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Yes, It's Only a Game but you can play online on Tuesday evenings with Colchester or Wednesday afternoons with Heritage Coast.

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16th Jun 2021 09:37 BST
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Play it again, Sam

There are always hands which you think you could have played better. Have you tried the Play It Again feature? Click on your name in the results list to see your scorecard and choose the board you'd like to replay. Click on Play It Again, then BS Online and you'll be able to replay the hand ... and get guidance on how it should be done! 

Play Online Tuesday Evenings with Colchester & Wednesday Afternoons with Heritage Coast

Online vs. F2F - Members' Survey

Members will have received an email linking them to a survey which will help determine how the Stratford St Mary Bridge Club will operate when (and it is surely "when" and not "if") we are able to play face-to-face again.

Online play has been very popular amongst a good proportion of our members and may continue to be so when F2F play resumes.

Your responses to our survey will help us provide the bridge facilities you want.

Responses received so far can be seen HERE

Online Bridge Choices

For those of you who are playing bridge online, good luck in your games, and for those of you who have not ventured into the virtual bridge world, we hope you stay well until face-to-face bridge returns.

Let us hope that the Stratford St Mary Bridge Club can reconvene later in 2021.

Meanwhile there are opportunities for online play every day of the week either at Suffolk Clubs or the EBU - check out the SuffolkBury, Clare, Colchester, Heritage Coast, Ipswich & Kesgrave, Stansfield and EBU websites.

And there's Christine Cooke's Colchester and Friends game on BBO at 3.00pm on Fridays the profits from which go to charity - £250 given to Colchester Zoo already!

Stratford St Mary & Colchester Online - Tuesdays at 7.00pm

Our ONLINE BRIDGE CLUB with Colchester is now running successfully.

Basic information and links to useful videos are shown in the Stratford St Mary Club Online box on the right.

To register your interest, please complete the Registration Form - click on Registration for Online Games in the menu on the left.


To see how to enter an online event, click on play online


Looking for a Partner?

If you want to play in the Joint Colchester Clubs Online games on a Tuesday evening but need a Partner, there are TWO ways to find one!

Members can still follow the automated process detailed below, but you can also contact Elizabeth Knowlson on 01206 532839 or 07511 646730 or by email at and she will inform all club members by email that you are looking for a Partner.

To use the automated Find a Partner system on this website, click on Membership, on the left, then enter your email address and password where requested. If you don't already have a password, click on Forgotten Password and an email will be sent to you with a link allowing you to set one up. Two of you sharing an email address can still use this feature by following these instructions and setting up different passwords. 

Once you are in the Membership section, click in the Partner Required box for the appropriate date.

A note will appear in the Calendar on the Home Page showing that someone is looking for a partner. When another member goes into their system, they will find your name and contact details.

If this does not appear to work, it will probably be because the email address you are using is different from the one we have on our membership list. In this case, please contact the Secretary or Webmaster (click on Where & When, then Committee) so that our list can be updated.


For obvious reasons, Stratford St Mary Bridge Club will be closed for face-to-face bridge until further notice but remains active online.

Welcome to the Stratford St Mary Bridge Club

When conditions permit, we play friendly duplicate bridge at St Johns & Highwoods Community Centre, Colchester, CO4 9SR on Wednesday evenings starting  play at 7.00pm. Meanwhile online bridge is the only way to play.

              New members welcome.

Club News

We were due to hold the Stratford St Mary Bridge Club's AGM on April 1, 2020 but this did not take place.

When we eventually return to play, we will arrange a meeting to replace the AGM where we will review the 2019/20 Financial statement and formalise the changes to the Committee membership. The Committee comprises a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and up to six Committee Members. The nominated members will act as your Committee until the changes are formalised:

Chair - Paul Rickard

Treasurer - Elizabeth Knowlson

Acting Secretary - Christine Cooke

Committee Members - Bill Anslow, Duncan Smith, Nick Reay, Sue Dixon & Sue Smith.

Stay well and why not try the various on-line alternatives as detailed above and on the Suffolk Bridge website - click Suffolk Bridge


Upcoming Events

To see a list of local bridge events originally planned for 2021 click on the 2021 Events tab on the left. 

Full details of all other planned Suffolk Bridge events can be found on the Suffolk Bridge website

All events are on hold and rearrangement is subject to Coronavirus developments, of course.

Keith Prichard

I am very sorry to tell you that Keith Prichard has passed away after a long struggle with cancer. He partnered Geraldine Rogers for many years, including our last face to face game before the lockdown. Our thoughts are with her and his family.

A Message from the Chairman

It is more than a year since we last met to play face-to-face bridge. Click REPORT for an update from the Chairman.

Club Finances

The Club's accounts for March 2020 to February 2021 have now been audited and show a small surplus for the year. Details are available to members on request.

Wednesday Afternoon at Heritage Coast

Stratford St Mary members are very welcome to join with Heritage Coast bridge club on Wednesday afternoons at 1.00pm for a friendly session of around 20 boards on BBO.

To register, complete the entry form on the HERITAGE COAST website.

Stratford St Mary Club Online

With no bridge clubs open, Stratford St Mary has joined forces with the other local EBU club, Colchester Duplicate, to play online at 7.00pm on Tuesday evenings. Games will comprise 20 boards, 16 minutes per 2-board round, finishing before 10.00pm.

To play you will need to register with BBO (Bridge Base Online) and create a username. You also need to complete the registration form on the left, just once, and you'll receive joining instructions each week. Your choice, then, whether or not to play on any particular Tuesday. 

Many of you will not have played online before, so you will find the following links useful. Click BBO to see a list of short videos and click First Steps for some suggestions about getting started.

"Table money" will be BB$3/person (Don't buy BB$ via the BBO app - if you need to buy BB$ on an iPad, use Safari and log into BBO via

If you have any questions, please click on to ask Peter Bushby, who will be running these events and sending details of how to take part to those who register.

Our Find a Partner systems remain in place - see the box below the Registration Form for details.

Suffolk Online Teams League

The Suffolk Online Teams League is now into its eighth season. Full details can be downloaded HERE

Best Behaviour @Online Bridge

Best Behaviour is as important when playing online as it is when playing face to face.

We've had many Tuesday evening tournaments now (plus relaxed play on Wednesdays) and it looks like we have many more to come

Thank you for your support and everything you've done to make Tuesday evenings pleasant and enjoyable.

Click HERE to see how to keep it that way and keep the friendly spirit going.

Where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?

You've seen these icons alongside the Results each week - but do you know what the green one is for?

Click on it on a Results page and you'll get into Bridge Solver On Line - where, among other things, you will find the Play It Again feature and details of how many tricks you made compared with the best double-dummy play. 

Lots of useful analysis - have a look ! 

Suffolk Bridge Website
Suffolk Bridge Website

Suffolk Bridge has updated its website to include numerous useful and interesting articles together with details of all the Bridge activities in the area - Clubs, Competitions and more. Just click HERE to see it.

June 1 Result

Click HERE to see June 1 result.

SStM Col Joint Online
Scorer: Peter Bushby
SStM Col Joint Online
Scorer: Peter Bushby
22nd Jun 2021
SStM Col Joint Online
29th Jun 2021
SStM Col Joint Online
6th Jul 2021
SStM Col Joint Online