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Welcome to the web-site of the 39th most popular Bridge Club in England.

We would like to thank you for looking at this web-site. We hope that you can find amongst the extensive information provided, the knowledge you require. On the home page, we mostly cover Club news, whereas, in the "MENU", we cover more of the big wide world of Bridge as well. We hope that you will return here soon.


The EBU's Bridge - It's a Big Deal will take place nationally W/C 9th September 2025. The EBU, during this week, are hoping to raise at least £60,000 for the noble cause of Cancer UK.

We at Wakefield Bridge Club will be doing something a little bit different on Saturday 14th September, an individual person Bridge competition.

For this event you do not need a partner, as you will be scoring your own personal scores. Because of the nature of this type of event (you partner changes with each change of round), only simple conventions are allowed (Stayman & Transfers). This means that no matter how new you are to playing Bridge, you will be able to play. You should take this opportunity to meet a lot more of your fellow Wakefield Bridge Club members, and play with & against some of them.  The event will start at 1.00pm, with a break for some nourishment etc. More exact details to follow.............

As the affiliated Club in the area, are reaching out to those smaller venues where Bridge is played, with the wish that they too can also raise some monies for this cause. With a large national event such as this, the hope is, that with the publicity that is generated, it can gain new members for every group or club.

There are plenty of different events taking place nationally which you can view on the EBU web-site. Happy viewing.

Watch out for the list to apply for this event, to appear in the near future.................. 

  •      Newcomer to the game, intrigued by what you have seen or heard?
  •      Apprehensive, because you are taking a step into the unknown?
  •      Unsure of where to start?
  •      Don't know if this is for you?
  •      Returning to the game after some time away?
  •      Able to play, but no partner - not sure how to find one? 

We may have the answer - just call the Secretary Stephen Hanslip on 0781 555 3130, or e-mail him at "". Alternatively you can contact Danny Parsonson on 0758 147 6235, or e-mail him at "".

The game of Bridge is played by all ages and abilities in schools, universities, bridge clubs, social groups & individual houses all around the world, so we at Wakefield Bridge Club, are always looking to expand our fantastic game to more of the residents in our locality, whatever your age, so that you all can discover its pleasures.

We are a thriving Bridge Club with approximately 170 members, but we always welcome new members to our friendly group. We would be extremely pleased to see you, so come along and take the plunge, and find out if the game of Bridge is for you.

This game of Bridge has been proven to be excellent for your mental health, by making the maximum use of your brain's aptitude and abilities. It is a mentally challenging form of entertainment, offering intellectual and social stimulation on a routine basis. Bridge's intricacies should make it particularly appealing for those who want to sharpen their acuity whilst performing mental gymnastics.

All you have to do is take the first step - Trust us - we will help you take it from there.


Wakefield Bridge Club.

The club was founded in Autumn 1953, and currently has more than 170 members, and has had various homes throughout it's history.

In 2021, we relocated to our new home in Thornes Park, where we have taken part of the ground floor of the former school/college, which is now a part of the Penny Appeal Campus. We have two Bridge rooms, with a small kitchen and separate ladies and gents toilets. The aerial view here shows the former college/Penny Appeal buildings at the top left, and the main car park. The thin grey line running through the trees, from the bottom right of the photograph, marks the line of the road up from the park entrance on Horbury Road, the A642. This is the only road entrance to the Car Park & Bridge Club, as all the other entrances have bollards in the roadway to prevent further access.

For detailed guidance on finding us please click one of these links.

Directions to Wakefield Bridge Club - Maps and Photos.pdf

Directions to Wakefield Bridge Club - Written.pdf

The post code of the club is WF2 8QZ; the what3words /// address of the club room entrance is flank.inspector.waving; the what3words /// address of the car park entrance is kind.brass.exchanges (Find the what3words app on your smartphone).  If you are using satellite navigation to direct you to the club, please ensure that you approach from the Horbury Road (North) entrance to the park, as all other car entrances to the park have bollards in the roadway to prevent your access.

