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Face-to-Face Bridge at the Club
Face-to-Face Bridge at the Club

Following two successful trials, we will be holding regular face-to-face bridge sessions at the Club on Friday afternoons, where normal table money of £3.50 will be charged.  This is payable by yellow ticket or contactless card (only MasterCard or Visa).  Paying with cash is not acceptable.

The online BBO sessions on Friday afternoons will also continue as usual.

For the next face-to-face session on Friday 2 October please register as pairs via the LH menu.

The Club has been made Covid-safe, as described here.  To comply strictly with Government regulations on Covid  there will be no movement, no coffee or tea available, and all 20 boards will be played against the same opponents.

Members without a partner who wish to play should ring Rosemary on 07849 455756 and she will try to arrange a partner.

The maximum number of tables we can accommodate is 11, but if necessary we will also keep a reserve list.

Please arrive by 1pm to book in for the session.

Playing Bridge Online with BBO or BCL

Many TWBC members are playing bridge online, usually with either Bridge Base Online or Bridge Club Live.

We are running regular sessions with BBO as a Virtual Club - see elsewhere on the website on how to register with BBO and join these sessions. 

Some of our members are also playing on BCL.  BCL works differently from BBO and some members prefer it.  You can find details on how to register at the BCL website here

Once registered with BCL, you can see other TWBC members who have registered by clicking Members -> Clubs and pressing the TWBC club link on the right hand side. 

'Bridge with Angela' 5th edition
'Bridge with Angela' 5th edition


Angela Tompson has updated her guide for students and improvers;  this is the fifth edition following upon the success of the earlier versions. The basics are unchanged but Angela has taken the opportunity to include further conventions currently and commonly played, including Benjaminised Acol, commonly known as "Benji".

This book commences with the very basics of bridge and goes on to describe the essential elements of bidding.  Guidance on play of the cards and defence is included followed by explanations of conventions commonly played.


The price is £7.95 and it can be purchased at the club bar or phone Angela on 01892 526716.

Honours Boards
Honours Boards




The Honours Boards for recent years can be viewed as full-size images by going to the relevant item on the left-hand menu.  There you can see the winners of all cups and trophies awarded in Club Competitions for Pairs and for Teams during that year.  They also show the winners of individual trophies in the year.

Jack Harris is 100

Congratulations to Jack Harris who turned 100 on 21 September.  He is well and still playing bridge, after more than 50 years as a member of TWBC and its antecedent.  He says he is sorry not to have drinks to celebrate!

Carol Mitchell and Douglas Millson

We regret to announce the deaths of Carol Mitchell and Douglas Millson

Carol died on 9 September.  She joined the Club in 2009 and will be remembered as someone who, despite her health problems, was always so cheerful. 

Douglas died in hospital on 14 September, aged 96.  A longtime member, he had not played in recent years but maintained his membership.  His funeral service will take place at 12.15pm on Thursday 1st October.  It is being streamed live on  Username Wopi9674 and password 576368, and will be available to watch for 28 days.

Committee Meeting

The minutes of the Committee meeting who met on 23 September are now available to view on the members only section.  The next meeting will take place on  18 November 2020.

We run the following sessions on Bridge Base Online:
Mondays at 7.30pm, Tuesdays at 2pm
 and  Fridays at 2pm,
also gentle bridge sessions on Thursdays at 2pm.  
Sessions are 18-21 boards, and cost 3 US Dollars, so you will need to have a BB$ account. Note that you can apply for BB$ to top up your balance automatically by a small amount whenever it becomes dangerously low. 
Non-members may play as guests in our club sessions up to four times in a year, after which they will be asked to join the club. 

Directors Rota:
Mon. 28th:   Angela Treen (07720 706736)
Tue. 29th:  Gerhard Hess (07887  714340)
Thu. 1st:  John Stobo (01892 548763)
Fri. 2nd:  Gerhard Hess (07887  714340)

A full explanation of how to join an event is given below.  If you have not informed the club of your BBO username, but wish to play in our sessions, then to avoid being excluded please click here.  And you can click here to view a list of other players' BBO usernames.

No partner?  Message or call the director, who may be able to suggest a partner or otherwise advise you.  If you remain partnerless, we suggest you log in (select "competitive") before the event starts (tell the director) because whenever we have an odd number of pairs the director will want to fill the two empty seats, and you could be invited in for a free game.  Please also consider volunteering if you are comfortable with this arrangement; it reduces the need to substitute strangers. You may also like to join a WhatsApp group (text your mobile number to 07444 899109 to be included) as a possible way of finding partners. 


To join a Tunbridge Wells club event :

If you intend to play on a battery powered device, we would advise you to ensure that it is fully charged.

1.  Go to at least 10 minutes before the event is due to start (15 -20 minutes if the procedure is new to you).  If you leave it to the last 5 minutes, and encounter a problem, you may miss out.  Call the director if you need help (see rota above for contact numbers).

2.  Select Competitive

3.  Select All Tournaments  

4.   Find the search box (above "entry fee"), enter Tunb and press enter.  If the searching facility does not work, you can still find our event by scrolling down through the list.  The events are in chronological order, so if you know the session is due to start in, say, 10 minutes, expect to find it at 9, 10 or 11 in the start column.

5.  Be sure to identify our event correctly, and click on the event (not on vEBU204441 which is your host's ID).  When prompted, enter your partner's username.  An invitation will be issued (but withdrawn after 20 secs. if not accepted).  If your partner has not yet logged in, just wait.  They will follow the same procedure and invite you. 

6.  As soon as one partner has accepted the other's invitation, your registration will be confirmed; now just wait until the first deal appears on the screen.  Meanwhile you should both ignore any pop-up box that mentions EBU numbers and cancellation. You could click on "entries" to see who has registered, and chat to partner until the session begins.  If you do not initially have any first round opponents, be patient; it will be the director's first priority to fill the empty seats.  Each round has a time limit; unfinished boards will be adjudicated as fairly as possible.  Please be courteous, and ready to start each round promptly.

7.  If you find yourselves excluded when the event begins, the director could bring you into it IF there is a substitute pair.  Contact the director a.s.a.p. quoting your usernames and he/she will include you if it is possible to do so.

National online bridge success

Congratulations to Simon Children and Emmanuel di Bona who, on Sunday 9th August, achieved the highest score to date in an EBU 'relaxed' duplicate - 73.3%.

New Rules of the Club

The new Rules of the Club, as adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 4 March 2020, are now available under "Information" in the left-hand menu.

Members' Contact Details

A list of members' telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is held within a private area of this website, in accordance with the Club's Privacy Policy.  Members who wish to contact other members can do so by clicking on Members Only above, and logging in.   The Club's Privacy Policy can be viewed within "Information" in the menu on the left.