in many aspects of its management. Well into her nineties, she continued to run an assisted play session, from which a number of enthusiastic players have emerged.
Hylda is also involved at county level, having been a former Chairman and Shareholder of Warwickshire CBA, where she was made a Life Member in 2009.

Happy 100th Birthday Hylda!

Warwickshire Pairs League 2012-2013 Series 1
Congratulations to:

Division A Winners Ian Handley & George Cuthbertson

Division B Winners Chris Lewis & Nigel Wain

Results are now final.
WCBA: Seniors' Pairs January 2013
Congratulations to winners:

Peter Oldbury & Brent Wormald
Mentored Pivot Teams 18 November 2012
Congratulations to Winners:

Helen Thompson, Juddie Currie, Freda Perks & Carolyn Fisher

and section winners:

Lizzie Ward, Craig Skinner, Cathy Hall & Tony Poole 
Carrolleannea Philp, Nigel Seifas, Martyn Brawn & Prue Knight
Tollemache Team 2012
Unfortunately our Tollemache team of:

Roger Bryant (Captain), John Collin, George Cuthbertson, 
Darren Evetts, David Kenward, Steve Green, Ian Handley, 
Mike Leese, Malcolm Oliver, Susan Stockdale & Steve Wood

Did not qualify for this year's final.  Here's to next year!
Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs 2012
Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs 2012
Please support the Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs:

Moseley - Monday 12 November @ 7.15pm
West Midlands - Tuesday 13 November @ 7pm
Moseley - Wednesday 14 November @ 7.15pm
Chick O'the County 2012
Congratulations to the Winners:

Jim Pedersen & Rod Jones
Frank Cup 2012
Congratulations to the FRANK CUP winners:

Sue & Geoff Morris, Peter Oldbury & Brent Wormald
Frank Cup 2012
2nd World Mind Games - Lille - August 2012
Susan wins Second GOLD in as many Months!

Congratulations to Susan Stockdale, partner Fiona Brown, teammates Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy, Sally Brock and Nicola Smith, Captain Jeremy Dhondy and Coach David Burn for winning GOLD at the 2nd World Mind Games in Lille.  This is the second Gold Medal the team have won is as many months having won Gold at the European Championships in June.

Our congratulations to them all for their outstanding achievements.
2nd World Mind Games - Lille - August 2012
2012-13 Calendar Now Available
The 2012-13 Calendar was agreed at the April Executive Meeting. Whilst there are still some dates to be added those listed should remain unchanged.

Clubs are asked to please ensure that they take the latest version of the Calendar from this link as a printed version is only valid for the date it was issued.

Please email the Secretary if you require entries to be added, amended or deleted from this Calender.  Dates regarding heats for events should be emailed to the Competitions Secretary.

Thank you
New League Secretary Announced - July 2012
Jon Downing has stood down form the role of League Secretary in favour of Ron Birch.

Jon remains a member of the Executive Committee and a member of the newly formed League Management Committee.  Our thanks to Jon for his many years of service as League Secretary.  

We wish Ron every success in his new role.
Click to read Warwickshire's latest publication for Members.  Bridge Focus will be a four monthly publication containing a variety of County, Club and National news.

If you would like to contribute to Bridge Focus please email Publicity.


Warwickshire Bridge Focus is Launched
2011 Whitelaw Cup - Runners Up
Prue Knight,  Ruth Coubrough, Jane Collier, Linda Stocks
2011 Whitelaw Cup - Runners Up
Seniors' Teams - 5 July 2012
Congratulations to the winning team of:

Brent Wormald, Peter Oldbury, Tony Poole & Tony Cundy
Dimmie Fleming Award Nominations 2012

Do you know anyone that should be honoured with a Dimmie Fleming Award?

The intent of the Dimmie Fleming award is to publicly recognise those people who do not hold an official (ie EBU) office, but have, for a long time – say, 20 years or so – worked hard for bridge in administration, usually at County and/or Club level.  Board Directors, Vice Presidents, EBU employees and Panel Tournament Directors are excluded from nomination.  However, after holding office, such people are eligible for an award, but it should not be given just for service in that capacity.