Login to Pianola


Forthcoming Events are always listed in the "MENU" under "CALENDAR"


This is to enable us to select the correct type of game, based on the numbers present. If you turn up late, this delays this selection, and therefore the start of the session, and the finishing time. Turning up late may mean that we have started without you, and you will be going home without playing. It is in your hands to make this not happen!

Monday Mornings -  The next step - The emphasis is on a gentle pace where nobody feels rushed, and up to ten minutes is allowed for each board. If you would like to be involved simply turn up on the day.  A host is normally available.

Monday Afternoons - This relaxed session aims to be more social in character, and players of all grades are welcome. You are welcome to stay over in the club after the Monday morning session - bring your own lunch!  A host is normally available.

Monday Evenings - These have a competitive atmosphere. Pairs of visitors are always welcome, but if you need a partner, please place an advert in Pianola, on Partner Finder. Occasional Monday evenings are marked as Teams Events, and then advance registration is required - see the calendar (shown in the "MENU" under "CALENDAR" for details.

Tuesday Mornings - A teaching session for improvers, new and existing members with some experience of the game. We replay interesting (random, not prepared) hands from a previous session, and discuss teaching points as they come up, but we don't always agree. Open to all, an excellent opportunity to think and talk a little more deeply about your bridge.

Tuesday Evenings - The atmosphere is a little more relaxed, and the number of boards played is limited. A host is normally available.

Thursday DaytimeThe first step. A brand new session for beginners etc. This is your chance to play some new & unseen hands of bridge, whilst talking about a host of different topics and enjoying a variety of different cakes each week. NO Master points or NGS grading movement is given.  A host will be normally available.

Thursday EveningsThese have an even more competitive atmosphere. Pairs of visitors are always welcome, but if you need a partner, please place an advert in Pianola, on Partner Finder. Very occasionally, there are Teams Events (see Monday evenings above for the protocol). 

Friday Mornings - This session aims to be relaxed in character, but it is competitive, and players of all grades are welcome. A host is normally available.

Need to know :

  • Monday Morning        - Level ♣/  - start 10.00, finish about 12.30 - play about 16 boards.
  • Monday Afternoon     - Level /  - start 13.00, finish about 15.30 - play about 20 boards. 
  • Monday Evening        - Level       - start 19.00, finish about 22.30 - play about 25 boards.
  • Tuesday Morning       - Level ♣     - start 10.00, finish about 12.30 - a teaching/discussion session involving up to 8 boards.
  • Tuesday Evening       - Level /   - start 18.45, finish about 21.30 - play about 21 boards. 
  • Thursday Daytime     - Level ♣      - start 10.30, finish about 13.00 - play up to 8 boards with a topic discussion. 
  • Thursday Evening     - Level ♠      - start 19.00, finish about 22.30 - play about 25 boards.
  • Friday Morning           - Level /♠   - start 10.00, finish about 12.30 - play about 20 boards.
  • Levels equate approximately to difficulty of each of our sessions (suit ranking order). 

  • Normal sessions - are charged at £3.10 table money per head. Please don't bring cash, we will send you a bill at the end of the month and you can pay by bank transfer. For visitors, the first session is always free, and we hope that you will return.
  • Extra non Weekly Events - these will usually be charged separately to the normal sessions. Please follow any instructions given. 
  • Membership 2024 - 2025 :- The membership fee is £35 per year. However, new members can join during the year at a rate of £3 per month remaining until the following 31 March (payable as a lump sum).
  • Drinks - Tea and coffee are available for a small donation (we suggest £0.50 per drink) in our own kitchen (we will sort out the milk). We have a large fridge and members are invited to bring their own drinks in for consumption. Thank you for your honesty.
  • Biscuits - Thanks go to the BISCUIT CZAR - Ernie. Biscuits (when available) are now available freely in the kitchen. Now share nicely.........
  • Remember - that whatever you leave behind after your visit, is a job for one of our other members to clear up after you. We hope that you can successfully locate the bins which are in every room in our building. Thank you
  • If you use cups or glasses from the kitchen, can you PLEASE remember to return them afterwards - THANK YOU.

