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We would like to thank you for looking at this web-site. We hope that you can find amongst the extensive information provided, the knowledge you require, to help you in the world of Bridge. We hope that you will return here soon.

  •      Newcomer to the game, intrigued by what you have seen or heard?
  •      Apprehensive, because you are taking a step into the unknown?
  •      Unsure of where to start?
  •      Don't know if this is for you?
  •      Returning to the game after some time away?
  •      Able to play, but no partner - not sure how to find one? 

We may have the answer - just call the Acting Secretary Stephen Hanslip on 0781 555 3130, or e-mail him at "". Alternatively you can contact Danny Parsonson on 0758 147 6235, or e-mail him at "".

The game of Bridge is played by all ages and abilities in schools, universities, bridge clubs, social groups & individual houses all around the world, so we at Wakefield Bridge Club, are always looking to expand our fantastic game to more of the residents in our locality, whatever your age, so that you all can discover its pleasures.

We are a thriving Bridge Club with approximately 170 members, but we always welcome new members to our friendly group. We would be extremely pleased to see you, so come along and take the plunge, and find out if the game of Bridge is for you.

This game of Bridge has been proven to be excellent for your Mental Health, by making the maximum use of your brain's aptitude and abilities. It is a mentally challenging form of entertainment, offering intellectual and social stimulation on a routine basis. Bridge's intricacies should make it particularly appealing for those who want to sharpen their acuity whilst performing mental gymnastics.

All you have to do is take the first step - Trust us - we will help you take it from there.


We are thinking of launching a new session of Bridge, in the New Year. This is predominantly aimed at beginners, early learners, or people who have attained the level of Bridge where they are happy, and do not wish to progress to a harder level.  

A working title for this is "Bridge + Cake". We aim to play a lesser number of hands than are played on a Monday morning, with a greater time allowed to play each hand. You can use notes and crib sheets as you require, but you make your own decisions on what & when to bid (at this moment we have not factored in a host being available). We want this session to be a very social occasion, with a break at halfway for a piece of cake & a cuppa.

A few restrictions will apply, as we wish to make this level of Bridge as simple as possible. So :-

  • No Conventions i.e. No Stayman & No Transfers. You will be allowed to use 1 NT as 12 - 14 points, but that is as far as it goes. All bidding should mean what you say - no hidden meanings. 
  • No experienced partnerships - please.
  • Experienced single players are very welcome, but only to play with inexperienced players.
  • No master points or NGS awarded.

We want this session to be a fun & very relaxed session, and a place to learn about card play & defence, and not particularly about bidding systems. We would also encourage you to talk to your fellow members - but not whilst we are playing the hands please. This is meant to be Bridge played in the simplest form - so very easy to understand & play. We wish to encourage you to think more about the playing of the cards, and about the defence of hands - two absolute basics of playing Bridge.  

We are thinking of launching this on a Thursday, perhaps starting at 11.00 a.m. or 12.00 a.m., or 1.00 p.m., and lasting for two & a half hours approximately. We believe that this is the only time slot available, that does not interfere with any other factors, that would limit people in attending. 

We need to sort out a few things for this first, so watch this space for a list to appear on the notice board..................... or you can talk to me in the bridge room (at an appropriate time).

No computer records will be kept, so there is no analysis done, and no tops or bottoms etc.


Wakefield Bridge Club.

The club was founded in Autumn 1953, and currently has more than 170 members, and has had various homes throughout it's history.

In 2021, we relocated to our new home in Thornes Park, where we have taken part of the ground floor of the former school/college, which is now a part of the Penny Appeal Campus. We have two Bridge rooms, with a small kitchen and separate ladies and gents toilets. The aerial view here shows the former college/Penny Appeal buildings at the top left, and the main car park. The thin grey line running through the trees, from the bottom right of the photograph, marks the line of the road up from the park entrance on Horbury Road. This is the only road entrance to the car park & Bridge club.

For detailed guidance on finding us please click one of these links.

