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Welcome to Wakefield Bridge Club
Come and join us in our new home...
Come and join us in our new home...

Wakefield Bridge Club

The club was founded in Autumn 1953 and currently has more than 180 members.  In July last year we re-opened in our new home at Thornes Park, where we have taken part of the ground floor of the former grammar school/college, now part of the Penny Appeal Campus.  The aerial view here shows the college/Penny Appeal buildings at the top left, and the main car park; the thin grey line running through the trees from the bottom right of the photo marks the line of the road up from the park entrance on Horbury Road.  For detailed guidance on finding us please click one of these links.

Directions to Wakefield Bridge Club - Maps and Photos.pdf

Directions to Wakefield Bridge Club - Written.pdf

The post code of the club is WF2 8QZ; the what3words /// address is flank.inspector.waving.  (Find the what3words app on your smartphone.)

The Secretary is Stephen Hanslip.  Please contact him on 0781 555 3130 - or at

The club subscribes on members' behalf to Pianola, an online tool which helps you review your performance, analyse where you went wrong - and see how you can do things better in future.  If you have accepted the invitation from the club to join, just click the button below to log in to Pianola.  If you would like another invitation simply email or phone the Secretary.

Login to Pianola

New YCBA Match Secretary

We are sad to report the recent death of one of our best and most popular members, Geoff Newman.  He was a member for some thirty years, and serrved twice as Club President, as well as a long stint on the selection committee.

Importantly, he was until the start of this season our Match Secretary.  Karen Lemm has generously offered to take over as Match Secretary, for which we are very grateful.  

Face-to-face or Online bridge?

We are aware that a number of members are still playing online.... but the club is firmly committed to face-to-face bridge, and we welcome all members - and visitors - to our regular Pairs and Teams sessions.

Visitors are always welcome.  If you want to come alone, please contact the Secretary in advance (except on Tuesday evenings, and Monday and Friday mornings); and pairs are welcome to turn up at any time without advance notice, except on some Monday evenings when there are Teams Event - all noted in the calendar. 

NGS Grades
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March 2023
Alan Ardron Peter Wallace Richard Porteus Stephen Hanslip
David Poisson Oliver Paynter Pat Maynard Pauline Parker Roger Parker
Chris Maynard David Bullimore David Westwell Margaret Watson
John Armstrong Shirley Bastow Sue Thick Trevor Thick
Beverley Barrows Christine Archbell Danny Parsonson Elaine Blain Harold Walker
Margaret Sewell Pat Sellwood Stewart Tyson
Alan Braddock Marilyn Monaghan Pamela McGraynor Roger Blackall Tricia Bond
Carol Blackall Nigel Scott Sue Arnold
Jane Bradley
Alison Sharp Carole Parsonson Cath Carr Enid Braddock Mike Waters
Prem Mackenzie Roger Pickup

Updated 23rd March 2023
Looking to start playing bridge....?
  • Newcomer to the game, intrigued by what you have heard or seen?
  • Returning to the game, after a long time away?
  • Able to play, but no partner - not sure how to find one?

We may have the answer - just call the Secretary Stephen Hanslip on 0781 555 3130, or email him at

All you have to do is make that first step - we'll take it from there.  

Our Playing Sessions
Our Playing Sessions

Forthcoming Events are now listed on the Calendar. 

Monday Mornings - 'Stepping Stones' -  for beginners and early improvers.  The emphasis is on a gentle pace where nobody feels rushed, and up to ten minutes is allowed for each board.  If you are stuck with either the bidding or the play, you can ask for help from a teacher.  Play starts at 10.00 am and we aim to play about 14 to 16 boards before lunch.  If you would like to be involved simply turn up on the day, or contact Danny Parsonson on 07581 476235. 

Monday Afternoons - a new session for January 2023.  Play starts at 13.00 and we aim to play about 20 boards, with a 15.30 finish.  You are welcome to stay over in the club after the Monday morning session - bring your own lunch!

Monday and Thursday evenings - These have a more competitive atmosphere.  Club hosts are available on an occasional basis; pairs of visitors are always welcome, but if you need a partner please contact the Secretary.  Members can post a partner-finder advert on Pianola. Occasional evenings are marked as Teams Events, and then advance registration is required - see the calendar for details. 

Tuesday mornings - A teaching session for improvers, and open to new and existing members with some experience of the game.  We play (random, not prepared) hands from a previous session and discuss teaching points as they come up.  Open to all, with no partner needed - an excellent opportunity to think a little more deeply about your bridge.

Tuesday evenings - the atmosphere is a little more relaxed, and the number of boards played is limited to about 21.  Pairs of visitors are always welcome, and a host is always available (but not during August - sorry!).

Wednesday evenings - The new beginners' course which started in March 2022 has now morphed into an Improvers' Group where we play (random, not prepared) hands from a previous session and discuss teaching points as they come up.  Open to all, with no partner needed - an excellent opportunity to think a little more deeply about your bridge.

Friday mornings - This relaxed session aims to be more social in character, and players of all grades are welcome.  A host is often available.

Need to know:

  • Please arrive ten minutes before the start of a session.  Pairs of visitors are always welcome; single visitors please contact the Secretary, except on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings, when you can come unannounced.
  • Sessions are charged at £2.50 table money per head, except Monday morning (£2 - no NGS or Master Points).  Please don't bring cash, we will send you a bill at the end of the month and you can pay by bank transfer.
  • Monday morning - start 10.00, finish before 12.30 - play about 15 boards.
  • Monday afternoon - start 13.00, finish before 15.30 - play about 20 boards. 
  • Tuesday morning - start 10.00, finish before 12.30 - a teaching session involving up to 8 boards of guided play.
  • Monday evening - Start 19.00, finish about 22.30 - play 24 - 27 boards.
  • Tuesday evening - start 18.45, finish before 22.00 - play about 21 boards.
  • Wednesday evening - start 19.00, finish about 21.00 - a teaching session involving up to 8 boards of guided play. 
  • Thursday evening - start 19.00, finish about 22.30 - play 24 - 27 boards.
  • Friday morning - start 10.00, finish before 12.30 - play about 18 - 21 boards.
  • Membership 2022 - 2023: The membership fee is £35 per annum.  However, new members can join during the year at a rate of £3 per month remaining until the following 31 March (payable as a lump sum).
  • Drinks - Tea and coffee are available for a small charge in our own kitchen; we have a large fridge and members are invited to bring their own drinks. 
The Calendar....

The Calendar shows upcoming events, but please also see above for details of our regular playing sessions.


Friday Morning Pairs
Director: Pat
Scorer: Roger Blackall
Tuesday Evening Lighter Bridge
Director: Danny
Scorer: Danny
Monday Morning Stepping Stones
Director: Danny
Scorer: Danny
27th Mar 2023
Stepping Stones Pairs
27th Mar 2023
Monday Afternoon Pairs
27th Mar 2023
Monday Evening Pairs