 BE AWARE - We are starting at the new time of 10.30 a.m. for two & a half hours approximately.

Well it happened again, and not all the cake was consumed & we still have the capacity for more members to turn up. 

Last week, we spent some time talking about scoring and its implications when playing, and next week we shall be talking about Pianola, whilst playing a few hands.

This session is predominantly aimed at beginners, early learners, or people who have attained the level of Bridge where they are happy, and do not wish to progress to a harder level.

  • No master points or NGS awarded.
  • These hands will be pre-dealt hands that have not been played before, and so will be new to myself.
  • There will definitely be a break around the half - time  mark, for a cuppa & a bite to eat. The kettle is always boiled when you arrive, so you can grab a cuppa then as well.

We want this session to be a fun & very relaxed session, and a place to learn about card play & defence - two absolute basics of playing Bridge, and not particularly about bidding systems. We would also encourage you to talk & discuss Bridge related problems, and if you do not fully understand something, please ask & we will try and answer your query, even if it is not straight away. 

Please note that this session is to be charged at the same rate as any of the other Wakefield Bridge Club's sessions. I look forward to the journey..............


We bring you this information, as an example of how we can make a positive interaction with other charities. We appreciate the comments & hope that we can foster more of this help, kindness & support with Penny Appeal. 

The picture was taken in the refectory of Penny Appeal, during the Yorkshire Affiliated Teams Event in April. I apologise for the technical difficulties in not bringing this to you sooner. Please click on the highlighted area to view.................


This directive aims to help all players understand the rights and limitations of dummy.

What can dummy do?

  • Dummy plays the cards from dummy as directed by the declarer. Dummy must only remove a card from the dummy once it has been named or touched by declarer. The selected card must be played behind the laid out cards, but in front of dummy (the person). 
  • Dummy can keep count of the tricks won and lost by positioning the cards vertically if won and horizontally if lost. Dummy can inform declarer that they have placed a quitted trick (a trick that has been won or lost & placed face down) incorrectly, but only before they have played to the next trick. Dummy cannot inform an opponent that they have placed a quitted trick incorrectly.
  • Dummy can prevent a revoke by asking declarer if they have any cards in a suit on which they have just discarded. E.g.  No spades, partner?"
  • Dummy can act to prevent declarer from leading from the wrong hand. If dummy notices that declarer is about to play from the wrong hand, they can alert declarer by sayingtable or your hand. Dummy should not point at the cards on the table, as this can be seen to be suggesting a line of play to declarer.
  • Dummy can draw attention to an irregularity, but only after the play of the hand is finished, that is all thirteen cards. E.g. if dummy notices a revoke, they must not say anything during play, but can immediately afterwards inform declarer, and then call the director.
  • Dummy can give information to the director if asked to do so.


What dummy cannot do :-

  • Dummy cannot play a card from the table until directed by the declarer.
  • Dummy cannot ask questions of either defender.
  • Dummy cannot draw attention to an irregularity in the play.
  • Dummy cannot rearrange the cards during play.
  • Dummy cannot call the director unless another player has drawn attention to an irregularity.

Please reserve the statements "Good luck partner" (from dummy to declarer) and "Thank you partner" (from declarer to dummy), or any such comments, until AFTER the opening lead card has been shown (face up). Sometimes the manner of such comments can give unauthorised information. 

Please remember to call the TD if there is any concern or issue at the table. This helps to ensure consistency and fairness for all players.

For further information please see the links below :-

Please also note that all TD's are on the look out for the following bad habits that have crept into our play :-

  1. Slow play - We all wish that this one will go away, but it keeps occurring. Please reserve your thinking time for when you really need it, not for every decision. Slow play inevitably leads to a noticeable increase in noise, as more people got tired of waiting. We are telling you to all speed up, as otherwise, having to take an average will be applied to you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!  We have not done it yet, but we are planning to use an audible timer, to reinforce this.
  2. Bidding Cards - These should not be removed from the table until the lead card has shown FACE UP!! The defender on lead, should have the opportunity to make an opening lead, based on the bidding, but also on whether or not he chooses to use or ignores this information.
  3. Looking at the quitted card - Another NO-NO!! If you cannot remember that which happened just a few seconds beforehand, try not turning your own card over until such time as you have interpreted that information. We do not mean take an age, but do this in a measured manner.

