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Bridge Classes
Bridge Classes

We offer a full programme of bridge classes and supervised practice sessions - for both beginners and those wanting to improve their skills.  For more details of our classroom teaching by Stephen Pierce and Chris Morgan, see the Menu on the left.  If you'd like to discuss which courses or sessions may suit you best, please email us or phone us.

To complement the classes and practice sessions, we can also supply a popular book by local bridge teacher Angela Tompson, details of which are shown below.

'Bridge with Angela' 5th edition
'Bridge with Angela' 5th edition


Angela Tompson has updated her guide for students and improvers;  this is the fifth edition following upon the success of the earlier versions. The basics are unchanged but Angela has taken the opportunity to include further conventions currently and commonly played, including Benjaminised Acol, commonly known as "Benji".

This book commences with the very basics of bridge and goes on to describe the essential elements of bidding.  Guidance on play of the cards and defence is included followed by explanations of conventions commonly played.


The price is £7.95 and it can be purchased at the club bar or phone Angela on 01892 526716.

Honours Boards
Honours Boards




The Honours Boards for recent years can be viewed as full-size images by going to the relevant item on the left-hand menu.  There you can see the winners of all cups and trophies awarded in Club Competitions for Pairs and for Teams during that year.  They also show the winners of individual trophies in the year.

Committee Meeting

The club's 2019-20 Committee, who are continuing to serve until such time as an AGM can take place  (the main issue being obtaining a quorum), met on Wednesday 20th May.  The minutes are now available to view on the members only section.  

TWBC Events with Bridge Base Online

We have set up a Virtual Club with Bridge Base Online, commencing with Fridays at 2pm.    Our first evening session is planned for Monday 1 June at 7.30pm.    The cost will be 3 US Dollars per 18-board session  for which you will need to set up your own personal account within BBO.  You can do this by selecting "BB$" from their top right menu.  Please watch this box for news on our schedule of events, and how to register.   For the time being, we ask you to add your names to a registration form (see left hand menu), but that will not always be necessary.  Currently, we are not running a host system, so you will need to enter as pairs.

This is an opportunity to play exclusively with other TWBC members, though on occasion a single non-member pair may be invited in to avoid a sitout.  Members who already play on-line are asked to encourage other TWBC members to join.  Non-members may play as guests in our club sessions up to four times in a year, after which they will be asked to join the club.  Help will be available for those who are new to on-line bridge.  Please take part to make this viable for the Club.


To get a BBO account if you don't already have one

Go to and click Play bridge now.

The following fields should be completed

  1. User name: This must be unique and it would be useful if others can recognize you. (eg 'JoeSmith' might be taken but JJoeSmith will probably be ok)
  2. Password/Confirm Password: Up to 10 characters. The rules here are not very strict so you can choose one which is easy to remember.
  3. Email Address: An activation email will be sent to this address so it needs to be available to you when you finish this process.
  4. Real Name: Optional but could be useful
  5. ABCL Number: leave blank
  6. Skill/Level: "Expert" is someone who has won a national event so work your way down from that.
  7. Country: England
  8. Agree to the terms of service

When you receive the activation email you should confirm your registration and now you are ready to start playing on BBO.



To join a Tunbridge Wells club event :

1. Go to at least 10 minutes before the event is due to start (15 -20 minutes if the procedure is new to you).

2.  Select Competitive

3.  Select All Tournaments

4.  Type "Tunbridge" in the search box and press enter

5.  Click on the event and, if prompted, enter your partner's username

6.  Your registration should be confirmed; now just wait to play.  
Each round has a time limit; unfinished boards will be adjudicated.
Please be courteous, and ready to start each round promptly.

Yvonne Shaw

We regret to announce the death of Yvonne Shaw, who passed away on 27 April, following a stroke.  She joined the Club in 2000 and played most afternoons - rubber and duplicate.  Her lively personality and wicked sense of humour will  be fondly remembered by all afternoon players. 

New Rules of the Club

The new Rules of the Club, as adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 4 March 2020, are now available under "Information" in the left-hand menu.

Committee Minutes

The minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 20 May are now available to read in the Members Only section.

Members' Contact Details

A list of members' telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is held within a private area of this website, in accordance with the Club's Privacy Policy.  Members who wish to contact other members can do so by clicking on Members Only above, and logging in.   The Club's Privacy Policy can be viewed within "Information" in the menu on the left.