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The Thornhill Club

7994 Yonge Street, Thornhill, Ont


Welcome to The Thornhill Club
Welcome to The Thornhill Club - Bridge

The Thornhill Club is a private club located on Yonge Street in Thornhill, Ontario with a wide range of sports and social activities - golf, tennis, curling, fitness and bridge.  The Duplicate Bridge section at The Thornhill Club has over 100 members.  We play year round on Monday and Thursday afternoons and all games are ACBL sanctioned run by a director.  About six times a year, we play special events on Wednesdays.  

As well as our regular Monday and Thursday games, we offer a two-hour session on Wednesday mornings from 10 am to 12 noon designed to introduce social bridge players to duplicate bridge and to enhance the bridge skills of relatively new duplicate players.  Boards and bidding boxes are used, and more experienced players offer help with both bidding and play of the hand.  This excellent program has resulted in several players joining the regular Monday and Thursday sessions.  As well, we have a mentoring programme in place to assist inexperienced players become acquainted with official duplicate bridge play.  Every year, starting in October, the section offers a series of lessons given by prominent bridge teachers at a very reasonable price. The Thornhill Bridge Duplicate Bridge Section is congenial and welcoming.   If you need a bridge partner, we can help you find one.

If you are interested in learning more about membership at The Thornhill Club, please contact Mike Stubbs, Membership.  Telephone: 905-881-3000 Ext. 224, E-mail:   

OCTOBER 2021 --  We are pleased to announce that we will return to weekly Monday and Thursday face-to-face bridge games commencing Monday, November 1.  Monday games will start at 1:15 pm and Thursday games at 2 pm.  Refer to the calendar for specific days.



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Each Wednesday, introductory sessions are provided to assist novice and more experienced players requiring refresher information on bidding and playing techniques.  These lessons are particularly beneficial to those wishing to play Duplicate Bridge on Mondays and Thursdays.


EXCEPTIONAL GAMES (70% +)  -  2021

yesyesBruce McDonald & John McMahon - 70.62% - January 21yesyes

yesyesMarjory McDonald & Carolyn Wright - 70.12% - March 25yesyes

yesyesKaren & Norm Smith - 70.83% - June 10yesyes

yesyesChris Stait-Gardner & Tom Gillett - 70.83% - September 16yesyes

Game Notices
#19117 Thornhill Golf and CC 1:15 pm. Open
#74094 Thornhill Golf and CC 2:00 pm. Open
#57309 Thornhill Golf and CC 1:15 pm. Open
25th October 2021
BBO Open Pairs
1:15 PM
Director: Nancy Strachan
28th October 2021
BBO Open Pairs
2:00 PM
Director: Cathy Kinsella
1st November 2021
Open Pairs
1:15 PM
Director: Ina Demme