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County News

The following is information and news of interest to the county members. See "Results", "Calendar" and "Competitions" for details of events.


The second, more serious, wave of Covid infections has put back the point at which we can reasonably expect social distancing rules to be relaxed sufficiently to allow a return to face-to-face bridge. Following the success of the first few online county events in 2020, we are now seeking to implement as full a programme of online events in 2021 as possible. In addition, we are keen to develop our thinking about the longer term when our tournament programme will inevitably be a mix of face-to-face and online events.

In normal times our existing group of face-to-face competition organisers is heavily overloaded and to make our initial online programme, and our eventual mixed programme, as comprehensive as possible we need additional help. We are also keen to draw on clubs’ views by setting up a working group to consider the future tournament landscape and the mix of county competitions that will best meet members’ needs.

If you are one of those members who is now comfortable organising and/or directing online club sessions, please give serious consideration to whether you could allocate the relatively modest amount of additional time required to organise and/or direct an online county event and to contribute to the development of our thinking for the future. Additional training will be provided free of charge if required and advice/guidance will be available at all times.

If you are willing to explore this further, please contact me by email at as soon as possible.

Many thanks.

Peter Clinch,
SCCBA Tournament Manager

March 20th Realbridge Practice Session Cancelled

Unfortunately, interest in the Realbridge teams planned practice this Saturday has not been strong enough for a session to be held.  We will attempt to schedule a more structured and competitive event on Realbridge for all in the coming weeks.

Peter Clinch,
(SCCBA Tournament Manager)

2021 Online Championship Teams

The draw for the first round of the Championship Teams has now taken place.  Captains should arrange to play matches on BBO by the end-date for each round.

If you have any technical queries (for example, about how to set up matches on BBO), please contact Peter Clinch (0751 5333539).  For all other questions, please contact the organiser, David Galpin.


See the details of the 2021 SCCBA AGM which is to be held on April 25th via Zoom.  Members wishing to attend need to apply by April 10th.

SCCBA Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

The annual SCCBA Green-pointed Swiss Pairs was held online this year and it attracted 130 pairs from across the country.  Congratulations to Nathalie Shashou & Nick Sandqvist who won by 7 clear VPs from two pairs in joint second place - David Beck & Keith Joules and Alan Setchell & Graham E. Osborne.

The smooth running of the event was down largely to our Tournament Directors, Eddie Williams and Stephen Kennedy.  Thanks to them and to Mervyn Wotton who helped streamline the entry process.

See you again next year, online or in the flesh!

Peter Clinch,
(Organiser and SCCBA Tournament Manager)

Dimmie Fleming Award

The 2020 Sussex County nomination for the EBU Dimmie Fleming award was Dick Wheeler for his contribution to bridge in Sussex as secretary of the SCCBA over the last 9 years. The nomination emphasised among other things, the prodigious amount of work and effort that Dick has put into the role over this period.

The nomination was accepted by the EBU and the trophy was despatched in time for it to be presented (virtually) to Dick at the Management Committee meeting on 27th November 2020 (unfortunately, no photos).

The Committee wish to extend their congratulations to Dick for this well-deserved award.

YCBC Free Under-26 Duplicates

Until f2f bridge returns, the Young Chelsea Bridge Club has decided to live up to its name and offer new regular online duplicate sessions exclusively for students and juniors.  These U-26 sessions will be held on RealBridge on Fridays, starting at 7:30pm, and they are completely free.  The first session will be held on Friday 22nd January.  If you have any questions, the press release contains contact details.

Forthcoming EBU Events

For the current status of forthcoming EBU events, please see EBU Summary Document.

Online East Grinstead Basic Bridge Pairs

First of all, a big thank-you to everyone who entered today’s event – with special thanks to those in the “playing for under 3 years” category, annotated as NE (Non Expert) in the results.  For the first time ever at this event, over half the field were in the Non Expert category and they certainly did give some of our more experienced pairs a very good run for their money!

Indeed, it was a Non Expert pair, Alison Wood and Gill Southern, who were the winners in the East/West direction with myself and my partner, Doreen O’Dell, in 2nd place.  However, the prize for the highest experienced pair goes to Eileen McNicol and Nick Kerr.

In the North/South direction, the winners were Hazel Ogden and Betty Lecky-Thompson with Mandy Taylor and Janet Crome taking the Non Expert prize as well as being second in this direction overall.

Big congratulations to all the winners.  Many thanks to Peter Clinch and his team for their efficient directing as well as playing occasionally when there were connectivity issues.  Thanks also to Mervyn Wotton for making web-site enhancements for online events.

