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Welcome to Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
WBL Unit Games

The Thursday evening in-person unit game is back on a weekly schedule through the end of June 2024, with the goal of continuing to hold a weekly unit game after that if attendance grows enough to support the game. The game starts at 7:30 p.m., and is held at Ohr Kodesh Congregation, 8300 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. There are open, flight B (under 2500), and 499er games, attendance permitting, with a pre-game intermediate/novice lesson at 7:00. If you play against a masked pair, you must wear a mask if requested by one of them. 

The unit game guaranteed partner is currently suspended. If you need assistance finding a partner in advance of the game, please contact Barbara Doran at WBLpartnerships@gmail.com no later 5 pm the day of the game. You may also look for a partner at the game. Players attending the pre-game lesson may be matched after the lesson, and other players looking for a partner can let the director know.

The pre-game intermediate/novice lesson is also suspended until there is greater demand for it.

The schedule for upcoming Thursday evening in-person WBL unit games is as follows:

February 29 Stratiflighted Unit Championship
March 7 Stratiflighted Club Championship
March 14 Stratiflighted Unit Championship
March 21 Stratiflighted Unit Championship
March 28 ACBL Membership Game








NVBA is also holding a weekly in-person unit game.

Click here for unit game results.

Upcoming Tournaments

Baltimore Sectional, Catonsville, MD, February 9-11

NVBA Winter Sectional, Fairfax, VA, February 15-18

Williamsburg Regional, Williamsburg, VA, February 26-March 1

ABA Updates

Play bridge with our friends and neighbors at the other Washington bridge organization, the Washington Bridge Unit of the American Bridge Association. For information about the Washington Bridge Unit's activities and links to other ABA events, click here.

Message from the WBL President

December 21, 2023

This will be one of my last messages before my term as WBL President comes to an end next May, so I am dedicating it to asking you to help us increase attendance at our unit game and Sectionals.

As we turn the page on 2023, the unit game continues to lose money. August 2023 was the first full month of return to weekly play. We were hoping that attendance would increase but it has been erratic. To break even, we need upward of 13 tables but seldom exceed that number. The same is true of the Sectionals we’ve held. None of them was profitable.

The WBL Board of Directors has taken a number of cost-cutting measures. Chief among them is the reduction of the space we lease at the Ohr Kodesh Synagogue (which resulted in a 50% reduction in our rent) and the suspension of bridge lessons due to lack of sufficient demand. At Sectionals, we have discontinued serving lunch on Fridays and Saturdays, and have requested free play holders not to cash them in.

In short, we have made every effort to reduce expenses, but continue to lose about $1,000 a month and have about $57,000 left in reserve. Needless to say, this is not a sustainable path. We will continue to hold weekly unit games until the end of June 2024 with the hope that attendance will grow. If not, difficult decisions will have to be made.

Last but not least, WBL Directors will be calling Unit 147 members in the coming weeks inviting lapsed ACBL members back and inquiring why they no longer play in-person bridge. Please give us a few minutes of your time when we call.

Hadi Abushakra, President, Washington Bridge League

Who We Are

The Washington Bridge League (Unit 147 of the American Contract Bridge League) covers Washington, DC and its Maryland suburbs. The Washington Bridge League holds a weekly unit game on Thursday evenings, and usually holds three sectional tournaments each year. The Washington Bridge League also holds annnual round robin and knockout competitions played in less formal settings. Come join us and play the world's greatest game! 

New to Bridge (or Duplicate Bridge)?

Many resources for new players are available on the ACBL web site.  I especially recommend the (free!) software available here.  If you're an iOS user, Tricky Bridge is a great (and free) way to learn as well.

What's New?

Congratulations to Ernie Schuler, the 2024 winner of the Machlin Sportsmanship Award. Read more about this award here.

Congratulations to WBL members who became Life Masters in 2023: Elliot Bernold, Gregory Christian, Richard Clark, Debra Graham, Joel Greengard, Michele Greengard, David Handwerker, Kenneth Iobst, Edward Ty Larson, Ravi Mani, Peter Monroe, Margaret Stouffer, Nancy Worth, Shihong You, and Mohammad Zaidi!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 WBL Knockout:  Bill Cole, Mark Shaw, Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Mike Gill, and Noble Shore!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 WBL Flight A Round Robin: Mark Chen,  Barry Bragin Brad Theurer, Hal Hindman, and Mark Laken!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 WBL Flight B Round Robin:  Terry Jones, Garry Grossman, David Goldfrank, and Elyse Grossman!

Check out the 2022 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs winners.

Check out the WBL Life Master list updated as of June 2023.

Unit Knockout and Round Robin

The 2023 Unit Round Robin is underway. Follow the results here.