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The 2020 SCCBA AGM will take place at the Uckfield Civic Centre at 11.45am on 5 April, i.e. on the Sunday of the Spring Congress.

If you're a Sussex member and playing in the Swiss Teams on that day, please turn up a bit earlier and attend the AGM.

The relevant papers are :-

As required by the constitution, the independently examined annual accounts will be presented for approval by the Management Committee at its meeting on 13 March.  Copies of the approved accounts will be provided at the AGM where adoption will be sought under agenda item 4.1.

SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final
SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final

Congratulations to Chris Jepson and Neil Watts who won the SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final on Saturday February 15th. 

Many thanks to director Steve Foster, organiser Gerry Stanford and to West Sussex Bridge Club who hosted the event.

After, amazingly, winning this competition in its previous 4 years, Lindsay Geddes and Philip Hunt had to settle for being runners-up this time.

In 3rd place were Andy Wright and Rosemary Friggens.

SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs

Currently, heats for this year's SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs are scheduled to be held at Avenue, Crawley, Crowborough, Eastbourne, Horsham, Patcham, West Sussex and Worthing between February 17th and February 19th - see Calendar for start times.

As well as prizes for the overall winners, there will be age-related (over-60 and over-75) prizes.

To arrange to enter, clubs should contact Peter Clinch or ring Peter on 0751 533 3539.  Please note that, since the boards will be the same at each venue, individual players may only play in one heat.

Sussex Pairs Final
Sussex Pairs Final

Congratulations to Andy Ryder and Mike Allen (pictured with director David Galpin) who, on the 'split-tie procedure', won the Sussex Pairs Final at Patcham BC on Sunday January 26th.


The runners-up were Stephen and Katharine Kennedy and .....

..... in 3rd place were Eddie and Kathy Williams.

Many thanks to director David Galpin, scorer Andrea Galpin, organiser Gerry Stanford and to Patcham BC for hosting the final.

David Pavey Trophy Final
David Pavey Trophy Final

Congratulations to Paul Bowles and Ioan Edwards from Patcham who, after a good afternoon's bridge, won the David Pavey Trophy Final at Worthing Bridge Club on Sunday January 26th.   The David Pavey competition is for players who have less than 10,000 master points.

Many thanks to Eileen Perrigo, who was not only the organiser but also provided an afternoon tea which was enjoyed by everyone, to director Alexa Baxter and to Worthing Bridge Club who hosted the event.


In 2nd place were David Green and Dudley Edwards (pictured) from The Avenue and in 3rd place were Mick Howes and Ken Leonard.

Please note that the results have been adjusted to allow for one pair having to leave the event early.

SCCBA Charity Simultaneous Pairs - CONFIRMED RESULTS

137 pairs took part in this year's Charity Simultaneous Pairs which was played in the week beginning January 6th in support of :-

  • the As You Are Centre in Southwick which delivers low cost counselling and group work services across West Sussex to those suffering from depression, stress and anxiety, and 
  • Oscar’s Wish Foundation in Haywards Heath which offers comfort and support to parents, families, siblings and friends who have experienced the devastating loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth,

for which it is expected that nearly £700 has been raised.

Congratulations to Diana Caplin and Anthony Simmonds who played in the Thakeham heat and are the confirmed winners.  The runners-up are Mike Moody and John Williams who played in the Avenue heat and in 3rd place are David Telfer and Chris Bury who played in the Chichester heat.

Many thanks to all the clubs who took part in this event.  Many thanks also to organiser Gerry Stanford and to Andrew Southwell who selected the hands and wrote the commentary.

(Gerry would also like to thank Mervyn Wotton for collating the scores from the participating clubs in his normal prompt time-scale.)

Sussex Individual Final
Sussex Individual Final

The 25 player, all play all, final of the Sussex Individual competition was played at Patcham on Sunday 19 January.  The, now somewhat ancient, trophy was won by Ann Lorimer with a score of 65.8% with runner-up Russell Calderwood just two match points behind.  In third place with 60% was Hayes Dockrell.  Both Ann and Hayes qualified from the Horsham heat of the competition and Russell was one of the few qualifiers from the Eastbourne heat.  The third heat this year was held at West Sussex BC.

Many thanks to Peter Langston who directed and scored the final, and to Charlotte Setahul for supplying an excellent tea.  Hopefully, more clubs will hold heats later this year of what is a fun competition and one of the oldest in the SCCBA programme.

Peter J Bates (Organiser)

2020 Junior Bridge Camp

This year's Junior Bridge Camp will be held at Bowles Rocks Activity Centre on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2020 on the same lines as last year's successful event.  As well as lots of bridge, juniors can participate in one of Bowles' activities - dry skiing, rock climbing, pool kayaking, or archery and bushcraft - all included in the  £75 residential, £40 non-residential price.    Juniors aged 8-21 and their parents and grandparents are all warmly invited to join us - see more information and registration forms.

Forthcoming Events

Among the next SCCBA events are the :-

  • SCCBA Welcome Pairs at Horsham Bridge Club - Sunday March 8th
  • SCCBA Blue-Pointed Spring Congress at Uckfield - Saturday April 4th to Sunday April 5th
  • EBU/SCCBA Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs at Patcham - Saturday May 16th
  • EBU/SCCBA Green-Pointed Swiss Teams at Patcham - Sunday July 19th

You can enter most events by using an on-line entry form and paying via Internet or Telephone Banking or you can print off an entry form and post it with your cheque.  Why not go to the Entry Forms section and make your choice now?

Also in the Entry Forms section are details of :-

  • the Roy Skelton Cup (a pairs event for players with less than 10,000 Master Points run by Worthing BC) on Sunday February 23rd

For all other events, please see Calendar.

EBU Teacher Training Course at Horsham

A two-day teacher training course will be held :-

  • at Horsham BC on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April.
For more information or to book, please see the English Bridge & Development web-site or contact Lisa Miller on 01296 317217.
EBU Club Director Courses at Richmond

The following course for club directors will be held at Richmond during 2020 :-

  • Saturday Feb 29th - Day 2 Book & Judgement Rulings
  • Saturday March 21st - Assessment

For further details or to register for a course, please see the English Bridge & Development web-site and the current schedule for all Club Tournament Director Training Courses.

The next main SCCBA events are a Swiss Pairs and a Swiss Teams at the Blue-Pointed Spring Congress at Uckfield on April 4th & 5th.  You can book now!

Juniors (aged 8-21), parents and grandparents can register now for the Junior Bridge Camp on July 11th & 12th

Please note that Patcham BC will be holding a heat of the EBU Green-Pointed Masters Pairs on Sunday March 1st, starting at 11am

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SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
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17th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Eastbourne 1:30
17th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Crowborough 7:15
17th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Avenue 7:30
18th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Horsham 7:00
18th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
West Sussex 7:30
19th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Crawley 7:15
19th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Patcham 7:15
19th Feb 2020
SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs
Worthing 7:20
23rd Feb 2020
Roy Skelton Cup (under 10000 points)
Worthing 12:30
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1st Mar 2020
EBU Masters Pairs
Patcham 11:00
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8th Mar 2020
Kent Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs
Tunbridge Wells 11:00
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