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Located in the riverside Cathedral City of Truro, Cornwall, UK


Playing Bridge during the emergency

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Open to all members of the EBU, Surrey CBA is  organising an online Sim Pairs
in aid of the NHS between 27 April and 1 May.
Details are on the Falmouth BC website and the EBU website.
Even if your club is not running club sessions online during the pandemic, you can register to play as a visiting pair at Caterham BC.

Jack Stocken launches his daily Bridgecast: bridge lessons in your own home
> Website :

Last updated : 25th Apr 2020 10:43 BST
Join Us - Visitors are welcome

We offer a friendly atmosphere, with comfortable surroundings and a Licensed Bar. For a good standard of bridge our regular duplicate night is on Wednesday, or a friendly beginners night with assistance on Mondays.

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If you'd like to play as a guest, or if you have any other questions about the club, contact our Membership Secretary, Janice Keast on 01872-277133

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Helpful Information


The results are presented in a number of pages. Above the results, you will see a Tab Bar that will enable you to go to further information depending on the type of Game and Club technology used. These Include:- handicapped ranking, matrix, personal score cards, travellers and Hands. You can then go straight to your own personal scorecard by clicking against your name in the rankings.

NB, depending on your particular PC and its settings it may be better to view this in "Full Screen" mode. (switch to desktop link)

Click on Full Screen to switch to "full Screen" mode

Click on Normal Screen to switch back again.

This "Members Only Page" has 8 standard Tabs.

  • A Messages Tab allowing members to enter and view messages, such as "I am looking for a partner for next week".
  • The "List of Members" Tab showing details of registered members.
  • "Account" Tab to allow users to change their details.
  • "Download" Tab to request results by email.
  • “Results” Tab to view recent results.
  • “Ranking” Tab to view club rankings
  • “Find a Partner” Tab to check for members looking for partner for a future match.
  • “Spare” Tab is not currently used.

Combined Results

This is where I have separated the Weekly Pairs, No Fear, Monthly Individual, Trophy Holders

  • Pairs - analyzed by pair.
  • Individual - analyzed by individual.
  • Teams - analyzed by teams.
Last updated : 10th Jun 2019 11:11 BST
Club Schedule
   No Fear 18:30 Mike Williams
   Club Pairs 18:30 Jan Keast
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Monthly Individual round 10
Director: Jan Keast
Scorer: Jan Keast
No Fear
Director: Mike Williams
Scorer: Jan Keast
Memorial Salver
Director: Terry Scullion
Scorer: Jan Keast
4th May 2020
No Fear cancelled
Director: Mike Williams
6th May 2020
Club Pairs cancelled
Director: Jan Keast
8th May 2020
May Bank Holiday. VE day