Directions to Wakefield Bridge Club - Maps and Photos.pdf

Directions to Wakefield Bridge Club - Written.pdf

The post code of the club is WF2 8QZ; the what3words /// address is flank.inspector.waving. (Find the what3words app on your smartphone).

Login to Pianola


Forthcoming Events are always listed in the "MENU" under "CALENDAR"


This is to enable us to select the correct type of game, based on the numbers present. You turning up after this, delays this selection, and therefore the start of the session, and the finishing time. Turning up late may mean that we have started without you. It is in your hands to make this happen!

Monday Mornings - 'Stepping Stones' - for beginners with some knowledge of the game and early improvers. The emphasis is on a gentle pace where nobody feels rushed, and up to ten minutes is allowed for each board. This is an Assisted Bridge session, with the importance being in playing & learning the game, bidding systems / simple conventions & not about the results. If you are stuck with either the bidding or the play, you can ask for help from the host or a helper. If you would like to be involved simply turn up on the day or contact Danny Parsonson on 07581 476235. There are NO Master Points awarded, or NGS grading movement for playing in this session. You may use notes or other such aids to help you, if you so desire. A host is available.

Monday Afternoons - This relaxed session aims to be more social in character, and players of all grades are welcome. You are welcome to stay over in the club after the Monday morning session - bring your own lunch!  A host is normally available.

Monday Evenings - These have a competitive atmosphere. Pairs of visitors are always welcome, but if you need a partner, please place an advert in Pianola, on Partner Finder. Occasional Monday evenings are marked as Teams Events, and then advance registration is required - see the calendar (shown in the "MENU" under "CALENDAR" for details.

Tuesday Mornings - A teaching session for improvers, new and existing members with some experience of the game. We replay interesting (random, not prepared) hands from a previous session, and discuss teaching points as they come up, but we don't always agree. Open to all, an excellent opportunity to think and talk a little more deeply about your bridge.

Tuesday Evenings - The atmosphere is a little more relaxed, and the number of boards played is limited. A host is normally available.

Thursday Daytime - Watch this space for developments.

Thursday EveningsThese have an even more competitive atmosphere. Pairs of visitors are always welcome, but if you need a partner, please place an advert in Pianola, on Partner Finder. Very occasionally, there are Teams Events (see Monday evenings above for the protocol). 

Friday Mornings - This session aims to be relaxed in character, but it is competitive, and players of all grades are welcome. A host is normally available.

Need to know :

  • Monday Morning        - Level ♣     - start 10.00, finish about 12.30  - play about 15 boards.
  • Monday Afternoon     - Level       - start 13.00, finish about 15.30  - play about 20 boards. 
  • Monday Evening        - Level /♠  - start 19.00, finish about 22.30   - play about 25 boards.
  • Tuesday Morning       - Level ♣     - start 10.00, finish about 12.30   - a teaching/discussion session involving up to 8 boards.
  • Tuesday Evening       - Level /  - start 18.45, finish about 21.30    - play about 20 boards. 
  • Thursday Daytime     - Level ♣     - T.B.A.
  • Thursday Evening     - Level ♠     - start 19.00, finish about 22.30  - play about 25 boards.
  • Friday Morning           - Level ♦/  - start 10.00, finish about 12.30   - play about 20 boards.
  • Levels equate approximately to difficulty of each of our sessions (suit ranking order). 

  • Sessions are charged at £3.00 table money per head (unless an individual event is priced differently). Please don't bring cash, we will send you a bill at the end of the month and you can pay by bank transfer. For visitors, the first session is always free, and we hope that you will return.
  • Membership 2023 - 2024: The membership fee is £35 per annum.  However, new members can join during the year at a rate of £3 per month remaining until the following 31 March (payable as a lump sum).
  • Drinks - Tea and coffee are available for a small donation (we suggest £0.50 per drink) in our own kitchen. We have a large fridge and members are invited to bring their own drinks (we will sort out the milk). Thank you for your honesty.
  • If you use cups or glasses from the kitchen, can you PLEASE remember to return them afterwards - THANK YOU.   
  • Biscuits - Thanks go to the BISCUIT CZAR - Ernie. Biscuits (when available) are now available freely in the kitchen. Now share nicely.........
  • Remember - that whatever you leave behind after your visit, is a job for one of our volunteers to clear up after you. We hope that you can successfully locate the bins which are in every room in our building. Thank you.  

