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Awards and Masterpoint Races

Machlin Sportsmanship Award:  Ernie Schuler (2024 recipient)

In 2006, the WBL initiated an annual award, the Machlin Trophy for Sportsmanship, in honor of Jerry Machlin, one of the greatest directors the game has ever known. The criteria for awarding the trophy are to:  (1) demonstrate strong ethical standards and a commitment to active ethics (e.g., full disclosure of systems and agreements to opponents, etc.); (2) behave graciously at the table after bad results or good results; (3) exhibit exemplary behavior at all times toward partner and opponents; (4) demonstrate an ability to get along with multiple partners; and (5) demonstrate a willingness to help mentor other players in the game.  A winner doesn't necessarily have to satisfy all five, but these are the main criteria that the selection committee will consider.  Past recipients of the award are: Dr. Charles Stenger, Peter Boyd, James Geist, Rose Berman, Barbara Doran, Millard Nachtwey, Paul Leopold, Bob Bell, Audrey Marbach, Dick Wegman, Carole Banks, Barbara Summers, Mark Lavine, and Rochelle Cohen.  Each year, a committee of the five most recent winners, with the longest standing acting as the Chair, recommends a candidate to the Unit Game Chief Director for final approval.

Nadine Wood Service Award:  Don Berman (2019 recipient, in appreciation of his long-time volunteer efforts as webmaster of the WBL website, as well as his many other volunteer efforts on behalf of WBL)

In 2011, the WBL initiated an award for outstanding volunteer service (to be given no more than every 2 years) in honor of Nadine Wood, one of WBL's foremost volunteers (her efforts were not just at the local level, and ACBL's national volunteer-of-the-year award is also named after Nadine). Over many years, she gave a great deal to bridge in our area.  The award is given to a person who has contributed over a number of years through exemplary and outstanding volunteer service. Volunteer activities to be considered include, but are not limited to helping provide hospitality, such as cooking or preparing food, buying and delivering refreshments or other supplies, helping with logistics, such as parking, acting as a guaranteed partner, and other activities that contribute to an enhanced bridge playing experience.  Past recipients of this award are Frances Burke (long-time Membership Secretary of WBL), Kitty Gottfried (Hospitality Chair after Nadine's passing and Nadine's most frequent assistant in providing hospitality before that), and Bryan and Lois Geer (long-time teachers and directors of the 0-20 novice game).

Robinson Trophy Pairs:  David Rodney and Rusty Krauss (2023 winners)

This trophy is awarded to the winners of the annual 2-session pairs championship.

Eynon Trophy Teams:  Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Bill Cole, Alan Tenenbaum (2023 winners)

This trophy is awarded to the winners of the Sunday open swiss teams held the Sunday of the D.C. Championship Sectional (the fourth sectional of the year, held in October).

2019 WBL Masterpoint Race winners:

     Lovenberg Trophy (open):  Brad Theurer

     Cohen Trophy (under 1500):  Paul Block

     Tubbs Trophy (NLM/under 500):  Neil Cowie

     Woolridge Trophy (under 20):  Hank Jiles

2018-19 WBL/NVBA Player of the Year:  Brad Theurer (open), Alex Stille (non-LM)

The WBL/NVBA Player of the Year Award is awarded jointly by the Washington Bridge League and the Northern Virginia Bridge Association to the player who wins the most masterpoints (and satisfies participation requirements) at WBL and NVBA tournaments during the award period, and to the player who wins the most masterpoints during that period and began the period as a non-life master with under 500 masterpoints.