Depending on how long our Covid restrictions go on, we may arrange another similar event in the New Year!

Helen Kent (Organiser)

SCCBA Online Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs

82 pairs entered our first major online competition, the Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs held on Bridge Base Online on Saturday November 7th.  It was won by Ros Wolfarth and Gary Hyett, who finished five VPs ahead of Andrew Morris and Chris Phillips, winning all their matches.  Masood Mazhar and David Dickson, who were third, had the highest cumulative match point percentage on the day (and hence gained the most BBO masterpoints).  The "10-high" winners were Sue & Steve Pearce, who finished seventh overall.  Congratulations to them all!

Many thanks are due to Eddie Williams and Stephen Kennedy, who directed the event with their customary skill.

Peter Clinch,
(Organiser and SCCBA Tournament Manager)

Sussex Teams to play Manchester Online on Saturday December 12th
The teams to represent Sussex in the match against Manchester on Saturday December 12th will be :-
A Team
Peter Clinch (capt) and Julian Mitchell
Chris Jepson and Neil Watts
Andy Ryder and Mike Allen
Ian Lancaster and Andrew Southwell
B Team
Andy Morris (capt)  and Duncan Curtis
Matt Read and David Dickson (res A)
Stephen Kennedy and Katie Kennedy
David Telfer and Peter Burns
Reserves: Martin Pool and Mick Carrington
C Team 

Jim Downes (capt) and Josie Allen
Jane Handley and Alan Setchell
Alan and Nannette Gillespie
Gina Dickson and Martin Greeley

Good luck, everyone.

N.B. We plan to play this on the RealBridge platform and spectating may be possible on a time delay.

Teams for Metropolitan Cup Online on Sunday November 29th
The teams to represent Sussex in the Metropolitan Cup on Sunday November 29th on BBO will be :-
A Team
Ollie Powell (capt) and Gunnar Hallberg 
Ian Lancaster and Andrew Southwell
Matt Read and David Dickson
Andy Ryder and Mike Allen
B Team
Michael Carrington (capt) and Lindsay Geddes (res A)
David Telfer and Peter Burns
Matt Smith and Mike Keeping 
Duncan Curtis and Andy Morris
Reserve pair: Brian Ransley and Rosie White
C Team 
Jane Handley and Alan Setchell
Nanette and Alan Gillespie
Jim Downes (capt) and Josie Allen
Gina Dickson and Martin Greeley
Reserve:  Ian Wright and Malcolm Wright
Tollemache Cup Qualifier on November 21st-22nd

The following team has been selected to represent Sussex in the Tollemache Cup Qualifier :-

  • Stephen Kennedy and Andrew McIntosh
  • Oliver Powell and Gunnar Hallberg
  • Ian Lancaster and Andrew Southwell
  • Peter Clinch and Julian Mitchell
  • Andy Ryder and Mike Allen 
  • Chris Jepson and Neil Watts
  • Reserve Pair:  David Dickson and Matt Read

This is the top inter-county competition and it will take place on November 21st/22nd (11.00am start each day) on the RealBridge platform.

Chris Jepson (Chairperson of Selection Committee)

President's Cup Result

This event between twelve strong County teams was held online during the summer months and Sussex finished second (equal with Yorkshire), a highly creditable achievement in the expert field.  The winners were a combined Essex / Norfolk squad.  Many thanks to all who played (and those who watched and supported on BBO).  Thanks also to Merseyside and Cheshire (David Stevenson) who invited us to enter, and to Christine Jepson for selecting and managing the squad.

Don't forget, there are opportunities to play for the County later in the year. 

Peter Clinch

Your Chance to Play for the County!

If you're playing online regularly and you have experience in playing teams matches, there are several opportunities for you and a regular partner to play for the county.

We have 3 matches booked :-

  • October 24th Saturday - Sussex V  Gloucester
  • November 29th Sunday - Metropolitan Cup
  • December 12th Saturday - Sussex V Manchester

The Metropolitan Cup is against all the home counties and is held every year and will go on all day.  The other two events will consist of a match with change of opponents at half-time.  We have not confirmed the exact format yet.

All events will have 3 teams of 8 players at different levels - A , B and C.

  • A will be the top county players 
  • B good Intermediate plus county players
  • C good club players

So, if you would like to be considered, please let me know with a bit about you and your partner and if you're available for any of these matches. 


Chris Jepson (Chairperson of Selection Committee)

2020 Hills Trophy

Please note that, not surprisingly, Worthing BC have cancelled this year's event.