I honestly believe that if you make it easy to find the information, then more people will look at it. So, I have tried to bring together on this site, lots of particulars from not only our Club, but also from the wider world outside of a Club environment, where (in my opinion) I point you towards the best there is available. 

The up to date main Club articles are listed here on this web-site, readily available to view instantly. However, please check out all the sections in the "MENU" (the area with a light blue background with various headings). Please look under these headings for a host of complimentary information, on the background to the club, or for the wider world of Bridge, outside of the Club environment. For instance, please check out under "INFORMATION" for some ideas which are listed here :-

  • Thought about a Bridge break - look under "Bridge Breaks & Holidays" for a list of providers, all in one place.
  • Want to read a book or watch a DVD - look under "The Library" for a selection of these (not comprehensive).
  • Want to top up your learning, watch a type of play or see a convention in action - look under "YOU - TUBE LEARNING" for a selection of FREE You Tube information & viewing.

Do you want to learn more about Bridge in general :-

  •  The structure of Bridge and the organisations in Bridge - look in the "MENU", and see what you can discover. 

We also should inform you that the content of this web-site is regularly checked to ensure that it is up to date, and the content is amended and expanded as more information comes to hand.

Are you aware of how you can replay a hand that you have played. Just click on the Scorecards section, and then on the Play it Again button. Then select the BSOL button (Bridge Solver Online), and then press play. AND IT IS FREE!!!! It even works on hands that you have never played.


Here is an interesting hand which has not been played at our Club. On the face of it, this hand contains three losers (when looking at it from the long trump hand (North)), one ♠, and two , so not that engaging & seemingly flat. However it is possible to play this hand, to go down one, just make or gain two overtricks. The way to the best possible result, is to realise that trumping the two loosing  in the dummy (short trump hand), could possibly be the way. It will all depend on the distribution of the  suit.

The lead that was given was 6♣, which seems to me to be the wrong lead. There is a natural lead of K, the top of a sequence. However, it makes no difference to the hand, as Dummy (South) should win with the A of whichever suit is led.

  1. If you are in the mindset to make your contract, you should start now by drawing trumps. This method leaves you with the two small loosing  as well as the ♠ loser to the A, and so 10 tricks.
  2. If you are in the mindset to go down in your contract, you should start now by trumping . This method of trying to cross trump the hand, will mean that you eventually run out of trumps, and the East/West hands will put you down eventually, and 9 tricks. 
  3. If you are in the mindset to go for overtricks in your contract, you should start now by playing . Lead a small  to the A, and then play K, followed by another small , trumping with either of the two smaller trumps. You are hoping for a good distribution of the remaining  between your opponents (4/3). When both opponents follow to the third round of , this is your first overtrick. Now, to gain a best in terms of percentage for this hand, you lead a small ♣ back to your hand playing either the Q or J of ♣  to win this trick. Then lead the last  from your hand, and trump with the 10♠ in dummy. Why play the 10, when if East has discarded, so you know that West must have the last  ? Well, in this particular case, it is not important to have counted the , but playing the 10 ensures that the only card which can beat it is the A, a card which is always going to win a trick. (We recommend counting suits which are important to you, always).By playing the 10♠, this ensures that when you lead trumps, as you should do now, you have to lead either 7♠  or 4♠ (whichever you have not already played), and play higher than this from your hand. At this stage, you only have one loser, the  A♠. You should have more trumps than East (the bad split does not cause you any problems), and in Dummy you still hold either 2♣ or 1♣/1 winners, dependent on what the opening lead was, and so 12 tricks. 

This is an instructive hand, for your perception of what to do, when Dummy goes down on the table. Is it possible to play in 6 ♠, making 12 tricks by the method shown above, and so gain an overall top?