Previous Trophy Winners

Lovenberg Cohen (< 1500) TUBBS (non LM) WOOLRIDGE (Rookie) Machlin (Senior Events) (Woman of the Year
1996 to present 1960's until 1974)
1957 Stuart Dunlop
1958 Andrew Gabrilovitch
1959 Andrew Gabrilovitch
1960 William Christian
1961 Terry Michaels/Israel Cohen
1962 Dr Joseph Henry
1963 Andrew Gabrilovitch
1964 Norma Gill Norma Gill Iris Carr Norma Gill
1965 Ray Wilhide Joan Schoder Alan Wilhide Joan Schoder
1966 Fred Karpin Terry Michaels Ivan Brendler Terry Michaels
1967 Peggy Ekel Peggy Ekel Paul Deporte/Dave Cotlove Peggy Ekel
1968 Kathy Cappelletti Kathy Cappelletti Fred Neuberger Kathy Cappelletti
1969 Peggy Parker Peggy Parker Jack Mortick Peggy Parker
1970 Steve Parker Peggy Parker Liz Goldberg Peggy Parker
1971 Steve Parker Peggy Parker Mike Roberts Peggy Parker
1972 Mike Cappelletti Kathy Cappelletti Masaki Shiratori Kathy Cappelletti
1973 Kit Woolsey Kathy Cappelletti Rosemary Shaw Kathy Cappelletti
1974 Steve Robinson Peggy Lipsitz Ralph Cate Peggy Lipsitz
1975 Bobby Lipsitz Frank Balay Dottie Esher
1976 Steve Parker Charleen Brand Robin Taylor
1977 Glenn Lublin Earl Glickstein Barry DePristo
1978 Ed Manfield Alfred Steinberg David Rodney
1979 Ed Manfield Roy Jacobstein Chris Kaufman
1980 Peter Boyd Chris Kaufman Dan Huzzard
1981 Glenn Lublin Andrew Kaufman Katie Stein
1982 Peter Boyd John Huffman Paul McMullen
1983 Peter Boyd Phil Articola Phil Articola
1984 Peter Boyd George Subt Ned Griffith
1985 Steve Robinson Mike Blaher Jim Smith
1986 Steve Robinson Bob Bell Timothy Bigelow
1987 Peter Boyd Ellen Klosson Robert Jenkins
1988 Steve Robinson Jacky Abrams Norris Peterson
1989 Steve Robinson Fred Allenspach Cassandra Smith
1990 Beth Palmer Janet Lee Ben Laden
1991 Steve Robinson Lee Jensen Toru Amano
1992 Steve Robinson Walter Kerns Leslie Shafer
1993 Steve Robinson Mark Umeno James Allen
1994 Steve Robinson Paul Block Nagui Kamel
1995 Steve Robinson Jim Wang Robert Schwenk
1996 Steve Robinson Kefu Xu Jim Wang Yi Zhong Audrey Marbach
1997 Steve Robinson Kefu Xu Yi Zhong Martha Chen Shou-Ling Wang
1998 Fred Steinberg Sven Pride Arthur Weiss Josh Sher Mary and Jim O'Neil
1999 Steve Robinson Leo Lasota Leo Lasota J. T. Block Marie Creisher
2000 Steve Robinson Yi Zhong Hailong Ao Mark Rosen Marie Creisher
2001 Fred Steinberg Leo Lasota Hailong Ao Robert Packwood Barbara Rothkin
2002 Fred Steinberg Ellen Cherniavsky Charity Sack David Hamilton Rosemary Marks
2003 Steve Robinson John Lawrence Kevin Barnes Neal Rosenthal Audrey Marbach
2004 Leo Lasota Charity Sack Neal Rosenthal Shlomit Rind
2005 Steve Robinson Jim Geist Jason Rosenfeld Joav Steinbach
2006 Steve Robinson Mike Gill Angeliki Magklara Jose Porres
2007 (vacant) Lloyd Rawley Linda Marshall Arun Guha
2008 Leo Lasota Ron Zucker Arun Guha Edmond Gehan
2009 Leo Lasota Gene Fisher Arun Guha Leon Masiewichi
2010 Leo Lasota Patrick Stanton Patrick Stanton Fredrick Caponiti
2011 John Adams Mike Richey Larry Wallace Margaret Cooke/Peter Isard
2012 John Adams Alexander Prairie Alexander Prairie Myron Goldstein
2013 Brad Theurer Alexander Prairie Terry Klein Norman Kittrell
2014 Steve Robinson James Berry Terry Klein Marc Zlotnik
2015 Steve Robinson Terry Klein Terry Klein Jim Rubin/Ferit Yegenoglu
2016 Steve Robinson Robert Rovner Brian Sutton David Espo
2017 Donna Rogall Peter Van Zijl Brian Sutton Debra Graham
2018 Brad Theurer Peter Van Zijl Alexander Stille Elliot Bernold
2019 Brad Theurer Paul Block Neil Cowie Hank Jiles