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The club remains closed until further notice, in accordance with Governement advice.

The Institute car park remains open to Institute car park members.

May Minutes

Stourbridge Institute Bridge Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting 8th May 2019

Present: Linda Wright, Georgina Lineker, James Taylor, Sally Johnson,             Margaret Hanson, Glo Jackson

Apologies: Gavin Tringham

Chairman’s Report

  • Restaurant Availability                                                                            LW waiting for the date of a meeting with Gerry Roper and all concerned with restaurant availability,  when bridge cannot be played in the Function Room  
  • WCBA Support Meeting - to be discussed at our next meeting
  • Bridge Teaching                                                                                        GL and LW to attend the Club Teacher Training Course on June 29th  
  • There has been a suggestion that instead of a Christmas party a Social should be held in December. It was agreed that this item should be discussed at a later date

Committee Responsibilities

  • AGM on Friday June 21st
    • Notice of the AGM, proposals, nominations and agenda – GJ
    • Trophies – engraving, announcement re collection – GL
    • Honours board, printing of agenda and accounts – JT
    • Email to members re AGM and return of trophies - JT

Secretary’s Report

  • Members lists/records – GJ to check if database is up to date

Treasurer’s Report

  • Accounts presented to the meeting in last year’s format but will be changed to income and expenditure accounts for the AGM on an accruals basis rather than a cash basis.

Rota Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • Tuesday and Thursday rotas are in place for June and July.                  Problems with Friday rotas.

Competitions Secretary’s Report

  • Forthcoming Events


Tuesday 19th



Friday 7th

WW Sim Pairs


Friday 21st


Resources Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • MH to buy new printer cartridge
  • 2 dozen packs of cards have been purchased

Non-Committee Executives Reports

  • LW to speak to Peter Adams about the possibility/ necessity of having a new laptop

Any Other Business

  • SJ to check if SISC have paid the agreed £50 to the Bridge Section

Date of next meeting

  • AGM Friday June 21st
  • Committee Meeting Wednesday July 10th