Geoffrey Wolfarth

I am very sorry to announce that Geoffrey Wolfarth died very unexpectedly last evening (July 27th).  Geoffrey will always be remembered for his national successes, notably at the Spring Fours, but perhaps most especially for winning the English Trials and representing England in the Camrose Series of internationals.  At county level, Geoffrey gave much of his time to the work of the association management committee through his roles as communications co-ordinator and pro bono legal adviser.  But he will also be remembered at the Avenue for his preparedness to play sessions with those wanting to learn more and for the help given to those club members who he helped to improve.  Our condolences go to Ros, Geoffrey's family and friends.

For an obituary by Brian Senior and details of Geoffrey's funeral, please see the EBU web-site.

Julian Mitchell, Avenue Bridge Club

President's Cup

This is a an inter-county teams of 8 event run by Merseyside & Cheshire, taking place online on Tuesdays at 6.00pm.
So far, Sussex have had 4 good wins and 3 narrow losses leaving them in a good position of 2nd on the leaderboard with 87 victory points.

Next Tuesday (August 11th), we play Yorkshire the leaders who are on 91, so all to play for!

The teams are being chosen each week from a squad of 6 pairs who are :-

Ollie Powell and Stephen Kennedy
Peter Clinch and Julian Mitchell
Chris Jepson and Neil Watts
Andy Ryder and Mike Allen
David Dickson and Matt Read
Gerry Stanford and Kami Nadim

Let’s hope we can keep it going for Sussex.

We also are planning to have more online matches against other counties for all levels please let me know if you want to be considered.

Chris Jepson (Chairperson of Selection Committee)

Midlands Counties Working Group On-line Teams of Four - Flight A

Congratulations to the Sussex team of Yves Lebrec (captain), Philip Hunt, Matt Read and David Dickson who beat 15 other County teams to win the online Flight A event held on Saturday 13th June.  Sussex defeated Warwickshire 20-15 in the final.

The event was hosted by the Midlands Counties Working Group.  The trophy may only be virtual but the performance was excellent against accomplished opponents.  Many thanks also to Christine Jepson who picked the team on behalf of the selectors.

Peter Clinch

Horsham Welcome Pairs
Horsham Welcome Pairs

The SCCBA Welcome Pairs for those playing for no more than 5 years was held at Horsham BC on Sunday March 8th and was a great success with players from Horsham, Crawley, Worthing and further afield.

The winners (all pictured) were :-

  • 1st overall - Mary Byrne & Kathy Hurst (seated)
  • 2nd overall - Pauline & John Guppy
  • Year 3 group - 1st Nicola Fryatt & Carol Mays, 2nd Leigh & Andy Hawkins
  • Year 2 group - 1st Sue & Steve Smith, 2nd Susan Noblett & Alan Birch

Many thanks to Graham Walker who directed.

Jane Handley (Organiser)

Coronavirus - SCCBA AGM delayed

In light of government advice issued on 16 March, the AGM previously planned to take place at Worthing BC on 5 April has been postponed.

When circumstances allow, we will rearrange the AGM, giving fresh notice as required by the constitution.  The latter requires all Management Committee members to resign at the AGM but, unsurprisingly it is silent on the circumstances which we now face.  Therefore, the existing Management Committee will continue to manage the Association’s affairs until such time as improved circumstances allow a return to normality.  I am putting in place a modus operandi to allow the Management Committee still to ‘meet’ via one or more ‘virtual’ meetings, eliminating the need for face-to-face gatherings.  The ‘minutes’ of those meetings will be published on the web site in the usual way.  The first of those virtual meetings will take place towards the end of April.

I have already received reports from the majority of Sussex clubs that their sessions have been suspended and I imagine the rest will follow suit (sorry!) shortly.  These necessary closures will remove from some of our members an important part of their social life and I have urged all clubs to ramp up their communications channels as far as possible to provide members with points of contact and help if required.  This country’s citizens have a rich history of pulling together in times of crisis and I know the Sussex bridge community will be no different.

If members have any questions about what is happening at SCCBA level, feel free to contact me at any time.  Otherwise, on behalf of the Management Committee, I wish all Sussex members, their families and friends as trouble-free as possible a period of reduced social contact/self isolation.

Stay safe!

Dick Wheeler (SCCBA Hon Sec)

Tel. 07786 187297

Coronavirus - Updates to programme changes below (status as at July 17th)

Please note that :-

  • the Teams-of-8 event which was scheduled for March 22nd,
  • the Sussex Candles, due to have been played at Henfield on June 7th,
  • the Junior Bridge Camp at Bowles Recreation Centre on July 11-12th,
  • the whole of this year's Invitation Pairs
  • the Green Point Swiss Teams, due to have been played at Patcham on July 19th,
  • the Blue Point Midweek Swiss Pairs, due to have been played at Henfield on August 19th,

have now been cancelled.