Following on from the last hand shown (No 19), we feature another hand where good defence can defeat the contract, and poor defence can let the contract make - it is up to you to decide whether you want a top or a bottom!

I only show you two hands in this instance, so can East work out the correct way to defeat this contract?  The opening lead from West is Q , what should East do?

This is where a little bit of thought (but not excessive), can pay dividends. So, what can East deduce from everything that they know? They know from the bidding that West has some HCP's, and presumably a 5 card  suit (at the least). So then, East can work out from the bidding & the opening lead, that West does not have the K , and can not have a  suit (as they are all in dummy), and is very unlikely to have anything in ♠, when North can jump with such confidence to 4 ♠. So, where are West HCP's? Your other clue is to look & see where the dummy is weak. You can work out that West must have a good ♣ suit, otherwise they cannot make that overcall. Your next decision is what does that lead mean? 

We should all know that Q  is the top of a sequence, and bearing in mind that this is West's suit, we should all know the location of K , which of course is in South's hand. So which choice will you make?

  1.  The lazy way - play a small , allowing declarer to win with the known K , and then cash five ♠ tricks, and four  tricks to make ten tricks in total and contract made.
  2.  The half asleep way - overtake the , with the A , and play a small ♣ to your partner. If declarer plays low, West can always only take two club tricks. This will leave the position that declarer can take the same ♠ &  tricks, plus either of K ♣ or the K , again making ten tricks and contract made.
  3. The wide awake way - overtake the , with the A , and play J ♣. This leaves declarer in a no win situation, where no matter what they play, they are going to lose three ♣ tricks in addition to the  trick which you already have, to leave declarer with nine tricks and a failed contract. (Although it is not seen, it is implied that West started with A,Q & 10 ♣ & that South started with the doomed K ♣).  

Which solution do you like? or will you just look at the Bridgemate and say that 4 ♠ makes, when in fact if you apply a little thought to the situation, then 4 ♠ should never make. 

You may say what difference does it make?

Well, in duplicate pairs, the difference is either between a top or a bottom, there should only be any middle results if North/South do not bid game. This could mean that bottom might not be as bad as you might think, who knows in a hypothetical world. But in teams play, this could be a disaster, if one half of a team makes 4 ♠ and the other half defeat 4 ♠. When the dust settles your team has the potential to win or lose 12 IMP's, which if you are on the loosing end of this, it will take a lot of pulling back.


Do not forget that the club does run teams events, on a reasonably regular basis. These occur predominately on a Monday evening (once a month) or sometimes on a Thursday evening (once every three months).

Please look out for these nights, which also appear on the "MENU" under "CALENDAR".

The next Monday teams night is on Monday 1st July. Please sign up on the notice board............

We plan to put out a regular pattern of teams events in the New Year, every 4 weeks on a Monday, and a Thursday teams event once every 3 months.

This is due to be reviewed at the next committee meeting in August.


Please note that two teams have been selected to represent Wakefield Bridge club in the prestigious Waddington Cup event on the 14th July.

This event takes place at York Bridge Club between 1pm - 8pm. This is the premier teams event to take place in our county.

For more details, please look this event up on the YCBA web-site.

Good luck to the members who have been selected.................


The Spring Sims Pairs charity event, was successfully run in 2024, with the winners being Allan Clarke & Peter Wallace.

On Thursday 25th July 2024, we will be hosting the Summer Sims Pairs charity event, Please note that taking part in this event will cost £6.30 per person (£3.20 of this goes to EBED (Engish Bridge Education & Development), the EBU charity which helps develop Bridge in schools etc). The cost of this event, will be added to your monthly bill that you all receive at the end of each month. 

Future dates for the British (Seasonal) Sims Pairs events are (there is no guarantee that Wakefield Bridge Club will be hosting any of these) :-

  1. Autumn on 10th October
  2. Winter on 18th January

Watch this space for further details, a list will appear on the notice board in due course..................

