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The club remains closed until further notice, in accordance with Governement advice.

The Institute car park remains open to Institute car park members.

Sep Minutes

Stourbridge Institute Bridge Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting 11th September 2019

Present: Linda Wright, Georgina Lineker, James Taylor, Sally Johnson,              Glo Jackson

Apologies: Gavin Tringham, Margaret Hanson

Chairman’s Report

  • Bridge Teaching                                                                                                  GL and LW to run a course  for beginners learning to play bridge           The course will begin in January and  will take place on                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm                                                                              The cost will be £2 per head                                                                                  An announcement to go in the diary                                                                                             
  • Peter Adams is working on installing Scorebridge on our new computer
  • Our next Social Bridge event will be on September 28th
  • Health and Safety in the function room                                                         If the function room has been left in an unsafe state, JT suggested that it would be a good idea to provide evidence of this by taking  a photograph. The committee agreed.
  • Arrival and starting times for Monday afternoon Bridge have been getting earlier

If there is a need for an earlier start then the website will need to be changed.

It was agreed that this should be referred to Monday afternoon director

Secretary’s Report

  • The entry form for the Rubber Bridge competition is on the board
  • The WCBA August newsletter has been displayed

Treasurer’s Report

  • One signatory and one counter-signatory are now required for online payments

Media Co-ordinator’s Report

  • Our website is up to date and details of our bridge course will be added
  • JT to print more forms for new players

Rota Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • The Host system is under review

Resource Co-ordinator’s Report

  • MH  to buy a new printer cartridge
  • MH to be asked which cards were last purchased

Any Other Business

  • Afternoon Order of Merit trophy to be discussed after Christmas

Date of next meeting

  •  Wednesday November 27th