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Welcome to Sussex County Contract Bridge Association

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Tollemache Cup Qualifier

The following team has been selected to represent Sussex in the Tollemache Cup Qualifier :-

  • Stephen Kennedy and Andrew McIntosh
  • Oliver Powell and Gunnar Hallberg
  • Ian Lancaster and Andrew Southwell
  • Peter Clinch and Julian Mitchell
  • Andy Ryder and Mike Allen 
  • Chris Jepson and Neil Watts
  • Reserve Pair:  David Dickson and Matt Read

This is the top inter-county competition and it will take place on the 21st/22nd November (11.00am start each day) on the RealBridge platform.

Chris Jepson (Chairperson of Selection Committee)

Further Details on Sussex Swiss Pairs Events

I'm delighted to confirm that Sussex will be hosting 2 Swiss Pairs events on BBO :-

  • at 11 a.m. on Saturday 7th November (Blue-pointed) and
  • at 11 a.m. on Sunday 13th December (Green-pointed).

The TD in charge of both events will be Eddie Williams.  We are hoping that both events, which are very reasonably priced at $8 and $12 per player respectively, will be popular with all EBU players, from Sussex and beyond.

Please register online for these events so that we can add your names to the events on BBO.  Payment will be taken on BBO on the day, when you can pay up to two hours before the event starts.

Please note:-

  • Both events will be "Danish" style so it is possible that you may face a pair of similar score more than once.
  • For the Blue-point event (subject to entry size) we plan to offer a "Ten-high" prize for pairs both of whose NGS is no higher than a 10.
  • Both events will have a short break after three of seven matches.
  • Robot partnership entries will not be permitted but Robots may rarely be used if players lose connectivity.

If you have any questions, please do contact me at 0751 533 3539 or by email.  On the day, you can also message 'vEBU_SUS' on BBO with any issues you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you at these events!

Please note that, for less-experienced players, there will also be a online Basic Bridge event on Saturday November 14th - see below for details.

Peter Clinch
(SCCBA Tournament Manager)

SCCBA Online East Grinstead Basic Bridge Pairs

Stop Press!  Have you been wondering what was going to happen about the East Grinstead Basic Bridge Pairs?  Well, wonder no more!  It will go ahead, online via BBO of course, on the previously announced date, Saturday November 14th, starting at 11 a.m.

For those of you who are new to this event, please note that it is intended for less experienced players.  EBU Level 2 Partnership Understandings (see EBU Blue Bookwill be used as a guideline.  We also plan to offer a prize for a pair in which neither player has been playing for more than 3 years.

Please register online (preferably, by 2 days before the event) so that we can add your names to the event on BBO.  Payment ($6) will be taken on BBO on the day when you'll be able to pay up to two hours before the event starts.  Robot partnership entries will not be permitted but Robots may rarely be used if players lose connectivity.

If you have any questions, please do contact me on 01342 719779 or by email.  On the day, you can also message 'vEBU_SUS' on BBO with any issues you may have.

Helen Kent (Organiser)

Regular 9-High Pairs on BBO

The 1066 Club, based in East Sussex, has started a regular "9-high"session on Wednesday evenings, starting at 7 p.m. on BBO. If you would like to join these sessions which are limited to players with an NGS no higher than 9, please contact Brian Gould to register your interest. All eligible Sussex players are welcome.

Other Counties' Online Events

Kent CBA will be holding the following events :-

Surrey CBA will be holding the following events :-

Sussex versus Gloucestershire

The teams to represent Sussex versus Gloucestershire on 24th October (1.00pm start) are :-

A Team
> Julian Mitchell and Peter Clinch (c)
> Oliver Powell and Stephen Kennedy
> Mike Allen and Andy Ryder
> David Dickson and Matt Read

B Team
> Chris Jepson (c) and Neil Watts (Res A)
> David Telfer and Peter Burns
> Matt Smith and Mike Keeping
> Martin Pool and Mick Carrington
> Reserves: Duncan Curtis and Andy Morris

C Team
> Russell Levinson and Andy Briggs
> Linda Gardiner and Bill Nicolle
> Elizabeth Bornecrantz and Raquel Berdichevsky
> Gina Dickson and Martin Greeley
> Reserves: John Hardy and Rob Wanders

Chris Jepson (Chairman of Selection Committee)

Hills Trophy

Please note that, not surprisingly, Worthing BC have cancelled this year's event.

