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President's Cup 2020

This year, Sussex is entering the President's Cup, an inter-county teams of 8 event organised by Merseyside & Cheshire.  8-board matches will be played on BBO at 6 p.m. every Tuesday until September 1st.  For the first match, on Tuesday 23rd June against a combined Suffolk / Essex team, we will be represented by Stephen Kennedy & Ollie Powell, Andy Ryder & Mike Allen, Kamran Nadim & Gerry Stanford, and David Dickson & Matt Read.

Midlands Counties Working Group On-line Teams of Four - Flight A

Congratulations to the Sussex team of Yves Lebrec (captain), Philip Hunt, Matt Read and David Dickson who beat 15 other County teams to win the online Flight A event held on Saturday 13th June.  Sussex defeated Warwickshire 20-15 in the final.

The event was hosted by the Midlands Counties Working Group.  The trophy may only be virtual but the performance was excellent against accomplished opponents.  Many thanks also to Christine Jepson who picked the team on behalf of the selectors.

Peter Clinch

On-line Bridge in Sussex

Although we are not playing face-to-face at the moment, an increasing number of Sussex clubs are running online sessions at Bridge Base Online.  If you haven't tried yet, maybe you should consider it.  Most clubs are running for members only (some with guests) - see each club's websites for details of how to join. The list below shows the clubs currently running sessions - we will update this list as we receive updates from clubs.


Horsham - gentle duplicate for beginners (afternoon)

Chichester (evening)

Patcham 19.15


Avenue / Lewes / West Sussex 10.00

Chichester 14.00

Eastbourne / Hailsham / Sovereign Harbour 14:00

1066 (Bexhill / East Sussex / St Leonards) 19.00

Horsham 19.00


Patcham 13.30

Seaford 18.30

Cross in Hand 19.00

Crawley / Church Hill 19.15 

Avenue / Lewes / West Sussex 19.30


Avenue / Lewes / West Sussex 13.30

1066 (Bexhill / East Sussex / St Leonards) 13.30

Chichester 14.00

Meridian / Forest Row 14.00

Rottingdean 14.00  

Horsham 19.00


Patcham 13.30


Horsham 14.00 (Swiss Pairs)

Peter Clinch
(SCCBA Tournament Manager)

Coronavirus - SCCBA AGM delayed

In light of government advice issued on 16 March, the AGM previously planned to take place at Worthing BC on 5 April has been postponed.

When circumstances allow, we will rearrange the AGM, giving fresh notice as required by the constitution.  The latter requires all Management Committee members to resign at the AGM but, unsurprisingly it is silent on the circumstances which we now face.  Therefore, the existing Management Committee will continue to manage the Association’s affairs until such time as improved circumstances allow a return to normality.  I am putting in place a modus operandi to allow the Management Committee still to ‘meet’ via one or more ‘virtual’ meetings, eliminating the need for face-to-face gatherings.  The ‘minutes’ of those meetings will be published on the web site in the usual way.  The first of those virtual meetings will take place towards the end of April.

I have already received reports from the majority of Sussex clubs that their sessions have been suspended and I imagine the rest will follow suit (sorry!) shortly.  These necessary closures will remove from some of our members an important part of their social life and I have urged all clubs to ramp up their communications channels as far as possible to provide members with points of contact and help if required.  This country’s citizens have a rich history of pulling together in times of crisis and I know the Sussex bridge community will be no different.

If members have any questions about what is happening at SCCBA level, feel free to contact me at any time.  Otherwise, on behalf of the Management Committee, I wish all Sussex members, their families and friends as trouble-free as possible a period of reduced social contact/self isolation.

Stay safe!

Dick Wheeler (SCCBA Hon Sec)

Tel. 07786 187297

Coronavirus - Updates to programme changes below (status as at June 26th)

Please note that :-

  • the Teams-of-8 event which was scheduled for March 22nd,
  • the Sussex Candles, due to have been played at Henfield on June 7th,
  • the Junior Bridge Camp at Bowles Recreation Centre on July 11-12th,
  • the whole of this year's Invitation Pairs
  • the Green Point Swiss Teams, due to have been played at Patcham on July 19th,

have now been cancelled.

