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Welcome to ACBL Unit 190 (Delaware)
Delaware State Open Pairs Champions


Congratulations to Susan and Robert Shenkin, our DSBA Delaware State Open Pairs Champions for 2019!

Board 17 Wed. 9/4 Common Game

Should North redouble? should South sit for the redouble?

At this table the opening lead was ♣ 10.  What's with the double? Must be ♣ QJx or QJxx. This declarer ducked (wrong!).  After any red card switch the hand can't be made.  By ducking declarer rectifies the count, and confirms the club distribution. When East switches to a spade the hand, declarer can claim 6.  Should declarer assume clubs are not braking at trick 1, and focus on spades? If so how do you attack the spades?

What if there is no double, and east leads a neutral red card at trick 1?

If North redoubles, South should probably pass.  South makes 5 for +920.

If North believes clubs are not breaking because of the double, he/she should win the first trick and focus on a third spade trick. Win the opening lead with the K♣ and play three rounds of diamonds ending in dummy.  East shows out pitching a heart. If spade honors are split a finesse through west will result in a third spade trick.  If both honors are with east coming to the ♠ K and leading up to the ♠ A is a winner. Should you "always play for split honors", or be influenced knowing east is likely to have 5+ spades. A toss up?

After all this I like ducking the first club.  It works when east continues a club; switches to a spade; or west holds both spade honors.  Without the double declarer must choose between clubs breaking 3-2 and working out the spades.  The clear choice is clubs, which is why few declarers mak 6.




There are many resources available to assist bridge players in improving their game. Some of the best are available free and online.  This month we highlight learning resources provided by "LEARNBRIDGE.NYC".  Whether your interest is declarer play, conventions, defense, or strategy, LEARNBRIDGE.NYC can help.  Click on the link image below to go directly to their site.

More learning links are available in the library




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