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Play Bridge ONLINE

Play Bridge ONLINE with Friends from the region.

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Welcome to The Bridge Studio of Delaware
Bridge Studio Virtual Bridge Club

The Bridge Studio is offering ACBL Games Online!!


Virtual Game Results: Click Here

 We now offer a 0-500 game on Sunday at 6 pm
 0-1500 game on Monday at 12:30 pm
 0-1000 game on Thursday at 12:30 pm

And no longer offer open afternoon games on Mondays and Thursdays
Open players are welcome to join us at 7 pm on those two days!

Scheduled Bridge Studio Events:  

  Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Morning     0-300
9:30 a
9:00 a
Afternoon 12:30 pm Open Pairs 0-1500 Pairs Open Pairs Open Pairs 0-1000 Pairs Open Pairs Open Pairs
Evening 0-500 6pm Open 7pm     Open 7pm    

To participate, you need a Bridge Base Online account.

If you don’t have a BBO account, go sign up!!
Registration is free.  Click Here to Learn How

If you already have an account, make sure your profile contains your ACBL number

You’ll need to buy some BB$ (Bridge Base Dollars) to use to buy your entry into the club games.  Click Here to See How

You can only register online only during the two hours immediately before the tournament begins. 
On BBO, choose “Competitive” -> “ACBL - Virtual Clubs” Click Here to See How

These games Award regular club Black Points, currently at a 50% Bonus for a limited time.

We currently host players from the following Bridge Clubs: Bridge Studio, DuPont CC, Wilmington CC, Shuffles, MOT, Friday Nooners, and Monday Morning DBC.  If you get a message that you're blocked from registering, email for help.




Video BBO Help!!

Silvana Morici from the Sagamore Bridge Club offers tips and tricks in video format.

You'll want to have speakers for the greatest enjoyment!

Click on any topic to see the video.

How do I Join BBO?
How do I add BBO$?
How do I Use the Partnership Desk?
How do I Bid & Play on BBO?
How do I Alert on BBO?
How do I make a BBO Convention Card?

Other Useful Tutorials

How do I update my ACBL Number on BBO?



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