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SCCBA Teams of Eight

Congratulations to the Avenue in winning the SCCBA Teams of 8 on Saturday March 27th.  The Avenue team was Oliver Powell & Gunnar Hallberg, David Dickson & Matt Read, Julian Mitchell & Peter Clinch, Andy Ryder & Mike Allen.

The Avenue will represent Sussex in the Garden Cities' regional final on 8th May.

Thank-you to our director Eddie Williams who then worked overtime to overcome problems in uploading the results.

Realbridge Practice Session Cancelled

Unfortunately, interest in the Realbridge teams planned practice this Saturday has not been strong enough for a session to be held.  We will attempt to schedule a more structured and competitive event on Realbridge for all in the coming weeks.

Peter Clinch,
(SCCBA Tournament Manager)

Other Counties' Green-Pointed Events

Kent will be holding a Green-Pointed Swiss Teams on RealBridge on Sunday 23rd May starting at 11am - 7 x 7 board matches with a break of approx 45 minutes after match 4.  See Kent web-site for details.

Oxfordshire will be holding a congress on RealBridge over the weekend of June 12-13th.  There will be Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams and a Friendly Pairs.  See Oxfordshire web-site for details.

Charity Swiss Pairs - NGS 5 or Below - Sunday 18th April

This is another chance for the less experienced to play in a gentle session limited by NGS. 

There will be 12 x 2 board matches with a break half-way.  After each match, each pair will play someone with a similar score in the next round. 

Minimal deductions will be made in order to maximise the donations to be made to two mental health charities.

See details attached.  If you have any questions, please contact Jane Handley of Horsham BC.

Sussex Pairs Final - Saturday March 13th on BBO

First, a big thank you to the virtual clubs - Avenue, Chichester, Eastbourne, Horsham, Patcham, Seaford and 1066 for running heats for this competition.  162 qualifying pairs entered which is over twice as many as in recent years.

Congratulations to the winners who were Neil Watts & Christine Jepson.  The runners-up were David Telfer & Peter Burns and in third place were David Franklin & Martin Pool.

Finally, a thank-you to the Director, Eddie Williams, and to Mervyn Wotton for setting up the files of entrants for this event.

Please join us again next year.

Gerry Stanford, Organiser

SCCBA Stepping Stone Pairs on BBO

Well done to the winners of the SCCBA Stepping Stone Pairs, June Carr and Kris Noble who’ve been playing since 2019.

The highest placed pair in the 'playing for 2-3 years' group were Jane & David Allday and taking the 'under 2 years' award are Elizabeth Turner and Stephanie Blaquiere.

There was an excellent turn out of 44 pairs. Thanks go to Oliver Cowan who directed and provided the hand commentary.

Jane Handley (Organiser)

2021 Online Championship Teams

The draw for the first round of the Championship Teams has now taken place.  Captains should arrange to play matches on BBO by the end-date for each round.

If you have any technical queries (for example, about how to set up matches on BBO), please contact Peter Clinch (0751 5333539).  For all other questions, please contact the organiser, David Galpin.

Tollemache Cup Final - Feb 20th/21st

Many congratulations to the Sussex team who came second in the Tollemache final this weekend - an excellent result and the best that Sussex have ever done!!

The team that played was :-

  • Stephen Kennedy and Andrew McIntosh
  • Oliver Powell and Gunnar Hallberg
  • Peter Clinch and Julian Mitchell
  • Andy Ryder and Mike Allen 
  • Chris Jepson and Neil Watts
  • Matt Read and David Dickson

And many thanks go to our Non-Playing Captain, Andrew Southwell, who put in a lot of work in checking scores and organising the team.

See detailed results on the EBU web-site.


The second, more serious, wave of Covid infections has put back the point at which we can reasonably expect social distancing rules to be relaxed sufficiently to allow a return to face-to-face bridge. Following the success of the first few online county events in 2020, we are now seeking to implement as full a programme of online events in 2021 as possible. In addition, we are keen to develop our thinking about the longer term when our tournament programme will inevitably be a mix of face-to-face and online events.

In normal times our existing group of face-to-face competition organisers is heavily overloaded and to make our initial online programme, and our eventual mixed programme, as comprehensive as possible we need additional help. We are also keen to draw on clubs’ views by setting up a working group to consider the future tournament landscape and the mix of county competitions that will best meet members’ needs.

If you are one of those members who is now comfortable organising and/or directing online club sessions, please give serious consideration to whether you could allocate the relatively modest amount of additional time required to organise and/or direct an online county event and to contribute to the development of our thinking for the future. Additional training will be provided free of charge if required and advice/guidance will be available at all times.

If you are willing to explore this further, please contact me by email at as soon as possible.

Many thanks.

Peter Clinch,
SCCBA Tournament Manager

Online Bridge Clubs in Sussex

Although we are not playing face-to-face at the moment, an increasing number of Sussex clubs are running online session on Bridge Base Online or RealBridge.  If you haven't tried yet, maybe you should consider it.  Most clubs are running sessions for members only (some with guests) - see the attached list.  See each club's website for details of how to join.

If any club wishes to make changes to this list, they should contact the SCCBA WebMaster.  The latest change is that Hailsham BC now have RealBridge sessions on Mondays at 19:00.

Peter Clinch
(SCCBA Tournament Manager)

SCCBA Club Teams of 8
SCCBA Club Teams of 8 - VPs
Sussex Pairs Final
Horsham/SCCBA Stepping Stone Pairs
Sussex Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs
Online East Grinstead Basic Bridge Pairs
Sussex Online Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs
Horsham Welcome Pairs
Open Simultaneous Pairs
SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final
SCCBA Pairs Final
SCCBA David Pavey Final
10th Apr 2021
EBU National Pairs Final
RealBridge 10th-11th
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13th Apr 2021
Invitation Pairs - Round 1
BBO 19:00
15th Apr 2021
Southern Counties League v Middlesex
29th Apr 2021
Invitation Pairs - Round 2
BBO 19:00
30th Apr 2021
EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes
Live/online? 30th-4th
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8th May 2021
Garden Cities Regional Final
11th May 2021
Invitation Pairs - Round 3
BBO 19:00
15th May 2021
SCCBA Spring Congress - Swiss Pairs
Provisional date 11:00
16th May 2021
SCCBA Spring Congress - Swiss Teams
Provisional date 11:00
23rd May 2021
Kent Green-Pointed Swiss Teams
RealBridge 11:00
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27th May 2021
Invitation Pairs - Round 4
BBO 19:00
3rd Jun 2021
Southern Counties League v Surrey