Coronavirus - SCCBA programme changes

The SCCBA Management Committee met on 13 March and, in addition to the normal agenda items, it discussed at length the implications of the coronavirus outbreak.  In light of the latest forecasts of the likely extent of the epidemic and, bearing in mind our responsibility to protect the health and well being of our members, the Management Committee believes that it would be sensible to suspend our tournament programme in the near future.  We are only a week away from the Teams of Eight event and we will be consulting urgently the clubs involved to confirm that they wish the event to be held as planned.  Beyond that, we envisage the following for other county events:

  • Those participating in the Invitation Pairs and the host clubs will be consulted over continuation or suspension.
  • The Sussex League and Championship Teams/Plate will complete as planned provided those concerned continue to be willing to host matches.
  • The Spring Congress (4/5 April) will not now be held. If the epidemic passes fairly quickly we would hope to be able to reschedule it.
  • The Green Point Swiss Pairs (16 May) will be postponed and, if the EBU are content, rescheduled for later in the year.
  • The Candles (June), the Venture Pairs (June) and Green Point Swiss Teams (July) are also likely to be rescheduled for later in 2020 but the situation will be reviewed again at the next meeting of the Management Committee (24 April).
  • The prospects for holding the Junior Bridge Camp (July), the Mid-week Swiss Pairs (August), the Worthing Welcome Pairs (September), the Kremer Dersch (September), the Ladies Pairs (October) and the Autumn Congress (October) as planned will also be reviewed at the April meeting and in conjunction with the organisers and others concerned.

We expect detailed advice and guidance regarding their events to be published by the EBU on their web site early next week.

We have assessed the likely financial impacts of the changes to our programme and we believe that they can be absorbed without the need for exceptional measures.  All entry fees paid in advance will be refunded as soon as possible.

Any questions arising from this article should be referred to Dick Wheeler.

2020 SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs - CONFIRMED RESULTS

142 pairs (an increase of 30!) took part in the annual SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs in various Sussex clubs between Monday February 17th and Wednesday February 19th.

Congratulations to the confirmed winners who are Richard Clark and Eddie Lucioni who played in the Crowborough heat.  The runners-up are Mervyn Wotton and Hazel Ogden who played in the Crawley heat and in 3rd place are Peter Griffin and Kostadin Vasilev who played in the Horsham heat.

The overall runners-up are winners of the '60 and over' category and the 3rd-placed pair are winners of the 'one player under 60' category.  The prize for the ‘75 and over’ category has not been awarded.

Many thanks to all the clubs who took part in this event and to Gerry Stanford who organised the commentary hand-outs.  Special thanks to organiser Peter Clinch (especially for the increased turn-out) and to Neil Watts who selected the hands and wrote the commentary.

("There is a tremendous amount of work involved in assembling and merging scores from participating clubs.  I would like to thank Mervyn Wotton, who once again performed this task rapidly and without flaws" - Peter Clinch}

2020 Roy Skelton Cup at Worthing Bridge Club
2020 Roy Skelton Cup at Worthing Bridge Club

Congratulations to Mike Perle and Cathy Hall who won the Roy Skelton Cup at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday February 23rd.  Gill Skelton presented the trophy to the winners.

Everyone enjoyed the day and thanks to Alexa Baxter who directed and Eileen Perrigo who organised the event and provided the afternoon tea.

See Worthing BC web-site for full results

2020 SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final
2020 SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final

Congratulations to Chris Jepson and Neil Watts who won the SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final on Saturday February 15th. 

Many thanks to director Steve Foster, organiser Gerry Stanford and to West Sussex Bridge Club who hosted the event.

After, amazingly, winning this competition in its previous 4 years, Lindsay Geddes and Philip Hunt had to settle for being runners-up this time.

In 3rd place were Andy Wright and Rosemary Friggens.

2020 David Pavey Trophy Final
2020 David Pavey Trophy Final

Congratulations to Paul Bowles and Ioan Edwards from Patcham who, after a good afternoon's bridge, won the David Pavey Trophy Final at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday January 26th.   The David Pavey competition is for players who have less than 10,000 master points.

Many thanks to Eileen Perrigo, who was not only the organiser but also provided an afternoon tea which was enjoyed by everyone, to director Alexa Baxter and to Worthing Bridge Club who hosted the event.


In 2nd place were David Green and Dudley Edwards (pictured) from The Avenue and in 3rd place were Mick Howes and Ken Leonard.