PS. You can look on the EBU web-site to see who else has registered for this event.


We are pleased to announce that the next Swiss Pairs Event is going to take place on Saturday 10th August starting at 1.00 p.m. There will be refreshments available as well, all for the cost of £5.00 per head. The event is designed to be all finished by 6.00 p.m. after the prize giving has been completed. If you wish to take part, please put you & your partners names on the notice board......................... 

The payment for this event, will be taken at the same time as your monthly bill.


The next committee meeting of Wakefield Bridge Club is Friday 30th August @ 1.30 p.m. If there is anything that you think might need raising at this meeting, please ask one of the committee members to bring it up on your behalf. The names and photographs of the committee members are on one of the notice board in the big Bridge room, so that they cannot hide!

The committee members act on behalf of YOU the members, and to help keep the Club in a financially stable condition, amongst other considerations.  

Is there any more we can do on other matters? Tell us please, and you never know what may happen!

Look on the Website Calendar for all future Committee meetings dates,and also the date of the 2025 AGM ...................


The dates are out for the 2024 / 2025 season, which starts in October, running through to March - these are shown on our "CALENDAR", please look in the "MENU". Please note that all leagues are subject to the number of entries received that wish to play, which can alter from previous years.

If you require more information regarding the YCBA leagues, please look under "INFORMATION" in the "MENU", and go to "Links to Bridge Organisations". Then look under "Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association" and then find "Leagues".

If you have any wish or aspiration to take part & represent your Club in the upcoming year - please talk to Karen Lemm who is the Match Secretary, or talk to any member of the Committee. We are trying to find out exactly who is willing to commit to playing in this competition over the Winter months. We have to determine what dedication, you, our members, are willing to give, so that we can determine how many teams we decide to enter. The more of you who volunteer,  the more teams we can operate.  

We are starting to gain a presence again in Yorkshire & England, please help us to make it happen.

Watch out for some team training to occur.........................



The next Fun Day will probably be in 2025, although no date has been fixed as yet.

The proceeds of these events, are there to be seen in the fabric of our Bridge Club.

We will bring you an update, when we have the details.............................

Also, keep a lookout for details or more specific sessions coming at Wakefield Bridge Club..................... 


Congratulations to the SEVEN mixed pairs from Wakefield, who took the chance to shine at a Yorkshire event, taking place at our very own Club.  

Against a very strong field, containing some of the best mixed partnerships in Yorkshire, we had some success, with a best of 7th overall for one of our pairs, and the rest of our pairs not disgracing themselves. Whilst we did not win any titles or anything, we received many favourable comments not only for the standard of catering, but also for our venue & facilities. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, although some of us did come across some really questionable conventions. 

One of the players was the celebrity teacher Jack Stocken. It was nice to see him relaxing by just playing some Bridge with his famous mother.

As a Club, it was nice to see our venue being selected again - we even had a couple come all the way from Scarborough!!




Just a wonder - is there any traction in a Club Bridge Holiday for say 2025 or 2026 or even further down the line?

A lot of Bridge Clubs organise their own 2 - 3 day break, whether this is mid-week break or on a weekend. Looking at what other Bridge Clubs have done, when they first started, they did so by going to a venue, which was not so far away (maybe the Yorkshire coast in our case). Then they could re-assess their ideas to possibly a break abroad, if there was the demand. I would suggest that we should think about starting small, so as to discover the pitfalls & problems first. I don't suggest that this will suit everyone, but it would be nice to know what you all think about this.

It would of course have to be out of season, as this is when we could find accommodation easier to find. 

Another idea which we are looking into is Cafe Bridge. This is just as simple as it seems - Bridge played in a Cafe. We are at present looking into Cafe's in the centre of Wakefield, where we could try this out. Our idea is simply to promote the game of Bridge to the inhabitants of Wakefield, some of whom may be under the misapprehension that Bridge is a game/pastime that took place in big houses (it seems to be portrayed this way on television) in the recent past. We are probably looking at a time which is not a busy time (meal times), but when they are open & have some passing trade. It may be a good idea or it may not, but other Bridge Clubs up & down the country have tried it, so why not us!

