Stourbridge Bridge Club and Stourbridge Institute Bridge Section
Jan Minutes

Stourbridge Institute Bridge Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting 15th January 2020

Present: Linda Wright, Georgina Lineker, James Taylor, Sally Johnson, Margaret Hanson, Glo Jackson

Apologies: Gavin Tringham

The minutes of the Committee Meeting of 27th November 2019 were approved

Chairman’s Report

  • Bridge teaching
    • 10 learners have signed up with another 5 expected. 2 of this group have been passed on to Roy’s more experienced group
  • Roy Withers is concerned that Tuesday Bridge sessions sometimes finish after 10:30 and wonders what could be done to avoid this. The matter was discussed and the committee felt that most sessions do in fact end by 10:30. It was agreed that every  effort to ensure a 10:30 finish should continue to be made
  • Queries re Order of Merit
    • Swiss Pairs results are scored differently and so are not included in the OoM
    • It has been agreed that results of sessions of 3 tables will be included in the OoM. This is because hands are played the same number of times in both 3 and 3&1/2 table sessions
  • Rescheduling of Championship Pairs Competition. It was agreed that members willing to play in a 2 session Saturday event should sign a list to be sent round at bridge sessions. If there are sufficient numbers a choice of dates will be given and hopefully a sufficient number will sign up

Secretary’s Report

  • WCBA Club Representative Pairs Sunday February 2nd at 11am               

Ian & Georgina Lineker and Linda Wright & David Horton will represent our Club.

The reserve pairs are Angela Cowdry & Peter Adams and Mike Heard & David Philpott

Media Co-ordinator’s Report

  • Our website is up to date
  • Members to be emailed re Championship Pairs

Rota Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • Rotas are in place up to March

Competitions Secretary’s Report

  • It was agreed that the Improvers Cup should be discussed at the March committee meeting
  • Forthcoming Events


Thursday 16th



Sunday 2nd

Tuesday 11th

Friday 28th

WCBA Club Representative Pairs 11am

Ladies and Mens Pairs Championships

Individual Championship

Resources Co-Ordinator’s Report

  • MH is having difficulty purchasing the cards we usually buy. Our regular supplier states that the ones sent are correct but that is not the case.  MH to investigate
  • We need new bridge boxes. 8 to be ordered if costing no more than £28
  • The raffle at our Christmas party raised £140

Any Other Business

  • The Committee expressed thanks to Peter for all his time and expertise used in the purchase and running of our new computer
  • MH had played Bridge whilst on a Bridge holiday using tablets instead of Bridgemates.  MH feels that it is an excellent, easy to use system, and should cost around £400 to set up. It was agreed that our bridgemates are getting older and that the use of tablets should be investigated

Date of next meeting

  • Committee Meal  Wednesday March 11th