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21st Jun 2024 09:49 BST
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21st Jun 2024 09:07 BST

There will be prize/event sessions as follows:-

Face to Face at ISCA - first Tuesday monthly, first pair £20, second £10

Face to Face at ISCA - Denis Ash - second Tuesday monthly to September 2024

BBO - third Monday monthly, first pair £20, second £10

RealBridge - fourth Friday monthly, first pair £20, second £10

Please note, club members only can win the prizes

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We have been given an amazing opportunity to demonstrate bridge in the foyer of Exeter Central Library.

This is a chance to bring even more people from Exeter and beyond into Exeter Bridge Club. It will work both as a recruitment drive for new players and reigniting interest in those who have played before.

The plan is to have people playing bridge at tables while others "hover", talking to people who are interested, explaining what bridge is and handing out flyers.

Obviously to do this we need people to play and people to hover.  Can you help?

We will be playing on Friday 5th July between 10.30 and 4.30, and will need 30 minutes either side to set up and take down.

If you can come along and take part even for only an hour or two, please let Tanya know at tanya.carver@icloud.com.

Many thanks.


Last updated : 14th Jun 2024 14:01 BST
Welcome to Exeter Bridge Club

We play Duplicate Bridge at all levels - beginners to more experienced players

Face to Face bridge at the ISCA Centre: Club session on Tuesdays at 6.15, Supervised Play on Thursdays at 1.30

We currently run the following on-line events:

Duplicate Pairs on Mondays at 7.15pm on Bridge Base Online

Duplicate Pairs on RealBridge - Fridays at 3pm on RealBridge

Special On-Line Events

See Specific Pages for more information and registration (if required) details

There are teaching classes for beginners and improvers and supervised duplicate sessions for novices.

The Club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union. Membership of Exeter brings the benefits of EBU membership.

The club promotes a friendly atmosphere with respect for fellow players and the Director.
You will find most of the information you need in these pages.
Click here for
contact information.

Last updated : 4th Jun 2024 15:00 BST

Need a Partner? - Hosting at Exeter Bridge Club

 Do you sometimes want to play face-to-face bridge at Exeter Bridge Club on a Tuesday evening, but don’t have a partner, perhaps because your regular partner is away or because you don’t have a regular partner?  Well, we have a list of “hosts”, who can be contacted before a session (preferably at least a day before) and will either partner you or pair you with someone else also seeking a partner.

 This has worked reasonably well over the past 18 months, but we have relied heavily on a few good members and could do with more volunteers to act as host every now and then.  If you could offer to be host for one or more of the Tuesday sessions over the coming months, please let me know.  You only need to turn up for the session if contacted beforehand, so you wouldn’t have a wasted journey. Please contact Neville Lane by email to nevilleslane@gmail.com or by phone to 07496 392106 if you can volunteer. Thank you.

Last updated : 4th Jun 2024 14:59 BST
New Session - Wednesday Afternoons from 29th May

We are pleased to announce that we are starting up a new session, Wednesday Afternoons from 1:15pm to 4pm (doors open 1pm) in the Green Room, Newcourt Community Centre, EX2 7FN. 

The centre is modern, spacious, has plenty of parking, and (most importantly for us) available! 

This is a follow on to the second improvers course which finished recently, just as we did with the first set of improvers on Thursday afternoons in January.

This will be a supervised play session.    Players will be able to ask for help and to consult their notes, and the laws will be applied very leniently.

There will be no MPs awarded, and no NGS effect, so you can play with a learner without risking your grade.

Cost is £3, but includes tea/coffee and biscuits.  

If you're a club player, please consider coming along to help the learners. 

We have 22 of them, and the more practice they can get with experienced players, the sooner they will become "fully fledged" players.

Last updated : 16th May 2024 17:52 BST
Realbridge duplicate pairs sessions - Friday Afternoons


 Table Money for Exeter Bridge Club RealBridge Sessions is £2.50 for a member and £3 for non-members 

All players will be contacted with details on how payment should be made

Payment will NOT be taken on the RealBridge platform

RealBridge allows you to see and talk to the players at your table, which gives it a real "club" feel – all very different from the existing bridge websites which rely on messaging and feel much less social. All you need to play is a desktop, laptop, or tablet which ideally has a WebCam so that other players can see you when you play (the webcam is not essential but does make the event more sociable). The system is very user-friendly, and even if you have never played before online you should find it very easy to use. All our players are welcome to play in all RealBridge sessions. 

If you feel unsure whether you have the technology and skills to play, please contact Tony Rusbridge who should be able to give you any necessary advice and reassurance. If you would like to play but do not have a partner please use our partner finding system which is here. You can also enter individually and the director will assign you a partner on the day if there is one available.

Sessions on Fridays @3pm 

You can enter to play here - registration IS REQUIRED for the first time you play as we need to have your contact details for collection of payment

Last updated : 3rd May 2024 18:55 BST
Hosting - see Menu (Hosting) for details
Mon 24th June 2024
BBO Pairs
BBO 7.15 pm
Director: IBE
Tue 25th June 2024
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs
ISCA Centre, Exeter 6.15pm
Director: Richard Lingham
Scorer: Viv Mably
Wed 26th June 2024
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs - Supervised Play
Newcourt Community Centre 1.15
Director: Jeremy Child
Wed 26th June 2024
Improvers course
Victoria Park Exeter 7.00pm
Director: Jeremy Child
Thu 27th June 2024
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jeremy Child
Fri 28th June 2024
RealBridge Pairs - Prize Afternoon
RealBridge 3.00pm
Director: IBE
Mon 1st July 2024
BBO Pairs
BBO 7.15
Director: IBE
Tue 2nd July 2024
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs - Prize Night
ISCA Centre, Exeter 6.15pm
Director: Richard Lingham
Scorer: Viv Mably
Wed 3rd July 2024
Learners practise
Victoria Park Exeter
Director: Jeremy Child
Thu 4th July 2024
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs
ISCA Centre, Exeter 1.30pm
Director: Jeremy Child
RealBridge Pairs
Director: IBE
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jeremy Child
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs - Supervised Play
Director: Jeremy Child
Scorer: Jeremy Child
Face to Face Bridge - Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jeremy Child
Scorer: Tony Rusbridge