We are also looking into more ways to get out & about to promote our Bridge Club, watch this space to see what develops.....................

Please let me know what you think about any of these ideas......................... 


You all may be aware, that not only have we been recently renewing some of the visible items in our Club, we have also been renewing / upgrading some items that you might not be aware of, and did not know where available.

You will have seen that the bidding boxes have been given a good wash, and the bidding cards have been replaced. (I am sure that you remember all the initial sliding bids!!!). But did you know that there are left handed bidding boxes available at the Club. The right handed bidding cards boxes, are all in Red or Green bidding boxes, whereas the left handed bidding cards are in Black or Yellow bidding boxes. There are a couple of the left handed bidding boxes available on the shelves next to the computer station in the Club House. There are some more of each hand of bidding boxes, these are kept in the storage room, if required. Whilst we are on the subject of bidding boxes, if you come across a bidding box with an individual (or more) card missing from it, please do NOT try and sort this out yourself. Please make the TD aware of the problem first PLEASE. We need to be aware of a problem, so that we can rectify it, for everyone's benefit. Do not just simply swap it with another spare bidding box. All the bidding boxes were recently checked, and we were disappointed to find that two of the bidding boxes had cards missing from them. They had both been placed on two separate usually unused tables. Please help us to help you all..............

Also, we have available three card holders for those of you who may struggle holding the playing cards. These are usually available in the storage room - if you would like to use one, all you have to do is ask...............

A new development is the positioning of the table numbers on the sides of the bidding boxes. These are designed to be seen from the aisle down the middle of the room, which we normally use as the main thoroughfare in the Club. We believe that this should make them instantly visible for everyone - much better than ending up underneath a bidding box (which is useless!!!). These are held onto the bidding box by magnets, so if they come adrift, they are easily put back together again.

The "PASS" cards in the main Bridge room have all been upgraded, and all those that were showing signs of wear & tear have been replaced. 

Have you noticed the "Headers" on the notice boards? Have you noticed the new coat hooks? Have you noticed the library of books available? Things are happening all around!

There are other ideas that we, your committee have, to make things nicer & easier to play Bridge at Wakefield Bridge Club. Please watch this space.........   



The phrase "By the skin of my/your teeth" actually has its origins in religion. It is thought by many to have originated in "the King James Bible" translation of Job 19:20, where Job gives thanks for having only just recovered from illness which left him extremely thin.

In Bridge terms, we can relate this to achieving a contract, which may have at one time looked like it was not going to make. How many times have we played in doomed contracts, sometimes we are in the wrong suit, and sometimes we have bid too far, and yet, to find a way to make these contracts, just, is extremely satisfying. We can also relate this to "snatching victory from the jaws of defeat". Sometimes, it can be just as simple as getting our opponents to help us. How can we do this? By getting them to discard the wrong suit, by getting them to keep the correct suit for us, or by end-playing them into leading a suit that benefits us. None of these are easy to achieve, but are all possibilities - so never give up hope, as chances can appear.

It can also be quite deflating, when we have struggled so much, and yet we get a bottom (from playing in the wrong contract). What you must try & do all the time, is never concede until the writing on the wall is too big!  Some contracts will never make, because the distribution is against you, and the skill here is to make as many tricks as possible. Going down one trick less than everyone else, will be a top for you.

Bridge is an expedition down the path of life, enjoy the journey.........................  

Tuesday Evening Pairs - HOSTED BY KAREN
Director: Peter Wallace
Scorer: Stephen Hanslip
Monday Morning Pairs - HOSTED BY JOHN
Director: Peter Wallace
Scorer: Peter Wallace
Friday Morning Pairs - HOSTED BY MARGARET & PETER
Director: Peter Wallace
Scorer: Peter Wallace
20th Jun 2024
Thursday Evening Pairs
20th Jun 2024
Thursday Bridge + Cake
21st Jun 2024
Friday Morning Pairs - HOSTED BY MARGARET & PETER