Stourbridge Bridge Club and Stourbridge Institute Bridge Section
May Minutes

Stourbridge Institute Bridge Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting 8th May 2019

Present: Linda Wright, Georgina Lineker, James Taylor, Sally Johnson,             Margaret Hanson, Glo Jackson

Apologies: Gavin Tringham

Chairman’s Report

  • Restaurant Availability                                                                            LW waiting for the date of a meeting with Gerry Roper and all concerned with restaurant availability,  when bridge cannot be played in the Function Room  
  • WCBA Support Meeting - to be discussed at our next meeting
  • Bridge Teaching                                                                                        GL and LW to attend the Club Teacher Training Course on June 29th  
  • There has been a suggestion that instead of a Christmas party a Social should be held in December. It was agreed that this item should be discussed at a later date

Committee Responsibilities

  • AGM on Friday June 21st
    • Notice of the AGM, proposals, nominations and agenda – GJ
    • Trophies – engraving, announcement re collection – GL
    • Honours board, printing of agenda and accounts – JT
    • Email to members re AGM and return of trophies - JT

Secretary’s Report

  • Members lists/records – GJ to check if database is up to date

Treasurer’s Report

  • Accounts presented to the meeting in last year’s format but will be changed to income and expenditure accounts for the AGM on an accruals basis rather than a cash basis.

Rota Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • Tuesday and Thursday rotas are in place for June and July.                  Problems with Friday rotas.

Competitions Secretary’s Report

  • Forthcoming Events


Tuesday 19th



Friday 7th

WW Sim Pairs


Friday 21st


Resources Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • MH to buy new printer cartridge
  • 2 dozen packs of cards have been purchased

Non-Committee Executives Reports

  • LW to speak to Peter Adams about the possibility/ necessity of having a new laptop

Any Other Business

  • SJ to check if SISC have paid the agreed £50 to the Bridge Section

Date of next meeting

  • AGM Friday June 21st
  • Committee Meeting Wednesday July 10th