Well, with only 27 points between the two hands it is unlikely, but not impossible, and would depend upon bidding techniques & partnership agreements. 


Do not forget that the club does run teams events, on a reasonably regular basis. These occur predominately on a Monday evening or sometimes on a Thursday evening.

Please look out for these nights, also on the "MENU" under "CALENDAR".

The next teams night are on Monday 11th March. Please sign up on the notice board.........

We plan to put out a regular pattern of teams events in the New Year, every 4 weeks on a Monday, and a Thursday teams event once every 3 months. These are all to be listed on the "CALENDAR" in the "MENU".


The next committee meeting of Wakefield Bridge Club is going to be on TBA. If there is anything that you think might need raising at this meeting, please ask one of the committee members to bring it up on your behalf. The names and photographs of the committee members are on one of the notice board in the big Bridge room, so that they cannot hide!

The committee members act on behalf of YOU the members, and to help keep the Club in a financially stable condition, amongst other considerations.

Is there any more we can do on other matters? Tell us please, and you never know what may happen!

The next meeting  will be the AGM, which will take place sometime in April (no date decided at this time). In the run up to this occasion, there will be an opportunity for you to put yourself forward to stand for election to the next committee of Wakefield Bridge Club (watch out for the nominations sheet to appear on the notice board). This could be your chance to change or influence, the direction that the Bridge Club goes in the future, so please do not spurn the opportunity to perhaps, make a difference. The choice is yours..............     


We are fielding four teams in the YCBA (Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association) 2023/2024 Winter League. There are seven divisions, each comprising of eight teams. 

Well, the results are in for the fifth round of matches, which were :-

  • In Division 3, Wakefield A beat York C  20 - 0. Currently they are 4th in division 3 with 2 W & 3 L.
  • In Division 5, Wakefield B beat Huddersfield B 19 - 1. Currently they are 1st in division 5 with 5 W.
  • In Division 7, Wakefield C lost to Sheffield C 7 - 13. Currently they are 4th in division 7 with 2 W & 3 L.
  • In Division 7, Wakefield D beat Ilkley D 18 - 2. Currently they are 1st in division 7 with 5 W. 

The next round of matches, take place on Sunday 3rd March 2024, with all our teams away from home. Wakefield A are at Leeds, Wakefield B are at Halifax, Wakefield C are at Ilkley & Wakefield D are at Barnsley. The teams have to be selected for this round.

If you require more information regarding the YCBA leagues, please look under "INFORMATION" in the "MENU", and go to "Links to Bridge Organisations". Then look under "Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association" and then find "Leagues".

Perhaps you can still help support your club in another way. We are always looking for help with providing Match Day teas, for our guests, on home fixtures. This is a staple requirement for these matches, but our club has gained a reputation as being one of the best clubs to visit for other clubs, based on our catering standards and friendliness. Can you help please?

Also, we are looking into recruiting a Match Day Teas Manager for the 2024 / 2025 season, reporting to the Match Secretary. Any takers?

The next set of results will follow after the matches have been played.........


Last year we reported on the 2022 Master Point Leader boards for Yorkshire, and so we duly report on the 2023 results. They show a large increase of our members on these lists, in the various categories. Please note that everyone's Master level is ranked as to where they started in January of that year.

  • Category 3 (Regional & Premier Regional Masters) 
  1. Michael Porter 17th
  2. Karen Lemm 19th
  3. Alan Ardron 19th
  4. Dennis Thompson 49th
  5. Brian Leggetter 50th
  • Category 4 (Star,Tournament, Premier & Premier Tournament Masters)
  1. Peter Wallace - 37th
  2. Martin Fenton - 49th 
  • Category 5 (County Masters, Masters & Advanced Masters)
  1. John Armstrong - 19th
  2. Richard Porteus - 35th
  3. Steve Cartwright - 36th
  4. Barry Copley - 38th
  5. Linda Cartwright - 43rd
  6. Allan Clarke - 46th
  • Category 6 (District Masters & Below)
  1. John Dalton - 2nd
  2. Adrian Dubel 7th

It is particularly noteworthy that one of our members (John Dalton) acheived 29th place nationally in the Category 6 section - well done to him. 


