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The committee consists of :

Chairperson : Val Clifford 01736 851322

Secretary : Sandra Bickerdike 01326 319321

Treasurer and partner finder : Linda Dickson  01736 761979

Committee : Diane Johnstone 01326 280308

Judith William's  01736 740001




The committee is aware that our AGM is past due. We will arrange the AGM as soon as it is possible. 

Ann Daw

I am sad to announce the death of Ann Daw on Wednesday 28th October at Treliske. 

Ann had been a member of Godolphin, then Helston bridge club for nearly 30 years. For a long time she was partner finder and enjoyed the chats she had with people on the phone. 

She was enthusiastic about the Saturday bridge at Carleen, especially the tea. She often took a plate of cakes home with her.

She will be sorely missed. 

Welcome to Helston Bridge Club
Children In Need

10th NOVEMBER at 6:30pm


Children In Need Simultaneous Pairs 2020

A Helston Bridge Club BBO Event

Enty Fee is BBO$ 6.00 - All funds go to Children in need

Log in to the Helston Event as usual.

If you haven't played a Helston on-line event before you will need to register the day before as no registrations can be accepted on the day

Don't misss out!

Children In Need
Register for Helston BC BBO Events

It is important to register the first time you wish to play in Helston Bridge Club on line BBO events. To register please click here. Full details of the events are shown below. You only need to do this once. 

Visitors are welcome


To join Helston Bridge Club complete an application form by clicking here

Virtual bridge club online with bridge Base Online

Due to the restrictions of coronavirus it Is unlikely that we will be back at the club in the foreseeable future.

We have set up a virtual bridge club with Bridge Base Online.(BBO)

The sessions will be on Tuesdays at 6.30.Table money is  BBO$3 (about £2.50)

Results will be sent to the EBU and masterpoints will be issued.

You will need to register with BBO and deposit enough funds to cover your session.

To set you up as an online player you need to register your user name and EBU number. Use the link above. 

Log onto BBO after 4.30 with your partner. The event will not be listed until 4.30. Click on virtual clubs - EBU England and look for Helston pairs or put Helston in the search box. Click on Helston. Put your partners BBO user name in the blue box.  You will then 'invite' your partner and they need to accept. Please don't leave it until the last minute as the movement needs to be set. We would like entries before 6pm. If you have any difficulties please phone Bob on 01736 331721. You can check to see if you've been accepted on the list of pairs at the top of the page. You can then log off. Log on again at least 10 minutes before start time. You must not be at any other table and you must not be in the 'Casual' area of the site  You will automatically be placed at a table to start play.  All the guidance you need is above. 

Please read the BBO rules below.

Visitors are welcome but please put your real name on your profile. You will need to register via the link above before you play.

I want to thank Bob for setting up and running the virtual club for us. 




BBO Rules

Playing bridge at Helston with Bridge Base Online 

Best Behaviour at Bridge 

In accordance with the club’s policy of encouraging Best Behaviour at Bridge we present the clubs expectations of courtesies whilst playing events on BBO. 

These notes are paraphrased from the text in the EBU sky-blue book that outlines the EBU rules for playing online bridge. There is a link on the left hand list on the club website. 

Basic information 

  1. Your BBO profile and your identity 

Access your profile by logging in to BBO and clicking on the ‘Account’ tab. Please type in your real name and provide an outline of your system. Helston asks that no player is anonymous. 

  1. At the beginning of each round please announce yourself and give an outline of your system. If you prepare your text in advance you can paste it into the chat box. 


  1. Please self alert any call your partner would normally alert or announce at the table. Alerts should be accompanied by a full explanation, avoiding using named conventions.  

If your opponents explanation is missing or unclear you are expected to protect yourself by requesting further information. You can do this either through the alert mechanism or private chat. (see section on communication at the table) 

Any call that is not alerted is assumed to be natural. If you feel that you have been disadvantaged by a failure to alert, call the director as soon as you can, to reserve your rights, play on and notify the director at the end of the board. The board will then be subject to a  judgement ruling. 

Communicating at the table 

It is against the rules of online bridge to communicate with the ‘table’ during play. It may give unauthorized information to your partner and to the opponent who is not the recipient of the question. The following advice is presented to help you avoid these situations. 

  1. When a hand is in play, please communicate only with one of the opponents at a time. Never to ‘table’ and rarely to ‘opposition’. 

To send a message or ask a question of one player click on that players seating postion. So to talk to East, click on ‘E’ and a box will come up allowing you to ask a question of that player only. The advantage is that neither the question nor the answer can be seen by other players at the table. 

Please always answer a question you are asked and if you ask a question and it is ignored, please call the director. 


Adjusted scores 

  1. If your board has been timed out you may see the message ‘the director has adjusted the score’. If you have not summoned the director this means the system has awarded an adjusted score. If you do not agree with the adjustment please ask the director to check the result. It helps if your request is immediate and accompanied by the line of play you would have taken. 


  1. When it is obvious that you have the remaining tricks it is fine to make a simple claim by stating that you claim x tricks. When it is not entirely obvious your claim should be accompanied by a clear statement outlining the play to win the required tricks. 

Opponents may object and continue to play the board. 

Once claims are rejected cards are exposed. If the director is called, play ceases, a provisional score will be awarded and the board will be subject to a judgement ruling.    


Hints and tips. 

  • Copy and paste your prepared introduction and system summary 

  • Take time to familiarize yourself with the message box feature in BBO 

  • In the account tab, set up a system card which can be applied to a specific online partner. You can have multiple cards stored stored against different partners BBO names. BBO will automatically apply the correct system card to the partnership. System cards are available to other players by clicking on the little blue box with 3 white horizontal lines on the top left of the BBO screen. 


If in any doubt on the night, call the director. 

With thanks to IKBC 

Virtual bridge club

All club bridge has been suspended due to the corona virus.

You can still play with and against your fellow members online on Tuesday evenings at 6.30. Details on this page.

Visitors welcome but please register first.

3rd November 2020
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Bob Smith
10th November 2020
Children in Need
Scorer: Judith Williams
17th November 2020
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Bob Smith
Duplicate pairs
Scorer: Judith Williams
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Bob Smith
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Judith Williams