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Welcome to the Westchester Contract Bridge Association, part of the ACBL's District 3.

Club Corner

This is where you can read about news and events happening at our local clubs.

Heritage Hills has joined The Common Game! This means that all of the Open clubs in Unit 188 are playing under The Common Game umbrella. You can all compare notes! 

The next STaCs for our clubs will run January 22-28. Click here for full results from the District 3 STaC in June, and here for the Royal STaC in October.

Visit the Local Club section for links and information about regularly scheduled games.


Welcome to Unit 188

Welcome to the Westchester Contract Bridge Association, part of the ACBL's District 3.

Player Performance

Well done to all for ACBL Rank Promotions in November!

Congratulations to new Sapphire Life Master Henry Deutsch.

Likewise to new Club Master Keith Johnson and new Junior Master Lauren Haller.

Click here for links to full ACBL information and current status for Masterpoint races.

And shout outs to those who did well in the latest NYC Regionals!

Gail Cannold and Dennis Glazer won the Thursday morning Open Pairs and came third in the afternoon.

Gina Davanzo and Melanie Appelbaum won the Gold Rush pairs Saturday morning and came 4th in the afternoon session. Melanie also came 4th in B Strat on Wednesday afternoon with partner Judith Burger.

And Melanie and partner Robert Sroka came third in Bracketed Teams Thursday morning, with teamates Lori Rosen and Barbara Matas.

Ron Gerard and partner Ron Smith won the Wednesday morning Swiss teams along with teamates Adam Wildavsky and Adam Kaplan.

Other players taking home points included Susan Schwartz and Michele Lazar, Jill Marshall, and Farley Mawyer.

See the full results roundup for the GNYBA Fall 2023 Regional here.

And more shout outs to those who did well in the Royal STaC in October!

Sydel Newman and Harriet Lieb at Heritage Hills, who topped 157 tables on Monday afternoon -- and Jill Marshall and Paul Lewis at Hartes' Club, who did best competing in a 90-table field on Wednesday afternoon. Well done!

Get the full results roundup for the Royal STaC by clicking here.


Spring in Westchester
Spring in Westchester


Thirty Four Teams Competed In Unit 188's Spring Event!

Congrats to the winners: Doris Staubi & Fred Hawa and Ron Fischer & Carlos Munoz

Top finishers in the B strat were: Richard Rosenthal & Jason Furhman and Richard Podkowik & Fred Schubert

Two teams tied at the top of the C strat table:

Ruth Chizzini & Lois Spagna and Catherine Bean & David Bean
Michele Lazar & Jonathan Turell and Bonnie Bleustein & David Bleustein

See full results here or visit the ACBL's Live for Clubs. Thanks to all for playing!

Visit the News Page for a full report on the other events of the day.

Neighboring Events

Here's what's happening in neighboring Units:


Are you looking for an evening FTF game? Very rare, but there's an invitational game Thursday nights in Poughkeepsie. Email Jack Parry (joparry40 at gmail.com) or click for the full New Hudson River Bridge club flyer.




Spring in Westchester
Director: Aviv Shahaf

A memorial service for Julian Laderman, who played at the Bridge Deck, took place on Sunday, Oct. 22 at Lehman College in the Bronx. 

We sadly note the passings of several other members in 2023: Joan Katz and Eva Lampert. In late 2022 we lost Kathy Fino, Cheryl Feldman and Beverly Jansen.

NAP Finals

Twenty tables played in the District 3 NAP finals on Oct. 14, in two Flights.

Richard Zucker and Ethan Stein came third, while Jill Marshall and Paul Lewis came fourth in Flight A.

See results here. Well done all for playing!


District 3 Regionals

District 3 held its Summer Regional in Fairfield, NJ June 11-15. Attendance continues to improve gradually post-pandemic, with more than 530 tables in play.

Congratulations to Denise and Paul Resnick who won the Golden Opportunity Pairs on Tuesday! Partial results roundup here. View full results and hands on ACBL Live.

At the last one, the Suffern Regional in January saw more than 420 tables in action over five days of play, including daily teams and pairs events. Several of Unit 188's top players had good finishes. See the results here.

Save the dates for future regionals: January 14-18, and July 7-11, 2024.

January 14, 2024
District 3 Winter Regional
District 3 Winter Regional in Suffern, NY, Jan 14-18.
 More Info
July 7, 2024
District 3 Summer Regional
Fairfield, NJ
District 3 Summer Regional runs July 7-11, 2024.