For further reading click here

If you have any nominations please send them to the Chairman along with a supporting summary no later than Monday 23 July 2012.

Shakespeare Club Teams WINNERS 2012
Congratulations to:

Arden Ardvarks - John Illingworth, Terry Jones, 
Andrew Clifford & Mike Thorley
Latest County Match Scores

Oxfordshire vs Warwickshire

Dawes (1st team)   4-16

Porter (2nd team)   10-10

Markham (3rd team)  8-12

A disappointing start to the new season - watch out for improvement

More detail is available in the Inter County League section

Cock & Chick O' County Pairs
Congratulations to:

Cock O' County Pairs Winners: 
Audrey & Henry McBride 

Chick O' County Pairs Winners:  
Julia Parsons & Roger Golsby
Annual General Meeting 2012
The Annual General Meeting of Warwickshire CBA will take place at 5.00pm on Sunday 24 June 2012 at Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club.

Cock O' County Pairs & Chick O' County Pairs - See Below

Proposed Amendments to WCBA Constitution
At its January meeting the Executive Committee agreed on Proposed Amendments to our Constitution which were then circulated to Clubs.  Members were invited to read the proposed amendments and feedback any comments to the Chairman.  No comments were received.

At its April meeting the Executive Committee unanimously agreed to send the proposed changes, without any amendments, to the EBU for ratification.  Any changes the EBU require to be made will be published here.

Members will be asked to vote on the proposed changes at the AGM in June.

Player Development Group 2012
We are pleased to announce that in order to reflect the broad range of responsibility of the previously named 'Newcomers Development Group' we have renamed this group the 'Player Development Group' (PDG). Myra Scott's new title will be Player Development Officer.

We wish them continued success in their efforts to provide a stimulating programme of activities for all players who wish to develop their game.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of player development please contact Myra Scott.
Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2012 - PLAYER SURVEY - RESULTS
Many thanks to those members who took the time to provide feedback on the 2012 Charity Simultaneous Pairs.

Your responses will be discussed by the Executive.

Corwen Trophy 2012
Adrian Knight & Leslie Reece - Finished 15th
Dodo Georgevic & Robin Ogg - Finished 35th
John Collin & Mike Leese - Finished 36th
John Pyner & Bob Foster - Finished 63rd

Represented Warwickshire in the 2012 Corwen Trophy
Goodman Cup KO - FINAL 2012
Congratulations to:  George Cuthbertson, 
Ian Handley, David Jones, Garry Watson, 
Steve Wood & Mike Leese 

Winners of the 2012 Goodman Cup
Beating the Preece team by 14 IMPs in a hard fought final.

Runners Up:  Glyn Preece, Peter Heatherington, 
Roger Bryant, David Kenward, Chris Potter, Jason Hackett

Members of the winning team will represent Warwickshire in the Pachabo.  
We wish them well.
Warwickshire Green Point Swiss Pairs 2012
Congratulations to:

Winners: Dave Rutter & Dave Pratt
2nd: Jane Davies Julie Snell

Full Results Available form the Results Menu or the right hand list
Fledgling Pairs 2012
Congratulations to:

Winners:  Vicki Hudson & Sharon Sutton
2nd:  Sushi & Stephen Abercrombie
Mixed Pairs Final 2012
Congratulations to:

Winners: Dodo Georgevic & Robin Ogg
2nd: Ruth Coubrough & Peter Nicholds
Charity Simultaneous Pairs 2012 23-27 April
Click the links below for hand records and commentary.  The password for all files is rose.   