Please note that the results have been adjusted to allow for one pair having to leave the event early.

2020 SCCBA Charity Simultaneous Pairs - CONFIRMED RESULTS

137 pairs took part in this year's Charity Simultaneous Pairs which was played in the week beginning January 6th in support of :-

  • the As You Are Centre in Southwick which delivers low cost counselling and group work services across West Sussex to those suffering from depression, stress and anxiety, and 
  • Oscar’s Wish Foundation in Haywards Heath which offers comfort and support to parents, families, siblings and friends who have experienced the devastating loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth,

for which it is expected that nearly £700 has been raised.

Congratulations to Diana Caplin and Anthony Simmonds who played in the Thakeham heat and are the confirmed winners.  The runners-up are Mike Moody and John Williams who played in the Avenue heat and in 3rd place are David Telfer and Chris Bury who played in the Chichester heat.

Many thanks to all the clubs who took part in this event.  Many thanks also to organiser Gerry Stanford and to Andrew Southwell who selected the hands and wrote the commentary.

(Gerry would also like to thank Mervyn Wotton for collating the scores from the participating clubs in his normal prompt time-scale.)

2020 Sussex Individual Final
2020 Sussex Individual Final

The 25 player, all play all, final of the Sussex Individual competition was played at Patcham on Sunday 19 January.  The, now somewhat ancient, trophy was won by Ann Lorimer with a score of 65.8% with runner-up Russell Calderwood just two match points behind.  In third place with 60% was Hayes Dockrell.  Both Ann and Hayes qualified from the Horsham heat of the competition and Russell was one of the few qualifiers from the Eastbourne heat.  The third heat this year was held at West Sussex BC.

Many thanks to Peter Langston who directed and scored the final, and to Charlotte Setahul for supplying an excellent tea.  Hopefully, more clubs will hold heats later this year of what is a fun competition and one of the oldest in the SCCBA programme.

Peter J Bates (Organiser)

Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell

It is with the deepest sorrow that we share the sad news of the sudden death of Sarah Mitchell, for many years the joint manager of the Avenue bridge club with her husband Julian. Sarah played at the Avenue for the best part of forty years and contributed hugely to the success of the club. Our thoughts and prayers are with Julian and with Sarah's family.

Sarah’s funeral service will take place at All Saints Church, The Drive, Hove, BN3 3QE, on Thursday 30th January at 11.00 am. All are most welcome.

Dress Code!! - All of you who knew Sarah may be unsurprised to learn that she had very definite views on what should be worn at her funeral.

Gentlemen – Please, NO BLACK TIES.  Ladies – Please wrap yourselves up warmly, but Sarah would have liked there to be a splash of colour. Thank-you.

The reception/wake will follow on directly at the Avenue Bridge Club, 15 Third Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PB – Again everyone most welcome.

(There will be a short committal service, 12.30 pm at Woodvale Crematorium, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3QB. Friends and family only.)

Flowers c/o Derriman & Haynes, 56 Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, BN1 8QF.  Donations to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.

2020 New Year Swiss Teams

There was a large entry to the County's annual New Year Swiss Teams at Henfield on Sunday January 12th.  31 Teams competed in the event which was efficiently directed by Steve Foster, assisted by Peter Bates. The leading prizes were won by :-

..... winners Yves Lebrec, David Telfer, Cliff Vince and Richard Illingworth, .....

..... runners-up Neil Watts, Mike Allen, Andy Ryder and Philip Hunt and .....

..... in 3rd place, Dave Franklin, Gerry Stanford, Kamran Nadim and Martin Pool.

The Non-Expert Prize was won by Rob Wanders, John Hardy, Colin and Lynda Smith and .....

.....the Ascenders Prize, for the most progress in the last 3 rounds, was won by Jim Downes, Hayes Dockrell, Josie Allen and Tomasz Serkowski.

Many thanks to all who helped make this such a successful day and a special thank-you to Charlotte Setahul and her team who provided a delicious hot buffet.

Joy Mayall (Organiser)

P.S.  The next SCCBA Swiss Teams event will be on the second day of the Blue-Pointed Spring Congress at Uckfield on April 4th & 5th.

Two teams finished with the same number of VPs in 2nd place.  The runners-up prize was decided by the split-tie procedure and so was won by the team (pictured) of Barbara Gordon, Ian Gordon, Tilly Hennings and Rosie White ahead of the team of Lindsay Geddes, Liz Lancaster, Andrew Southwell and Ian Lancaster.

