Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Steve Robinson's Solvers' Club

Steve Robinsons's Solvers' Club is a now-quarterly bidding contest run by Steve Robinson.  The problems are published several months in advance of publication of solutions.  The solution column contains expert analysis from Steve Robinson and a number of other national and international champions.  All readers are encouraged to send answers and/or new problems to Steve Robinson, 2891 S. Abingdon St. #A2, Arlington,VA, 22206-1329, or by email at robinswr@erols.com.  Only a solver's first answer counts unless it is clear that the solver wants to correct his answer.  Problems and answers are published under this webpage.  Before 2019, problems and solutions were published in the Washington Bridge League Bulletin (available here).

Steve Robinson personally scores all problems.  If a majority of the solvers vote for an answer, and the answer is reasonable, that answer receives 100 points. Steve will not give 100 points to an answer that he considers bad no matter how many experts vote for it.  If Steve has posed a problem to make a point, Steve will give that answer 100 points and will therefore give the majority answer 90 points. For the other answers, he considers how good the answer is and how many experts vote for it for its score. If you submitted an answer that got 20 points, that bid would get a bad score at the table. A good exercise would be to figure out why Steve gave your answer 20 points. You might have misread the problem.

Steve Robinson's Solvers' Club uses the book Washington Standard, 2d ed. (published July 1996).  If you are a serious bridge player, this book is a must. You can purchase a copy from Steve for $25.00 whenever you see him or can send him a check for $30.60 which includes $5.60 for priority mail.

The winner of each contest receives a free play at the WBL Unit Game.  In addition, Steve Robinson will play with anyone who gets a perfect score or who exactly matches all five of his answers.