President's Cup Result

This event between twelve strong County teams was held online during the summer months and Sussex finished second (equal with Yorkshire), a highly creditable achievement in the expert field.  The winners were a combined Essex / Norfolk squad.  Many thanks to all who played (and those who watched and supported on BBO).  Thanks also to Merseyside and Cheshire (David Stevenson) who invited us to enter, and to Christine Jepson for selecting and managing the squad.

Don't forget, there are opportunities to play for the County later in the year: see below! 

Peter Clinch

Your Chance to Play for the County!

If you're playing online regularly and you have experience in playing teams matches, there are several opportunities for you and a regular partner to play for the county.

We have 3 matches booked :-

  • October 24th Saturday - Sussex V  Gloucester
  • November 29th Sunday - Metropolitan Cup
  • December 12th Saturday - Sussex V Manchester

The Metropolitan Cup is against all the home counties and is held every year and will go on all day.  The other two events will consist of a match with change of opponents at half-time.  We have not confirmed the exact format yet.

All events will have 3 teams of 8 players at different levels - A , B and C.

  • A will be the top county players 
  • B good Intermediate plus county players
  • C good club players

So, if you would like to be considered, please let me know with a bit about you and your partner and if you're available for any of these matches. 


Chris Jepson (Chairperson of Selection Committee)

Metropolitan Cup

This yar's Metropolitan Cup will be an on-line event and be held on Sunday November 29th.

Geoffrey Wolfarth

I am very sorry to announce that Geoffrey Wolfarth died very unexpectedly last evening (July 27th).  Geoffrey will always be remembered for his national successes, notably at the Spring Fours, but perhaps most especially for winning the English Trials and representing England in the Camrose Series of internationals.  At county level, Geoffrey gave much of his time to the work of the association management committee through his roles as communications co-ordinator and pro bono legal adviser.  But he will also be remembered at the Avenue for his preparedness to play sessions with those wanting to learn more and for the help given to those club members who he helped to improve.  Our condolences go to Ros, Geoffrey's family and friends.

For an obituary by Brian Senior and details of Geoffrey's funeral, please see the EBU web-site.

Julian Mitchell, Avenue Bridge Club

Online Bridge in Sussex

Although we are not playing face-to-face at the moment, an increasing number of Sussex clubs are running online sessions at Bridge Base Online.  If you haven't tried yet, maybe you should consider it.  Most clubs are running for members only (some with guests) - see each club's websites for details of how to join. The list below shows the clubs currently running sessions - we will update this list as we receive updates from clubs.


Horsham - gentle duplicate for beginners (afternoon)

Chichester (evening)

Patcham 19.15

Crawley - gentle duplicate 19.15


Avenue / Lewes / West Sussex 10.00

Chichester 14.00

Worthing 14.00

Eastbourne / Hailsham / Sovereign Harbour 14:00

1066 (Bexhill / East Sussex / St Leonards) 19.00

Horsham 19.00


Patcham 13.30

Horsham 14.00

Seaford 19.00

Cross in Hand 19.00

1066 (Bexhill / East Sussex / St Leonards) - "9-high" pairs 19.00

Crawley / Church Hill 19.15 

Avenue / Lewes / West Sussex 19.30


Avenue / Lewes / West Sussex 13.30

1066 (Bexhill / East Sussex / St Leonards) 13.30

Chichester 14.00

Meridian / Forest Row 14.00

Rottingdean 14.00  

Horsham 19.00

Patcham 19.15


Patcham 13.30

Crawley / Church Hill 15:30 

Seaford 19.00

Worthing 19.00

Eastbourne 19:30


Horsham 14.00 (Swiss Pairs)

Peter Clinch
(SCCBA Tournament Manager)

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