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Realbridge duplicate pairs sessions - EVERY FRIDAY - Next Session 25 September at 3.45pm

Some of our club members have been involved with the development of a new way of playing bridge online, called Realbridge. This system allows you to see and talk to the players at your table, which gives it a real "club" feel – all very different from the existing bridge websites which rely on messaging and feel much less social. All you need to play is a desktop, laptop, or tablet which  ideally has a WebCam so that other players can see you when you play (the webcam is not essential but does make the event more sociable). The system is very user-friendly, and even if you have never played before online you should find it very easy to use. All our players are welcome to play in all Realbridge sessions. 

If you feel unsure whether you have the technology and skills to play, please contact Maureen Dalton or Jean Harrison who should be able to give you any necessary advice and reassurance. If you would like to play but do not have a partner please contact Maureen or Jean who may be able to find you a suitable partner. You can also enter individually and the director will assign you a partner on the day if there is one available.

You can enter to play here - registration is NOT required but gives us an idea of how many will be playing

Please access the RealBridge Menu on the left to find the current links to RealBridge Sessions

Last updated : 29th Sep 2020 09:56 BST
Exeter Bridge Club online duplicate pairs - Every Monday at 7.15pm and open to all bridge players

 Club online sessions are currently held on Monday evenings at 7.15. The results of each session including details of hands and contracts are viewable as usual on the results tab  

All bridge players are welcome to take part in these sessions, whether you are an Exeter Bridge Club Member or not & whether you are an EBU member or not

In order to play we need to know your BBO details - either sign up to our FREE On-Line Exeter Bridge Club Membership here or pre-register here

For an introduction to playing online on BridgeBase Online (BBO) click here

Entry cost for a session is 3BB$ per person payable when you and your partner register on BBO to play in a specific session - registration is open from two hours before the scheduled start time of a session

If you would like to play online but do not have a partner you can use our partner finding page which you can find here - BBO also offers a Partnership Desk for each event (open from two hours before the start time) - players in Exeter Events have made minimal usage of this latter facility to date

Last updated : 11th Aug 2020 09:51 BST
Regular On-line Devon games on BBO
Every Wednesday @ 7:15pm starting from 22 July, Devon Bridge Association will be running an 18-board pairs game on BBO - please register on BBO at least ten minutes before the start of play. Most weeks will be normal pairs events with county (double) masterpoints. Exceptions will be announced separately on the website but will include Charity events for Devon Air Ambulance on Wednesdays 26 August and 28 October. Full details are on the Devon website www.devonbridge.co.uk .
Last updated : 24th Jul 2020 10:00 BST
Welcome to Exeter Bridge Club

We play Duplicate Bridge (both Pairs and Teams) at all levels - beginners to more experienced.

Bridgemates are used for scoring at the table and the boards are computer dealt.
Results including contract and hand records are available at the end of the session and on the website.

We have a host available most Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.
The exception is the 4th Tuesday when we play Multiple Teams.
Please check the calendar to confirm whether a host is present on any particular day.

There are teaching classes for beginners and improvers and supervised duplicate sessions for novices.
From time to time players of national status are invited to give seminars.

The Club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union. Membership of Exeter brings the benefits of EBU membership.

Devon County events and EBU National events are also hosted at the club.

The club promotes a friendly atmosphere with respect for fellow players and the Director.
You will find most of the information you need in these pages.
Click here for
contact information.

Last updated : 7th Feb 2020 15:54 GMT
Club membership of Bridgeclublive

We are now registered the club with the website Bridgeclublive. This means that if you join this website as an individual member you will be able to  add membership of the club to your profile and play with your regular partner in tournaments on the website. Further details about membership are available here and on the bridgeclublive website. We would be interested in any feedback from members who use this site - please email jean@jeanharrison.co.uk 

Last updated : 24th Apr 2020 09:42 BST
Mon 5th October 2020
Online pairs
Bridgebase online 7.15
Wed 7th October 2020
Devon Pairs
Mon 12th October 2020
Online pairs
Bridgebase online 7.15
Wed 14th October 2020
Devon Pairs
Mon 19th October 2020
Online pairs
Bridgebase online 7.15
On-line Teams League results

Results can be seen on the EBU site

May, June, July & Autumn Series

Online pairs
Online pairs
Realbridge session
Director: Maureen Dalton