The latest Fun Day at Wakefield, was on 6th January 2024, and raised over £1500.  

Thanks to all involved in the planning/running of these events, no matter how large or small. We are talking about what to do with the monies raised, so please await developments.

The next Fun Day is likely to be in early June 2024 - please watch for details of when to appear, followed with a signing up list which will go upon the notice board, nearer the time,

We suggest that you remain vigilant, as the last one was full in a very short amount of time!! 


The calendar has now been updated and now runs until the end of December 2024 (I know that this seems a long way away).

This year, I have included Bank Holidays, but please all be aware that I do not have confirmation that all of the sessions on these dates are actually running. I have included them more as a reminder to you all of when they occur in the year, and to watch out for things to possibly alter. I assume that the Boxing Day 2024 session will definitely not run.

There are probably a lot of extra events to add to this calendar, so please keep a lookout for developments.....

My hope is that we can come up with a calendar of events for the entire year (and further perhaps), so that all members can plan their interactions with Club events, rather than trying to insert them into their calendars.

Have any of you thought about entering some of the competitions run by other local Clubs, or even entering some of the congresses run in Yorkshire? The EBU seem to trying to run more J high or 9 high one day competitions (This means that players with a higher ranking than this are barred from entering). Why is this important? Because it ensures that you are not going to get battered by experts, but are competing on a more even level of opposition. 



After the Summer Sims Pairs charity event, successfully run by Allan in 2023, we will be running more of these events in 2024.

I do not know if Wakefield Bridge Club, is going to be involved in any of the future British (seasonal) Sims Pairs events, but they seem to take place every three months.

I think that some of you might have received an e-mail about the EBU's big event in 2024. This is called "Bridge - It's a Big Deal". The details that I am aware of is that it is taking place W/C 9/9/2024, and it is a big fund raiser for Cancer UK. I also know that it wants to include everybody in the country that plays Bridge, whether that is on your own kitchen table, in an unaffiliated club or social setting, school or university etc, all the way up to Clubs like our own. It also is looking to recruit new people into the clubs as well. As far as I am aware this is for the full week. Initial details of this event can be found on the EBU web - site - look under "EBU INFORMATION" in the "MENU" for more details.

Watch this space for developments..................


You Talk - We Listen, and Act.

At the May 2023 committee meeting, we took the option to trial no arrow switching, and we have decided to continue this until the AGM in April 2024, where it will be reviewed again. 

At the August committee meeting, we addressed some concerns regarding sitting out, which again will be reviewed at the AGM in April 2024. So, in January any sit-outs will ALL be East/West and in February, any sit-outs will all be North/South, and so forth, alternating alternatively. We hope that you always can have a choice of direction to sit in, and that it is not a decision based upon availability, but on personal preference (providing that you arrive early). Please also remember that North /South positions should also be left for the less able members of our Club. 


As I go on a lot of Bridge Holidays, I get to meet a lot of people from different areas of the British Isles, who play Bridge in a lot of different circumstances. 99% of these players are there to have fun, whilst enjoying some sessions of Bridge.

I come across people who only play on line only & that is their choice. Some other people only get to play only once a week, because that is what their Bridge Club can put on, due to a variety of circumstances.

I think that we are incredibly lucky in our Bridge Club, that we have the venue & people that allow us to offer us all the large choice of sessions that we have, for your fun & enjoyment. So much foresight shown by previous committee members have led us to the amount of Bridge that we have available now. 

Are you all aware that in terms of players & playing sessions, we are in the top 50 clubs in the country - remarkable!!

Did you know that Bridge is thought to have first been played in 1904, as a different version of Whist.

The name is thought to have come from the mispronouncing / mistranslation of the word for Russian whist (Biritch) into English. The game that we know as Contract Bridge was derived in 1925 as an amalgamation of Auction Bridge & Plafond (a French trick taking version), when the scoring was adjusted and vulnerability was added. This became widely popular during the 1930's as the game that we would recognise now.