My thanks to the Caterer (Jacqui) who provided an excellent lunch and tea, Steve Foster who directed using Bridgemates for the first time in the event and U3A for the use of their equipment.
See Worthing BC BridgeWebs web-site for full results.
Ernie Rivett
Chairman, Worthing BC
Bridge Centenarian!!
Bridge Centenarian!!

Many congratulations to Chichester Bridge Club’s oldest member Mary Esson (pictured with Chichester Chairman Julie Jones) who recently celebrated her 100th birthday which the club marked with a “Bridge Tea” in her honour.  Read more about Mary.

2019 Invitation Pairs
2019 Invitation Pairs

The 2019 Invitation Pairs competition has now been completed.

Congratulations to the overall winners Philip Roxburgh and Dave Nastaszczuk who received the Trophy from Martin Pool, President and Chairman of SCCBA.

In second place were Christine Jepson and Neil Watts, in third place were David Dickson and Matthew Read and in fourth place were Martin Pool and Dave Franklin.  Very many congratulations to all.

And special thanks to the five Clubs who hosted between them eight sessions and to the directors Julian Mitchell, Keith Norman, Jack Woodard and Peter Clinch.

Andrea Galpin,

2019 SCCBA Ladies Pairs
2019 SCCBA Ladies Pairs

The Ladies' Pairs' Tournament held at Patcham Bridge Club on Sunday October 20th was regarded by all to be an outstanding success.   Many congratulations to the winning pair, Linda Souter and Lesley Smith.

The runners up were Elizabeth Hornsey and Avril Strong (pictured with Director Peter Langston) and .....

..... as it was a stratified event the highest-ranked pair below Premier Master rank were Eileen Perrigo and Janet Cretchley.


What made today such a success was not only the excellent turnout - with 36 pairs playing but also the spirit in which the bridge was played - competitive but friendly.  It was particularly pleasing to see so many 'new to tournament' partnerships playing, who said they had enjoyed it and will return!

Many many thanks to Frances Wallace and Edith Jeffery who laid on an absolutely splendid tea, and to Peter for directing the event so efficiently.

Hope to see you next year Ladies!

Joy Mayall - Organiser

Ron Robins
We have been saddened to hear of the death of Ron Robins last weekend, following a long period of ill health.  Ron had for many years worked hard behind the scenes, preparing boards and scoring at our major congress events, as well as at Patcham.  Ron was also the custodian of much of the technical County equipment which he maintained and updated on a regular basis.  We send our deep sympathy to all of those who held Ron close.  He will be much missed.
Martin Pool (SCCBA President)
2019 SCCBA Autumn Congress
2019 SCCBA Autumn Congress

The Autumn Congress took place at Patcham over the weekend of October 12th/13th and it attracted a diverse field.

The Welcome Pairs event was won narrowly by Annamarie Beresford and Ann Mackown who triumphed (after a recount) over Heather Peattie and Nancy Hughes.

The Swiss Pairs was a less close affair with Ollie Powell and Charlie Bucknell (pictured) more than a match clear of Steve Auchterlonie and Mark Benson.

The Jack-high salver in the Swiss Pairs was retained by Brian Kirkdale and Ian Sanderson.
In the Swiss Teams, the non-expert prize was won by John Hawkins, Andy Smith, Richard Cleminson and Andy Osborn. They had the lead going into the last round but were unable to hold off .....

..... winners Katie Kennedy, Stephen Kennedy, Charlie Bucknell and Ollie Powell (pictured).

In second place were Martin Pool, Dave Franklin, Kamran Nadim and Gerry Stanford.

Many people to thank this year.  Steve Foster provided expert direction on Saturday, Frances Wallace and team provided lunch and refreshments on both days.  Particular thanks are due to Julian Mitchell who dealt the hands in a very short time-frame, following Ron Robins' sad death last week.

See you next year?

Peter Clinch,
Tournament Organiser

2019 Kremer Dersch Trophy
2019 Kremer Dersch Trophy

The Kremer Dersch Trophy is an annual teams event for committee members of EBU-affiliated clubs in Sussex.  It's a competitive but social event which this year was held at Eastbourne Bridge Club on Sunday September 29th.

Congratulations to the Thakeham team of Harold and Cecily Linfield, Lawrence Chiswell and Eddie Fisher (pictured with director Roger Poulter) who were streets ahead of the other 11 teams with a massive 93 IMPs!  The runners-up were the Wilton team of Pat Hutley, Anne Spencer, Mike Armstrong and Joan Sheppard with 19 IMPs.  The Bexhill team of Brian Gould, Fergus Cameron, Carol Morrison and Tony Rolt finished just 1 IMP behind Wilton in 3rd place.

Many thanks to Roger for directing, to organiser Gerry Stanford and to Eastbourne Bridge Club who hosted the event and provided the usual excellent tea.