Coronavirus - SCCBA programme changes

The SCCBA Management Committee met on 13 March and, in addition to the normal agenda items, it discussed at length the implications of the coronavirus outbreak.  In light of the latest forecasts of the likely extent of the epidemic and, bearing in mind our responsibility to protect the health and well being of our members, the Management Committee believes that it would be sensible to suspend our tournament programme in the near future.  We are only a week away from the Teams of Eight event and we will be consulting urgently the clubs involved to confirm that they wish the event to be held as planned.  Beyond that, we envisage the following for other county events:

  • Those participating in the Invitation Pairs and the host clubs will be consulted over continuation or suspension.
  • The Sussex League and Championship Teams/Plate will complete as planned provided those concerned continue to be willing to host matches.
  • The Spring Congress (4/5 April) will not now be held. If the epidemic passes fairly quickly we would hope to be able to reschedule it.
  • The Green Point Swiss Pairs (16 May) will be postponed and, if the EBU are content, rescheduled for later in the year.
  • The Candles (June), the Venture Pairs (June) and Green Point Swiss Teams (July) are also likely to be rescheduled for later in 2020 but the situation will be reviewed again at the next meeting of the Management Committee (24 April).
  • The prospects for holding the Junior Bridge Camp (July), the Mid-week Swiss Pairs (August), the Worthing Welcome Pairs (September), the Kremer Dersch (September), the Ladies Pairs (October) and the Autumn Congress (October) as planned will also be reviewed at the April meeting and in conjunction with the organisers and others concerned.

We expect detailed advice and guidance regarding their events to be published by the EBU on their web site early next week.

We have assessed the likely financial impacts of the changes to our programme and we believe that they can be absorbed without the need for exceptional measures.  All entry fees paid in advance will be refunded as soon as possible.

Any questions arising from this article should be referred to Dick Wheeler.

Horsham Welcome Pairs
Horsham Welcome Pairs

The SCCBA Welcome Pairs for those playing for no more than 5 years was held at Horsham BC on Sunday March 8th and was a great success with players from Horsham, Crawley, Worthing and further afield.

The winners (all pictured) were :-

  • 1st overall - Mary Byrne & Kathy Hurst (seated)
  • 2nd overall - Pauline & John Guppy
  • Year 3 group - 1st Nicola Fryatt & Carol Mays, 2nd Leigh & Andy Hawkins
  • Year 2 group - 1st Sue & Steve Smith, 2nd Susan Noblett & Alan Birch

Many thanks to Graham Walker who directed.

Jane Handley (Organiser)

SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs - CONFIRMED RESULTS

142 pairs (an increase of 30!) took part in the annual SCCBA Open Simultaneous Pairs in various Sussex clubs between Monday February 17th and Wednesday February 19th.

Congratulations to the confirmed winners who are Richard Clark and Eddie Lucioni who played in the Crowborough heat.  The runners-up are Mervyn Wotton and Hazel Ogden who played in the Crawley heat and in 3rd place are Peter Griffin and Kostadin Vasilev who played in the Horsham heat.

The overall runners-up are winners of the '60 and over' category and the 3rd-placed pair are winners of the 'one player under 60' category.  The prize for the ‘75 and over’ category has not been awarded.

Many thanks to all the clubs who took part in this event and to Gerry Stanford who organised the commentary hand-outs.  Special thanks to organiser Peter Clinch (especially for the increased turn-out) and to Neil Watts who selected the hands and wrote the commentary.

("There is a tremendous amount of work involved in assembling and merging scores from participating clubs.  I would like to thank Mervyn Wotton, who once again performed this task rapidly and without flaws" - Peter Clinch}

For all other events, please see Calendar.

Horsham Welcome Pairs
Open Simultaneous Pairs
SCCBA Mixed Pairs Final
SCCBA Pairs Final
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Charity Simultaneous Pairs
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SCCBA Ladies Pairs
Autumn Congress Swiss Teams
3rd Jul 2020
EBU Summer Seniors Congress - CANCELLED
Eastbourne 3rd-5th
7th Jul 2020
Invitation Pairs - Round 5 CANCELLED
Avenue 7:15
11th Jul 2020
South East Counties Junior Bridge Camp - CANCELLED
Bowles Rocks Centre 11th-12th
19th Jul 2020
SCCBA Green-Pointed Swiss Teams - CANCELLED
1st Aug 2020
EBU - Virtual Eastbourne
Aug 1st - 9th
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19th Aug 2020
Blue-Pointed Midweek Swiss Pairs
2nd Sep 2020
Invitation Pairs - Round 6 CANCELLED
13th Sep 2020
Horsham Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs
Millais School, Horsham 10:30
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28th Sep 2020
Invitation Pairs - Round 7 CANCELLED
West Sussex 7:15
27th Oct 2020
Invitation Pairs - Round 8 CANCELLED
Avenue 7:15