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Kent are holding a GP Swiss Pairs at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday March 3rd - see Kent site for details

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Welcome to Sussex County Contract Bridge Association

Welcome to the web-site of the

Sussex County Contract Bridge Association (SCCBA)

which supports all aspects of bridge in Sussex.

New to Bridge?   Forthcoming Events

For the latest news, please see below.  If there's anything else that you'd like to know about, please try our :-

Full List of Contacts

Sussex Mixed Pairs Championship

The 2024 Sussex Mixed Pairs Championship for the Eddie Williams Trophy was held at the Patcham Community Centre on Sunday 14th July.  Congratulations to the winners who were :-

Gunnar Hallberg & Sally Clark.


Well done also to the runners-up who were Oliver Powell and Liz Hoskins (pictured) with Peter Harbott and Gill Southern finishing 3rd.

Many thanks to director Stephen Kennedy and our caterer Charlotte Setahul.  Thanks also to those working unseen - Martin Pool for preparing the boards and Mervyn Wotton for running the web-site.

Gerry Stanford,

Book Your Summer/Autumn Bridge Now!

Astonishingly, it is summer and you can beat the weather by playing a bit of fun bridge.  For our following events in July-October, you can enter here.

SCCBA Venture Pairs at Worthing on 21st July: Level 2 systems only, and at least one player must be NGS 6 or below.

SCCBA Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs at Patcham on 28th July: Open to all; a great way to boost your green-points while playing against your peers.

SCCBA Midweek Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs at Henfield: Please note that this event has been rescheduled to 4th September.

SCCBA Welcome Pairs at Worthing on 29th September: For those who have learnt to play in the last 5 years with an NGS of 5 or less.

SCCBA Ladies Pairs at Patcham on 20th October.

Peter Clinch.
Tournament Manager

Sussex Candles at Henfield

Once again a great time was had by all at the Blue-Pointed Sussex Candles at Henfield on Sunday 16th June.  The winners were Liz Hoskins, Andrew Southwell, Richard Fedrick and Peter Clinch.  They were six Victory Points clear of second-placed Mike Keeping, David Benjamin, Matt Read and David Dickson.  Surprisingly, the top two teams never faced one another.  One more round....  The Queen-high trophy was captured by sixth-placed Duncan McSorland, Sue Peters, Graham and Rose Walker.

Lunch and cake were again splendidly-provided by Charlotte Setahul and team.  Many thanks are due to the excellent director Stephen Kennedy, Martin Pool and John Hardy (who dealt and transported the boards), to our webmaster Mervyn Wotton and to Peter Bates who coordinated logistics in the Hall.  Our next Henfield event will be the Blue-Pointed Midweek Swiss Pairs on Wednesday 21st August.

Peter Clinch, Tournament Organiser

Garden Cities Final


National Inter-County teams of 8 Final

Sussex had quite a good Teams of 8 weekend.  Unfortunately, the most memorable hand in the Garden Cities Final on Saturday June 1st was when Stephen Kennedy came back to the table having brought home a vulnerable 3NT with an overtrick (it should have gone down).  His joy was short-lived as his teammates had conceded 1960 in 1NT redoubled with three overtricks so that was 16 IMPs away!  The Avenue team was Julian Mitchell (capt) and Peter Clinch, Matt Read and Mike Allen, Stephen Kennedy and Oliver Powell, Gunnar Hallberg and Sally Clark.  We were, in truth, a distant second to Cambridge.

On the following day, the Sussex team came second to Yorkshire in the National Intercounty Teams of 8 (division A) Final by just 2 VPs. This was much closer than the previous day and, for a while (pre-appeal), it seemed that Sussex were the joint-winners with Kent. The Sussex team was Christine Jepson (capt) and Neil Watts, Oliver Powell and Stephen Kennedy, Alan and James Hobden and Peter Clinch and Julian Mitchell.

Peter Clinch

Sussex Venture Pairs

Worthing Bridge Club

Sunday 21st July at 1pm

For less-experienced players (one player must have an NGS rating of 6 or below), the Sussex Venture Pairs event is being held at Worthing Bridge Club.  You can enter online now or print off an entry form for postal/email submission.

Eileen Perrigo, Organiser

Club Director Training Courses

 Old Barn Hall, Bookham, Surrey

The following courses will be held at Old Barn Hall, Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3PQ :-

  • How to run a duplicate - Saturday 28th September 2024
  • Book Rulings - Saturday 26th October 2024
  • Book and Judgement Rulings - Saturday 16th November 2024
  • Assessment - Saturday 23rd November 2024

For full details, please contact Clive Turner at EBED.

SCCBA Mixed Pairs
Invitation Pairs - Round 3
SCCBA Blue-Pointed Candles
Invitation Pairs - Round 2
Invitation Pairs - Round 1
SCCBA Spring Congress Swiss Teams
SCCBA Spring Congress Swiss Pairs
National Pairs South East Regional Final
SCCBA Teams of Eight - aka EBU Garden Cities Trophy heat
Sussex Pairs Final
SCCBA Charity Simultaneous Pairs
David Pavey Trophy (NGS 7 and under)
21st Jul 2024
SCCBA Venture Pairs
Worthing BC 13:00
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28th Jul 2024
Green Point Swiss Pairs
Patcham BC 11:00
 More Info
31st Jul 2024
Invitation Pairs - Round 4
BBO 19:30
28th Aug 2024
Invitation Pairs - Round 5
BBO 19:30
4th Sep 2024
SCCBA Blue-Pointed Midweek Swiss Pairs
Henfield Hall 10:30
 More Info
24th Sep 2024
Invitation Pairs - Round 6
BBO 19:30
29th Sep 2024
Worthing Welcome Pairs
Worthing BC 11:00
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20th Oct 2024
SCCBA Ladies Pairs
Patcham BC 13:00
 More Info
23rd Oct 2024
Invitation Pairs - Round 7
BBO 19:30
22nd Nov 2024
Invitation Pairs - Round 8
BBO 19:30