2019 Worthing Welcome Pairs
2019 Worthing Welcome Pairs

23 pairs took part in the Welcome Pairs event at Worthing on Sunday 22 September - the entry to this event was for those learning to play bridge in the last five years with an NGS or 5 or less.

It was a very enjoyable day and thanks to Lynda Smith for directing, Eileen Perrigo for organising the catering and Ernie Rivett for presenting the trophies to the winners.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and especially the winners:

-     Year One - Steve and Sue Smith (on the left),

-     Years Two and Three - Annamarie Beresford and Ann Mackown (in the centre),

-     Overall Winners - Barbara Budd and Linda Curnock (on the right).

Colin Smith (Organiser)

2019 SCCBA Midweek Swiss Pairs
2019 SCCBA Midweek Swiss Pairs
Once again, the Midweek Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs at Henfield (on Wednesday August 21st) produced a tight finish and joint-winners.  The first place honours were shared between the pairings of Yves Lebrec & Mike Keeping and Sally & James Bugden.
Gerry Stanford & Kamran Nadim were third, just two VPs behind the leading pairs.
Many thanks are due to Henfield Hall for providing the venue and catering, to Steve Foster for directing with great skill, to Eddie Williams for dealing the boards, and to Peter Bates for his indefatigable and selfless work to make the event enjoyable for everyone.
2019 EBU Summer Meeting at Eastbourne
2019 EBU Summer Meeting at Eastbourne

Congratulations to Kamran Nadim and Gerry Stanford who won the A Final of the Seniors Pairs which was played over 2 days (August 5th and 6th) as part of the Seniors Congress.

Congratulations also to Jim Downes and Josie Allen who won the Jack High Swiss Pairs on the first Saturday (August 3rd) with Ian Sanderson and Brian Kirkdale finishing in the runners-up position.

2019 SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Teams
2019 SCCBA/EBU Green Point Swiss Teams

Congratulations to the team of Sara Moran, Andrew McIntosh, Ollie Powell and Charles Bucknell who won the Green Point Swiss Teams at Patcham Community Centre on Sunday July 21st.

Many thanks to directors Eddie Williams and Stephen Kennedy.

Many thanks also to Charlotte Setahul and Peter Clinch who worked hard all day to provide the catering.

N.B. The next SCCBA Swiss Teams event will be take place during the Autumn Congress at Patcham on Sunday October 13th - see Entry Forms section for details.

Happy Camping at JBC 2019
Happy Camping at JBC 2019

40 juniors aged from 8 to 22 plus assorted parents took part in the South Eastern Counties Junior Bridge Camp 2019 at a new venue on 6th and 7th July.    Bowles Activity Centre was a big success, and the weather was perfect on Saturday for the rock climbing, dry skiing, and pool kayaking.   On the bridge front, we ran four classes and awarded a total of 24 minibridge, bronze, silver, and gold awards.

The competitions were fiercely fought, and the eventual winners of the main Priday Cup were Jacob Potter and Roland Bourne, with .....

..... Woody and Joe Cohen the next juniors in third place.

Jacob Potter also won the Saturday Pairs with Zane Soonawalla .....

..... and Tom and Ben Gardner won the Speedball (where the main complaint was that the adults played too slowly and we weren’t allowed to shout Speedball loudly enough).

The Novice competitions were won by Toby Trusted and Poli Vasileva on Saturday and .....

..... by Amrita Selvaraj and Tanya Gupta on Sunday.

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Congratulations to all!

Most importantly, a hugely enjoyable time was had by all, juniors, teachers, parents, and – unusually - even the organiser.  Thank you to Sussex, Kent, and Surrey CBAs for sponsoring.

William Bourne

2019 SCCBA Venture Pairs
2019 SCCBA Venture Pairs

Congratulations to Heather Peattie and Will Adler who won this year's SCCBA Venture Pairs at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday June 23rd.

The runners-up were Roger Bill and Paul Wilson.

Many thanks to organiser Eileen Perrigo.

2019 Garden City Trophy - Final

Many congratulations to the Avenue Team (Julian Mitchell, Peter Clinch, Ken Ford, Andy Ryder, Mike Allen, Oliver Powell, Gunnar Hallberg and David Dickson) who finished 2nd in the national final of the Garden Cities Trophy on June 15th!  See results.

Stephen Kennedy, Sussex's Junior International, has first books published

Congratulations are due to Stephen Kennedy who has recently had his first two bridge books (on squeeze play) published.  Students of the game wishing to know more should email KIBBridge.

