About the Club
About the Club

We are a large friendly bridge club with over 500 members.  We aim to cater for all standards of players, from beginners to internationals.  Whatever your experience, we have a session to suit you, and visitors are always welcome. 

Duplicate sessions are held on weekdays at the Club House, 40 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1DL.   Contact us on 01892-530739 or by email to tunbridgewellsbc@gmail.com.

In our large and comfortable premises we normally offer refreshments and bar facilities.  We host County and other events, and we are affiliated to the EBU.

Please also refer to Information and Weekly Timetable on LHS.  The latest position on our regular sessions is explained below.

Schedule of bridge sessions

The following sessions WILL be run, unless stated otherwise:
Running the sessions marked (**) depends on numbers, and we strongly encourage you to add your names to the list via the "TELL US" tab if you would like to play, as this makes it more likely that the session will run.   However, please tell us if you subsequently have to withdraw.
This list has been updated for Jan 28 - Feb 2

M aft:  Supervised pairs in club 1.30 (running)
M aft:  pairs online (BBO) 2.00  (running)
M eve:   Pairs in club 7.30.  (running)
Tu aft:   Pairs in club 1.30. (running) 

Tu eve (**):  Teams or pairs in club 7.30 (more pairs needed)
W aft (**):  Pairs in club 1.30. (more pairs needed)
W eve:  Diane's friendly session in club 7.30  (running)
Th aft:  1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays gentle pairs in club 1.00.

Th eve:  Pairs online (BBO) 7.30 
F morn:  Chicago 9.45 - 11.45 am  (running)
F aft:  Pairs in club 1.30 (running)
F eve:  Gentle pairs in club 7.00 in weeks when no Th aft. gentle. (running)
Other F eves:  Gentle pairs online (RealBridge) 7.30 (not this week)
F eve (**):  Teams or pairs in club 7.30 (TWO more pairs needed)

Please help us to predict numbers by informing us in advance (specifically, by 9am on the previous day), via the "TELL US" tab on the LHS, if you hope to play in a particular session - even if you have no partner.  

If a session is running, you are welcome to come whether you have told us of your intention or not - but please read the health warning below. 

CoVid and and other infectious Illnesses:

 - We ask that you come to the club only if you have received a full course of Covid vaccinations including a booster at least two weeks before.
 - CoVid is not the only infectious illness where minimising transmission to a vulnerable group is essential. 
 - Please stay away if you are unwell. 
 - We may check your temperature and enquire about your health before you enter. 
 - Please note our recommendations on wearing masks (box, RH column).
Bridge Classes by Stephen Pierce in 2022

We are scheduling a programme of bridge classes by Stephen Pierce.  These will take place in the Club.  Details are below.


New courses starting throughout the year

A range of courses for complete beginners, improvers, bridge returners and social players who wish to master duplicate bridge.

Starting January 2022 or later

Introduction to Bridge - 10am-4.15pm Saturday 26 March 2022

Complete Beginners - Thursday 10-12am September 2022

Beginners The Next Step - Monday 7.45-9.45pm March 2022

Beginners The Next Step - Thursday 10-12am March 2022

Beginners The Next Step - Monday 10-12am April 2022

Intermediate - Monday 7.45-9.45pm September 2022

Intermediate - Monday 10-12am September 2022

Bid Better Slams - Monday 10-12am February 2022

Tel:- 07973 207218    E-mail:- spchair@hotmail.com

Website. www.bridgeforfun.org. uk


'Bridge with Angela' 5th edition
'Bridge with Angela' 5th edition


Angela Tompson has updated her guide for students and improvers;  this is the fifth edition following upon the success of the earlier versions. The basics are unchanged but Angela has taken the opportunity to include further conventions currently and commonly played, including Benjaminised Acol, commonly known as "Benji".

This book commences with the very basics of bridge and goes on to describe the essential elements of bidding.  Guidance on play of the cards and defence is included followed by explanations of conventions commonly played.


The price is £7.95 and it can be purchased at the club bar or phone Angela on 01892 526716.

Honours Boards
Honours Boards




The Honours Boards for recent years can be viewed as full-size images by going to the relevant item on the left-hand menu.  There you can see the winners of all cups and trophies awarded in Club Competitions for Pairs and for Teams during that year.  They also show the winners of individual trophies in the year.

New rules on masks, effective Friday 28th Jan

The new Government guidelines state:  "Face masks will no longer be mandated, though people are still advised to wear coverings in enclosed or crowded spaces."

The club will no longer require the wearing of masks when sitting at tables, nor when making a simple move to the next table.  However we do ask you to don masks when moving around the room, particularly when there may be crowding, e.g. at the refreshment table, in the cloakrooms, and between rounds of a Howell movement.

Committee Meeting

 The minutes of the Committee meeting on 16 December can be viewed in the members only section, the next Committee meeting is scheduled for 16 February 2022.

Bridge classes with Chris Morgan Nov 2021

Chris Morgan is running a 20 week "Advanced Intermediate" bridge course on Wednesday mornings in the club from 10am to 12.  The course is designed for club players who are keen to improve their bridge, and can be joined now or in January.  For details please click on Chris Morgan bridge course.

Members' Contact Details

A list of members' telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is held within a private area of this website, in accordance with the Club's Privacy Policy.  Members who wish to contact other members can do so by clicking on Members Only above, and logging in.   The Club's Privacy Policy can be viewed within "Information" in the menu on the left.

Playing Bridge Online with BBO, RealBridge and BCL

TWBC runs regular duplicate sessions on BBO.  For full information please click on the tab in the LH menu. For a list of BBO usernames click here. 

On RealBridge you can play with video and audio.  You can find information on their website here.  For details of forthcoming TWBC sessions and how to join a session see the menu on the left. 

Some of our members play on BCL.  You can find details on how to register at the BCL website here.  Once registered, you can see other TWBC members who have registered by clicking Members -> Clubs and pressing the TWBC club link on the R H side. 

New Rules of the Club

The new Rules of the Club, as adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 4 March 2020, are now available under "Information" in the left-hand menu.

Members' online bridge successes

Congratulations to Angela Treen and Frances Connell who won the Flemig Femina, also to Jeremy Willans who won the Hunter Homines, with Ian Draper third.

Also to Helen Erichsen who, with Fiona Brown, won the trials for the Lady Milne (home international event) by a large margin.  They will now represent England in the new year.

Also to the five club members who helped Kent win the Metropolitan Cup ('A' division):  Norman Selway, Ian Draper, Jeremy Willans, Jon Thoresen and Croz Croswell.  Also to Frances Connell and Angela Treen who played in the 'C' team that came 2nd in their division.

Also to Philip Williams and Mike Griffiths, 4th (out of 98) in the Middlesex green-pointed Swiss Pairs,  Ravi Athwal, Pep Catalan, Ozy Kandolu and James Lee, 2nd in the Swiss Teams and Ian Draper's team 4th.

Many congratulations to Norman Selway, winner of the Phillimore Cup, the  London Metropolitan Swiss Pairs, the Hubert Phillips Bowlthe EBU Online Knockout, the Dyer Smith Cup (Kent mixed pairs), and the Swiss pairs at the Kent Congress.   Mark Mortimer and Angela Treen came 5th in the Swiss Pairs. Jeremy Willans and Jill Skinner came 2nd in the Dyer Smith.  Jennie Cain and Jean Smallwood were 3rd pair at the Kent Congress.