Just a wonder - is there any traction in a Club Bridge Holiday for say 2025?

A lot of Bridge Clubs organise their own 2 - 3 day break, whether this is mid-week or on a weekend. Looking at what other Bridge Clubs have done, when they first started, they did so by going to a venue, which was not so far away (maybe the Yorkshire coast in our case). Then they could re-assess their ideas to possibly a break abroad, if there was the demand. I would suggest that we should think about starting small, so as to discover the pitfalls & problems first. I don't suggest that this will suit everyone, but it would be nice to know what you all think about this.

It would of course have to be out of season, as this is when we could find accommodation easier to find. 

Please let me know what you think......................... 


The card game of Bridge is played in just about every country all around the world, with no bars on colour, creed or any other factors. It should be primarily played for "FUN & ENJOYMENT". Having said that, we cannot deny that this is not an easy game to learn.

Most of us, when we look into joining a Bridge Club, are not likely to join at the same time as anyone we know. This is not unusual. Please look upon this as a chance to become acquainted with the friendly members of our Club, that you have yet to meet.

Having said that, help is at hand. Amongst the many members of our Club, there are teachers, helpers & others, who would like to help you learn this great game (please look for teaching lessons under "INFORMATION" in the "MENU".

Do not worry if you know next to nothing about the game of Bridge. With their help, you can gain the knowledge to help you navigate your way to learn the game of Bridge. We would suggest that people who are new to the game of Bridge, or may have played the game in the past & have forgotten how to play or what to bid etc, start with attending Teaching sessions, before attempting to play in any of our playing sessions.

When you first attend a playing session (whether coming from Teaching sessions or not), your normal starting point would be playing in a Monday Morning session. Here there are lots of other people learning the game, with a smattering of experienced players to help you along. It is normal to feel nervous and apprehensive, so do not worry, as we have all been there the first time we arrived. If you get stuck and do not know what to do - help is at hand, and you can ask for help (WE MEAN THIS). Also, do not worry about making any mistakes - you are human & learning the game. We all learn the most about anything in life when we make mistakes and get things wrong. We are not here to criticise & belittle you, we are here make this a FUN & ENJOYMENT opportunity. This is not a game which you can learn everything about in a fixed amount of time. This is a game which you never stop learning about, no matter how long you have played or how experienced you are. All things evolve with time, and this is the same with Bridge. We currently have bidding boxes, bridgemates & dealing machines, amongst many others - all things that 50 years ago were not even thought about!  

With practice & continuing to go to the playing sessions on a REGULAR basis, it does become easier. Remember, you are important to the Bridge Club. You are the future of Wakefield Bridge Club, whether that be as a partner, an opponent or a team member, as we need all of these to play the game.

The world is your oyster as far as your progression can be in the big, big world of Bridge. Representatives of County, Regional, National & International teams all come initially from Bridge Clubs. How far do you wish to aspire..............  


The expression "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" is a proverb, whose written origins can be traced to Elizabethan times. It was contained in the words of a couplet as "Counte not thy Chickens vnhatched be, / Waye wordes as winde till thou finde certaintee" in the works of Thomas Howell from 1570. It is thought that this is derived from one of Aesop's fables, going back 2500 years, but there is no actual proof of this. It literally means that you should not depend on something until it actually happens. 

In Bridge, we can translate this to thinking that we have a certain trick with an Ace of a suit, and so we don't play it, and then find out that because we didn't play it when we could, that the trick has disappeared. This can occur in no matter what sort of contract is being played, either by way of a void by someone, or by being able to discard all the cards in that suit from one of the hands. How often has this happened to you? I think that we have all assumed that a trick can wait, only to have to admit that we could have played a lot differently. There is sometimes not a lot that you can do about this as well, such as if you hold up an Ace, in order to stop a long suit running, only to find out later that there is a way around this which leads to as many tricks being taken. A classic tale of Heads - You Lose & Tails - You Lose! 

Winning is only part of the journey........................

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