2019 Sussex Candles
2019 Sussex Candles

The Sussex Candles Swiss Teams Congress at Henfield on Sunday June 2nd was a close-fought affair, won eventually by David Dickson, Andrew Southwell, Peter Clinch and Ian Lancaster.  In second place were Geoffrey & Ros Wolfarth, Gary Hyett and Sue Millard. Third place was shared between two teams: Alan Setchell, Jane Handley, Guy Davies & Terry Fishlock and Keith & Maureen Norman, Sue Peters & David Cairns.

All competitors were treated to a wonderful summer buffet prepared by Charlotte Setahul.  Many thanks to Steve Foster for directing and Ron Robins for preparing the hands.  As always, tremendous support was given by Peter Bates, as well as by Howard Da Vall of the Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society.  Join us next year!

Peter Clinch (Organiser)

2018-19 Sussex League
2018-19 Sussex League

It's been a successful few days for Julian Mitchell and his teams.  After winning the Championship Teams a week earlier (see below), Julian's team won Division 1 of the Sussex League.

A big win in their final match of the season took their total to 82 VPs from their 6 matches, just 1 VP ahead of Ian Lancaster's team who were the winners in the previous season.  The winning team (Christine Jepson, Julian, Peter Clinch and, absent from the photo, David Clifton) are pictured receiving their trophy from League organiser David Galpin at the recent Invitation Pairs round at the Avenue Bridge Club.

Division 2 has now also been decided, again by just a 1 VP margin.  The winning team, captained by David Galpin, scored 86 VPs, one ahead of Andy Morris's team on 85 VPs.  The picture shows David holding the trophy, together with Jeff & Lydia Stanford, Andrea Galpin, and Joan Hootman.

The teams captained by Nick Levine, Brian Gould, and Tony Redshaw have won Divisions 3, 4, and 5 respectively.  Congratulations to all the winners.

Entry forms for the new season of both the Sussex League and the Championship Teams are now available.  New entries for both competitions will be particularly welcome.

2018-19 Championship Teams
2018-19 Championship Teams

Congratulations to this year's winners who were Julian Mitchell's team (Julian, Andy Ryder, David Dickson, Peter Clinch and, absent from the photo, Mike Allen) who defeated Martin Greeley's team (Gina Dickson, Alan & Nanette Gillespie) by 96 IMPs in the final which was played over 56 boards at the Avenue on April 29th.

As with Division 1 of the League, the winners received their trophy from organiser David Galpin at a recent Invitation Pairs round.

Prize-giving at 2019 AGM

After the 2019 AGM, there was prize-giving for some of the events which have taken place or concluded during recent months.  So it's congratulations to .....

..... the winners of Division 3 of the SCCBA League, pictured left to right between League Organiser David Galpin and Martin Pool, the team of Richard Bourne, William Bourne, Nick Levine (missing Sylvia Hall, Richard Pentecost, Graham Lygoe), and .....

..... the winners of Division 4 of the SCCBA League, pictured, again left to right between David and Martin, the team of Brian Gould, Tony Dwiar, Fergus Cameron, David Gillespie, (missing Paul Williams), and .....

..... winner with the missing Hazel Ogden of the SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs, Mervyn Wotton, pictured between Martin and Open Sims Organiser Peter Clinch.

2019 SCCBA Spring Congress
2019 SCCBA Spring Congress

The Sussex Spring Congress (on April 6th & 7th) resulted in an unqualified triumph for our best Sussex young players.  Stephen Kennedy and Ollie Powell followed up a comprehensive win in the Swiss Pairs on Saturday 6th April with .....

..... an even more convincing victory in the Swiss Teams, where they were joined by Laura Ersek and Daisy Dillon.

Other podium places in the Swiss Pairs were taken by Mike Kinsey and Philip Mitchell (second) and .....

..... Lindsay Geddes and Philip Hunt (third).

The "ten-high" trophy was won by Katie Kennedy and Alaine Hamilton (the latter not pictured), on a split tie with Jim Downes and Josie Allen.

The Welcome Pairs was won by Elizabeth Stabler and Nicky Cook (sadly, our photographer did not capture their win).

On Sunday, second place was taken by Peter Clinch, Yves Lebrec, David Telfer and Richard Illingworth with Jeremy Willans, Jill Skinner, Christine Jepson and Neil Watts (not pictured) in third.

As always, many people contributed to the success of the Congress.  Malcolm Wright provided the bridge equipment, Ron Robins prepared the hands and Steve Foster and Julian Mitchell directed the days.  Many thanks to them, and to Uckfield Civic Centre for hosting the event.

Peter Clinch (Organiser)