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The club remains closed until further notice, in accordance with Governement advice.

The Institute car park remains open to Institute car park members.

Jan Minutes

Stourbridge Institute Bridge Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting 15th January 2020

Present: Linda Wright, Georgina Lineker, James Taylor, Sally Johnson, Margaret Hanson, Glo Jackson

Apologies: Gavin Tringham

The minutes of the Committee Meeting of 27th November 2019 were approved

Chairman’s Report

  • Bridge teaching
    • 10 learners have signed up with another 5 expected. 2 of this group have been passed on to Roy’s more experienced group
  • Roy Withers is concerned that Tuesday Bridge sessions sometimes finish after 10:30 and wonders what could be done to avoid this. The matter was discussed and the committee felt that most sessions do in fact end by 10:30. It was agreed that every  effort to ensure a 10:30 finish should continue to be made
  • Queries re Order of Merit
    • Swiss Pairs results are scored differently and so are not included in the OoM
    • It has been agreed that results of sessions of 3 tables will be included in the OoM. This is because hands are played the same number of times in both 3 and 3&1/2 table sessions
  • Rescheduling of Championship Pairs Competition. It was agreed that members willing to play in a 2 session Saturday event should sign a list to be sent round at bridge sessions. If there are sufficient numbers a choice of dates will be given and hopefully a sufficient number will sign up

Secretary’s Report

  • WCBA Club Representative Pairs Sunday February 2nd at 11am               

Ian & Georgina Lineker and Linda Wright & David Horton will represent our Club.

The reserve pairs are Angela Cowdry & Peter Adams and Mike Heard & David Philpott

Media Co-ordinator’s Report

  • Our website is up to date
  • Members to be emailed re Championship Pairs

Rota Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • Rotas are in place up to March

Competitions Secretary’s Report

  • It was agreed that the Improvers Cup should be discussed at the March committee meeting
  • Forthcoming Events


Thursday 16th



Sunday 2nd

Tuesday 11th

Friday 28th

WCBA Club Representative Pairs 11am

Ladies and Mens Pairs Championships

Individual Championship

Resources Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • MH is having difficulty purchasing the cards we usually buy. Our regular supplier states that the ones sent are correct but that is not the case.  MH to investigate
  • We need new bridge boxes. 8 to be ordered if costing no more than £28
  • The raffle at our Christmas party raised £140

Any Other Business

  • The Committee expressed thanks to Peter for all his time and expertise used in the purchase and running of our new computer
  • MH had played Bridge whilst on a Bridge holiday using tablets instead of Bridgemates.  MH feels that it is an excellent, easy to use system, and should cost around £400 to set up. It was agreed that our bridgemates are getting older and that the use of tablets should be investigated

Date of next meeting

  • Committee Meal  Wednesday March 11th