Congratulations to Val Cooper & Mike Butler from Coventry

with thanks to David & Martin Jones (Commentary) & George Cuthbertson (Formatting)

Participating Clubs:
West Midlands Bridge Club
Stratford on Avon Bridge Club
Northfield Bridge Club
Coventry Bridge Club
Sutton Coldfield Bridge Club

Please take a couple of minutes to complete a survey about the Simultaneous Pairs.  Thank You.
Latest Warwickshire County Result 2012

Warwickshire vs Worcestershire

Dawes (1st team)      20-0  (3rd for season)

Porter (2nd team)      11-9  (2nd for season)

Markham (3rd team)   9-11   (1st for season)

Congratulations - especially to Markham - for another good season

Beck Cup

Warwickshire won the Beck Cup on Sunday 15 April for a 2nd successive year

This is an Oxfordshire Invitational Teams event which had

16 teams including 3 from Oxfordshire

Congratulations to George Cuthbertson, Ian Handley, Roger Bryant & David Kenward

Ladies & Men's Pairs 2012
Congratulations to:

Ladies Pairs
Winners: Mary Shingler & Evelyn Whiteford
Runners Up: Carolyn Fisher & Jane Hall

Men's Pairs
Winners: Justin Hackett & Darren Evetts
Runners Up: Jon Downing & Julian Wernick
Novice Swiss Pairs 2012
Congratulations to: 

1st - Alan & Vicky Greggs (Northfield)
2nd - Sushi & Stephen Abercrombie (West Midlands)

1st - Hilary Lord & Val Young (Stratford)
2nd - Gill Hocking & Margaret Penny (Stratford)
Adrian Knight
Congratulations Adrian
Warwickshires latest Grand Master - February 2012
Latest County Result

Lincolnshire vs Warwickshire

Dawes (1st team)    19-1

Porter (2nd team)    20-0 

Markham (3rd team)       14-6          

      Details can be found in the Inter County League section

National Masters 2012

to Pete Nicholds who with partner Jim Wortley (Kent) 
won the National Masters Section of the Ranked Masters.
Garden Cities & Championship Teams of Eight - 2012
Congratulations to the West Midlands A Team of:

Paul Hackett, Brian Senior, Adrian Knight, Leslie Reece
Peter Oldbury, Brent Wormald, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett

Who will represent the WMBC in the Regional Finals on Saturday 19 May.

Seniors' Pairs Feb 2012
Congratulations to the winners:

Margaret Wort & Cyril Hall

Championship & Introductory Pairs FINALS 2012
Congratulations to:

Adrian Knight & Leslie Reece - 2012 Championship Pairs Winners

Philip Williams & Bob Gunning - 2012 Introductory Pairs Winners

Audrey & Henry McBride - 2012 Consolation Pairs Winners
Warwickshire Member awarded MBE
Congratulations to David Heard
Awarded MBE 
For Community Services in Birmingham
Congratulations to Susan Stockdale who along with teammates won 
the Silver Medal in the World Mind Games invitational event in Beijing.
Mentored Novice Pivot Teams
Congratulations to:

Peter Nicholds, Chris Benkwitz, Dilys & Andy Taylor of Northfield Bridge Club

Warwickshire Seniors' Pairs WINNERS
Congratulations to

Roy Moore & Paul Hackett

for winning the first ever Warwickshire Seniors' Pairs Event

Watch out for more Seniors' Events and the 
possibility of a Seniors' Championship Cup!
Warwickshire Pairs League Successes
Congratulations to:

Ian Handley & George Cuthbertson - Premier A Winners
Barbara Roberts & Graham Cope - Premier B Winners
Sonya Vinn & Paula Leek - Premier C Winners
WCBA Green Point Swiss Pairs
Congratulations to joint winners:
Christine White & Ian Clarke
John Vos & Peter Hasenson
Andrew Lee & Tugrul Kaban
Beck Cup - Oxfordshire County Invitation Event

Warwickshire won the Beck Cup on Sunday 17 April 2011

10 counties sent teams plus 3 from Oxfordshire

Congratulations to David Jones, Garry Watson, Ian Handley and George Cuthbertson